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I know where it goes next

but maybe not everything is what it seems

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Are you saying its going to 1.8k? Kek

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something is

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btc will continue to mirror the dow

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yeah, sure thing kid

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Brainlet here, just go ahead and say it

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based schizo poster

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what does it mean faggot

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That ugly ass necklace, signals that you have a > 90 IQ. So your little doodles are irrelevant.

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Jesus, images like this are so embarrassing. Genuinely makes me cringe.

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Stinky&Poop to 1.8k

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Learn to use greater than and less than signs before you criticize someone's iq

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Cringe on mate, focus on yourself though before talking

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only geniuses know what number 1 represents

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this person got it 100%

okay so that means i dont have to give clues.

Good luck

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Wait... BTC necklace, 11.30 (11.5) is the time...? BTC to 11.5k then down to 1.8?

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Chicken dinner

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nah im not that schizo

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how about you give a clue for us who don't understand what the fucking ashwaghanda picture is about

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Never once have these retarded riddle posters ever predicted anything of value. The guy posting a pic of a shitty steel rolex and a nigger necklace isn't the one who is going to provide some invaluable financial insight for you. If someone came up to you in person wearing that necklace, would you take anything he says seriously?

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>person wearing that necklace
unironically, they only ones making a killing in this market. so yeah I'll listen

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picture means triple bottom at 1.8 k then 100k

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>posts gold pajeet necklace
>wears Rolex
>screenshot from a winpoo machine.

Really OP?

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comp on coinbase

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>OMG LOOK! Here’s ~$15k worth of stupid shit I bought with crypto profits! I’m desperate for attention and you should take advice from me!

I guarantee I have more BTC and ChainLink than OP (and I have been dumping all my BTC for Link). I have been mining BTC for years and can post pics of my operation (which is probably larger than anyone’s on biz right now)...and you still shouldn’t take advice from me. Having a lot of money doesn’t give me some prescient knowledge.

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only fake louis bags shine that way

nice try

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wait whats with the ashwaganda?

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This is what I’m saying. The standards of what a “wealthy” person are have become so pathetic on biz that it is actually quite sad. Everyone from this OP to Uncle Oldfag: it’s all so pathetic that their attempts at larping as a rich person make them look like some Mulatto that is the first person in his family to make $100k per year and they can’t help but spend that money on shit-tier brands to signal their “wealth” to their poor peers.

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>he doesn't know

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Something your village uses to curb their rampant street shitting?

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Ok. I’m not a faggot and I don’t know shit about purses and other homosexual accessories like you do. Pic related is my larp mining operation too to go along with my larp LV bag that my whore ex gf bought for me with my money.

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you got the other biz coin, RSR?

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well i've completely lost interest in this bullshit thread

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Here's another clue

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no link has to clear $5 before hitting 1.8k and that is hard

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fake rolex, the end links gave this one away. what is it, an arf? 116610lv

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kek has spoken

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i thought we can have another nice little larp thread
didn't saw one in a long time
now it's just some "whales" having a pissing contest calling out fake bags

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Is that a PRS? Love the color

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You doomers and your $1k btc
>muh cme gap is unfilled
>retouch $1k before moon
If it goes down that far I would spend every penny I owned. I’m not alone in thinking this either, lots of people are waiting to do that. So it more then likely will not go that low. 60% of current btc supply is locked up in long term holds right now. The lowest I see it going is maybe $8k

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Based low IQ truster.

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based and prs pilled

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>nigger necklace

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I assume you're more a real life whale than a crypto one

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No. Biz has become trash. The projects I’m accumulating (besides ChainLink) aren’t mentioned here.

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no fake but not real band on this one.

I try to not to scratch the OG bracelets , investment piece after all

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What else do that talk about in India and not on here?

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It is, thank you. I always liked how PRS guitars looked. Always wanted one of them and a Gibson Les Paul Gothic...haven’t gotten the latter yet.

If you’re genuinely interested, I can tell you, but your comment suggests you aren’t really interested and I’m completely fine accumulating as much as possible at as low a price as possible.

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i'm interested, is it KSM?

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The gothic looks wild, i love the black beauty too of course. But an old es125 is the dream

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op is that something we can figure out without randomly having the pre-knowledge for it? doesnt make a lot of sense to me from the pic. its not related to btc?

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what are your thoughts on RCN?

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spoonfeed plz sir

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i'm just curious on what clues are there that would lead you ot post a pic of ashwagandha

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My apologies sir,
What does a miner, such as yourself, think of xmr?

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you write your 8s like a faggot

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>larper here going to be vague & waste a thread

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honestly trigonometry could help you

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holy fuck yeah he does

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Oh yea, a black beauty with 3 humbuckers would be pretty sweet. Never was a huge fan of that old es 125 kind of look, but I can respect just from like a historic perspective. I admittedly don't know too much about them, but just seems like it wouldn't be a very dynamic instrument. Will read a bit more about them today.

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cool fake bro

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people on here always showing watches or some video game bullshit, but never a nice condo or a view from their beachouse.. just goes to show that no one on /biz has made it this crypto shit.

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I refuse to believe even a single bitcoin OG is invested in chainlink

>> No.19956267

>people won't doxx themselves for me so it's all fake

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I played a gig once with one from the 50’s, it was legendary and yeah, pretty much living like crazy. I dig the old blues/rock and roll style. The kind of guitar that makes you look almost too cool. But I’d love a PRS too, every detail is perfection

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>Posts fake hulk.


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If you have to ask, then this FUDs for you.

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fake and extremely gay

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hint for #1

it can be put togehter

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1,800 is my first order
the last one is at 800

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The switch is being flipped?

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Eth to 1.8k?

How will that effect the market?

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Its xrp isn't it?

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Is he saying he's a whale because he has 18k of something? Os it that how much he spent on the watch and nigger chain?

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The alligator eats the bigger number.

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Your mine looks like shit

>> No.19957966

Thanks for your feedback

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it's ksm or, some coin that has to do with a horse. ashwagandha means horselike and makes you virile af. i take it

>> No.19958065

how is it going after the halving?

>> No.19958099

Come back OP

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OK dude, no smart Link OGs are in the building. Can you spill the beans? If you are just shilling XRP or some shitcoin I'm going to be highly upset.

t. 47k Link OG 130 IQ not smart enough to solve high functioning Autist riddles

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If you knew anything about mining, you’d know that I’m not mining BTC.

>> No.19958223

it's got a little hairdoo, lil cute baby 8

>> No.19958274

The first clue looks like a simple payment transaction. That has me thinking xrp.

>> No.19958297

well i don't,thats why i asked

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thank you anon its eth.

>> No.19958374

Sorry, I didn’t check the ID of your post. I thought you were the guy who said, “your mine looks like shit,” that’s why that was kind of a snarky response.

Things have been going well since the halving. I’ve been mining and dumping some low cap projects and mining and accumulating one project

>> No.19958384

go on, what project pls

>> No.19958433


He either wont say, or he'll keep the suspense to create fomo. Idc, im all in link and bnt and dam/flux, but he doesnt hsve to say if he doesnt want to.

>> No.19958466

How will altcoins fair across the board if this much money was flooded to ETH?

>> No.19958479

Kadena. There hasn’t been much discussion on biz about it, but I think it may be an under-the-radar gem.

>> No.19958481

would you just come out and fucking say it,

>> No.19958515


“investment piece”


ok you lost your credibility right there. ashwaganda is 10x more based than you will ever be, nothing personal though.

>> No.19958544

Nah, I don’t care THAT much because I doubt many people will research it, but I did respond with some stupid fud to the one thread I’ve seen about it a couple weeks ago (after accidentally saying I’m mining it first and forgetting to change my IP when I went into fud mode)

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imagine thinking that rolex means you're a whale. kek.

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a guitar, a breitling and a lv bag

wow even a nigger who arrived in europe 3 years ago can afford this

>> No.19959080

That was the point of his post...he was making fun of OP retard

>> No.19959135

based holistic medicine poster

>> No.19959137

>the virgin Kadena

Switch to unification dickhead

>> No.19959162

Don’t talk about that here

>> No.19959478

OP butthole is going to explode tmr

>> No.19959644


um sure dude look up the past few decasdes of rolex prices

You have no idea how things work, so keep to your gshock kid

>> No.19959675


Look at smartcontract logo

>> No.19959704


wow really 6D thinking, my intention was a cube in origami format, but you got it regardless.

You are correct. Not exactly correct but you got it.

For #2 go look at smartcontracts new logo

>> No.19959721

retard this isn't that complicated
this title of his pic says linkusdtperp
thats a perpetual futures contract, aka derivative for chainlink
probably something to do with that


>> No.19959733

chicken dinner

>> No.19959745

well fuck me

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In the picture he shows a chain... holding a watch band which contains links

Chain > Link

>> No.19959790


this is why youve already made it. congrats

>> No.19959852

I’m more interested in the not everything what it seems comment than 1k eoy memes

>> No.19959860

how is ash related to stratera?

>> No.19959874

Man this place sucks

>> No.19959921

Y anon whyyyyyyyy

>> No.19959929

another underwhelming thread. This place is no fun niggers

>> No.19959955

so Link going to dump by 1800%?

>> No.19959967

stratera partnership with chainlink?

>> No.19959983


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Tether x OMG partnership on their tw0tter

p.s. the OMG is in the upper right hand corner... 1st pic says GMO

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So you’re saying that 1 billion in bitcoin options will be moved to Chainlink; effectively x4 price instantly while dropping faith in bitcoin lowering its price to the 1.8k range?

>> No.19960050

Nah its xrp. The infrastructure is there, it only needs the government to go ahead with it.

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Thanks for the millionth Chainlink insider larp thread. I’m sure it’s happening tonight this time.

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>fkn kidding me

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are you retarded? your post has nothing to do with this discussion nor xrp you robotic shill.

>> No.19960088

1.8k bitcoin of his are moving into link?
So like two million dollars?
Super. That’ll totally make a big difference to our 500$ million daily volume anon

>> No.19960095

Are you telling me I need to cut my losses with dmg and all in link

>> No.19960144

Then maybe ethorse? The team is still building under decentribe and releasing soon

>> No.19960184

search ash on coingecko, bought up ASH which is a burn token. but their webiste redirects to stratera. not sure wtf that has to do with linkies though.

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>> No.19960279

Its the same as its always been. What am i missing?

>> No.19960382

how the fuck does ashwaganda relate to OMG?

>> No.19960411

nvm, OMG is a suppliment brand

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god i love 4chan.

retard here who posted the ashwagandha picture. you guys are all schizophrenic.
its literally just a pic i pulled from my PC because its a supplement i take.
completely random, i could have picked a bobo jerking off mumu for my post.
few other anons played along. i amproud to be a part of such an autistic community.

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This desu. Thanks for trying though op

>> No.19960610

what a retard board

>> No.19960665

Uranus Square Part of Fortune (orb 1°59')

Uranus Square Midheaven (orb 5°53')

Neptune Sextile Chiron (orb 0°41')

Chiron Square Ascendant (orb 4°45')

North Node Square Midheaven (orb 1°39')

Vertex Trine Midheaven (orb 0°48')

Ascendant Square Midheaven (orb 6°49')
I am a magnet held up to God’s television. These words are mere photocopies of the rainbow moiré reflected in my eyeballs.

1.8K == Y; Youre welcome.

>> No.19961248

>LINK going to 1.8k sats
Now this is a larp I can believe in

>> No.19961292

>all this bullshit to turn out to be a linkie on /biz/
stunning and brave.

i bet you dont even own a lambo, stupid nigger

>> No.19961294

yawn another larper wake me up when we see this price action everyone's been talking about. Where's our antshares chink moment feggits?

>> No.19961439


>> No.19962517

>So like two million dollars?
What does the screen say. The rest of this larp is inspired but unneeded. All you need to know is 1 billion in options are going to expire - where is this going to go. It could potentially pump link.

>> No.19962538

And OP might be legit or might just be betting on this occuring and having a thread he can point back to after and go "see I told you so, its all there"..

>> No.19962569

no timestamp , fake and gay. also that golden chain is cringy af. you are probably a nigger or a whigger. Shiiiiieeeeeeet boi look at dat chain and he got the 19 inch rimz as well , shiiiieeeet booooooi he flexin , we wuz kangz

>> No.19962613

how many farts per day do you do?

>> No.19962672

holy fuck only a real faggot (the kind that sucks dick) would write an 8 like that LMFAOLMFAOLMFAO

>> No.19962685
File: 418 KB, 796x1287, 8DD31343-4A92-4C9E-9BE7-DE28339D7152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You stupid nigger gorilla monkey vermin this shit is fake just like your swatch. You have nothing to prove here just trash watch and monkey signs anyone can do this

>> No.19962764

Imagine trading BTC for a centralized pre mine 70% dev hold token, lol

>> No.19962917


>> No.19963607

Where did you find that logo?

>> No.19963682

how loud inside?
my buddy has something way smaller and its crazy

>> No.19963998

makes sense, saw some wale addresses with this shitcoin

>> No.19964124

You don’t belong here leave this board stop embarrassing yourself

>> No.19964146

>indian ginseng
Is it BSV?

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Congratulations fake rolex jogger
This is easily the worst Link thread in 3 years of /biz/
You're a disgrace to the belly of Sergey

>> No.19964348

Also this op has severe mental issues uploading pics of fake gold n fake swatch. He is a gorilla nigger

>> No.19964357

1.8k btc frenchbro ;)

>> No.19964699

We all moved to discord discussions drop a proton mail link ill send 2 invites.

>> No.19964926


>> No.19964962

The Sun
The Father
The originator

>> No.19964975
File: 95 KB, 538x799, 1593039181686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will be glad to join in bro.
Appreciate it.

>> No.19964981

He's fucking with us, telling us to take our meds


>> No.19964990

Oops forgot the mail

>> No.19965006


>> No.19965559

I can't.

>> No.19965598

Ya I don't get it either, I can't see any change to their website, I thought >>19960038
implied there was some new logo matching that but reverse image lookup comes up with nothing and smartcontract.com is same as it ever was.. so wtf?

>> No.19965924


>> No.19965964

here you imbeciles


>> No.19965974

1.8k goes into ChainLink which is then added to the statera balance pool?

>> No.19966023
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Wow, you go to twitter more than me, you must be so proud of yourself.

>> No.19966032

Does a beach condo count? Didn't buy with crypto gainz tho, just regular small biz gains.

>> No.19966175

I don’t use that fggt next time don’t ask stupid questions.

>> No.19966191
File: 135 KB, 640x480, unc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only I never larped. I own 100k ETH, and that is a small percentage of my total investable assets. You are a shrimpdick little man

>> No.19966237

Another larp with a fake trip code fuck off and dilate harder. This place is full of gorilla niggers and you are one

Rolex and larping trip codes = redit tier fggts

>> No.19966299

Hey look, this faggot still hangs aroung.

>> No.19966377
File: 1.30 MB, 994x879, really.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19966378

Ultra fag

>> No.19966397
File: 36 KB, 800x450, DD15EFA5-2B86-4EDA-9F90-1F4E273E9290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right side middle finger. My gift to you

>> No.19966455
File: 209 KB, 484x426, cuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry you got outed as a twittard, better luck next time.

>> No.19966486
File: 63 KB, 400x400, dominatelinkies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut up poorfag the adults are talking

You have to go back

>> No.19966516

You need to go back

> reddit

>> No.19966525

Fake trip code eat bugs in hell fggt

>> No.19966664
File: 201 KB, 872x2048, EZI9ZESXkAYl7XP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a disappointing larp.

>> No.19966683

Can thos fucking guy iron his clothes at least? We all know he has little regard for personal appearance but at least do the bare minimum

>> No.19966709

>ironing clothes

>> No.19966803

The guy spends all his time building a project to make us rich. Be thankful he wears clothes at all.

>> No.19966905

We all know it's going to 1.8K. Big whoop. It doesn't mean ARPA won't 50x along the way due to the incoming MPC bub. (it will)

>> No.19966913

this is precisely why we see $2. many THINK they'll go all in down there, but 90% won't.

>> No.19967021

Unironically LINK
Good lord you even named the photo. How many folders of saved photos do you have for your “organic” fud???...”Uncle Old Fag #21106B clocking in””

>> No.19967054 [DELETED] 


>> No.19967071

Believe it, shitdick.

t. 2011 miner

>> No.19967083

Another larp Fuck off fggt

>> No.19967122

guangdong miner here : re-buy LINK Q1 2021, only accumulate ARPA now.

>> No.19967171
File: 104 KB, 1240x700, 093487C6-47D4-47A2-A89B-C983DBCE8CBE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19967196

Why? He and his team are busy making us money. I trust a guy who looks like that before I trust a clean cut wagecuck.

>> No.19967218
File: 49 KB, 901x334, peepeepoopoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I kept my miner files from 2011 untouched. Here's a pic, little boy.

LINK is the best thing since BTC and ETH.

>> No.19967269

Photoshop fggt

>> No.19967724

How does one buy this from the US?

>> No.19968492


Alright so we know that it's about Chainlink but what the fuck does 1.8k mean??

>> No.19968562


>> No.19968708

18000 sats eoy

>> No.19968883

bump for schitzo

>> No.19968909
File: 973 KB, 475x271, 4TD9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

digits and link moon missions to Uranus

>> No.19968943

hopefully it's 1.8k million dollars in trading/options moving to chainlink

>> No.19969220
File: 527 KB, 842x1318, 1536225523507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19969235

Kyber when?

>> No.19969277

based I'm all in cash in the bank