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bros? why is it bleeding out?

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death rattle, i got out pre main net, are you still holding this junk? lmao so fucked just wait until they dump it out of the blue. soon

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i sold my ghosties, cannot let it happen again, i already survived the safex and mcafeecoin scam, it will not happen again

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i will never sell
gh0st is gonna moon

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>bullish af
If I wasnt broke as fuck right now Id buy more but nooo had to buy more link

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why isnt it going up then

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>bros? why is it bleeding out?

Because it doesn't exist, Mcafee cashed out and bagholders are slowly realizing this

They literally copy/pasted Particl

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Anybody left holding a bag dump NOW

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PivX was a fork of Dash and Ghost is a copy of PivX.... I mean it seems like, all who are so super excited about ghost are new sheeps in crypto space. It could be a serious Competitor against Monero. We will see !!!

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The wallet is coming out momentarily sirs

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Ghost will hit $1000. Have patience. Ghost has the potential to replace fiat. In fact it may be the only crypto currency that has that potential.

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i hate this shit coin i believed this crack head nigger McAfee and he shit down my throat selling if this shit hits $1 or $2 not selling till then

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They abandon PIVX and copy pasted particl instead lol

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Next week they are planning to copy Zcash or Monero they are reviewing the code what is best and most easiest to implement.

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>copy/paste of PIVX whitepaper, so lazy in fact that they copy/pasted the text description of an image without copy/pasting the image, so there's a page in the whitepaper that's just a description of a chart that's not there
>using a copy/paste of Particl wallet, so lazy in fact that they didn't even bother to Ctrl-R "Particl" out of of the files and documentation
>so lazy in fact that they didn't even bother to change the fucking dev keys, so all important security info will be going to the Particl devs
>the traditional scamcoin promised village-saving staking rewards
>it's literally named after a thing that does not exist and is only believed in by credulous retards

McAfee needed a few more million for his retirement fund and he made a bunch of us a bunch of money along the way. But if you're bagholding after everything that's happened here, you're just setting money on fire.

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>swapped 40 ghost into chainlink
this project was doomed from the fucking start, invest in link

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Watch his interviews on ghost. This is not a scam. If ghost is unable to complete the original dream of crypto currency then what else can? If ghost fails then the very essence of crypto currency itself has little to no future.

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these guys moved on anons...

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>Watch his interviews on ghost. This is not a scam


>nobody lies during INTERVIEWS
>and if you can't trust a 75-year-old drug addict on the run from a murder warrant, when he wants to sell you something, who can you trust?

I love McAfee but you're a victim if you think this was going to play out any other way. They did zero work on the whitepaper, and zero work on the wallet. It's a literal scam.

I guess you weren't around for CZcoin, aka the last time McAfee did this

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Dude, ghost is a copy paste blockchain. They couldn’t even copy paste PIVX correctly so they copy pasted particl and failed to copy paste a working wallet.

John mcaffee is a fugitive drug addict, any of his assets have been frozen by the US. He has been scamming with crypto since 2017 and his twitter pumps. This guy is stealing from you retard.

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It’s obvious from watching interviews in the previous years that he has been gearing up for this a long time. Do you think that Dubai royalty-backed ZPAE decides to integrate ghost across all of their terminals/products out of nowhere?

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Mr. John McCoffee is just giving you a once in a lifetime possibility to buy his very good coin on sale. Fill your bags, sirs. Fill them. Daddy John needs another shot of bathsalts. Very profitable coin, sirs.

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>Do you think that Dubai royalty-backed ZPAE decides to integrate ghost across all of their terminals/products out of nowhere?


If you don't understand why GHOST dumped after that amazing announcement, enjoy the ever-increasing weight of your ever more worthless bags.

The post-announcement dumping is the smart money selling their remaining "maybe maybe, let's see, why the hell not" stacks, because there is now no doubt this is 100% a ripoff.

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>has potential
is this a joke? nobody can be this retarded

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Im usually very retarded techwise and I buy coins based on memes but even I can see this post is 100% bullshit you filthy liar

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Because it's a scam. Buy ARPA and wait for the MPC bubble. STOP BUYING SCAMS.

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Scammaffee did stock pump n dumps, then did several crypto pump n dumps, plus a fucking pajeet pump signal tweet service for sale, but this time he is in it to revolutionize crypto guys!

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Comb is more anonymous

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Hows the main net going guys? Still no working wallet..

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Based, GHOST 2K EOY 2022

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i already sold all my ghosties at a comfy profit but still enjoy checking in on their "progress" kek
how many days has it been now?

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Momentarily sir, main dev apu is having trouble with the control c scripting language.

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No. Ghost is a copy of Particl.

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