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How do we address this menace in our cryptocurrency community?
Can Jannies please take care of him? This is a meta thread about a namefag that spams this Business and Finance board with political/schizo shit.
It is relentless.

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42 is a literal q boomer, refugee from pol. Actually thinks trump is the Christian saviour. His posts are obfuscated in how erratic they are and somewhat hide the fact he's a low iq Qoomer. Best believe he bought link late and he's an idiot

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42 is based and only low IQ shitter monkeys don’t love him

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I like 42. I've gained some knowledge from some of his posts. I get a little disappointed when I see a 300+ reply Link thread and think their is something juicy going on and the last 200 posts are all 42, but other than that, it's 100x better than all the latest Uniswap shitcoin shilling that takes up 95% of this shit board now.

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I hate that stupid nigger and so does everyone else

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you fggts go to reddit then >>19944432

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42 is based and you're a faggot.

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He's unironically right about link but
is right. He's a qboomer refugee from /pol/ who probably dug too deep into the rabbit hole and lacks the vocabulary(knowledge) to accurately describe what he's talking about so it comes out like Q-tard/saturnitelink theory, in truth it's probably something about cyclical history. Eitherway I bought because of it's function, and I know the esoterica will be a huge sell to corporate buttgoys and corporate owners in general. It functions pretty uniquely from what I've been reading as well, certainly a smart investment and company of the future.

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if jannies did their fucking job this schizo shit would be contained in /x/

4chan has gone to shit

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American Pegasus to 42
Heralding their righteous truth
Digital gold and literal who
Those who know, know what to do

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When link moons schizo posting will be hilariously in vogue but yeah now 42 is just boomer posting. Probably an ex discord numerology magic tranny that stumbled onto /pol/ and saw patterns in the void

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Better than reading your loser ass posts you straight up punk bitch

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the 42 you see here is an imposter.
42 posted under a trip and "retired" it in july/august of 2019.

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forgot link:

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They hated him because he told the truth.

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There is a small part of me that thinks that 42 was sent by Sergey to deliberately throw everyone off track.

But the rest of me knows that is paranoid and just wants him to go away.

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I'm conflicted

On the one hand he's a schizo faggot and needs to lurk /x/ and stop hijacking all link threads for his cockstroking schizo theories

On the other hand, he is the ultimate normie filter and I guarantee there are droves of people whose first encounter with LINK has been in a 42 schizo thread that sent them running back to plebbit.

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None of the posts say anything about that.

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You hate us but you need us.

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On the other hand, he is the ultimate normie filter and I guarantee there are droves of people whose first encounter with LINK has been in a 42 schizo thread that sent them running back to plebbit.

How many new users are really coming to biz that need to be driven away though? It can't be many. He is a thread destroyer. Once he comes in, it's a countdown to when he starts posting trump /pol/ schizo theories

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42 is the worst thing to ever happen to this board. Ban that cunt.

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Baz3d jiggpill

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He doesn't have any "actual" abilities or occult knowledge. He's that drunk uncle who saw "The Davinci Code" when it came out in theaters and will not shut THE FUCK up about it.

When has he ever actually explained anything, when asked? It's always
>come on, 216? 777? Just open your eyes, it's right in front of you, just take it

Yeah, thanks for the Facebook-level teenage-girl voodoo lessons. He's like a walking Geocities page about horoscopes.

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At this point his schizo image dumps feel more like FUD to me than anything positve for Link.

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Just mentally filter his post, it's easy to spot really

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Nothing has been positive for link pricewise. Cucking clown world
> Yeah, thanks for the Facebook-level teenage-girl voodoo lessons. He's like a walking Geocities page about horoscopes.
Seriously 42 has shitloads of information to share but shouldn't shit up other threads. Just make you're own thread nigger. Take that back to discord

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Q is a meme. As such he is a servant of kek and so is a part of us.

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42 is based, you fuck off faggot

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don't ban 42 tho, he's a good guy.

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every single faggot that brings politics to other areas of life should be banned
just imagine what it would be like if that retard that keeps throwing in to any and all conversations at least 1-2 political slurs would be immediately shocked into coma by a drone at every single time a politicians name or anyone's skin color comes up. man that would be as close to heaven as possible on Earth

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Fuck 42 he's an avatar of anon5, another piece of shit who was peddling disinfo on /pol/ as early as 2016

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The guy is annoying as fuck
Glad we can come together and agree that the guy is an absolute nut case
I’m all for free speech, that’s why I come to this website, and so it would be hard to recommend “banning” him per se.
Jannies have no problem banning me for less though
The guy ruins every single thread

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He's obviously a schizophrenic. Not much to do about it online.

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What I don’t understand is him unable being to take the hint. Anons give him shit and he just keeps on going.

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>get a little disappointed when I see a 300+ reply Link thread and think their is something juicy going on and the last 200 posts are all 42
Fucking exactly dumbass! He ruins every good thread. He is a hostile agent.
Look at this. Derailed this thread

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there must be a limit to the number of threads he can shit up at once. Just start new threads to continue

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He ruins long threads with word salad. It's deliberate.

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>The 42 Problem (Meta Thread)
shut up Jack

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cant argue there but he knows about this one and yet hasn't posted here yet. meaning a single thread is targeted right now.

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I'll take a month off and let it simmer down
enjoy the time off
you'll see I'm right about everything
Good night
stay safe everyone
strap in

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oh shi it's 42!

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Thank you, I think that's a good idea. We need a month to let your ideas really implant in our minds. In fact, maybe we need a whole year for that. Consider taking a year long break

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Deus Vult.

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Just hide his posts

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BTW although I might've called you out I admire what you've been doing. It's just that a lot of that stuff is on /pol/ and /x/ so it's not new. I really hope you're right about the future. God speed

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what happen to 216 anon?

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peace and love to all my brothers and sisters
I know I get a lot of flak for talking about God, but as the "grey" is removed from the system and black and white is coming out, it's more important than ever to remove the grey so we can have the white, just as they remove the grey so they can have the dark:


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Ah shit, stay you faggot, you maybe an idiot qoomer. But your our idiot.

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>I get a little disappointed when I see a 300+ reply Link thread and think their is something juicy going on and the last 200 posts are all 42
This annoys the fuck out of me desu. Sociopathic faggot with zero regard for others

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Kill yourself

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i have been lurking 4 chan for years, i gotta admit you guys are smart.

thx 4chan srsly, i can read through this thread like it should be read.
i know the posters in this thread are either42 samefagging, or people who want him to get more attention.
thats how 4chan works.
how they create forced memes.
you cretae a fake subject, then have people go against it so you create confusion, anf make the readers doubt everything.
tsktsk guys common

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You said my mind exactly.
Also, all those seething "kys" fags were more annoying.

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Dude I can't fucking stand this newfag, he definitely wasn't here in 2018 that's for sure.
None of his posts make any sense and he just shits up link threads, NO INFO NO BREADCRUMBS
I say we all just report him whenever he pops up.

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Hey 42 whats up

>> No.19948589

Funny you cunts liked him, liked his message until recently when he mentions political leaning.

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Fuck off Timo, he is legit and he said that some group threaten him when he posted his shit in early 2019

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Bro LINK will be more than $80.000 in 2026. 42 told us and he is legit cause he got a quantic message from the future. They still use Windows 10 in 2026 bro. He got a pic of a screen that has glare so it’s legit. He could never had photoshopped it and then taken a pic of the screen bro. He’s like the reincarnation of Tesla, he feels like these electric horns coming out of his forehead and shit.

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If you ban 42, than you need to ban uncleoldfag and his trips as well.

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Based and redpilled. All tripfags are one anon probably a filthy janny

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42 is a dumb nigger. He is the blackest retard gorilla nigger I have ever seen.

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Godspeed 42!

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I love this nigger pasta

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The real problem are the glowniggers and their shill armies. Then the bagholders who perpetuate these psyops.

Try a filter

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I'm not into the Q/esothoric/christian bs, but other than that I didn't really mind 42. What I DO mind is him shitting up literally EVERY thread he starts posting in. Good threads are completely slid and snowed under by his schizo ramblings. Even when asked politely to not post fucking 30 times in one thread he just shrugs and continues posting, often just having a one sides conversation with himself by replying to his own posts.


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