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Anybody got the wallet download?

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Its on github, I think the release is there.

Or you can compile from source

Mind you, if you do get it working and connect to main-net - staking is not working yet.

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Didn't you hear..
It's not coming out for another few weeks.

I'm not even making this up

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Not true, look at the github repo

Core is at release stage, desktop is getting there.

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>Not true, look at the github repo
>Core is at release stage, desktop is getting there.

Err.. This is embarrassing...

The developer who created the wallet for Particl says they are weeks behind

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Yes you are

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You have no Idea how stupid you look right now

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Yeah and I saw Batman fucking a dog in the alley last night

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Is he saying they have weeks of work ahead or they are on an old branch?
I mean if there are problems with the code then it's also a problem for particl...

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>Yeah and I saw Batman fucking a dog in the alley last night

Maybe if you took the time to read the image I posted up instead of talking out your ass you wouldn't look so stupid.. I'll say it again Ghost are weeks away from bringing out a wallet. You are fucking stupid if you don't get this

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Why would they be weeks away though, particl has a working wallet right now. What is the issue from just forking it?

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imma sell soon. this is abso-fucking-lutely a shitshow

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>What is the issue from just forking it?

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I'm just asking a legit question, if Particl works fine today, why would forking it suddenly cause problems?

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literally dead on arrival. what a waste of time.

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>b-but t-the mm-mainet is finished, t-technically. they didn't lie. I trust pajeet and Josh still

this will be the new level of ghost cope lmfao

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why would forking it cause problems?
I'll say it again but slower for all the low ghost fags
>pa jeets....

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Anyone buying more rn?

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No, sell your tokens

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post your portfolio no ghoster

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still waiting

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>look at the github repo

uh this is a copy-paste of Particl. Not a fork, a fucking copy paste. The lazy fucks didn't even Ctrl-R "Particl" out of the directories and documentation

Holy shit

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The fudding is unreal. Sell and see if I care. Hope all of the titanium hands make it. See you in Valhalla, gh0st frens

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>pointing out an astonishingly lazy scam is astonishingly lazy and a scam is fudding

Hoo boy

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How long would it take to learn the coding skills needed to be a ghost dev? I know nothing about coding but have a high IQ

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what this
message Josh on telegram and you'll be a dev in no time.

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Give it up loser

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not long at all, can you copy paste and take a crash course in in compiling a copy pasta into workable frameworks or whatever

make a ghost fork and beat them to main net. call it ghost cash, get rich because the meme would be hilarious and i would unironically buy it for the keks

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PEOPLE!! relevant REL is up 500 percent last 24 hours. While yall stress about this you missed a 5x on a coinbase backed company. Like coinbase owns relevant. Its brands new 3 weeks old. Just about to break 300 users so pretty early

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>make a ghost fork and beat them to main net. call it ghost cash, get rich because the meme would be hilarious and i would unironically buy it for the keks

This, I'd be in for an ETH or two

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lol same fud every thread, dont you get tired?

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Did i mention coinbase supplied liquidty to uniswap for REL relevant.. this is their contract address.. its a coinbase company 3 weeks old

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>1 post by this ID
>replying to a 3 hour old post

lmao you bagholding retards got your asses hurt by that one huh

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it 5x'd after being pnd shilled a few weeks ago here
It really only just reached its price during the shill so bag holders could dump it kek

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There's nothing like the lack of self-awareness of bagholders shilling a PnD that they retardedly held past the dump

>guys it's already done 5x! get in now!

It's like they don't get that any non-retard immediately understands that to mean "this shit has already pumped and I'm about to lose everything, oh christ pls buy my bags"

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Ghost is dead. Move on to CID.

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pls elaborate

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>it already did 100x! and uh.... that's a good thing!!? i think. buy my coins!

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