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$415k pooled liquidity!-----------MIND STONE is BACK !!

>What is STA?
A decentralized and trustless deflationary Index Fund token:
https://stateratoken.com/ is the official website with the official medium, twitter, telegram and github links at the bottom of the main page.
THANOS the balancer: https://noproxy.pools.balancer.exchange/#/pool/0x0e511Aa1a137AaD267dfe3a6bFCa0b856C1a3682
Contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1

>How does it work?

Be sure to carefully read the links above to understand the project and check out the several medium articles and twitter anouncements (links on the official website).

>Where can I buy?
https://uniswap.exchange/swap?inputCurrency=0xa7de087329bfcda5639247f96140f9dabe3deed1 (Check for yourself here: https://stateratoken.com/ --> "Trade")

>Where do I see the price?

>How do I add liquidity to the balancer?

>Is it safe?
It has been audited: https://medium.com/@stateraproject/statera-audit-8d4cb94e9b32

Some tips on how to pool liquidity and help the project grow while collecting BAL and enjoying passive income:
>use ETH or one of the other coins to pool, the excess of these coins is sold and STA is bought to balance it: STA price goes up
>when pulling out, pull out in STA, the balancer will sell the other 4 coins and buy STA to make up the missing amount: STA price goes up

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First: Why invest in a balancer pool?
It can be a positive feedback loop of gains. Heres what to do.
1. Find a balancer pool.
2. Add liquidity to that pool.
3. Receive BAL weekly for your % of liquidity X Transaction Fees during your time in LP
4. Sell BAL for whatever Asset you want that’s in the LP.
5. Re-invest the asset you just got from your BAL sell.
6. Increase your % of LP and increase your BAL
7. Repeat
Now what Balancing pool should you use?
Id recommend STA: Why?
It is equal parts STA, LINK, ETH, SNX, BTC.
BTC is the gold standard
ETH is ultimate use case
Chainlink is innovation
SNX is DeFi
STA is moonshot Deflationary Token

It is a deflationary token that burns 1% of transaction. Within the LP the bot balances the pool to be equal value of 20% across the board.
How to capitalize.
1. Use this pool.
2. Buy STA when low in price.
3. Add WETH to LP.
4. Get BAL rewards.
5. Sell Bal rewards 50/50 for STA and WETH
6. Pool WETH.

What will be happening is the balancing bot will sell your WETH to balance the pool and thus be buying STA. It will increase the price of the STA after you bought it. Plus the deflationary aspect just holding STA your % of TS goes up. By adding to the pool you increase revenue in which you can use to buy MORE STA and WETH to keep the cycle going.

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>Space Stone - $200k Liquidity ACQUIRED
>Mind Stone - $400k Liquidity ACQUIRED
>Reality Stone - $600k Liquidity
>Power Stone - $800k Liquidity
>Time Stone - $1,000,000 Liquidity
>Soul Stone - $1,500,000+ Liquidity

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>1 button soon edition - how to add/remove just 1 token out of the pool



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when I wake up this thread will be the first place I look, I hope to see a celebration

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Holy hell the balancer liquidity is soaring

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I cant see the balancer liquidity right now because it doesnt want to load any values on my end. Is it really already past 400k again?

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I think it is somewhere around $415k to $420k

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415k. Balancer labs has been laggy all day but loading perfectly for me now

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Yup now I see 420k blaze it

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You can see it here, 420k baby

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is STA back from the dead?

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you didn't sell, did you anon??

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I believe the fire is rising yes

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>pool went up over 70k

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I need to confessed l confess. I swung 10% my stack at .05 to buy stonk, and bought back at .02. sorry

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What is the easiest way to contribute ETH to the pool for BPT so I earn BAL rewards, right now?

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That's what everyone did my dude. Anyone who is tribalist over STONK is either a whale in disguise trying to keep STA low so he can buy in or just dumb

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Did you sell your stonk or are you in both now? Did you increase your stack size?

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Easiest would be uniswap method, but it is more beneficial to use the etherscan method, which is still pretty easy

>> No.19944010

More beneficial to the pool, I should say. Either method works out to be the same for you

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>Any important information to add for the next thread?
A good opener to shill to all the Chainlinkers, SNX, COMPfags go invest in our pool.

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Do you have a link to the BPT pair? I can't find it anywhere

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I sold part of my stack for RSR before the mooning the past few days, also got me some MCO just 'cause I want the card.
Still 200k STA, pure profit from original investment under a cent.
Am I still gonna make it anons?

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No. You're not gonna make it. You're a fucking bottom-seller LMFAO.

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I'm not sure what you mean by BPT pair, but here is the uniswap address and contract address for BPT

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and how do you know when I sold you fat fuck? Honest, I sold at 0.66
Have 8 eth on metamask I could buy more STA.
p.s. Suck my dick

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Sold all stink for x4 on STA amount of initial sell.

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Good question. Should already provide a list of addresses in this thread considering the second pool.

BTW balancer pool anons I have a question on behalf of the Chainlink marines, using the etherscan method can they pool their Chainlink to earn BAL while also allowing Chainlink to moon in price?

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Damn, nice play. Welcome back

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It would sell your chain link, lowering price.

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They would still profit off of link mooning, but only 1/5th of what they would get if they just held Link. That is why I would recommend for them to pull out link if it starts to moon. Conversely, if link drops in price, the loss would only be 1/5th of of the percentage that link dropped, so it still has plenty of benefit for them. This all assumes that the other coins stay the same in price obviously

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Will the 1-click option by Balancer Labs rectify this?

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Hopefully they won't remove Bal rewards for pooling. I'm worried though.

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>rectify this
No, it is just how the pool works, so there is nothing to fix. Pooling would be ideal for when link isn't showing signs of going up. It takes no time at all to remove it from the pool, and link isn't going to go to $100 in ten seconds, so if it starts to moon, you aren't going to miss out

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Based lain poster got me to watch the show

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Nokes points are valid. There is no reason a coin should be excluded as long as it is a legitimate project.

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I agree. A lot of the admins do not. Hope they can be convinced otherwise.

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how does this implicate sta, aside from the fundamental similarities? from what im seeing they dont like stonk because it isnt a verified coin, its just "made up" to exploit the rewards in their eyes, if they see sta as verified (which i believe they do considering its whitelisted) are we really at risk?

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They seem to already have STA set to not be counted. Used it as an example. But this if only for 20% Bal rewards.

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They have the same concerns about sta. Not trying to fud but they're discussing it.

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so sta is already not counted, meaning that were receiving the rewards from the other coins in the pool currently?

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This is getting political. It sounds like the balancer guys are annoyed with all the load on their servers.

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Wiki update.

So its shaping up to be:
Crypto Basics
The Statera Project/Token
The balancer pool(s)

Then a how to set up a wallet and get started investing in STA/pool. And also a glossary for common terms. Suggestions for expansion welcome, also anyone who wants to write questions / answers go ahead, I won't be able to explain the pools on my own, for example

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It’s already counted.

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Mindstones back? Sweet I can post this now.


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Also the new defi pool already has 11k liq

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>oh dear, too many people are using our service
Are you fucking retarded?

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Not sure how I feel about this. At first I was mad at STONKS for disrupting STA price growth with what I felt was an inauthentic product. (Never sold my STA) But now I think as long as it passes a clean audit and is trustless I wouldn’t want the Balancer people to arbitrarily do the same to STA... I think the issue is with the percentage of tokens the dev holds maybe

>> No.19945656

You're talking about the % of tokens holding by Scott? kek

>> No.19945695

i think he means the amount the stonk dev holds of his coin

regardless, the fact they seem open to even considering stonk means we should be safe, worst case scenario sta is not included but the rest of the pool still gets 80% rewards distributed

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this unironically helps stateras price due to people not wanting to forcefeed thanos sta tokens but i would take anything burnt toast faggot posts.

>> No.19945738

He already said STA will be included. Can we put this to rest now

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I still wanna kiss her.

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Somebody wants an airdrop. It's an obvious shake down, a warning to Statera et al.

"its gonna cost you if you want your little project to succeed." cue sinister laughter.

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Does anyone else think starting a defi pool with STA wasn't the best move right now? I actually liked the coins that were in the original, and liked the project. Now the STA value can also be manipulated with defi, and that bubble won't last as long. Fuck man. I thought this was a long term thing, now it seems like the STA guys just want more money. Fuck. Why did they do this man :( Couldn't they just have kept the original pool and gotten the 1 click process in place first and let everything settle for another month before making another pool? I mean COMP and LEND will probably tank hard as fuck. BAL being a token in there is not the best in my mind too, it's new as fuck and will probably go down long term, not up.

God fucking dammit.

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This pool synergizes that pool, you need to pool in the OG pool to pool in the new pool. So I don't really see what the problem is, it's just another avenue to make money with this coin. Also the devs said they'll monitor closely and adjust as needed

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STA isn't in the second pool, only BPT(STA).
The secondary pool buys liquidity for the original pool.

>> No.19946501

As someone in the telegram just said:
>How does the new pool help STA price?
>If I understand correctly....It daisy chains the pools liquidity to the original pool using BPT. So if the new pool with DeFi tokens is doing well, it buys more BPT to balance which increases the liquidity of the original pool. So if DeFi pool is doing well, so is STA pool? Someone correct me if I’m wrong here

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Is the new DEFI index pool the news we were promised for 26th? Or is there more? Great to see that we're back over $400k liquidity and 3 cent anyway. Plus under 92mm supply soon. Feeling about as comfy as it gets, Anons. Despite all the fud and the recent downtrend.

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We'll hit half a million pool Liquidity by July 1.

>> No.19947655

I think it was smart, now we have a way to use the BAL to gain more BAL and in the mean while help the original pool.

>> No.19947748

Starting to get more comfy all the time now after all that rough fud. We will make it.

>> No.19947789

So when is the fucking one click pooling coming out?

>> No.19947933

Would you fuckin relax dude it will be here by the end of the day

>> No.19948018

Ask the balancer labs general

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50 cents when boys

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people been saying big news on june 26th, today is june 26th, so what’s what now?

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americans are sleeping

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Guess who's back

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They said it themselves, idiot. You probably have no idea how expensive it can get. Fuck off, dumb fuck.

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The point is that it's a good problem to have. Yes it's a headache now but it is a great sign for their long term prospects.

>> No.19948590

The 26th was just a meme i think, or insider information that actually something will happen. We will see. The second pool was already good news as i can pool my bal now.

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I don't think they want to pay $1000/day in server costs to support pump and dumps and scams.

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That is not dead which can eternal lie

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What's my best play now, considering the addition of the new pool?

I'm thinking of buying BAL on Uni and just adding that via the Etherscan method.
Thoughts? I'd just like to have something in both pools ASAP
That is, until we get a better idea of what exactly the best method is to maximise gains.

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good morning STAbros

>> No.19949436

Morning bros

>> No.19949457

Morning Bro’s. Price didn’t dump. Thanos grew stronger. STA got burned.

‘Twas a good night.

>> No.19949463

what is thanos liquidity rn? it doesnt load for me.

>> No.19949489

Yw, its good right? I needed a "what happened in lain" vid afterwards kek

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>tfw bought the dip while everyone was selling
I have not tried the pool yet but me and 2 friends will dump about 100 eth on saturday/sunday in the pool. Couldnt be more comfy

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Hi guys, been working on a scam detecting UniSwap listing bot. Phase one is completed. Take a look and provide feedback if you like!


>> No.19949547

set slippage to 1.03% or higher

>> No.19949562

Lmao i don't need a bot for that.
If app=real then output=scam

>> No.19949567

checked and cool idea

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what is the general rule for it to deem something a scam, in layman terms please.

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is the balancer site getting overrun with visitors or is it just me that it does not load for?

>> No.19949582


For one, when they shill it in a STA thread...

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What colour will your lambo have when STA is at 10$ biz?

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>buying a deprecating asset
im getting a house

>> No.19949671

fuck lambo, acquire drugs

>> No.19949677

Fuck buying an overpriced useless small penis advertisement. I just want a plot of land far away from colored people, a trad wife, and an off grid castle where we can raise 5+ children.

>> No.19949742

It does a few basic checks as far as I've seen. Things like is the liquidity all held by one person and able to be removed? Is the token contract copied straight from a template?

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have they released the one button add liquidity thing yet?
ok so basic stuff then.

>> No.19949772

>a plot of land far away from colored people
Based as fuck. Niggers are absolute cancer. Worthless whining scum that belongs in Africa.

>> No.19949778

It's ok if you want a Lamborghini fren, enjoy yourself

>> No.19949786

So this is the video one of you guys said you were gonna make, I assume?


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18 minutes?

>> No.19949875

DUDE, frog makes good calls if he's on board we're making it

>> No.19949886

it's already 430,000 right now

>> No.19949905

Fuck yeah we're full steam ahead again

>> No.19949999

Lol, imagine buying STA now. You had half a day to buy at a proper price double bottom 0.0001ETH. Too late now before obvious dump at 0.0002

>> No.19950008

ok we'll see

>> No.19950022

who is left to dump at this point, that hasn't already? that's the only problem with your fud

>> No.19950026

So far so good. Actually subscribing to this guy

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have they added the one button add liquidity option yet?

>> No.19950082

This is tough to figure yet IMO. Someone in the TG suggested the act of buying BAL and pooling it could suppress BAL price akin to pooling just STA. Certainly pooling staked rewarded BAL into this new pool makes a lot of sense to maximize those returns further..

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>> No.19950212

not yet sadly

>> No.19950285

We’re climbing out of this dip.

>> No.19950371

Finally we're pumping
Maybe this weekend its gonna stay this way for a change

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you think we are pumping? soon you will know.

>> No.19950432

Holders rising again

>> No.19950465


>> No.19950467


That’s all I need to escape cleanly from this trash

>> No.19950487

at least balancer is pumping 436k rn

>> No.19950497

good riddance

>> No.19950499

you'll get it soon, don't worry loser.

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fuck i want to pool more too but im still waiting for the one button thingy.

>> No.19950545

You don't even need to do it on Etherscan anymore, you can just push buttons on the balancer site to do it.
If you want a button to pool/unpool with one token then good luck, the gas is around $60

>> No.19950551

May as well wait until 6c and actually make a small profit

>> No.19950554

This, the lambo meme is lame as fuck

>> No.19950586

do you mind hand holding a bit? do i need more than one token etc?

>> No.19950591

Fine but as another anon said, monster gains rarely come in the short term. Good luck either ways.

>> No.19950605

Don’t even want to risk it at this point with this shitcoin. This really is a whales only hangout.

>> No.19950614

Just buy some BPT on uniswap, its the same thing

>> No.19950626

True. Buying cars with money earned is very short sighted especially a Lamborghini. Looks like an overly curved bubble pod. Cars should look like cars at least imo.

>> No.19950641

i have done that for 1,2 bpt but i wanna start adding liquidity directly instead of buying someone elses share.

>> No.19950661

You would need all 5 tokens, but since BPT is ever so slightly undervalued (or correctly valued if you account for tx fees) I would just buy that.
STA/BPT and ETH/BPT are both available pairs on uniswap.

>> No.19950671

Me too, what is the procedure ?

>> No.19950697

i mean theres literally a medium article with step by step instructions, its a bit convoluted but im sure you can figure it out

>> No.19950698

I can't load any pool numbers, is it normal ?

>> No.19950709

The person providing the BPT on uniswap will take your money and pool it and replace his stock on uniswap, so dont worry you are not
>taking someone elses share

Its a simple arbitrage operation for a fee of course but thats less than 2% if you trade small amounts

>> No.19950736

i know, i just want to avoid that and was wondering if there was a simple way of pooling with one token, i believe i heard about other people doing it here.

>> No.19950744 [DELETED] 

Agree. I love cars but if I "make it", I'm going to keep my average every day vehicle. Expensive cars are a waste of money. Average cars these days are good enough. Put a 2020 (anything) against an exotic from 15 years ago and it will make the exotic look lame.

>> No.19950781

That is a soap-opera-tier performance. Not even high quality soap-opera acting, like bottom rung shit

>> No.19950794

Do i pool my WEth as in the medium? And my LInk?

>> No.19950798


>> No.19950809

Based as fuck.

>> No.19950825


>> No.19950890

I just sold 12,000 Sta for BAL, to add to the new pool.
12,000 Sta is ~ $400 on Uni. After I added the BAL to the pool via the Etherscan method, my balance in there is $340.

What gives?
There's no way I lost that much through slippage, did I?

>> No.19950897


If you want to add Eth, which is preferred right now, then change the contract address to
and also make sure to unlock weth on the balancer page

>> No.19950918

Yes, balance pool guys said they are having some issues with the display due to volume. It has been up and down for me the past two days, but mostly down

>> No.19950954

Use the non-noproxy site to see your balance:


>> No.19950967

You added single token liquidity?
It'll be the gas fee. Yes seriously.

>> No.19950989

Gas fee was no higher than $1.40 for every step (4 or 5 steps in total)

>> No.19951002

1. /biz/ + discords shill the shit out of a coin - memes galore, 3-4 threads on the page at all times (usually lasts 1-2 weeks)
2. Coin pumps over the first week, retraces, mini pumps again, and then dumps
3. Threads get sparser, new shitcoin takes its place
4. Coin is stagnant or completely dumps, and this goes on for several months (you are here)
5. Months later threads maybe pop up again

Guys you really need to move on to the next thing already.

>> No.19951061

Nevermind. I didn't add all the BAL I got :D

>> No.19951066

Checked and based as fuck. Already have a plot of land and a wife. We are working on our first. Just need my crypto millions and life will be perfect

>> No.19951068

Thank you for caring about my financial well being!

>> No.19951089

>Guys you really need to move on to the next thing already
That is your problem anon. Too short sighted
you need to look at the daily and weekly, not the 30m chart

>> No.19951095

Whats the BPT adress. Im buying it on uniswap

>> No.19951123

Fuck off lol

>> No.19951131

nice dump

>> No.19951155

Same as the pool

>> No.19951158

WOW :|

>> No.19951174

Thanks for blessing us with your insight. If this isn't total FUD (it is) and you just like to browse biz threads of random tokens you don't care about, then you really need to get a life.

Meanwhile, balancer pool over $440k.

>> No.19951182

Good. Weak hands need to get out. This is a chad crypto. Weak hand betas can go buy uniswap scams.

>> No.19951187

If you think the people here care about your financial well being then you are delusional. Enjoy getting dumped on (again).

>> No.19951191

you're the scum of crypto.

>> No.19951210

Why are the red spikes so big? Why don't the green ones get as big? does that mean there are more people selling than buying? explain to a brainlet plz

>> No.19951233

More like /biz/ is but keep seething that I told the truth. This token is going to slowly fade away into obscurity like the rest of them.

>> No.19951244

Some one just swapped a bunch of STA for BPT. Caused a price dip in STA but the value remains in the project.

That’s what’s been happening for a week now.

>> No.19951250




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>what is sarcasm

it means bears are selling but people are buying back the dumps very quickly. OBV shows bears are running out of steam

If STA drops below .00009 i will eat my own dick on livestream

>> No.19951269 [DELETED] 

the token is less than 60 days old and morons who got it for cheap or were lucky to get in early are dumping so they can jerk off in a corner with their small gains?

>> No.19951272

Yes you answered your own question. Even reddit is moving on from Statera and soon you’ll be left holding the bags. Expect maybe some minor pumps here and there but it has flatlined for the most part.

>> No.19951294

>If STA drops below .00009 i will eat my own dick on livestream

can you just kill yourself if that happens?

>> No.19951320

No shit retard. The point still stands that nobody here in this general cares if you lose everything so don’t act like I’m somehow worse for trying to get people to take their profits and move on to the next coin before this turns into a stablecoin.

>> No.19951326

>t. doesnt understand a market

the big wicks are called rejections you brainlet. If there were massive upwards wicks it would mean sellers are BTFOing the bulls, the opposite is true for downwards wicks

>> No.19951332

>eat my own dick on livestream
You really shouldn't make that bet, it's not working out for the last guy. Just saying. Crypto is not worth betting your penis on.

>> No.19951346


you guys seem pretty salty lmao

>implying that i would ever be held accountable
but really i don't think it will be going

>> No.19951365

going below 0.00009 again

big south wicks = lots of support

the evidence is

>> No.19951434

oops again
the evidence is in the charts if you can understand why the price moves. and im not talking TA fortune telling

>Even reddit is moving on from Statera

they were never behind STA in the first place you spaz

>> No.19951459

How do I sell the metamask window never pops up when I try to sell. Help I’m stuck!!!!!

>> No.19951461

430,000 in LP.

>> No.19951476

McAfee seems crazy enough to go through with it though, I think he really will end up doing it. Then again, he also seems like the type that would backtrack on it and be like "Did you idiots really think I would eat my penis? Hyperbole, folks!" or say something like "I had raw cow penis that I stored away, I ate some." He's actually unpredictable.

>> No.19951493
File: 1.30 MB, 1200x800, 1591859766126.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.19951503

Help these bags are too heavy!!!!! Fuck

>> No.19951504

I hate the idolatry mcafee gets on this board sometimes
he would never go through with it. He just knows how to drum up hype

>> No.19951541

change slippage to 1.03

>> No.19951581

>bitcoin is worth a million dollars in spirit, I win
Or just blame whales and the US gov for suppressing its true value. That's what I think he'll most likely end up doing.

>> No.19951589

Anyone else think it might unironically be a good thing that the bal pool team was making a fuss over us gaming the system? Anyone seeing that might be inclined to check us out. I know I would if I saw people getting upset at our massive profits.

>> No.19951608


Except you thanks for the help

>> No.19951628

Settle down mate it's not even 10 am eastern time

>> No.19951661

Refresh the page, up the slippage

>> No.19951674

your welcome, im still not selling tho.

>> No.19951679

Inb4 you keep hanging out pretending to sell in every thread for the next month

>> No.19951680


The guy who made this is retarded, right?

>> No.19951685

>going up
If you pooled anywhere near the top and bought for under 5 cents you could have been in profits right now.
Continue getting "scammed" for the rest of your life though.

>> No.19951688

Late but to defend my car bros:
Lambos actually go through a period of depreciation and then appreciate constantly year on end usually becoming more expensive than the current generation (popular) model. They're honestly a pretty good investment if you can afford it. Can't really say the same about every Ferrari or even most Luxury cars like Bentley or Rolls, they tend to depreciate and only depreciate unless they're special.

>> No.19951691

Thanks for selling, now we can finally pump.

>> No.19951708

Ok you do you but I’m out thanks again

>> No.19951725

Any idea why the new pool isn't on the list of shared pools yet?

>> No.19951745

Are there really ferraris that depreciate as well? I would think they retain their value and/or appreciate more than lambos, but I'm not really a car dude so I dunno.

>> No.19951749
File: 61 KB, 1000x800, 1586365271110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no worries, always do what you think is best!

>> No.19951786

Yes. I agree. Free publicity

>> No.19951827
File: 157 KB, 877x696, Capture2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he sold at 3.1c
>not 3.4 20 minutes ago
>not 3.4 in a short while
>actually selling a dip

>> No.19951888

A lot of the 90s Ferraris still haven't appreciated, you can find them for about the same price as a new base model mustang. If you remember in the news back in the day they used to constantly burn down, that might be part of the reason. Personally I really like the way some of the 90s ones look. There's some weird designs that never caught on from the 80s that are pretty cheap as well.

>> No.19951938
File: 162 KB, 1280x720, how-to-survive-and-play-as-thanos-in-fortnite-1280x720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How to properly Wojak

>> No.19952012

Speak for yourself

>> No.19952018
File: 146 KB, 458x477, 1590084759200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19952074

Now we know. There will never be a dip like this again.

>> No.19952079

I promise to all anon's here if we start to break past 6c I will be pooling a large amount all the way up.

>> No.19952089

I'm going to start pooling at 25 cents, and slowly add more as we go up from there
I'm sure many other anons have similar plans
Once STA gets going again, liquidity is going to start increasing very rapidly

>> No.19952113

I didn't even know. I had not figured out how to wield this in the most effective way. I don't think I will be pooling 100%, but I will be pooling at least a few percent at a time at milestones

>> No.19952239

This. We just need to get over 5 cents and itll skyrocket. We will get over 5 cents when we get that one button thing. Thousands and thousands of dollars are sitting on the sidelines waiting for it.

>> No.19952263

me too. Every cent ill pool a percentage starting with 5 cents.

>> No.19952308

I think every exotic depreciates if it's old enough and well kept. Maybe it takes longer for certain brands.

>> No.19952411

keep in mind during all of this BTC has been down too. Its sub 9100 right now.

>> No.19952494

So there is a BPT-STA pool on uniswap, it will always keep your percentage at half. So you can just pool there and it will automatically buy BPT for you at every percentage, plus you will get the trading fees

>> No.19952503

Am I the only one here waiting to sell? I don’t think this will be a good long term hold after getting completely fucked by it in a few days. This isn’t seeing new blood just whales accumulating and that’s a bad sign. With out new buyers this is going to go nowhere. Now I just need to be patient for a possible pump in the next week or so to sell.

>> No.19952508

>if we start to break past 6c I will be pooling a large amount all the way up.
Pool eth/btc/link/snx all the way up, not STA but I guess you already understand how this works by now.

>> No.19952511

ghosthunterToday at 8:56 AM
Dear Discord Community!

This will be my first official message since the launch of Statera Discord Server.

I just want to thank everyone on behalf of the entire team, for your love and support. The past days have been rough, we know, but we are working. Very soon you will realize what we have been working on.

We continue looking towards your support and understanding.

Have fun, stay safe and trade Safe!

>> No.19952523

That's why Lambos are a good investment. For the most part they're all in that "special" tier. The Gallardo hasn't started appreciating as a whole but if you find it in manual you'll never have to sell it for less than you bought it for. The reason for this is every current gen model is the status symbol and ever last gen model becomes the "basic" lambo that poor people drive, according to the culture of people that can actually afford them new. Those depreciate for a time until they become "classic." Then you see them in auctions for 300k for a well maintained one bought for 100k a few years before. They may not all reach their full original price, but if you bought it used you wont lose out.

>> No.19952585

My first 2 cars were cars that never depreciated in price if they were taken care of. They were both manual, and based on average every day body styles. Wish I still had them.

>> No.19952590

>I don’t think this will be a good long term hold after getting completely fucked by it in a few days.
bulletproof logic kek

>> No.19952665

wow, go back

>> No.19952690

The price doesn’t look like it will ever make a massive recovery so I just want to get my money back at this point. To be honest this is what I get for buying after a massive dump so it’s my fault for getting into this mess of a coin. I regret it so god damn much I should have just ignored it.

>> No.19952729

I don't get the ADHD buy high sell low mentality at all.
It's only a loss if you sell at a loss, if you somehow didn't know crypto is volatile on a day to day basis then too bad.
If you want safe 1% returns where you can withdraw your money at any time use a bank, best thing to do is just to forget about it for a week or a month and see what happens.

>> No.19952738

You bought something thinking it would just go up without understanding it and now you're panicking like a bitch. I don't think investing is for you. Go find something else to do.

>> No.19952758

>The price doesn’t look like it will ever make a massive recovery.
Based on what anon, your psychic powers? Bold statements must be backed by bold evidence.

>> No.19952790

Well excuse me for being upset at an over 50% loss. I’m going to just wait to dump my bags.

>> No.19952794


But a week timeframe is much too short to judge a long-term hold. The liquidity pool has been steadily growing, doesn't that factor in for long-term progress?

How could you judge stocks for long term hold when the market corrects time to time?

>> No.19952802

> doesn't look like it'll ever recover

It's a month old, looks like it's found the bottom and is slowly recovering right now, despite BTC being a dumpster fire.

-shakes head-

Maybe this crypto stuff isn't for you, fren

>> No.19952824

Like I said, you're not cut out for this. Seriously. Once you sell, leave and never come back. Spare us the annoyance of your presence.

>> No.19952860

You’re right I’m more cut out for buy stuff that isn’t dying.

>> No.19952897


Called it

>> No.19952910


So pool your stack. BTC, ETH, LINK and SNX aren't "dying".

>> No.19953034

Not him but you can think what ever you want doesn’t matter to me what someone on an Indian hairdresser forum thinks
Waste of time unless you have a lot. Just going to hope this goes up to sell.

>> No.19953061

The logic of biz seems to be

>Price increasing
Woohoo! It's going to go up forever!

>Price decreasing

People need to learn to roll with the punches. New crypto projects are highly volatile, there are going to be big swings in both directions

>> No.19953183

How about you just sell now and save us all the bitching? How about you go invest in the S&P? It’s up 0.08% this month.

>> No.19953303

ghosthunterToday at 8:56 AM
Dear Discord Community!

This will be my first official message since the launch of Statera Discord Server.

I just want to thank everyone on behalf of the entire team, for your love and support. The past days have been rough, we know, but we are working. Very soon you will realize what we have been working on.

We continue looking towards your support and understanding.

Have fun, stay safe and trade Safe!

>> No.19953441

Being in the top 10 pools of Balancer would be awesome and it would establish Statera as a big player in the DeFi ecosystem, WE NEED MORE LIQUIDITY !!

>> No.19953505

I don't use discord much, who is ghost hunter?

>> No.19953539

Its coming once they make the one button live. Testing going underway.

I dont either but hes a team member in the official discord. Good things a coming.

>> No.19953606

Cool. I'm excited for what lays ahead, the team sound based as fuck!

I use the telegram a bit, never seen a ghost hunter on there.
People need to stop using different names in different places. :D

>> No.19953701

Lol fuck you dude. Yes crypto are highly volatile assets but even with most coins you aren’t going to see a 50% loss on a week. BTC would be back down around 4k right now in that example and would have most people freaking out. It’s perfectly okay to be upset about a 50% loss in less than a week especially after most of you retarded moonboys were calling for shit like “$1 EOM”. Dial back your shilling and expectations if you want people to take your project seriously

>> No.19953739

>BTC would be back down around 4k right now in that example
That happened just two years ago dipshit. It went from nearly $20,000 to $3,100 lol are you this new to crypto?

>> No.19953764
File: 74 KB, 742x745, 1212488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao you're retarded and you don't understand how any of this works.

>> No.19953770

He is that new and that impatient. Time in a market is better than timing a market. These rookies want to get rich off of one week. Tisk tisk.

>> No.19953777
File: 84 KB, 947x949, 975DE994-5705-4A95-802E-F342F747AD92.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19953795


>> No.19953867

Thanos address is now in the top 3 holders, is that a good news ?

>> No.19953906

yes. You want it to be number one

>> No.19953915

BTC is also the most stable crypto there is
STA is brand new, and is therefore extremely volatile, even by crypto standards
If you can't take the swings then get out, no one is forcing you to be here

>> No.19953921

6k is that you?

>> No.19953928

I've been the one saying it would probably drop a lot, and it did. Never said $1 OEM. I'm realistic.

>> No.19953971

This needs to be the OP for next thread

>> No.19953976

checked and kekd

>> No.19953985

Am I right in thinking that when the BAL tokens are released every Tuesday, we should see a spike in the price of Sta soon afterwards?

Going by the assumption that a lot, if not most, people will be swapping their newly-earned BAL for another non-Sta token and then pooling it.

>> No.19954002

lmfao holy shit

>> No.19954019

came in here to give this a (You).

STA fags utterly btfo.

>> No.19954051

Trips confirmed

>> No.19954059

Perfectly balanced trips.
How all things should be

>> No.19954060

Probably so, I know I will be putting it straight back into the pool, I just don't know which pool would be better to add to

>1 post by this ID

>> No.19954084


>> No.19954095

wasn't someone talking about a coordinated pull out and reinjection? Pull all your STA out inject it as something else?

>> No.19954130

I’m right here fren. How heavy are the bags getting? Do they keep you up at night?

>> No.19954139

No, you are probably referring to using the pool to hedge against losses and then pulling out STA during a dip

>> No.19954158

Fuck, no, comfy as fuck

>> No.19954185

Yes, but you'd need a mammoth amount of resources to do it unless I fucked up whilst checking on etherscan.
The gas cost for 1 token out is about $60 if I was able to read my monitor properly at 5am today.

>> No.19954218
File: 25 KB, 549x455, Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.57.24 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.19954240

How does it feel to buy into the official midwit coin? Once people pick up on the fact that the kyber listing was a lie it will all be over soon.

>> No.19954248

First of all, it very well can. Secondly, HEX did a 100x on uniswap two months ago so what's your point?

>> No.19954275

I know the price is going to be increasing from here on out due to all the developments but TA on a 3-4 weeks old token seems a bit much.

>> No.19954296

yeah? go find out what it takes to get listed on kyber, then like I said, go ask abu directly when incorporation for sta is planned (never because its a FUCKING FELONY TO CALL YOURSELF AN INDEX FUND AND SCOTT IS SHITTING HIMSELF)

>> No.19954319

they operate out of south africa...
fuck burgers felony.

>> No.19954327


>> No.19954328

what's not a felony in america?

>> No.19954329

Slight price increase you niggers show up. Some anon was right the other day that we're online and anonymous so you kikes get away with all the lies because if we were sitting face to face in a pub and you were to bullshit like that, you would've received a kick or so.

>> No.19954347

kek I would pay good money to say this all to your faces. All of it, to all of you.

>> No.19954358

I know it is kinda strange but STA responds surprisingly well to TA, when it's not crabbing

>> No.19954379

>what's not a felony in america?
Bunch of worthless subhuman niggers almost killing a white guy like this. This isn't a felony now >> https://twitter.com/JesseKellyDC/status/1276250276006166529

>> No.19954387

what i said is true tho, it isnt a felony in south africa. go fuck yourself ranjeet and buy stonks instead becuase you are priced out(even tho you are early as fuck).

>> No.19954397

based, I take back my comment about laughing in your face specifically, the rest get no mercy.

>> No.19954413

lol you dumb nigger I had 350k sta and dumped them all on you ages ago, cope seethe etc etc

>> No.19954420
File: 3 KB, 105x89, Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 12.06.37 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bullish engulfing on the 12h

>> No.19954429

so why are you still in here?
>inb4 just to laugh at you
ok pajeet

>> No.19954432

Livestream it and say it, so we can see your nose

>> No.19954451
File: 146 KB, 871x570, showme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just listen to the candles, not the fear

>> No.19954455

DMG is falling. Broke below 80 cents. FYI

>> No.19954459

I think I made myself very clear.
good Idea I'll do exactly that and link you when you guys hit 0.05 USD

>> No.19954466

Sorry I’m not gonna fly to Mumbai to fight someone because he’s upset I made fun of his jeetcoin.

>> No.19954486
File: 9 KB, 291x241, 1592336547562.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I think I made myself very clear.

>> No.19954498

kek you're this guy, we've met.
I hope you're in the audience when I stream it.

>> No.19954499

Calm down man. It's crypto. Charts go up and down quite sharply. It's good that you made massive profits with Statera but then why create negativity in the very token's thread that helped you earn all that money? I'm grateful for my profits so far. Sold 12k at 10 cents but keeping the rest 160k till next year now.

>> No.19954535

I'm trying to SAVE YOU, that's all. I want to help you guys make more money :3 I don't want to cause more headache though, I'll take my leave. Good luck gentlemen, I'll see you soon.

>> No.19954567

They will hold to 0

>> No.19954570

>ill see you soon
have to switch ip adress real quick?

>> No.19954584

Based and 420-Checked

>> No.19954593

No I was referencing the stream I plan when it goes to half a cent, I will re-make my leave now.

>> No.19954630

can you promise to do a stream if it reaches 50c aswell?

>> No.19954640

can do, screen shot these for potential keks/ reeeeees

>> No.19954692

And people freaked the fuck out with many thinking crypto was dead (which it obviously wasn’t but still)? Just proves my point you fucking retard, anyone would be upset at a 50% loss.

Lol I’ve made 7k this month riding 300% VI pumps and 100% BNT/LEND/REN pumps, have fun holding your bleeding STA bags. I already made 400% on it and sold most, I just keep a small bag in for shits

Kek I’ve actually been in crypto longer than most of you I’m sure since back in 2017. And my time in the game has allowed me to see that getting overly emotional attached to a coin like you all are works maybe 2% of the time

>> No.19954747

Best answer

>> No.19954789

>People thought it was dead because people were upset, but it wasn't actually dead
You didn't prove your point, you proved mine. Dips =/= dead

>> No.19954810

Rent free

>> No.19954891
File: 239 KB, 961x816, 1584644723313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone needs to bake new bread

>> No.19954964

Patience is crucial in crypto maybe hes right

>> No.19954994

If you are holding DMG get out now. Shits over.

>> No.19955008

Btc really?coins been around 10 yrs baka..

>> No.19955093

im baking new bread

>> No.19955094

Lol sure

>> No.19955097

since thanos has now plenty of sta you can also buy sta on https://balancer.exchange/#/swap , it's got less slippage than uniswap v2 at the moment

>> No.19955105

>lol I actually made a million dollars just the other day, I'm actually a genius tough luck kiddo
I guess you're just deliberately stupid then, oh well, can't be helped.

>> No.19955143

HOLY SHIT THIS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.19955203
File: 66 KB, 718x404, 1592234391175.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19955237

also you can now add a single token on https://beta.pools.balancer.exchange/#/pool/0x0e511Aa1a137AaD267dfe3a6bFCa0b856C1a3682 (beta of Balancer)
If you pool just 10 wETH = 1% slippage (approximately) though

>> No.19955270

Thanks, fren.

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