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1st for fuck niggers and jannies. Check em

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First for covid crashes the market again

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When do the Israeli markets open?

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I think I have hemorrhoids.

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Xth for airlines revisiting march lows
Xth for Zoom being valued more than the top 7 airlines combined

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the stress test dramatically underestimated the real unemployment rate and bank failures are on the table edition

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Xth for going all in on a 3x leveraged sector ETF and having nightmares about it every night.

All I want is a 30% return so I can say I've skipped a few years of safe investing. I promise I'll stick to SPY and QQQ after this. Please.

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Ktov bro’s I thought we were mooning today wtf

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I don't know why I even bother to look at futures and premarket, I can't even trade after hours. I basically just stress myself out for no reason.

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What does this mean for fiat, stocks, and precious metals?

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Tomorrow anon tomorrow

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Just bought 250 XOM shares
How fucked am i

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Why does none of the unemployment data leading up to the virus match? Are these two different unemployment definitions?

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I bought SSL and HAL and have been fucked ever since

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>*press conference sounds*
>*camera flashes*

Mr. Anon! Mr. Anon!

/Biz/ Anime Shitposter network here,

What does that mean for the average sexy /biz/ patron like myself with no bank stock?

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You're gonna be ok. You're gonna be ok. Oil and airlines are gonna be ok. BA, RTX, and LMT are also gonna be ok. Right..?

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Just fucking hold it for a year man.

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how will the market react when trump catches it

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Great week for covered calls again:
BB +3% (Sold)
RAD +18% (Probably exercise)
SWBI +2% (Holding)

Next week earnings are below (percentage is at the money premium as percentage of market price):
CPRI (Capri Holdings) [Luxury Retail] +6.6% retail is risky but good premium.
MU (Micron) [Tech] +4.1% good company, but semis are volatile
CAG (Conagra) [Food] +3.3% Pretty safe, everyone needs food
M (Macys) [Retail] +7.2% Might declare bankruptcy lmao

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>when trump catches it

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The breakers into breakers crashing in March was the result of the global financial system locking up (GFC2). Something like Deutsche, Wells Fargo or BMO collapsing could set off GFC3.

The scale looks a little fucky because of the axis differences but I believe they should be the same data source (BLS top line unemployment)

Eurodollar crisis, value of USD rises like it did in March (which wasn't traders "seeking safety", it was literally a global dollar shortage
possible mass selloff of USD stocks to get dollars
>precious metals
nothing, your rocks won't notice

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LMT is always okay, I'm pretty sure that's an acceptable HODL. But it can go down, and I expect it to. I'm actually kind of hoping for it, I only have a few shares.

ooooo I've already got 80 shares of MU and some cheap calls... very tempting to be the seller of calls instead.

can you please post where you take your images from?
Bears keep taking graphs from elsewhere and pointing them here without the commentary.

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left image is from the fed DFAST report, the bank stress test they just concluded

right image is from BLS

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>nothing, your rocks won't notice
I believe the rocks DID sell off in the crash because of that desperation for dollars you mentioned. It recovered much faster than the stocks, of course.

Oh wow, so you made the image? That's rare these days. Thanks.

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I only mention BA, RTX, and LMT because I'm knee deep in DFEN and BA. Send help.

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maybe it poomps today.
if it pumps i make gains.
if it falls i buy more.

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Futures tank at this time every night
Like clockwork

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depends. did you put all your eggs in one basket?

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euro nigger markets open

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Its good stuff. You could sell these calls for July 2nd.
50.0C for 3.7% premium (2% implied movement)
51.5C for 2.5% premium (3% implied movement)
52.5C for 2.0% premium (5% implied movement)
55.0C for 1.0% premium (10% implied movement)
These percentages are based on if you bought in right now, if your cost basis is lower, then your percentage is even batter. If you want to make sure you keep the shares, just sell higher strike calls. The nice this with MU is they have weekly options, so you can sell every week and probably easily collect 1% of your cost basis each time.

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What happens if I have a fixed mortgage and my bank collapses (chase, so not likely, but I’m just curious). Obviously my loan will not be forgotten, so it would be taken over by someone somehow, but would that party be allowed to change the terms or can I trust that as lobg as I can afford my monthly fixed payments I’m fine. Don’t tell me to read my contract because 1) I don’t even know where it is and 2) I’m interested in a general answer, in how it usually goes.

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Don't you yanks have some sort of FDIC for mortgages?

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Someone give me a reason to keep my NAIL and DFEN. Markets flat, they're down, markets down, they're down huge, markets up big, lucky if they're barely green.

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Which stock should I yolo

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something to think about. I wish the stupid government would let me put more cash in my IRA so I could sell covered calls without them taking up a huge part of my IRA, and sell covered calls without having to pay tax...

I wouldn't hold 3X etfs for a very long time, unless you're confident they're in a bull market (like the past 10 years for the index etfs, the tech etfs, and the semiconductor etf)

I don't know how those two are allocated, and how much exposure they have to slow moving or struggling stocks. BA would be a worry for DFEN. I also expect some more selling in DFEN before the election, especially if the market continues to see polls that indicate biden rising in popularity.

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Remember that BA, RTX, and LMT (especially BA) are market leaders. A lot of market movements are lead by them (you'll see it on articles like: BA leads DOW to a -600.. or +700..)

So the next time BA has a run up to 200 like last month you'll go big. The problem is DFEN is leveraged so it won't be going to 20, it'll probably top out at a new resistance level like 18.

I have a big chunk in DFEN (bought $11.45) and will sell at 14.45.

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I do this in my Roth IRA. I switch stocks every week to collect premiums on company earnings reports. Up 25% in in the last few weeks.

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Premarket is opening in 8 minutes get ready bois

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Why go leveraged to anything not tech?
>b-b-b-b-but tech is LE OVERBOUGHT
Doesn't matter. Tech goes down it takes the entire market with it. Pascal's wager.

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Moderna goes into phase three of vax testing first week of July. If I’m correct phase 2 continues through phase three (this phase normally takes 1 year+) but we should still have the official release that the vax passed phase 2 (if it does and whatever the hell that means with this timeline) before the first week in July. Odds of vax passing on to phase three are around 50/50 but either direction we’ll see huge market movement.

Lmk if anyone somehow knows when the hell / where they announce this shit (like to what specific media outlet at what time and when) I gotta look back at the last press release.

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hey very nice gains
I'd guess selling right before earnings nets the highest premium, and then buying back shortly after earnings is when they're successfully IV crushed?

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Just cuck my shit up senpai

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Mikie is best girl

and there's only 1 (one) Yotsuba allowed in anime, and that is best daughterfu Yotsubato, of course

but all quints are best quints

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Is Cramer mentioning a ticker a kiss of death?
Other than BYND for some damn reason

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Can we please have a miracle BA run up to 200 again, please?

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YEah or maybe 400!

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I intend to sell every week.. I try to sell at a price I think that it will end near + premium. If I think earnings is going to be a poor, I sell close to the money, if I think itw ill be good, I sell farther out of the money. This week I did RAD and BB. BB ended down -3% what I bought at, but by selling near the money covered calls I still gained 3%. For RAD I anticipated good earnings so I sold farther out of the money (14 and 15). It did waaaay better than expected but I'm still up 18-20%. I wont bother buying back the options and just let them exercise.

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Is this basically lending out your stocks to shorters, or is there a difference? I always thought that lending out your stocks was pretty neat. You get interest, and as long as the shorters don't go bankrupt, you get your stocks back too.

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>wirecard is a scam and bankrupt
>burgerbanks failed stress test
>coof second wave starting
>europe markets green

>> No.19948011

>Wirecard down 25% AGAIN

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Usually seems like crypto leads s&p by a few hours

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Yes! How about 4000?

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Imagine being that guy who tried to catch the Wirecard knife when it was 30

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My sand castle unsurprisingly turned to quicksand. RIP beer money.

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No that is different. Selling calls is more like a promise you will do something. I don't know how individuals sell short stocks though, I think you loan them to your broker and then you collect a small percentage like a loan.

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Wirecard literally shuffled loans around to make it look like income. Elon is taking notes but Wirecard is going down in flames. German Enron.

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how does 40 thousand gorillion sound?

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What about 4!

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40,000 babies with that temptress with the undereye circles? Yeah, that sounds appropriately 100% based. Sign me up. My kids might be a little shorter, smarter, and by the looks of her, thinner. That’s a good combo.

And she’s got cute lips. It almost perfectly looks like the :3 cat lips thing.

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TTNP Chads RiSe.

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Premarket open for business! Nothing of particular note on green side. NTAP and Ebay up couple percent. Red side has a rare sighting; Nike with the big red on high volume to the tune of -4%. BAC red. Gonna be another gap down for airlines and cruises this morning looks like.

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Imagine being a literal bagholder at 100 EUR

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Kk, keep me posted

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how much money do I realistically need to get started? Got laid off and I have 500 floating just not sure if it's enough to start making any gains.

>> No.19948219

You need a new job and to hold onto that $500. Straight up do not put your last $500 to get into stocks if you’re on your ass

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It doesn't matter. The important thing is to get in there and get some experience. Knowing how to in to market is going to be very valuable to you in future when you have larger sum of money to throw at it.

Also this. If you can't afford to lose a big chunk of that money, paper trade instead for a bit. Paper trading isn't great as it doesn't prepare you for the very important psychology of trading but it's still something.

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>Apply for unemployment
>Get a new job ASAP if you even can
>Save your money and pay off your debts.

>> No.19948234

No sorry I wasn't completely clear, it's not my last 500 I've budgeted out my savings for the rest of the year until I land a different gig and I have 500 aside from what I've budgeted that's up in the air and I'm wondering if it's worth it to invest or not.

>> No.19948238

Oh. Sure, read the links at the top. Only way to start that isn’t FOMO/FUDing that $500 away

Good luck

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What's all the Wirecard shit?

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Never invest money you cannot afford to lose and you literally cannot

>> No.19948261

it's bankrupt. if your broker allows shorts on them get them

>> No.19948273

If that money disappeared overnight, and it would suck but you'd get over it then getting into stocks might be okay. Otherwise, just pay down existing debt or try money markets (short term bonds). The gains are very poor right now but it is almost impossible to wind up with less than you started with. And it's certainly going to be better than a checking account interest rate.

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Doesnt really matter if you go from 200 to 3 or 2€ desu
Ah ok.
Then sure. The first two months of trading is just learning how things work, market times, connecting dots, learning what greed can do, etc.
1k would be perfect but 500 is fine. Just play with it. Put it in stocks of companies you see here or you read about elsewhere.

These $500 dollars may be gone but you can play with big boy money after that and actually make a profit.

Assuming you want to trade, not invest.
Long term investing is just finding an ETF and then waiting some time.

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Turns out it was a nigger-tier pump and dump all along.

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If you just have your last $500 left and you don't have any income you need to save that for bills and food.

Don't be a dumbass.

You gamble with your surplus income, not the vital one.

With Texas on the verge of shutting down (meaning another crash) whatever you throw into the market will not be available in the short term.

Load up on ramen noodles, rice and cheap alcohol until your unemployment kicks in then consider the stock market

>> No.19948290

Imagine the Euro equivalent of PYPL going from hyped up future tech to bankrupt fraud in the span of three weeks.
Imagine a DOW company not existing in the real world but only on paper.

>> No.19948295

>Recommending ramen, rice, and alcohol
/biz/ showing why they're not good with money..
Ramen and alcohol on a budget? That's fucking retardation. Big bags of rice and beans that can be soaked in water will go 15, 25 times further than ramen.

>> No.19948300

I’m leaning towards not until you can find a new job. If everything's budgeted away except for $500 and an emergency fund... well it doesn’t sound like you have too much wiggle room. But sure you can start with just $500 of course.

>short them
Dangerous, squeezes in these situations are not unheard of

>> No.19948301

>With Texas on the verge of shutting down (meaning another crash) whatever you throw into the market will not be available in the short term.
based doomers refusing to give up

>> No.19948304

Was gonna say this, went to costco and stocked up on rice and canned goods today.
Don't worry anon I'm not on my last legs I'm budgeted to make it through the year until I land another job. The 500 is just floating until I decide to either invest it or keep it in checking.

>> No.19948308

Rice, beans and corn with some chilis is honestly god tier for this.
Cheap whey, some chicken and cheap frozen fish cover the protein needs

>> No.19948311

Post more of that qt

>> No.19948320

Well more importantly rice and beans give you a complete protein, and instant ramen is just carbs and sodium. If you don’t want to actually be enfeebled by your poverty diet, it’s a much better way to go.

Well now you’re getting fancy and I like it

>> No.19948328

If you are worried enough to be going rice and canned goods now, I'd avoid putting that money into the market. My earlier suggestion of money markets, if you want to at least get some sense of how brokerages work, still applies.

>> No.19948331

slap it on a 30x leveraged derivate on the Dow over the weekend
literally just gamble and see if it works out

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Lol I tried getting bags of beans and failed like 2 hours ago.

Sam's club and Walmart were sold out of bean bags online earlier today when I tried to restock.

Was able to buy and restock ramen, rice and store brand canned beans.

>> No.19948354

Anybody in HRTX? Supposed to have an FDA approval today.

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Also oats. Tons of oats.
And pasta with canned tomatoes and shit.
Tbf 500 is nothing. Even if the market dumps 20% thats just 100 lost and 400 more for rice and pasta.
Id argue the experience is worth more than those 100 US of Ds in the long run.

>> No.19948359

Rice, beans, corn, and potatoes. There are protein pastas that are a fraction of the cost of meat. I'd personally go with eggs.

>> No.19948361

Any anons playing with cfds?

Comparing high leveraged certificates with cfds, what would be better choice?

My broker only has a 10% margin on oil while i can get a x15 cert

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Good morning premarket anon. It’s nearly 2 am here in Arizona. Any hope for oil today?

Or am I just fucked

>> No.19948369

I'm going to try out F1Trade, which is a CFD broker.

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Moshi moshi
Oil desu
Please hold for one more year..

>> No.19948376

Is it too late to get into Inovio? It's pumped so much.

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Premarket reminder that this is your last chance

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Also congratulations to everyone who has WKHS I was all in on KTOV so I had no money for this moon mission hoping for a dump soon

>> No.19948384

Ramen is a terrible choice, as it provides no real nutrition. It will keep you alive, but Jesus. Rice and beans is the way to go if you absolutely have to go super cheap

>> No.19948389

What the hell is this

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Eggs are also fine
Depends on where you live desu. Here eggs are cheap and protein pasta would cost 5x the normal I reckon. Never seen it in Aldi or so.
Milk here is 0.5€/l, eggs are maybe 1€/10.
CFDs are banned in the US. You will get more info in more Euro places.

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I have $180 to blow on stocks this morning. What am I supposed to buy at the opening bell????????

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>> No.19948416

CFDs on US Brokerages are illegal
US traders trading CFDs off shore is legal

>> No.19948424


>> No.19948427

Naturally. But I doubt people here ever try it out.
This is probably not the best place for info on that style of trading.

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Anon... it pumped 45% Thursday... how do you know I’m not buying the top???

>> No.19948448

I don't see it as being any different, besides infinite liquidity.

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Oil price is up about 1% from yesterdays close. Might see some green on the drillers.

Potato and eggs were my main cheap foods when i was destitute university student.

>> No.19948458

blow it on a 3d women that would allow you to recreate this photo only without panties.

>> No.19948460

So you guys expecting a red day or so you think it'll end up green?

Not trying to lose all my gains from yesterday since I'm still getting assfucked from Wednesday

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I'm about to turn into a destitute university student again if my leveraged ETFs never recover..

>> No.19948466

It dumped after hours and is dumping pre market

>> No.19948489

Crab day or slight red

>> No.19948492

California being retarded as usual.

>> No.19948493

we havent had a green day in like 12 hours so we're overdue for a new golden bull run

>> No.19948506

/biz/ I am thinking of getting into a business of reselling high end sneakers, thoughts?

I watched a documentary on WDR (30.000E fuer Sneaker - Reseller von Nike, Adidas & Co) and people doing that are killing it with money. Another option would be to smuggle them to my third world country (Macedonia) and selling them there to people dump enough to give 200+ euros for sneakers. I am talking about limited-edition sneakers here. Thinking of doing this alongside stocks of course, I already have some money in stocks

>> No.19948514
File: 850 KB, 900x1396, F912282B-027C-4C08-BC02-295A84D55473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it drops below a dollar I’ll consider it

>> No.19948522

Calculate your profit per hour and maximize whatever income stream gives you highest rate of return.

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at this point i don't think anyone can predict where the market is going so im pulling out for today

>> No.19948544
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Be careful about buying high end shit anon. Start out small, with a few pairs of shoes. You do NOT want to get stuck with big ticket items that won’t sell, or won’t sell at a profit.

The shoe market is big, but you can’t buy the wrong shit.

>> No.19948557


You are selling?

>> No.19948558

Here is a business idea: reselling mattresses. The markup in that sector is ridiculous and repair/treatment of used mattresses (dry cleaning, steam cleaning, etc. to remove possibility of bedbugs) is not that expensive.

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>all my euro stock going up

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Yesterday I thought we would dump. But the banks passed the stress test. So more crabbing it is I guess.
Im now convinced there wont be a second dump. The system, banks and higher ups have no interest in a collapse. They wont let it drop.
You should bring them in from Greece because EU.
Also I wanna go back to Macedonia at some point. Lovely place.

>> No.19948566

How about carrots?

Yurosek developed the baby carrot almost by accident. Among the largest carrot farmers in California - and probably the world - his packing operation produced 400 tons of daily cull, damaged and misshapen carrots that wouldn't fit into bags.

Experimenting with an industrial potato peeler and green bean slicer, Yurosek produced the first versions of today's baby carrot in 1986. The first ones were a bit ragged, but he bagged them and sent them to Vons, a large West Coast supermarket chain. "I said, 'I'm sending you some carrots to see what you think,'" Yurosek told USA Today.

"Next day they called and said, 'We only want those.'"

>> No.19948569

Oh, it will go up. They won't allow the market to crash, even if it creates hyperinflation and destroys the purchasing power of the dollar, and creates the rebirth of NatSoc and the Fourth Reich.

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>he doesn't inject himself with estrogen
you will never ever make it bros

>> No.19948609

I have a question about pattern day trading. So I know that if you buy two lots of a stock, and then sell all at once it counts as a single day trade. And if you buy 1 lot of stock and it sells as 2 lots, that is also considered just 1 day trade. Let's say tomorrow I was to sell all of my position in a company, and then during the day I buy into that company at 3 separate points during the day, how is that counted? Also if I place one sell order at market, but it pieces out in 2 amounts what are the implications of that? Sorry I'm fucking dumb but I dont wanna get my account locked

>> No.19948611

I would do it as a side gig, I already have a full time job and am trading alongside that
Nice advice , thanks. You mean you *can* buy the wrong shit?
I'm already residing in Germany.

>> No.19948633

selling what anon?

>> No.19948646

If you open and close a position, that is a round trip. If it it happens in one day, that's a day trade. Closing an open position, then later opening another position on the same asset are two separate round trips.

>> No.19948655

this looks like a pre-employment question for walmart or subway applications.

anyway its roundtrips on the same day. a sell + buy or buy + sell of the same stock counts as a day trade. you get 2 of those per week if your account is under 25k

>> No.19948675

>3 per rolling 5 day period

>> No.19948676
File: 819 KB, 683x1024, 1577898523900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any Brits or Euros ITT? What ya buying?

Quite a dip yesterday so trying to average down some of my holdings in Royal Mail, big oil, big tobacco, mining, consumer goods, telecoms, homebuilding and utilities.

I'm holding about 30 different shares/ETFs at the moment. Is that too much? I find it hard to not diversify as it feels too much like gambling otherwise.

Anybody buying into this fastly buzz?

>> No.19948678

I bought 150 at around the $53-54 mark so you’re doing better than me. I’ve been DCA down since. Aiming for 300 shares. Diamond hands brother, it’ll get a bit worse before it gets any better

>> No.19948683

You CAN’T buy the wrong shit. If you do,
it won’t sell and you won’t maow any money.

>> No.19948690


no. tech like that seems to be a dumping ground for money that would otherwise be in other sectors.

>> No.19948698

What about existing sale conditions? So for instance I bought something Tuesday. Today I sell it at what ever I believe is going to be peak for the day. Then hours later i re-purchase at a lower price. Does it count?

>> No.19948700

I'm a brit but only deal with US stocks at the moment. Most of the british stocks look fucked.

>> No.19948701

A better yield on your capital is in financial products, unless you're trying to pick up your own pair of jogger slippers along the way

>> No.19948707

Think advice anon means if you do buy it you're fucked, rather than the autismal/German interpretation of "you are physically unable to buy them"

>> No.19948708

Yeah yeah, I meant I can buy, but not must buy wrong shit, we understand each other.
Thanks anon, may your positions go up today.

>> No.19948713

The first trade is not a day trade. The second trade is now a different trade. If you close it again the same day, that's a day trade. If you close it after today, it's not a day trade.

>> No.19948725

yes dude. buy+sell or sell+buy of the same security on the same day counts as day trading. you can do it unlimited if you have 25k or higher in your account otherwise you have to do it sparingly. other anon said it was 3 times per 5 day rolling period.

>> No.19948728

>Stagwell Proposes Combination With MDC Partners; Proposal Values MDC Class A Subordinate Voting Shares @$4.25 Per Share On A Fully Diluted Basis

Anyone seeing this shit?

>> No.19948730

I'm currently only in Airbus, was in Wirecard as well but thank god had stop loss at 80euros. Other than that I am (still) waiting for a second big drop.

>> No.19948736

>buy+sell or sell+buy of the same security on the same day counts as day trading
Yes to the first. No to the second

>> No.19948750
File: 63 KB, 1024x718, EIjcA0jWoAEhls2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What makes you think Britstocks look fucked anon?

I think they're relatively much better value, especially with the big caps. Fewer things with big growth potential sure but overall much lower p/e ratios and higher dividend yields with good coverage in many cases. There are many exceptional US stocks but the market as a whole seems far too high in the US atm.

What are you using to trade? I've taken up Freetrade of late, which is basically UK Robinhood afaik.

>> No.19948754
File: 493 KB, 1631x2048, B785DFAC-D7D6-4814-AE01-47A4FC6B6143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Commiefornia requires electric trucks.
Are we going to the moon on EVs?

>> No.19948764

Okay that's what I thought thank you. So if I sell 600 of something I bought Tuesday today, and then purchase 200 of that same position 3 different intervals today hows that counted? Last question I promise thank u for no bully

>> No.19948788
File: 245 KB, 947x1205, 1475103546179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>C up premarket
>BAC and WFC down 2%
I guess those 2 failed the stress test.

>> No.19948795

WFC is easily the retard of the big banks

>> No.19948801
File: 1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 00 0 00 d51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Im now convinced there wont be a second dump.

<It's time>

>> No.19948808

They're getting their shit together hence a prime candidate for a recovery play.

>> No.19948814 [DELETED] 

bankruptcy ahead so buy up your inverse ETFs and stop calling me xi xinping faggots. this is my last post here

>> No.19948816

Think about it as opening and closing positions.

When you buy(or short) on Tuesday, you now have an open position on the stock. You close it today by selling(or buying), position is closed, and trade is complete. You now are neutral to the stock with 0 long or short interest.

Later the same day you open a new position by buying (or shorting). This is a new position being taken and does not count against PDT, as it is not linked to the first trip above. If you continue to add to this position in the same direction on the same day, it does not count towards PDT. If you take 3 buy trades, it does not count. If you sell off all those shares, it is a day trade by closing the position.

>> No.19948817

If SOXL opens down, there are some big problems.

>> No.19948825

what do you mean

>> No.19948829

That was a very helpful way to illustrate it thank you for taking the time to explain it so thoroughly to me

>> No.19948831

Who cares if it leads to Workhorse being filthy rich lmao

>> No.19948834

Are you the jamaicaposter from pol?

>> No.19948843

Just skimmed over the results of the stress test, WFC's results are relatively decent unless I'm reading these all wrong.

>> No.19948846

Would break out of it's 3m channel for the first time.

>> No.19948847


Think we'll get some decent gains on this later in the year?

>> No.19948848

>I'm holding about 30 different shares/ETFs at the moment.
But why? Holding QQQ, VOO, SPY, FDN, SKYY would mean you just hold GOOG in 5 different ways for example.
I mean diversifying is nice but there is a point where you just lose track of what you own

>> No.19948879

how important is a channel for levvy ETFs?
isn't the SOXX price movement more important?

>> No.19948886

>wirecard down 50% today
Holy shit, did they fole for bankruptcy? Nothing on the news yet but insiders have to know something. Literally cheaper than dirt.

>> No.19948888

Isnt that all priced into tortoise by now?

>> No.19948889
File: 52 KB, 500x517, pepe_feels_good_man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me a few Muskesque entrepreneurs

>> No.19948903

They announced bankruptcy yesterday 11am German time or so. You can see the 75% drop after they got suspended from trading

>> No.19948921

They have declared insolvency yesterday.

>> No.19948925

I dunno, probably. I'm mostly banking on another pump when the ticker changes to HLYN tbqh.

>> No.19948945

I'm new to biz if someone doesn't mind explaining this to me I want to clear up something. So when you're trading stock, you're in line for walmart more or less. If you place an price type limit that means that you will sell whatever you can when your turn comes up provided it is not higher than x or lower than x depending if you buy or sell?

>> No.19948958
File: 158 KB, 1199x1359, ELydLWDXsAE5ttj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My ETFs form about 70% of stocks/shares portfolio and are a mix of global ETFs for the most part. The main overlap I have is between VOO and QQQ, with US stocks being 35% of my ETF portfolio. The rest is UK (x2, covering different indices), Europe, Japan, Pacific ex Japan and emerging markets. I wanted more control over regions that a single global ETF would provide.

As for my stocks (30%), I do feel I have too many. I've mainly focused on that for dividends so have bought small amounts in a number of companies, but am trying to exit quite a number of positions but am loathe to at a loss. I should get down to about 15 afterwards, but concentrated in fewer sectors.

>> No.19948959

Yes. But it's not "whatever you can". You have to enter the amount of shares.

>> No.19948983

I think what he means is that sometimes you dont get all shares filled. Except you go for AON type.

>> No.19948984
File: 23 KB, 662x967, xuo3mdl2gdsz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another day of watching my tanker positions sink

>> No.19948991

Just dump those pieces of shit

>> No.19948992

I only have stocks desu. I like picking my growth and value companies myself and nowadays buying AMZN is pretty much like buying an ETF for all kinds of things.

To each their own.

>> No.19948995

I don't know. I just know it has not done it since March 23. It's been clockwork.

>> No.19948996

>I have to hold till I hit 200% profit or 100% loss

>> No.19948999

When you place a limit order, it will execute at that price or better (in your favor). If it partially hits that price, I think the order in which those shares are sold depends both on the order of the orders at the exchange, but also can be traded within your broker and your broker's broker as well.

>> No.19949015

this is fine if your trading, the problem with investing in US stocks long term is you get doubly taxxed on your dividends

>> No.19949016
File: 2.75 MB, 2800x3848, flour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

could always buy yeast and flour. this is what $30 gets you in the US

>> No.19949026


So that means to make the ideal amount of money you have to actively be able to predict a dip a day or so ahead and sell before it happens because if you join on the bandwagon by the time you sell it, it's likely not worth nearly as much?

>> No.19949028

>I wanted more control over regions that a single global ETF would provide.
I understand the idea but with few exceptions all of the world markets track each other. The averaging helps for the same reason than indexes do.
VTSAX and VBTLX are what I recommend for family and friends. These track the entire US stock and bond markets, respectively,
BNDW and VTWSX are the equivalent for the world.
For investing, its boring but safe which is what you want for retirement portfolios.

>> No.19949041

Then just invest in the specific ETFS for the countries you want then, pretty sure Morgan Stanley has one for almost every exchange.

>> No.19949046

What would you do with that flour? Can you just submerge it in boiling water with salt (both almost free) to get a delicious and calorie-rich dish?

>> No.19949053

I'm going to make 200 pizzas with it

>> No.19949054

You will never make the "ideal" amount of money because of HFTs. And it hardly matters. If you are dealing with positions that are less than 1k, just straight up market buys and sells will do you better over the long term than being preoccupied with limit buys or sells.

>> No.19949056
File: 88 KB, 1024x633, EbDUnXWWoAECwEK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone here read/have an option on the wells fargo dodd frank stress test performance results released the other day. Their projections are getting frighteningly close to the required minimums for leverage requirements.

Also an anon on /pol/ was rambling about working for an auditing/accounting firm that oversees the finances of a major us institution thats going tits up soon (1-2weeks) and filing bankruptcy.

I think it might be wells. Also the firm in charge of overseeing their finances has three offices in florida (KPMG)

>> No.19949058

All FAANG companies are way too big to fall, and will only go higher. I did like that anon and had most of my money in ETFs, but now I have only lunch money (25%) in ETFs while most of my saved money is in companies like Microsoft/Apple/etc. If those go down, it's because there's already blood in the streets and the world will fall.

>> No.19949065

post a pic

>> No.19949075
File: 190 KB, 750x1334, 3BAC40A9-79F6-4AD2-985C-B9EB2F77D6D9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Say sorry to the Horse
Only Iron hands will make it

>> No.19949083

>trusts a random anon instead of seeing the financial reports himself
Did you actually ingest the stress test result, there are 2-3 banks that stand out in the direction that you're looking at.

>> No.19949087

*a bit of context anon supplied a photo of an accounting license issued by the state of florida

>> No.19949093

Will it get the contract? Or will the hybrid competitors win?

>> No.19949112

anon im on day 2 of nofap and seeing pictures like this does not help me please avoid posting lewd images in the future.

>> No.19949114

So don't do limit orders when starting out, just try to sell or buy price type market? I take it that it's because market buy and sells get executed faster than limit orders and anything below 1k in value is volatile enough that speed can be the difference rather than caution?

If i'm servery misinformed or off the target let me know. Trading is not as straight forward as I might have thought.

>> No.19949116

I am currently reading it, just though someone might have been a little futher through it than me and could provide some perspective. Ultimately they're conducting the test in a hugely volatile enviroment and I believe they said in the opening summary prior to the graphs that the COVID pandemic increased the the margins for error in projections despite efforts to account for it.

>> No.19949131
File: 167 KB, 1080x288, 20200626_111600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My fees are marginally lower this way and I have a system in place to rebalance. Vanguard are great though - only in a handful of cases did iShares have the cheaper tracker fund from my research.

The lack of trading fees also makes it less daunting having more ETFs. If I wanted to increase or decrease exposure to a particular region I have the flex to, but I take your point. In many cases these are big, global companies anyway, so geography is not the be all and end all.

>> No.19949189

The only time I do limit orders is if I'm setting a stop limit to preserve my gains personally

>> No.19949198

>So don't do limit orders when starting out, just try to sell or buy price type market?
You can play around with this with single shares to get a feel of why it hardly matters. And now that I think on it, I recommend it so you aren't taking some strangers advice. And why it often times bites you when waiting for the price point to cross your buy or sell limits. Among them that you will frequently see the HFTs trading at fractions of pennies. You need absolutely massive amounts of capital for that to be of primary concern (and an expert coder, with fiber optic cable directly to the exchange).
>I take it that it's because market buy and sells get executed faster than limit orders and anything below 1k in value is volatile enough that speed can be the difference rather than caution?
It's mostly that you are (probably) looking for swings of 1%+ so fractions of a penny is a silly thing to optimize.
> Trading is not as straight forward as I might have thought.
Are you trading or investing?

>> No.19949216

fuck aston martin you useless cock sucking brand

>> No.19949238
File: 9 KB, 223x226, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

less fake numbers floating around on employment data bases is good right

>> No.19949240

Glad I sold all mine at 76p. Wew lad

>> No.19949281


I'm going to be honest and say I probably don't know the difference 100% yet with my monkey brain. I believe i'm trading because i'm trying to maximize profit on stock I bought at low price and sell it while i'd be making a 40% profit, but not breaking even on what I bought for all my shares.

I bought more than I needed because my tactic was to buy low, sell enough to break even on my initial buy price and then either stay for the long haul or sell my stock bit by bit. I think investing though is more about putting your wealth in something "too big to fail" like Disney or whatever. Don't have that kind of money yet.

>> No.19949289
File: 132 KB, 554x439, 1587065780342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look at any other carmaker, especially premium
DAI, BMW all suck dick now
maybe i should jump into TSLA NKLA and new EV car guys memes

>> No.19949303

why not just stay away from automotive in general?
there are other places to put your monies, honey

>> No.19949325
File: 64 KB, 459x500, cat thinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

which cheapie should i buy today?
all look interesting

this is what i'm doing but then again people won't be riding on horses or whatever, car sales will boom again longterm, the question is just which propulsion

>other places
which ones? FAGMAN or what

>> No.19949327

Satoshi Nakamoto

>> No.19949332

Pre-provision Net Revenue, then look at the exposure to certain type of loans.

>> No.19949336

Tesla going straight for the ATH again.

>> No.19949342

Aston Martin is a gamble more than anything. They have been absolutely BTFO these past few years. Imagine those bagholding are hoping china comes along and buys the famous British spycar as part of their ongoing global dick-waving endeavour.

>> No.19949357
File: 194 KB, 423x245, DIVVIES.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Threadly reminder that DIVIDENDS are your FRIENDS. Take a shower.

>> No.19949369

I find it hilarious that almost all analysts are extremely bearish on the automotive industry in general and yet TSLA bulls continue to think the problem is the cars not being electric.
>"Tesla's are appreciating assets"
That defies the very laws of physics.

>> No.19949391
File: 6 KB, 200x200, gigachad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fusion IPO Chads, get in here.

>> No.19949396

i'm up to 280k now
i need to 2x this within a week, or i'm so screwed
what do

>> No.19949401
File: 135 KB, 720x1080, 52f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lads I need your wisdom
I went all in on WKHS and have nice profits but should I hold through the weekend or sell and go all in on a weekend meme?

also what is the weekend meme lads?

>> No.19949448


>> No.19949461

why do i feel like the opening bell may be the high point of the day

>PM pump
>opening bell
>immediate dump as usual
>bounce comes up but doesn't match PM
>crab down all day
>massive power hour dump

>> No.19949487

OP is allergic to hentai so he made an early half assed edition to remove it.

>> No.19949488

Thread sure is slow tonight...

>> No.19949497


>> No.19949498

>knee deep in DFEN
>probably bought a while ago
Ouch m8, I've been eye'ing DFEN for a while, Definitely a investment, super cheap right now. I'm probably going there after KTOV is pumped.

>> No.19949565

HTZ is going to moon today. 100%+ gains today. 1000%+ gains next week.

>> No.19949570

I'm glad I held, WKHS is finally paying off. They will be the Tesla of commercial trucking.

>> No.19949590


>> No.19949602

>Wirecard higher up literally disappeared and tries to avoid authorities
>Now getting manhunted in the Philippines
Jesus Christ

>> No.19949605

I already took a shower...

>> No.19949611

>he thinks demonrats like (((Feinstein))) will let a goy company like WKHS operate in Commiefornia

>> No.19949614
File: 74 KB, 600x1000, 1602813095824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tomboys are for LONGING not for SHORTING

>> No.19949622
File: 71 KB, 240x312, 1592427008225.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They better b-b-be

>> No.19949625

Fastly is pumping for the same reason Cloudflare pumped. Websites realizing they need collocation and load balancing, and these companies are nearly plug and play for that. I was a $NET fan when it was $22. It's got room to grow with its market cap, as well.

>> No.19949629

>percentage is at the money premium as percentage of market price
So if price stays flat, you pocket the premium?

>> No.19949637

You're retarded. Leveraged ETFs don't exist for "investment"

>> No.19949644
File: 96 KB, 638x1000, 158742086831986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FULL DEPO in tomboys

>> No.19949660
File: 621 KB, 2428x3439, EEwVeumVAAA83US.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No 2D tomboy stepping on you while doing rest between squats
Why is life suffering, Anon?

>> No.19949689
File: 139 KB, 960x1488, 1521442388056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19949691
File: 45 KB, 324x463, Yowa-chara-Tomozaki-kun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feeled like a dump was coming back in April and it didnt happen. Entered back in and made a profit.
Same now. Fed& Friends will let us keep our money.

>> No.19949696
File: 246 KB, 1280x966, 1592493325525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only really buy burger stocks due to stamp duty on UK listings

Only UK listed holding I own at the moment is RDSB

>> No.19949700
File: 679 KB, 851x1200, 1548177610190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

summer is here and markets are asleep until October

did you work out for your summer body?

>> No.19949704


Was I that retarded with that statement?

>> No.19949710

Fuck off back to r*ddit.com

>> No.19949722

heh, nothin personal, r*ddit poorfags


>> No.19949735

>that url length

>> No.19949769
File: 988 KB, 841x1480, 091adbcb22df5df366b57595fe43d3f1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems like some original though

>> No.19949793

Post body

>> No.19949814

cut losses on TTNP and join SHLL or did I miss the boat?

>> No.19949832

Try this: scroll back a week ago and draw your memelines. Then look at what the stock did last week. Did TA give you any actionable predictions?

Any TA pattern that couldn't predict the movements of the previous week won't be able to predict the movements of the coming week.

>> No.19949838


>> No.19949845

all i learned from that is that i should all-in TQQQ and the only way that could fuck me is if the entire market was fucked anyway

>> No.19949920

how to get 25% apr?

>> No.19949923

so maybe it WASN'T the presentation the fucked with WKHS?


>> No.19949927
File: 16 KB, 326x154, earnings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

next week looks pretty boring desu

>> No.19949935

what's going to happen over the next 2 days?

>> No.19949937
File: 45 KB, 768x346, Tesla-Cybertruck-on-the-water.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cybertruck is aquatic

All other auto manufacturers officially BTFO

>> No.19949938

I feel like people are forgetting that that the 2008 global financial crisis was actually a rollercoaster ride that was over two years long. I doubt when shit was looking bad back in 2007 anyone thought it would get as bad as it did

>> No.19949939

no reputable company announces earnings over the weekend

>> No.19949940

What's Macy's doing on Wednesday

>> No.19949941

wouldn't it immediately submerge when it tried to move forward

>> No.19949950

i'm not talking about that
i'm talking about cities lighting on fire or trump sending in the national guard to liberate chaz

>> No.19949953

My CFD broker doesn't have TMF nor any other 3x treasury ETF.

>> No.19949954

Do boats immediately submerge when they move forward?

You fucking peat gavel

>> No.19949955

No it was definitely the presentation. The timing of the dump was too perfect and you could hear redditors pink wojaking around the world. But after they got the fuck out everything stabilized and we're back to the mid 9s pre market today. They were expecting the presentation to be a Michael Bay movie.

>> No.19949970

>3d animation
Are you retarded anon?

>> No.19949990

Congrats Anon!

>> No.19950018

are boats shaped as a wedge with the already-submerged front pointing down into the water?

>> No.19950024

it was pretty bad

>> No.19950027

I agree that this report seems bunk.

>> No.19950029

Futures are stupid, you may as well have the local shaman cast his chicken bones and do a reading

>> No.19950038

It was horrible. But Lordstown is thankfully only 10% of WKHS.

>> No.19950044

Capital One credit card

>> No.19950048

>Dis obeyed my own rule of having at least 1k on the sidelines for dippy buys
Who else bag holding until the market copies each-others homeworks and goes back up?

>> No.19950065
File: 40 KB, 394x329, 1593173842624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cofvefe gang where u at

>> No.19950071

>tfw the presentation was awful on purpose so insiders could load up on sub $8 WKHS

>> No.19950076
File: 950 KB, 1198x677, 9phpc8jjw0t41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IBIO has been a very comfy hold

>> No.19950077

Is it too late for VXRT?

>> No.19950081


>> No.19950083
File: 146 KB, 716x537, 1592568963436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what are the predictions today boys? Red or Green

>> No.19950086


>> No.19950091
File: 79 KB, 236x213, 0265EE74-2562-48F0-A04A-D8C7808F9C06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Up $200 overnight so I’m super comfy :)

>> No.19950092
File: 321 KB, 960x1280, 1586129404423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ur breath stink

>> No.19950093

So long as you don't subsist off of your investments, there's nothing wrong with leveraged ETFs. Historical data shows they consistently pull off magnificent returns at little drawdown, comparatively, and the breakers all but ensure you can never be wiped out. You can also simulate their performance for the past 150 years and see that they work fantastically the whole time.

>> No.19950102

Second cup already. Lazy Friday edition.

>> No.19950104
File: 54 KB, 600x400, bill_the_butcher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.19950144
File: 1.80 MB, 2144x1398, Yerba-mate-may-boost-antioxidant-levels-for-overweight-and-obese-people-Study.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying to move to yerba mate. Stomach can't handle my morning coffee anymore, sigh.
Also, the horse is keeping me in the green so nice start for today.

>> No.19950154

good then maybe i wont have to pay off my wells fargo credit card

>> No.19950157

The shape of the boat does not influence its buoyancy, Musk said the model S floats so this isnt a stretch

>> No.19950293

Congratulations to you as well

>> No.19950699

Didn't want to waste a day trade on KTOV yesterday for a measly $130 gain, but now I feel dumb. Really gotta get that $25k.

>> No.19951533

Got a few shares of SHLL

>> No.19951776

bobo day?

>> No.19952879


>> No.19953051
File: 52 KB, 727x475, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.19953069

musk also said the truck had bulletproof windows...

>> No.19953085

Who else planning to buy the dump during and after the press release

>> No.19953091

oh yeah not to mention the 3 and Y both have water intrusion issues in rain

>> No.19953115

>no GALT
>no SAVA
>no SNSS

It's like yall niggas hate money

>> No.19953122

B-but check out my gamma


>> No.19953227
File: 59 KB, 655x527, 1523668908326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I own 2/3 of those :^)

>> No.19953229

Ded thred

>> No.19953349

Had to sell my fucking meme TTNP stack at $10 overall loss because I need more cash for rent. At least my car is fixed. I thought I was just retarded but turns out calipers/rotors getting the enamel worn off of them is getting more and more common. Even the mechanic, who gets paid to fix the problem, was irritated about it, saying all the cars are made with cheap parts from China and he can't wait until things open back up and companies go back to decent quality American parts already.
He said this straight up and unsolicited to me, an obese guy who looks like a retarded stoner (it's not my fault, my face is just fucked up and I don't sleep well), in a HARD blue state, he only knows me vaguely because he knew my parents.
Incredibly based behavior by this greasy man, I told him I also couldn't wait.
I can feel the gears beginning to turn again. The democrats are in the throes of their most pathetic and sinister gambit yet, and whether or not they get the election out of it doesn't matter in the long term. They've overplayed and have no choice but to keep hyping up a race war no one actually fucking wants while pretending to be peacemakers.

>> No.19953378
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can someone give me a tldr on the stress test results ? im a brainlet

>> No.19953494

SSL business is NOT affected by US virus stats. S.A. Is almost in full recovery. Fuel demand there is up. SSL is AGAIN misjudged by Wall Street and day traders. Accumulate dips and enjoy 20 by year end.

>> No.19953691

I sold $140 worth of stock, the sales went through, but my cash purchasing power is on $64 on etrade. Anyone know what might cause this? It's the first time it's happened for me.