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being an activist/working for a cause is the only exception

If you have a shit income, it is because YOU ARE LAZY. period

you value video games/ smoking dope over education. while in the past this has been fine, the current generation has devolved into selfish LOSERS who are no longer content with their laziness and now want "free shit" and inflated pay for their for skill-less jobs. Their shit decisions are no longer just affecting themselves, they are now attempting to change the fabric of society to better suit their garbage lifestyle

>what can you do about this?

1) report any drug related behavior immediately to the cops. in jail, they will remain untethered from organized society and unable to spread their cancer

2) do not go out to eat. many of these degenerates are "paid beggars" depending on literal handouts (tips). they deserve to be homeless

3) use self-checkout. too many adults are working in grocery stores. these minimum wage jobs are intended to be for children who are almost always more productive than their loser adult counterparts

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You are incorrect. Reason?
Twitch thots
"Let's players"
Onlyfans whores
Shut the fuck up you psuedointellectual retard

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op is a massive faggot but all the people you listed unironically show more initiative and work ethic than the average video game playing, drug using, anime watching person
yes, including the let's players. retards fail to see the forest for the trees here. let's players are entertainement, ironically marketed to the very retards who believe it's all about video games and "i could hit it big, too, if i put more effort into my youtube channel"...

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>Twitch thots
solid business model exploiting lonely, retarded men. doing the world a favor by separating morons from their money

>"Let's players"/Onlyfans whores
once again, content creators who saw a business opportunity and made money off of it.

burger flippers dont have a personality.

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>tfw income is 0
t-thanks OP

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>If you have a shit income, it is because YOU ARE LAZY. period
brainlet exposed

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not an argument. oh contraire, ruhtard

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burger flippers might be dumb, but do work hard.
lazy has nothing to do with value

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PEAK millennialism

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Not true. I'm in a union position getting paid waaayyyy too much and I'm a stupid pos.

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>union position
exactly. you are the product of leftist ideology that rewards laziness

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Hard work is irrelevant. What matters is the value being produced. e-thots and e-whores make thousands of beta males happy every hour they work. They also prevent mass murder and revolts by giving single males a substitute for female companionship.
The burger flipper on the other hand maybe makes food for a couple of dozen people each hour.

If you look at it OBJECTIVELY, without your personal disgust for these kinds of people in the way, you can clearly see the difference in value is so much greater and priced accordingly.

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>be me
>white cis male
>iq in the 99.9th percentile
>makes six figures
>2000 hours in dota2 and stoned nonstop
Nice theory bitch

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look up the history of unions you fucking moron

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not an argument

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Nice cope, incel manlet

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I'm going to rape OP's house and burn his family down after I take whatever fruits of value dwell with his ass.

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You’ve provided nothing but a specious argument with no support, not even a single anecdote. Your hypothesis a shit

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congrats on outing yourself as one of these "undesirables"

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here you go faggot

For the period 2008-12-
Persons in poor households at or below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) (39.8 per 1,000) had more than double the rate of violent victimization as persons in high-income households (16.9 per 1,000).
Persons in poor households had a higher rate of violence involving a firearm (3.5 per 1,000) compared to persons above the FPL (0.8-2.5 per 1,000).
The overall pattern of poor persons having the highest rates of violent victimization was consistent for both whites and blacks. However, the rate of violent victimization for Hispanics did not vary across poverty levels.
Poor Hispanics (25.3 per 1,000) had lower rates of violence compared to poor whites (46.4 per 1,000) and poor blacks (43.4 per 1,000).
Poor persons living in urban areas (43.9 per 1,000) had violent victimization rates similar to poor persons living in rural areas (38.8 per 1,000).
Poor urban blacks (51.3 per 1,000) had rates of violence similar to poor urban whites (56.4 per 1,000)


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youre not even right about how ethots get paid, they dont make money providing their service to the masses, but a a minority of rich whales.
and thanks for agreing that being lazy has nothing to do with value

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Wow OP you must be really fun at parties

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So you’re suggesting that the high iq move is to cut off employment opportunities for the stupid? Meanwhile you continue to work and “add value” to society, paying increasingly exorbitant taxes to support the underclass you’ve just rendered unemployed?

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>doing the world a favor by separating morons from their money
porn has no value, you're just siphoning money from a male neet to a female neet

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>So you’re suggesting that the high iq move is to cut off employment opportunities for the stupid?
in regards to waiters/waitresses, yes

right now, there are about 3 million waiters/waitresses in America, right under 2% of the workforce

I would GLADLY increase unemployment by 2% if it meant 3 million "socially acceptable beggars" were forced to the streets.

I'm not a fucking retard, so I dont live in the city where the blacks (and other undesirables) would be dealing with them

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>you're just siphoning money from a male neet

>"reeeeee I'm not responsible for my actions!!!"

PEAK millenial....

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I’d agree with you in principle if they were forced into the streets as you describe. In the current year paradigm, however, the working class will wind up supporting them through their tax dollars being misallocated to the “social safety net.” Keeping them employed and off welfare is for the greater good in a harm-reduction sort of way

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>not tipping a pleb waiter with the loads e money you got from the value you created
youre just another broke dumb fuck with no value, thats why you made this thread

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inwatch cnbc the profit sharktank and im still poor

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I'd gladly pay 1% extra in taxes to abolish tipped restaurant positions. the only people who are really hurt by a raise in tax are the middle class making less than $60,000 a year. they are borderline pleb tier anyways. no remorse
>giving away your money to some degenerate
you're just another prepubescent leech with who can not conceptualize saving

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One of my good friends has a dad who started a major company, sold most of it, and then passed on a small share to his kids. It was eventually bought out by a publicly traded corporation and my friend now makes way more than I do just because he was born to the right person (pretty sure he gets around $150k/year, I havent talked to him about it in a while, but the.company's stock price and market cap havent changed much)

He's a good guy and I have nothing against him, but its not like he did anything to earn or work hard for that money, he just gets it for existing. Its not like this is isolated either, quite a few of my friends don't have to work a day in their lives if they don't want to just from their trustfunds. Whereas on the flipside, some of the hardest working people I've ever met only make like $50k/year doing backbreaking labor jobs

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I get what you’re saying but still can’t help but feel that you’re missing the bigger picture

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Hey op whats it like being a happa?

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the life of a lazy son who inherited 6 figs of income a year from a wealthy father is inexplicably more valuable than that of some accountant making 50/year.

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From an economy standpoint probably, but its not like work ethic has anything to do with it like you claim.

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The envy would make me unable to be friends with people like that.

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if this trust fund baby had his income ripped away and remained poor, he would be a useless dreg to society out of his own sheer laziness

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You get over it when half your highschool is kids like that. There definitely are the typical rich kids of instagram trustfund douchebags and quite a few of my old classmates now have IG accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers where all they do is post pictures from planes, yachts, tropical locations etc. Then there's the non-douchey rich kids who are basically just normal people (ie, they were raised right).

Its all how you raise your kids. If you're buying them louis vuitton bags in highschool, a mazerati for their 16th birthday, etc, obviously they're going to grow up being douhebags. I actually worked at mcdonalds as a teenager with the friend I originally talked about because his dad refused to give him an allowance and he didn't get ownership shares in the company until he turned 18.

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I love this board

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What's your income

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>being a whore is hard work
No. And if you think so you are a beta orbiter.

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Please explain why nikola tesla was worthless because he was poor.

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According to Iceburg Slim's book Pimp, each hoe only has a finite amount of fucks in her before she completely breaks down and loses it. This is known as "mileage on a hoe". If it was easy, there probably wouldn't be such a hard cap on the number of tricks they can turn. One of the most challenging parts of being a pimp is finding ways to increase your hoe's mileage.

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there's that millenial reading comprehension lmao couldn't even digest this first fucking sentence of the OP lmfao

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People don't realize it, money is the literal quantified proof of your humanness. Money and having more of it makes you more correct about reality than those that don't.

The real question is being human a good thing?

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Making a vague statement so broad that it can be rationalized to apply to anyone is not saving your argument, boomer.
Imagine a society that needs widgets to function. Imagine the factory that makes them as institutions, societal unity and the economy. Your generation is the one that scrapped all the machines for a quick buck after discovering that you were drug addict retards and couldn't run them, gave yourself a 10 million dollar bonus from the proceeds, and then started telling your children, now starving and alone in a collapsing civilization because you destroyed widget production they are stupid out of sheer cope and cognitive dissonance.

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>Making a vague statement so broad that it can be rationalized to apply to anyone is not saving your argument
thats some nice COPE you got there for being an illiterate retard

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>2) do not go out to eat. many of these degenerates are "paid beggars" depending on literal handouts (tips). they deserve to be homeless
Preach, King

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ive been counterfeiting hundred dollar bills for a year now, accumulating more than three and half million. .Just so you know, i fucking hate the FED with all my heart.

>> No.19953788

You're also npcs that use schoolyard insults when anyone challenges your false sense of superiority. You're spoiled children who got taken care of by the government because you are a large voting block. You are responsible for destroying marriage, manufacturing and allowing turd worlders to come here and rape children.
Now respond with more insults, it'll surely make you as great as you are in your mind.

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>he thinks I'm a boomer
hahahahhahahahhaahahahhah seethe more

>> No.19954215

OP is under 20

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OP is a faggot that is trolling outside of /b/.

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>implying you have money to give to anyone

>> No.19954447

so humans didint exist before money?

>> No.19954563

>Your Income Is a Direct Reflection Of Your Value As A Human
>Your crypto balance Is a Direct Reflection Of Your Value As A Human

>> No.19954580

spoken like someone who doesn't have real money

face it you're no better than them which you condem

you're all chaff, and will never be wheat

>> No.19954607

so i'm worth about 10k FUND

>> No.19954840

kys seething poorfag....
not an argument. cool blog post though

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OP is a boomer.

No, a real boomer.

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Added to my reading list

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I'm LAZY? Sorry, I am 40X on Chainlink, dumped 1M USDT and am now 80% in FUND which will also 40x. do you know the math on that even with $2K? (i have $500K LINK)

stay poor, no-FUNDIE

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>you are currently worth more than the hier to the house of habsburg
Feels good bros

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sounds like you have an income then you absolute retard

>> No.19955743

the times when I've made the most money for the company I was working for I was getting paid the least, and the times when I was doing jack shit. Not only is your post wrong, it shows straight out delusion from successful people on how awful the corporate world is without connections.

As for the personality thing, many boomer men didn't raise their children, instead choosing to dump them on whatever woman they could find, so many boys never learned anything except for what the media taught them, which in the 90s and 00s was drugs, black dick, and more drugs.

If you wanted higher quality men you should have put more effort into building a high quality country. But you didn't, and now you're whining about it like every other bitch here.

>> No.19955764

immediately stopped reading. what a tard....

>> No.19955778

*when I was doing jack shit I got paid the most

>> No.19955813

why do all of my life experiences not have any merit in discussion? Why has everything I learned from experience not line up with supposed data? Where is your shitty opinion coming from?

>> No.19955844

Didnt read
You bought link right?
If not, damn

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if fast food workers all just up and quit and nobody could get their big mac and fries amerilards would burn this whole country down by the end of the day

>> No.19956020

lmao are you seriously asking me why anecdotal evidence is garbage? this is some next level retardation. do you buy any chance rent your place of dwelling?

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Came here for this. OP you are often correct but not always. Plenty of people have contributed a lot to humanity and not made much money from it. And plenty of people have been nothing but a destructive force and have gotten very rich. Jesus was a poor carpenter. Ghandi was poor. Mother Teresa was poor.

Kim Kardashian is a billionaire.

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do me a favor and copy and paste the first sentence of the OP right here. go on, you can do it

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This doesn’t make sense, I am extremely lazy and will probably never contribute anything to society but my dad worked really hard his whole life and died poor. And I saw him work hard, and it wasn’t low skill labour, he was a master carpenter who hand made furniture. Any counter argument you have about how it’s a dying business negates your thesis that it’s ALWAYS laziness. At that point your just exercising in semantics.

>> No.19956485

I'm lazy and have a high income. How does your logic explain that? Oh wait, it doesn't, because your brain is underdeveloped and you haven't realized that everything in life comes down to luck and that you have no actual control over anything that happens to you.

>> No.19956661

this thread only applies to Americans, where (as THE leading superpower and example for all other countries to follow) all of our citizens have easy access to school funding and opportunity
congrats, what do you do for a living?

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OP is an absolute braindead pretentious fucking retard.
See, in life, there's that bamboozle called past trauma, and if you're not self-aware enough to overcome it it's going to fuck you up down the line. Kids that were born into retarded poor families, and that were constantly beaten, sexually abused ans belittled as children come out into the real world damaged, to the point of no return, and it takes fuckload of self-awareness to actually tap in into your trauma and heal yourself, before ANY financial success. It could take up your entire 20's. "Lazy" soesn't work here.
inb4 boo-hoo.

Brainlet boomer.

>> No.19956746

>Jesus was a poor carpenter. Ghandi was poor. Mother Teresa was poor.
We already know that socialism doesn’t work

>> No.19956782

Was Jesus a socialist?

>> No.19956898

Scientists often have amazing work ethic, work hard hours, and have shit pay.

Also kikepitalism is a scam because employers would rather import hundreds of millions of brown people to suppress wages, rather than pay high IQ whites a good salary. Your hypothesis is null, OP.

>> No.19956923

> Your Income Is a Direct Reflection Of Your Value As A Human
I'm a professional poker player. I've averaged $200k+/ year post tax over the past 6 years. That's the equivalent of $300k+ pre tax in most countries. How exactly am I worth more as human (for society) than your average wagie who makes $200k? Or even just $50k?
I guess I provide entertainment to the people I play with, but I would be providing the same (if not more) entertainment if I was losing money.
There are many jobs that don't really add much value to society (at least not compared to how much you can make from them), especially in finance. I know a guy who daytrades index futures and makes significantly more money than I do. The only value he provides to society is market liquidity. But if he was losing money/ making less money he would be adding the same amount of liquidity to the markets.

>> No.19957013

>past trauma
hahahhahhaahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhah suck it up pussy. being a smoothe-brained vegetable due to being beaten like a slave doesn't make you any more valuable to society.
and they usually do it for a cause. learn2read you dumbass prepubescent sloth
nice. and you are being a great contributor to the economy by ingesting that money back into the system whether it be via bank deposits or frivolous spending.

a simply poorfag leeches

>> No.19957375

I didn't say anything about being more valuable.
I agree, it doesn't.
But you're still the lowest degenerate, who's being edgy on Cantonese clay pot forging forum. And I would gladly spit in your face if I met you in real life.

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ok and you're just a little moralfag with a low IQ and if you spit in my face I'd absolutely demolish you. I'm 6'2 230 with a 400lb bench press
>"durrr can't dodge bullets hurrr"
fuck off retard you'd be out cold the moment that cheeto-colored phlegm left your thin lips

>> No.19957452

How is that makes me moralfag?
And stop giving me your dimension, I don't care.

>> No.19957461

most if not many very rich people get there through exploitation of human weakness and organized, gang activity on some level. scammers and confidence men.

>> No.19957518

I've never seen a more pathetic butthurt post in my life.

It truly sounds like youre upset that people found a way to make money doing literally nothing. If thats not making it then idk what is.

>> No.19957754


Where is all that automation that the commies have been saying is already replacing everyone?

>> No.19957782

>It truly sounds like youre upset that people found a way to make money doing literally nothing
kek what a retard. strong reading comprehension lmao...... read the title of the thread you fucking moron

>> No.19957960

exceptions don't make the rule

>> No.19958323

This is faggotry

>> No.19958575

seethe more poorfag

>> No.19959252

>thanks for agreing that being lazy has nothing to do with value
Of course it doesn't, it's common sense. Hard work only generates value when used in a profitable way. If you spend an hour digging a hole and another hour covering it, no matter how hard you worked the value you generated is zero.

>> No.19959263

irrelevant verbal barf. i believe you just posted a blog entry.

>> No.19959701

>Damned if you make money
>Damned if you don't make money
>You also need to make money the right way and not the leftist way
Seems like the entire concept of being worth how much you get paid makes absolutely no sense. You absolute fucking monkey.

>> No.19959893

If money is the only thing that matters then that means life doesn't matter. This is satanism.

>> No.19960094

>Damned if you make money
>You also need to make money the right way and not the leftist way
how did you deduce these two points from the OP? incredibly low IQ.....

>> No.19960132

>things poorfags say

>> No.19960413

I made half as much as I do now working 70 hours a week as an associate attorney. Now that I am an owner of my own business I work half as much and take home twice as much. I defiantly was working way harder when I wasn’t getting paid as much. Also my job is a fucking joke. Plumbers, roofers, construction, essentially blue collar union jobs work way harder than me, but I still make 4x as much as them.

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>> No.19961484

your current role is also more important and im sure your previous pay wasnt shit-tier

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We want moschiach now and we don't to wait!

>> No.19962160

how about all the artists that died poor but are now world renown?

>> No.19962179
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Based and hermit pilled

>> No.19962291

thank you for sharing.

>> No.19963029

worthless people. art in the form of paintings/drawings is useless and the world would be no different if all of it ceased to exist

>> No.19963811

gay, self-important drivel

>> No.19963993

i live on social security disability.
i collect $1200/mo for doing nothing.
i checked out of society bc i fucking hate working a job
just regurgitated some shit i read on /x] to a shrink and BOOM, free monthly check

i invest everything into crypto tho.
have a $0 cost of living since im taking care of my grandmother for free
when she dies i get a free house and car
been investing in crypto for about 6 years now
im a millionaire and i still collect social security.
never cashed out more than $30,000
just got shit sitting in stables earning compound interest
and if theres something worth buying in crypto i know about it before most of you aarogant faggots here on the board do
youve bought my bags before but dont be mad they were purchased with your tax dollars anyways so its really your money lol

am i a loser? it doesnt matter to me what other ppl think of me.
am i really an insane person? yes, yes i fucking am.

>> No.19964157

what about the productive business owners who rely on their labor. you're killing your own argument. you attack unions as leftist yet you want to control a market simply to remove a form of labor. you're also assuming they won't go do a different job. are you just upset your waifu at taco bell didn't get your anime reference?

>> No.19964188

nice larp. sounds comfy

>> No.19964205


>> No.19964215


>If you have a shit income it's because YOU ARE LAZY.

Somewhat agree. I've worked at the same job for nearly 7 years now doing bare minimum and my wage increases reflect that. I don't really have many expenses and I've carved out a comfortable niche for myself there where I shitpost on 4chan most days. I don't see why I'd want to work a lot harder than I am.

>> No.19964249

>what about the productive business owners who rely on their labor
there will always be lazy, useless members of society and restaurants can exploit that retardation by hiring them for a cheap hourly wage. but I won't contribute to servers' drug habits by going out to eat and tipping.

>are you just upset your waifu at taco bell didn't get your anime reference?
congrats on outing yourself as a prepubescent teenager

>> No.19964274

It's "au" contraire btw, frenchfag tipping his hat to you

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Lots of incels with mirco-wallets seething at OP's truth bombs.

The bottom 20% of society could be genocided and would probably result in a net benefit for the remaining 80%. The UK took over a quarter of the world because they spent 2 centuries executing the bottom 1% of their society annually for petty crime.

>> No.19964321

its not a larp.

>> No.19964438 [DELETED] 
File: 15 KB, 311x289, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

still think im larping?

>> No.19964483

yes because that's barely proof.
how do i know it's not youre grandma's social security and you just use it for taco bell?
how do i know you're a millionaire on crypto?

i want to believe but i can't. legit jealous

>> No.19964499

Capitalism has left you behind. All you have are copes, like the buggy driver watching former customers driving Model Ts

>> No.19964507 [DELETED] 

nice try you IRS double glowing triple fucking nigger faggot.

>> No.19964518

Lazy or a coward/anxious

I fit into the latter

>> No.19964521

>I want to tongue Jocko's Willink's balls and taint, UwU

-OP, probably.

>> No.19964539

A Pimp Named Slickback!

The Boondocks?


>> No.19964558

i p^robably am a shit human. I live on neetbux and i am so fucking comfy. this is the life. no responsibilities. watching netflix , jacking off , smoking pot. earning a nice side income with crypto. I am good fren

>> No.19964599 [DELETED] 

i dont do drugs or drink alcohol but the NEET life is the best life.
you get to taste first hand what its like being rich - in that you can do whatever you want with your time.
worked 60+ wage cuck jobs in my life, hated every one of them. the one thing you cant do while waging is whatever you want to do from 9am - 5pm on every weekday.
not having to put up with the endless human garbage at a wage cuck job is in itself so priceless i couldnt even begin to put a price on it.

NEETs arent wrong.
we're just sick and fucking tired of being sick and tired of the bullshit misery that is wage slavery.

>> No.19964626

T. 35 year old kiss less virgin with diabetes

>> No.19964656

had more than 50 gf's and got an ex-wife.
but sure if that makes you feel better about being a wagie for mr shekberg i dont give a shit.
ive got all the time in the world to endlessly btfo you because theres nothing in life that "i have to do"
you cant stand that, can you?

>> No.19964670

not everyone's capabilities are the same regardless of the effort they put in. If you'd ever had a management position you would be aware of this. You're larping as wealthy op, when at best its your parents money and you're a stain on their legacy.

>> No.19964719

13Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. 14For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Ecclesiastes 12.

>> No.19964739

God should be Yahweh, and whites are the Adamic race.

>> No.19964841

up your meds
<------------ Reddit
your post does not offer a counterpoint to my OP

>> No.19965727

>use self-checkout
but how do vegetables work?

>> No.19965748

You can have a 70 iq and not be lazy but still be unable to earn more than minimum wage. Are you really this stupid?

>> No.19965775

Wagie cope

>> No.19965781
File: 182 KB, 1440x963, 7MC44BS7OQI6NLVDPHC4BZI474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19966427
File: 2.66 MB, 386x540, 42.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean I have great income and its fucking easy just shill ur own fucking eric20 token and provide buyside liquidity, honestly though my net wealth doesn't make me a good person in fact i would argue my ruthless nature makes me the exact opposite.

>> No.19966656

heroin addicts have a pretty high income

>> No.19966673

>being an activist/working for a cause is the only exception
Cringe. Back to kneeling, libtard.

>> No.19966744

What are the ~15% of the population with an IQ under 86 supposed to do then though, o retarded pseud OP?
Give the intellectual and conscientious bottom tier of society nothing to do and that's a good way to create an opioid crisis -> communist revolution

Just fight the real thing that needs to be fought, aka Marxism/Communism/Socialism (in that order)

>> No.19966752


if you read what he said and had a single brain cell in your head you could've easily deduced that he is at the very least conservative leaning. you are truly stupid.

>> No.19967016

>exploiting lonely, retarded men. doing the world a favor by separating morons from their money

exactly. if someone hates e-thots they should focus their hate on the pathetic men giving them money in the first place.

For however lowly and pathetic you think these whores are, the men are even worse.

>> No.19967410
File: 170 KB, 600x600, 1593209083661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't read anything after what I quoted.

>> No.19967470

confirmed this guy sucks lib dick for money kek, loser.

>> No.19967483

This is why I'm all in FUND. Unification solves the no money problem.

>> No.19967499

Why does everyone have to be laboring? Have you ever heard of charity?

>> No.19967547

nah, the top 1% rely on the cooperation of the bottom 80%.
if you remove the bottom 50%, the top 50% have to start doing things for themselves.

>> No.19967561

OP trying justify being a wagecuck. If you don’t have $100M in assets you are irrelevant, it doesn’t matter if you make $200K a year making excel spreadcheats for Mr Shekelburg and JP Morgan Chase, you are still just as useless and replaceable to the system as a janitor.

>> No.19967593
File: 9 KB, 297x170, this-horse-is-visually-impared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19967678

Most activists have negative value.

>> No.19967681

Lawyers are laffin

This guy worries about "money"

It's just money dude you can pay bills with your signature. Fuck off learn it yourself

>> No.19968298

entrepreneurs get a pass for making negative money. their sacrifice (time & effort) is the fuel for the capitalist machine.

>> No.19968436

>everything is bananas
If you don’t steal when you use one your doing wrong
t. 6 figure stoner degenerate

>> No.19968838

This. I view it as a discount because they are getting labor from me.

>> No.19969668

you're retarded

>> No.19969828
File: 3.96 MB, 375x221, 1465427856.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You speak truth, friend. You are the reincarnate of Victor Pride.

onlyfans content creators and subs should be purged, along with the pornographers and tranny doctors.

>burger flippers dont have a personality.
franchises should be burnt to the ground, corporate expunged.

>>If you have a shit income, it is because YOU ARE LAZY. period
yes. OP is right., use your intellect to find a lateral solution.

Logical too. Do you have a site or something?

told a salty ex-colleague. work smarter, not harder. she continued to work "hard" and tell everybody, every day, for the rest of the year. no one cared and she left the company the year after.

there's a whole other blog post about unionism. again, correct. see my reply to the next number.

unions were good, a hundred years ago when we were entering the industrialisation era. 8/8/8 was their greatest achievement and will never again be repeated. it is not in their business interests to help their constituents for whom no competition exists for their union membership fee.

>so lacking in self-awareness he can't realise what he would achieve if he went full-stim balls to the wall instead of drug fucked moron.

>incredible salt mine just keeps giving

how did the cultural subversion produce such a piss-weak, defeatist generation of fuckwads?

Nikola Tesla didn't want money for his inventions. He wanted the world to use them.

>> No.19970015
File: 214 KB, 699x919, brainletwojacktoendthemall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wowie I sure think OP has a good life himself

>> No.19970164

>Victor Pride
lmao what a faggot.

>> No.19970204

>If you have a shit income, it is because YOU ARE LAZY. period
More like if you have access to basic living necessities and the internet and you have shit income you are lazy. But billions live in shitholes where they can barely afford food and shelter, or somewhere like China where they're indoctrinated from birth. I agree most people can become wealthy if they work hard enough, but for a lot it's simply impossible.

>> No.19970273

>if they work hard enough
lmao this meme needs to die. you became wealthy by giving yourself as many at bats as you can. luck is a huge part of it and you have to put yourself in as many situations as possible to become lucky and "make it".

>> No.19970708

The only luck factor when it comes to making it is where you are born and how you are brought up. If I wasn't a NEET in my childhood, I wouldn't even know that not being a 9-5 slave is a possibility, since that's what my entire family is.

>> No.19970924
File: 6 KB, 240x240, 1568898002263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We need the bottom 80%'s cooperation in order for brain surgeons to function!
This is how retarded you sound. Genociding the bottom 50% sounds even more attractive than just the bottom 20%.
>The top 50% will have to work harder
You mean work less because they are no longer supporting massive amounts of dead weight?

>> No.19971118

The middle class is useless. Just genocide them anyone making under $500k a year. Upper class doesn’t need the middle class, but they do need service workers to fix their toilets and server them food.

>> No.19971424

not an argument

>> No.19971485

So athletes who run around and throw a ball contribute more to human history and evolutionary advancement than most other people? I think not

>> No.19971490

yes brain surgeon needs the nurse, the cleaners, the admin, the ambulance driver, the guys making his machines and tools, the restaurant guys cooking his food et etc

>> No.19971826


they will do more for the economy, businesses, and individuals in a single year than any 12/hr """shift leader""" could hope to do in their entire life

>> No.19971841

>I was raised well enough to be motivated and don't realize it so I'm going to flex on an anonymous internet forum

next level douchery

>> No.19971934

Somebody had to clean the toilets and that job actually serves a purpose unlike most mid level managers and bureaucrats who sit on their ass and send a couple emails and surf Facebook (or 4chan if they are based)

>> No.19972128
File: 274 KB, 500x477, 20200627_102334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"I lack any responsibility and an unable to hold myself accountable for my actions because I think the world is a mean mean place who made me who I am"

>> No.19972130


you just wasted your time making this post sage

>> No.19972177

>your development years have no effect on your psych or income

delusional. the same disconnect between the markets and reality of society.

>> No.19972220

lol you think this only because you can relate and understand what the toilet cleaner's job entails. but you have no idea what kind of work the manager does because it is so above your understanding. so you chalk it up to "durr they dont do shit".

>> No.19972253

>your development years have no effect on your psych

>your development years have no effect on your income

>> No.19972313

I’m a lawyer so yeah I do know what middle class office jobs entail. 90% of them are bullshit jobs.

>> No.19972343

Oh I realize I’m not hitting my peak potential, I just don’t give a fuck. Who is John Galt?

>> No.19972416

>"I'm a lawyer, so i understand management in the food industry, tech industry, ad industry, shipping industry, travel industry, and lodging industry"

you are a testament to how braindead lawyers are and the low standards to legally practice. its no wonder the average lawyer salary is in freefall lmao

>> No.19972714

And you understand all those? Most of those industries still provide value whereas the industries I was referring too - legal, compliance, insurance, real estate, hospital admin, government agencies - are all effectively make work programs for college educated women so they can feel good about themselves. The largest employer for almost any county in the United States is the local hospital and the local government which is white collar gibs in the form of jobs.

Lawyer salary is in freefall because most new graduates are lazy and saw law school as a way to avoid the job market for another 3 years. These guys are perfectly happy being wagecucks because they are too lazy to open their own firm and make big bucks. I have more respect for my landscaper than new law grads.

>> No.19973098

>and you know all those
lmao, what a tard. nice logical fallacy right off the bat

rest of your post is a blog entry *yawn*

>> No.19973116

>Your Income Is a Direct Reflection Of Your Value As A Goyim
FTFY rabbi

>> No.19973171

>ayn rand
>playing dota while stoned

>> No.19973554
File: 24 KB, 473x546, heightchad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your height is a direct reflection of your value as a human being. You can quite literally measure how worthless manlets are. Only beautiful people matter.

>> No.19973706

So what does this have to do with chainlink?

Besides making sure low iq doesnt obtain it?

>> No.19973908
File: 25 KB, 292x261, 1544896237191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if you don't make big bucks it's because you don't value education
>yet educators at almost all levels get awful salaries worldwide

>> No.19974052

Who is worse?
The moralfag or the internet tough guy?

>> No.19974077

Because taking care of people (low IQ people especially) does not help them, it increases crime, depression, boredom, and addiction

>> No.19974125
File: 92 KB, 594x582, go_back_to_reddit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Some faggot with a Masters in Gender Studies has a lot of "education", but zero skills.

>> No.19974177
File: 7 KB, 275x183, sjw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being an activist/working for a cause is the only exception

>> No.19974226
File: 100 KB, 921x640, 1546394077489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm arguing about the OP, where he conflates making moey with putting value in education, which is evidently false, as educators get ship pay and public education is getting defunded pretty much everywhere.
I don't know abut amerilards, but where I'm from you become a teacher/professor through a specialized school where you learn about both your specific area of expertise, say Math, and also how to actually go and teach mathematics, which is actually very complex, and takes practice and talent to become good. Still getting shit pay, Amerilard.

>> No.19974613

you're getting wise for someone who's using other people's money

>> No.19974683
File: 156 KB, 720x720, Screenshot_20200627-025041_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19974723


>> No.19974755

Sounds like a good business

>> No.19975072

one is beta the other is alpha so I'll let you decide

>> No.19975095

no income, therefore infinite value

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