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Hey all, Penny Stock Thread here! Good morning. Seems like the talk of the /biz/ is KTOV, WKHS, XOM, and HTGM (a personal favorite). What you going in on.

Previous thread:

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>Screeners to find available penny stocks under $2.00
>News & info for penny stocks
To research individual stocks: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/pennystock.asp
News source: https://pennystocks.com/featured/2020/05/14/penny-stocks-on-robinhood-to-buy-sell-analysts-may-14-2020/
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I just put in a 15000 share order (5 grand) on SHIP in pre-market.

Not looking for more than 20-30% gains today or tomorrow, will drop half as soon as it breaks 60 cents today (which it will, as it'll definitely break 40 within an hour of the markets opening).

Am I insane? I think the earnings that are coming out will actually pump it to 1.5-1.7 but I'd rather not risk this much money on a thing I haven't done much DD on.

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I think SHIP is a safe bet, but don't expect it to hit 1.5. I would get out at 1.1, or even put in a sell order at 1. it's gonna dump with other sell orders at 1. Take gains when you can and gtfo, don't be greedy.

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I'm holding FRSX and thinking of buying WKHS. Shill me that shit, I like the traction it's getting here

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Just looking at the graph, pre-market is gonna pump it past 50 cents no doubt, .35 was yesterday's high, once that's done, and it gets to the RH front page, it's getting a lot of dumb money in it, lot of resistance at 0.5 but by the end of the day it's getting there.

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My ktov is possessed by a jewish crab

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unironically i might buy ship right at open. Good idea?

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>wow anon, you have so much KTOV and WKHS

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Why is stocktwits bullish about OCGN
again when they discontinued their drug?

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When we buying CTRM?

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Join the frenSHIP anon

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There's a lot of people who bought in at pre-0.20 which will definitely be cashing out as soon ass it gets to 0.40 (psychologically x2 their money), but I don't think any big investments were actually made there during the pre 0.2. There's also a lot of bagholders from March/April who didn't get out on time. However - the amount of money coming in will surpass whatever the bagholders might have, and the industry forecasts themselves are saying that July will be extremely profitable for maritime, so I'd honestly think about holding past a dollar too.

My advice is go in for it with about 500-600, buy the dips which will definitely happen, and see what happens. I don't think this is a stock to play with more than 500 bucks with, but then again I did the opposite and went in 5 large because I'm crazy and I don't care what happens with it, plus I'm optimistic, I looked up the CEO on Linkedin, the company has consistently met its earnings targets in the past 2yrs.

TOPS is another story and I think that will follow SHIP for the next 2 days, but then will completely drop off because the only reason people will get into TOPS is because they don't want to get in too high on SHIP.

I bought like a hundred dollars worth of TOPS just for the fuck of it.


Yeah, go in, it won't go below 30 cents no matter what in the next week, so yeah.

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Will EMAN pick up traction any time soon?

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Because stockwits is largely only bullish about every stock. Until after it crashes, then you get one day of bearish DD before its back to bulls only.

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aight im sold

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Sudafed and coffee gang report in

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IDEX anyone?

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Great, the digies said I have to buy IDEX

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I've been in since 0.9

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KTOV trading high in premarket

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>and HTGM (a personal favorite)

I haven't heard anyone else shill this stock yet

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Me neither. Apparently they're a biopharma that tries to cash in the kung flu. Seems to to be on an upward trend and has been volatile imo. I'm shit on biopharma and want to avoid desu but the gains made from these companies are enticing.

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i would wait for .65 on this guy

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Sold my KTOV 1.17 after a .60 gain, got 1600 SHIP at .17 I’m gonna hold for the day. But why the fuck can’t I get over my stupid DGLY losses.
>Pic related me checking my DGLY bag every hour to more bad news

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Looks like they did the same conference as KTOV

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I got in late, only bought a stack yesterday, but this will moon by eoy.

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Fucking ktov mooning today fags

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wtf is going on with CTIB

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TOPS and GLBS plummeting in premarket, should I sell at open and take the loss or hold til midday?

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TOPS is linked to SHIP pretty much, once SHIP moons, so will TOPS. Don't sell, hold.

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Lots of buy volume for KTOV since 8am. I think we'll open pretty high.

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ive seen it shilled twice, and they were ignored. Seems like a good lead, but more later.

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KTOV bros....?
What the fuck is happening???

I have my entire life riding on this, you told me it was a sure bet that it would go higher.....
What is happening......????

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I am not selling GLBS at anything less than 15% bought in at .38

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Post portfolio

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Peaks on Friday by all accounts.
But also, it's up 7% on 20 minutes...

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>What is happening
Premarket crabbing on a volatile penny stock. Are you retarded?

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>SHIP up 15%
>TOPS down 15%

Yep, I'm thinking it's based.

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If you bet on Jews you loose.

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Next time baggie posts make sure to shill him some big losers so he stays gone.

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Idiot, think before you post.
"Volatile" means that the stock DOESNT crab.
ESPECIALLY pre-market, you moron.

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Fashion your seatbelts boys, we are going to the moon.

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We've touched .9 and .35

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Ship has HIGH volume. Don't lose your shit. Hold on for atleast .41

>> No.19906564

Ritalin and Nodoz gang, wassup bitch?

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Set an RSS notification to this page and be prepared to buy.


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It's going way beyond 40 cents I'm sure. I bought in at 0.27 then averaged up to .31, 5 grand riding on it.

For some reason I'm more worried about the hundred dollars I put into TOPS at 0.16, it irks me.

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I'm sticking to one moon mission per week, any ideas for next week droogs?

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Because we're autistic.

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throw a dart at the board

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>sold some of my ship yesterday to buy into ktov dip
Ktov what the fuck let me make money filthy bogs
Save me from my fomo

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anyone holding FRSX? stuck with a bag i bought yesterday like a retard

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Idk if this is a sign to sell ktov but smg general seems to mainly be talking about it especially when they seemed adamant about it yesterday.

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Every stock I own is RED

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you know what sucks?
I had a buy order for KTOV at a really low price yesterday. For 20,000 shares. Then it crashed. Fucking bogged

Good thing I sold at the high today. Got rid of 15,000 of these bags for virtually no loss. Will be buying back in at a lower price.

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I think a lot of us are crossposters. I know I talk about it a lot both places.

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Buy order at .305 on Ship - Filled
Buy order at .1405 on TOPS - Not Filled =(

I think .3 on SHIP is OK, not great but still not bad. .14 on TOPS is solid IMO

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Who here WKHS? It’s breaking out.

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Know what you have before you sell.

Reminder that KTOV is currently capped at .9 by Kitov itself. Every time it reaches .90 and stays there it's just the stock attempting to moon but otherwise unable to.

This limit expires Friday.

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NNDM have any value ? Good news came out but its growth is pretty tame.


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Jesus Christ I'm so horny and lonely. Imagine licking the salt from the fries off the upper parts of her breasts.

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Well at least i can about other stocks here not even getting a response in smg mainly seeing talk about KTOV and 2 other stocks that feel like pump and dumps.

My whole portfolio os red for the most part. Should've sold yesterday. Getting pretty annoyed how ot only moves up a little on green days (2k) and down a lot on red days (8k today but mainly options were at 0.01 more so than usual)

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>imagine blowing your load on those fries and having her eat them

>> No.19906828

hodl SHIP til june 26th?

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>> No.19906854

Grabbed 125 shares of LLEX for fun
I'm gonna make it.

>> No.19906859

Refreshing Issues?

>> No.19906867

yeah and the bid-ask is stuck at 0.318 and 0.319 WTF!!!!!

>> No.19906875

Seems to be the plan

>> No.19906876

The ktov direct offer jewing ends tomorrow.

So Friday will be moon, and maybe more Monday if you've cojones to hold for the weekend.

>> No.19906878

Dont buy bought in twice on news both time loss money. They being kept low low.

>> No.19906907

Is HTGM a good buy?

>> No.19906922



>> No.19906924

Do I drop $1000 down on KTOV, how likely am I to come out of this with a bunch of money?

>> No.19906943


>> No.19906958

Bring it biz bro and I'll pump some more too
LLEX meme stock too moon.

>> No.19906959

Friday. Buy today.

>> No.19906965

read the fucking thread faggot

not happening till friday if it does

>> No.19906968

Do it under .90. Recover your principle on Friday and long the rest. The DD is rock solid.

>> No.19906977

KTOV moon mission postponed till Friday. but today and tomorrow it's SHIP.

>> No.19906978

it's not
keep hodling

>> No.19906988

Just pass on KTOV. Get into a penny that hasn't mooned yet.

>> No.19906998

Bought 10,000. See you @ $1

>> No.19907000

It is literally impossible for it to moon today.

>> No.19907014

Can someone recommend something to buy that's not KTOV, I already made my 2x off it

>> No.19907031

Just bought more.. fuck it.

>> No.19907042


>> No.19907043

How high is KTOV going tomorrow ?

>> No.19907052

Do you mean like inaccurate current price?

>> No.19907054

AVCT, still down 5x from pre-covid price, but just merged with computex and earnings next week

>> No.19907073

Is KTOV a good buy at .83? What’s our price target

>> No.19907081

I bought another $500 instead of $1000 since I don't want to risk too much, you guys better be right and I'll suck some cock

>> No.19907104

Open up, sweetie.

>> No.19907108

did you just samefag or was that an accident? either way shill me on LLEX

>> No.19907109

Oh shit really like AVCT. bought some. Thanks anon

>> No.19907113

fuckingktov I shouldve just sold at .90 but I thought it'd just bounce between .85 and .89 all day

>> No.19907112

Also CDEV is nice, but that's more a long play

>> No.19907128

I’m holding out to see if I can get anything for sub .80 today holding 2 k at .50 currently

>> No.19907139

I would sell just before the earnings report. It always dips after.

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Daily reminder that KTOV trickles down during times of low volume and pumps AH/PM, PR and market open. Buy in low and good luck niggers but remember these are Jews.

>> No.19907182

When is that ?

>> No.19907190

yes, they are doing a direct offering, which is why they suddenly dropped down yesterday. Get ready for a surge in two days. Some anons feel that KTOV is a good long term investment. I agree since its a great advancement in cancer treatment. I hope anons don't pump and dump all their stocks, and stick with the company.

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>> No.19907223

How low is SHIP going to dump. I want to get in with 100 bucks I still have lying around. Gave those Greeks enough money through taxes and I bet they will take a lot more the coming years.

>> No.19907224

snpw high volume... looking to break .008 and nice spike

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SHIP is cheap. Buy into the friendSHIP dip lads.

>> No.19907237

>currently 3.74 from a suddenly drop from 50
What the fuck happened there?

>> No.19907244

KTOV Friday price predictions? If it breaks $2, I can afford an entire mouthful of palladium or gold teeth and still have a couple grand of fuck you money

>> No.19907257

This is the dip if you want to get in before .55

>> No.19907270

Hard to say. The volume is still insane even with the DO looming and WSJ and Reuters have covered.

>> No.19907278

There's a report coming out today after the market closes. The meeting is tomorrow morning after the market opens.

>> No.19907280

Is it worth a long hold or is this a pump and dump

>> No.19907297

>F R I D A Y
Ah shit. Nightshift really fucks up days.

>> No.19907314

Bought in at 29 something with that 100. It's nothing but let's see what happens

>> No.19907351

Until the shills stop by to pump and dump again

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b-b-but why did all your teeth fall out

>> No.19907391

A lot of anons were treating it as a 1 day pump and dump, even though we've been saying FRIDAY for days. KTOV isn't mooning today. I say dump some of your shares Friday for a good profit but also keep some. This is really good cancer research, I can't see why you'd sell all your shares.

>> No.19907398

Report comes out tomorrow after market close earnings call is friday at 10 am est https://www.seanergymaritime.com/en/news/press-releases/article-0092A27159

>> No.19907417

What's going on with FHBC, i usualy has a volume of 600K, and all of a sudent, it is 50M.

>> No.19907427


Holy fuck this is gonna fucking explode when they start covering

>> No.19907437

Johny Johny, eating sugar again.

>> No.19907440

>jews researching cancer

>> No.19907444

Thanks brother

>> No.19907475

Someone is doing significant actions at 3,000,000 shares a pop just checking out the history. Got a summary of what FHBC is?

>> No.19907496

I've still got all of them except two, I just wanna leave an easily identifiable corpse some day

>> No.19907555

CLIS hasn’t been mentioned here yet. Load up now while the offering is still going on. Don’t know when it’s set to end but when it does more than likely this stock is going right back into the low .12-14 range

>> No.19907566

People not having all their teeth before retirement is a good pleb filter

>> No.19907609

Can someone recommend a good broker (for eurofags)? I use IBKR, but 20$ per month is a bit too much.
I've heard of WeBull, but as far as I know, they charge 12.5$ for deposit and 45$ per withdrawal.

>> No.19907645

Fellow euro here, i just an investment bank of my country. Try and see if you can find one, usually its better than just a service.

>> No.19907646

a $SHIP ticket to the US

>> No.19907652


>> No.19907677

Right. I thought today was Thursday for some reason.

>> No.19907684

any info on this company?

>> No.19907701

WKHS mooning

>> No.19907707

cancer researching cancer. FTFY

>> No.19907715

Look like some sort of non-alcoholic beverage marketed mostly at children and hypsters who think that buying crap from an esotheric store make it healtier than if it came from a supermarket.

They have superheroes with a 70's vibe on their cans.
from what' I've seen it usualy stay under a penny and jump to 500$ for a few minute every once or twice a year. I find it really odd.

>> No.19907717

It was a little while ago. I'm holding 5k shares right now. I'd shit if it got anywhere near its high from the past few weeks.

>> No.19907721

Tempted to sell for some gains to buy in later. How can a stock pump this much in such a short time. I know they have good shit but still.

>> No.19907726

whats the deal with FHBC?

>> No.19907745

When was it 50

>> No.19907764

Unrealized value. It's the same with KTOV.

>> No.19907805

Any info? Why the drop this month? Why not during the chinus outbreak? Any good news on the horizon?

>> No.19907806

CLIS is probably still going to hover between 0.08 and 0.10. When the beta comes in July expect a small jump and probably a 0.20 floor when release comes in August or September.

>> No.19907820

Got both and got in early. Cashed out KTOV yesterday at the top and bought the dip after the jew trickery. WKHS I got in at 5ish. We are now above 8 only 3 days later.

I am not even in with a lot of money but I am more stressed about this than my meme tankers because they are doing so well.

>> No.19907831

they make kids drinks in very low volume.

>> No.19907847

Is now a good time to buy idex?

>> No.19907859

I'd say wait a bit more then get in on it. It's not going to be a winner within the next week or two, but months holding potential.

>> No.19907884

Does that include people who've had wisdom teeth extracted, or had crowns/veneers? Seems like normie logic, but some kind of bizarre extra-normie logic

>> No.19907892

It's seem like they are getting dumped with a force of which they have never seen before.

If anyone in Vancouvert want to contact them. here is the number.


fernhillbev.com/product I've seen their product, and it dosen't look like anything I would want my children to drink.

Edit:sorry about the format, the ai tough I was spamming.

>> No.19907914

Ktov chads after the Jewery how come the stock flashed 1.34 with a really long candle? Can we talk about this what the fuckery

>> No.19907920

If you smashed your teeth out by tripping that doesn't count. I mean people that walk around with visible holes in their pearly whites due to negligence.

>> No.19907968

Their drink look fucking gross, desu it remind me of the chubby soda, that all the wellfare mom would buy their kids.

>> No.19907984

Do you have access to a lot of trading instruments?

>> No.19907991

Did SHIP hit an iceberg or is this just a little storm?

>> No.19907997

Yeah, a lot of issues. That's why I dumped them for Ameritrade years ago.

>> No.19908029

I bought some, might as well be grasped by the kraken now because anything I buy drops 10% immediately

>> No.19908049

little storm hold out for Thursday/Friday

>> No.19908056

DLOC anyone?

>> No.19908122

Better not be an iceberg.

>> No.19908136

Fair enough. Mine are still in good shape aside from a chip in the front, I just want them to be metal

>> No.19908144

snpw hit a 8 mill ask

>> No.19908160

I just came here to see the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA for amusement but there is none...

>> No.19908167

Well if anons were looking for a dip in the SHIP its here

>> No.19908176

um SHIP bros what’s going on

>> No.19908181

Fucking SHIP, just got in and you guys promised me that it wouldn't dip below 30 today. Waste of the 100 bucks I put in. Could have bought more WKHS on open.

>> No.19908189

WKHS is /smg/ now.

>> No.19908192

if you're looking for AAAAHHHHHHHHH there's some over at /smg/, this is a comfy general

>> No.19908194


>> No.19908198

Shit sorry could have worded that better when I said it hasn’t been mentioned here I meant this thread. I’m 50k CLIS anon now shooting for 75k

>> No.19908203

>Wanting to have metal teeth.

Enjoy being raped by the TSA everytime you go to an american airport.

>> No.19908222

Guys get in TTNP they have partnerships. This shit is going to $1.

>> No.19908233

Where my CLIS chads at?

>> No.19908258

>that brief 200k share order on ship 0.03 under ask which went away as soon as RSI increased by 2 points

you guys are fighting algos now

>> No.19908260

Sell ship?

>> No.19908262

I'm in 5k @ .35 going big

>> No.19908279

Where are you yesterday?

>> No.19908292

everything is dumping, market took a 600 point dive just now.

>> No.19908309

>100 bucks
I'm sorry you lost today's lunch money, anon.

>> No.19908318

It could go past $1 imo by the end of the month.

It's just starting to fly now.

TTNP is flying but yea most stocks are dumping.

>> No.19908328
File: 321 KB, 960x1280, 1586129404423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1.2k at .415

>> No.19908379

It was yeah. Getting paid tomorrow and this was my last of my monthly cash stack. It's not the money but that I threw away the last money.

>> No.19908387

Buy the $SHIP. Everyone who got in sub .20 put in stop losses for sub .30 and were liquidated. I'm taking half my gains and putting the rest in for the ride up.

>> No.19908441

Godspeed brother. We're going to make it.

>> No.19908445

I suggest a new motion.
Everytime someone in here suggest a new stock, he need to provide explaination and links as proof.

>> No.19908450

looks like the stop hunt was successful

>> No.19908451

market is down. its actually a nice time to buy.

>> No.19908506

You know better than anyone else that we all have no idea what we are doing

>> No.19908536

Unfortunately not going to happen since 75% of the people here don’t do there own research and just shill there bags after buying into something

>> No.19908568

iron clad support at .27

>> No.19908591
File: 186 KB, 1280x857, USS Liberty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is our SHIP today.

>> No.19908605

Yup, DLOC has been good to me

>> No.19908623

>doing someones DD
hey man. i've put out links before stating why i think X stock is good but then I get vote of no confidence because its a... penny stock. I shilled OAS before it mooned above a dollar and help shill SHIP with another anon and all I got in return was a big fuck you.

>> No.19908701

Looks like it already pumped. Too late to get on the train or is it still good?

>> No.19908709

Don't know, it is so new. I'm down on it

>> No.19908728

true, it pumped like 9000% but it's still a small fish a huge pond

>> No.19908748

Thanks anon seeing something that actually looks promising is nice after the nonstop KTOV posting for the past 2 days

>> No.19908786

Ok just sold my ship for a 53% gain
Kicking myself over not selling yesterday though
What's next?

>> No.19908804

In about 2 weeks time JOB will moon

>> No.19908835


>> No.19908867

Oh for fuck sake .
In that case I'm going to subscribe to a simulation stock market app, and spend the next month trying to come up with a winning strategy. I should still have 2000 covidollars/month so this is what I will do.

I suggest some of you do the same. where like 80 people in here and 80 heads will be better than one to come up with a decent strategy.

>> No.19908889

I think it still can pump. Supposedly a lot of people can't get it because it's been trading in OTC market. I'm into it for 1k. But anything can happen in this market

>> No.19908919

What kind of info do you have?

>> No.19908934

thanks for the info

>> No.19908977

Ship is for faggots
Buy ttnp

>> No.19908984

They're hiring a black female CEO

>> No.19908990

If dubs then WKHS fails

>> No.19908995

So what do I do with the 3 shares of KTOV i bought? Do I get more now that it's gone down?

>> No.19909006

Buy ttnp

>> No.19909019

KTOV is outperforming most of the market today. I'd buy $5000 more and hold till friday.

>> No.19909049

>Ship is for faggots
guess I'm a fag then

>> No.19909053

You sell it and go back to /smg/ forever

>> No.19909091

>Getting vote of non-confidence, for shilling a penny stock

Are you sure you were on the /PTG/ and not the stock market general?

But if you truly were getting fuckyous for providing infos to the /ptg/, I would like to (on behalf of this comunity) appolagies for the fuckyou've reveived and congratulate you for your great work.

This community can truly become something great if we all work together.

>> No.19909150

Is she also empowered?

>> No.19909158

Yeah, a bunch of collaborated on BYFC before the pump. We did really well. Totally agree

>> No.19909164

Buy bags of ship.
Be like >>19909049

>> No.19909179

There are decent strategies; comb through hundreds of stocks for news reports and then sell your principal when you're in slight profit, and keep the rest going for further speculation.

>> No.19909180

Same - im all in on oil and KTOV

>> No.19909189

yes I was because the another topic was discussed around that time was holding ktov which is not something /smg/ discussed. that stock also received some hate but now its this general favorite stock.

>> No.19909220

You bought ktov after a dollar, you're a retard.

>> No.19909228

/ptg/ is a great place to learn, you just have to be smart about it. I wrote up a few long posts a couple threads ago about how to get started and how to learn from /biz/, but I don't feel like doing it again. Just sit on the sidelines for awhile, see what people are talking about in here and how they talk about them, then watch the market. You will pretty quickly learn to spot the difference between good stocks and shitty stocks here.
Also, don't trust anything you read on /smg/ that place is cancer and hardly anyone there has a clue what they are talking about, they are pretty much all just bandwagoners that go from hype train to hype train and lose money because they can't figure anything out on their own and can't stop buying the top

>> No.19909232

Found the retard

>> No.19909239

I've been arguing for KTOV non-stop since Friday. You can post all the DD you want but people will shitpost and not read any of it but keep asking what its deal is. It's exhausting.

>> No.19909243
File: 33 KB, 636x419, marketwatch NERV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think NERV is nearing its lowest possible point at 3.46 considering its been above 4 dollars for most of it's lifespan

>> No.19909258

honestly, dumb question but i’ve always wondered why we don’t try to purposely pump up dirt cheap penny stocks with low volume, then dump on the normies whenever it makes news or is in the top earners on RH

>> No.19909268
File: 1.08 MB, 1003x1005, 1561420318468.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

howdy /biz/, newbie to the market here, I'm sitting on a small chunk of WKHS but I've got more in SHIP and TOPS, I was gonna sell WKHS today after it breaks $9 and put those gains into SHIP and TOPS in anticipation of Thursday and Friday. Thoughts?

>> No.19909271

How do you bros cope with the fact that the entire stock market is just a giant bubble right now?

>> No.19909272

>bandwagoners that go from hype train to hype train and lose money because they can't figure anything out on their own and can't stop buying the top
Yeah, I can't believe how people can lack this much self-awareness.

>> No.19909295

Talk to Jordan Belfort about that. Any organized artificial pump and dump is asking for trouble. It's one thing to predict it, it's another to deliberately try to cause it.

>> No.19909299
File: 35 KB, 680x723, 1580345612834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19909310

Sit on WKHS. SHIP is a meme people use to milk newfags.

>> No.19909358

"SNPW management has now reworked the dedicated website for the company's major MedRecycler project. Be sure to take a look at all the new info now posted there."

Note especially the Overview with Key facts:


>> No.19909367

Sadly people are retards. Let them lose their money. These people bought past .90 and are in the red.

>> No.19909408

You don't own PHE

>> No.19909430

Ah, alright, the only issue is the I've got 20 in WKHS and 100+ in SHIP, mind you I bought into SHIP at .2, so I'm kinda just on the fence

>> No.19909434

TTNP is looking stronger than usual today in all honesty

>> No.19909448

>a fucking temp agency
By making money. Fucking retard.

>> No.19909453

Not sure if you are genuinely agreeing with me or saying that I lack self-awareness because I am shit talking /smg/ from /ptg/, but /ptg/ is infinitely better. There are many more people here that do proper DD and put thought into their decisions before making them. If /smg/ is 90% shitposters and retards and 10% people that are actually making money, then /ptg/ is about 60/40. I think that /ptg/ is a pretty great place especially a few hours before or after market opens and closes because that is when people that actually put in effort are still around.

>> No.19909473

Ironically it's a great hedge against shitty days like today

>> No.19909481

Ship is a scam. Wkhs is a strong hold thanks to Pence visiting them. Buy ttnp, it is expected to rise

>> No.19909552

Penny stocks rely even less on fundamentals than blue chips, therefore they are less contingent on the bubble bursting and are """"relatively"""" less risky

>> No.19909557

Hold your SHIP but set a stop loss for everything. When WKHS breaks 11 set a stop loss for 10 that will be just enough shares to recover your initial investment.
I'm genuinely agreeing. /smg/ seems to be mostly greater fools and options gamblers.

>> No.19909573

>Buy ttnp, it is expected to rise
Any particular reason?

>> No.19909589

What’s your stop loss set for on ship

>> No.19909603

I my cash won't be Robinhood until Friday I'm so ready to dump ship and ktov for workhorse at a loss but at this point I probably would be behind where I was selling ktov the first time at 1.10

>> No.19909608
File: 17 KB, 274x190, 25123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KTOV bros convince me not to sell or kms

>> No.19909621

I went through their website and I actually really like this. How'd you hear about it?

>> No.19909625

The offering ends tomorrow. Expect a pump on Friday

>> No.19909631

I'm not in SHIP.

>> No.19909651


It's just the beginnin'

>> No.19909658

What's your outlook at this?

>> No.19909674

Friday, brother. If you bought below .90 I dont see why this thought would cross your mind fren.

>> No.19909677
File: 318 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200624-115717_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19909711
File: 67 KB, 839x1024, 1592762296474m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oops pasted it twice, here's other article lmao

>> No.19909715

I'm resisting every urge to average down, even minimally from .83

>> No.19909735
File: 19 KB, 480x360, RIP boursevirtuelle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I was in high-school, we had a project on which we learned about the stock market from a simulation called.


there was different challenges that you could enter. like constently beating the market, making the most profit, you could see who was behind and who was infront of you. We all started with a virtual 50Kcad and couldn't add more unless we won it, we had access to the American market, the Canadian Market and all the ones that are traded in euros. The website was available in Fench/English/Spannish, there were thousands of teenagers playing. You could fallow different players, and see what reward they had earned, or what their portfolio looked like. Unfortunatly this website has gone down and I wasn't able to find anything similar. Yes there are pratice account, that my bank can provide, but it is not the same. You don't have the reward aspect n'or the competitivness or even the ability to compare your strategies, that boursevirtuelle.com provided when I was a teenager.
Any suggestion of something similar?

>> No.19909750

Sold ktov at .88. Purchased at .80. Buy more?

>> No.19909803

>yesterday at open I was up 40%
>now I’m barely breaking even for the week


>> No.19909806

If you like scalping, go ahead

>> No.19909817

rebuy while it’s down , hodl til friday.

>> No.19909832
File: 133 KB, 1500x1500, 33B46EE5-C07B-4BAD-95CA-F729BD484549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried to put a sell at 1.1 on Ktov right before markets opened. But fucked up so I bought at .83 sold at .88.

Dumped it into wkhs

>> No.19909857

So I got more KTOV, some JOB and TTNP. Anything else, (brony stocks and boats need not apply) I want the real shit tickers.

>> No.19909874

Buy more ttnp and ktov.
Friday is where ktov gets vengeance.

>> No.19909882

Should we sell all our ship and put it in ktov bros?

>> No.19909890


Attention KTOV shills, your shit is dumping while SHIP is holding.
cope harder faggots

>> No.19909903

That's honestly what I did and I havent lost any money

>> No.19909909


>> No.19909948

It has 2 days to do something amazing, I wouldn't trust the weekend. t. 4k shares

>> No.19909952

Loaded up on TTNP @ .4

Am I fucked?

>> No.19909957


>> No.19909963

THE LEVEL OF COPE is jewstified here
keep holding
>muh merger
>muh Merck merger

>> No.19909976
File: 36 KB, 480x360, 1592340828138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw ship zoomer ship shills are also in the red but when someone does their DD they see ktov has higher potential

>> No.19909995

>when someone does their DD
yeah I forgot this too


Get rekt

>> No.19909999

I bet you're that guy that bragged about selling at .74

>> No.19910027

NTEC cheap Jewish pharmaceuticals

>> No.19910030

Just had a % drop order this morning cause I lost out on a good gain yesterday

I have no day trades available however so I have to wait until tomorrow to scalp lol

>> No.19910048

You didnt buy early so you lost and didnt gain from ktov, the dip was your second chance and you're still looking the gift horse in the mouth.
The dip is temporary. Ship has done potential but I made more money from ktov so far, didnt lose anything from the dip.

>> No.19910106

>now counter
Lmao, buy or dont buy ktov if you want, we're just letting you know that things are much better ktov then it seems
I would like to see more evidence about ship. I did my research and as a I said before it has done potential but diesnt appear to be a strong hold.
Would you mind showing me?

>> No.19910116

I never bought into KTOV.
It's too early at teh moment. nothign exiting happening

> muh merger
you're delusional if you think this is happening anytime in the near future.

If you bought over a buck I'm sorry. Cap your loses now and get into SHIP, I think you'll be able to re-coup your KTOV losses and then some

>> No.19910121


>> No.19910148

KTOV has been green every day in spite of your constant shitposting.

>> No.19910164

>Would you mind showing me?

Oh look SHIP is pumping again.

>> No.19910183


I swear, this level of COPE is intoxicating
If you're in for a lot of shekels I really hope you don't lose your shirt on this one.

>> No.19910186

HVBTF will pop I buy now

>> No.19910189

Just sent my order to the books. Love me some Jewish pharma.

>> No.19910195

>up 75%
>hit 52-week high
>nothing exciting happening

>> No.19910214

>Ship has done potential
that's not true. Q2 ER is going to be far greater that the upcoming ER tomorrow. check their twitter it's been an amazing month for them with a good outlook into Q3

>> No.19910222




>> No.19910231

>Anons thought the SHIP would sink
Wish I didnt lose 100 shares on a stop loss. Literally sold at the bottom and couldn't get them back. It sold for a profit and I still have 500 shares so I'm happy, but damn.

>> No.19910240

Well it doesnt seem like anyone should jump into SHIP if their supporters cant and outright refuse to provide a valid reason to buy.
Do you mind shilling me on ship?
If your case is convincing I'll buy some!

>> No.19910246

don't forget to sell on Friday and buy back later before Q2 earnings

>> No.19910253


>> No.19910274


>> No.19910284

Bought back in at the low today. Let's pump to $0.50 today

>> No.19910290

>If your case is convincing I'll buy some!
My only case is this. Do you like making money?
Stop romanticizing DD, we're trading pennystocks. follow the mob and the hype and you'll do fine.
Now sell your ktov because it was last week's rumor and this week's news. and as you know YOU BUY THE RUMOR and sell the news.


>> No.19910300
File: 370 KB, 500x281, c07c28b2f57bc12ec07d947c8877bfe7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to all the idiots who left ship.
thank you for the dip!

>> No.19910307

KTOVchads and members of the friendSHIP shouldn't fight. We're all penny bros right?
check >>19910214
also look at their twitter here

>> No.19910312

are you color blind?
stop lying
To anyone new here and reading this . Don't buy this guy's bags

>> No.19910321

Green every day

>> No.19910330
File: 118 KB, 1896x840, Never profitable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They don't seem very confident in themselves lol

>> No.19910336


YAAAA can we meme house greyjoy onto SHIP please

>> No.19910339

Good info can make you more money though
If you can shill me hard I may potentially buy 1000 right now

>> No.19910349

I was a swingie. Sold at $0.36 and bought back in for $0.27 today

>> No.19910357

KTOV has closed higher than the previous day every day this week.

>> No.19910378

DO IT my man. Godspeed

>> No.19910380

I'm in ktov at .80 should I dump it at .82 and go all in WKHS

>> No.19910385
File: 200 KB, 1024x1280, tumblr_25180ccd698a03cdcebb07e4674b1819_7dd1381b_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KTOV has over 120 million shares shorted and still short volume rising heavy. Stock price is down 1 cent LOL. What is going to happen when shorts aren't making money driving stock down??


>> No.19910393

Thanks just bought 4k

>> No.19910406

SHIP has been closing higher every day for the past 9 days. get REKT kid. ER coming out on Thursday. We pump till then

>> No.19910465

No. Stay in ktov. It’s not over. It’s barely just begun.

>> No.19910472

Green every day, zoomer.

>> No.19910474

Bought about a 1000, I'm curious to see where the ship will go.
I saw a dump yesterday but I also saw a subsequent rise, let's hope it goes further up.

>> No.19910488

Just liquidated some CLIS to get a small position in KTOV. Hoping to ride the KTOV train then pump profits back into CLIS

>> No.19910518

Good luck and set your stop loss.

>> No.19910521

Thoughts on HTBX anyone?

>> No.19910551

Didn't read, KTOVchad here should i dump into the SHIP?

>> No.19910572

I sincerely hope we all make it

>> No.19910601

You're right, let's both make it.>>19910572

>> No.19910628

Nah it will probably hit $1 by Friday.

>> No.19910669

$AUMN silently gaining

>> No.19910671
File: 176 KB, 750x1092, AFEF3B16-D37D-4EB9-BE81-21EDEA91412B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rate my poorfolio

>> No.19910678

I just wish HTZ would fucking die already.

>> No.19910684
File: 803 KB, 229x294, 1520942841892.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got any idea why is every market tanking? Stock market, cryptos you name it. Did the Mao tse lung induce fear again?

>> No.19910701

The fuck happened with WINS? It's nit a penny stock and it went up %300

>> No.19910710

Yes, the market is fearful of fallout from reopening now

>> No.19910712

yes. at least in america florida has a bad spike of cases.

>> No.19910728

NTEC pharmaceuticals headquartered in (((Israel))) is down today so I nabbed 300 shares for .30

>> No.19910734

Tied to the rising gold price right?

>> No.19910735


SHIP's volume yesterday was a record breaking 627 million . Stay the course.

>> No.19910740

>please, do the research for me and tell me what to buy
Sure bro, just send me the money, I will even make the trade for you.

>> No.19910742

I genuinely have no idea, I fomo’d in when it briefly went up to 200% for the day

>> No.19910750

Anyone in NNDM?

>> No.19910751

HVBTF crypto miner I bought at 0.243 wish me luck boyz

>> No.19910774

>Wins Finance Holdings Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides financing solutions for small and medium enterprises in the People's Republic of China. It offers financial guarantees, as well as financial leasing, advisory, consultancy, and agency services in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, and Beijing. The company is headquartered in Beijing, the People's Republic of China. Wins Finance Holdings Inc. is a subsidiary of Freeman FinTech Corporation Limited.

Fucking nice play but I can't afford to get china hustle'd

>> No.19910787

Thanks for the buy signal

>> No.19910788

Loud and clear, but im not fucking myself by jumping in now you think?

Don't know dick about SHIP and their financials

>> No.19910802

Also JOB seems like a nice temporary investment with all the unemployment rates going up since the company is basically like an employment service

>> No.19910823

I put a small buy in at 2.3. I'll give it a week before I cut it loose if there's no good news.

>> No.19910832

Not sure about Q1's outcome but Q2 should be a company record. If you're afraid of catching a falling knife then consider this company in a few months before Q2 ER is out

>> No.19910850

All about risk. If you go in now, set moderate stop losses. Make sure you have a price target when you buy and stick to it.

>> No.19910898

New thread

>> No.19910984

Another anon mentioned stop losses thanks anon, been "trading" since 2014 and never knew you could do that...

>> No.19911042
File: 209 KB, 400x400, Blackadder.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fashion your seatbelts

I'll break out the sewing machine, right away.

>> No.19911372

Probably, I was in $AUY which rose pretty nice this year

>> No.19911767

Wish I would have loaded up more when it was still $.12.