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reporting in. what are we going to talk about?

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>yuropoor timezone
>post pic of american trailer park
frog here and i could snap a picture from my window that looks just as depressing but is actually relevant

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For me it’s the best time of day. The americmutts have gone to bed, pajeet shills are drinking their chai tea and we get to have some peace and quiet and discuss serious business

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our sadness as a continent

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Shut up mutt

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yuropoor reporting in

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Is there any hope for Wirecard?

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No. It was all made up.

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>word economy is stagnating because of subhumans with double digit iq
>west is stagnating even more compared to china
>europe is stagnating even more compared to us
>italy is stagnating even more compared to eu
I was never meant to make it

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Why did you post a pic of some crackhead town in california then?

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Spaghetti bro here, love Italy but it's not really a good place to trade stocks if you care about profits
Crypto laws are pretty good though

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salut friendo

do you guys know if kraken work with the banks or whatever when it come to taxes on gains?
like, if i dont declare stuff.
frenchy here

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Don't worry friend, total fiscal collapse is imminent, followed by social disintegration. If history shows us anything, absent socialist autocracy, low IQ are always the first to die.

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it depends on how much your baguette state is ahead on fiscal controls, of course if you cash in your bank account you're fucked