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Get in here RSR chads

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poor 650k stack reporting in. Nonetheless, making it when we reach $56.

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What type of helicopter are you getting for your yacht?

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checking in

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following this for a year, and bought 250k a couple weeks ago.

I'm hoping for a bit of a retrace at most ~30% to pick up more and get a 1 mil stack.

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2 million bagger checking in

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Guys we're gonna make it.

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Sitting on 600k, soon to be 1 million plus

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Daddy is here.

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700k here. Wanted to get to 1m but I need to break even on my boomer stocks first before putting more in RSR

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Same. Looking forward to no longer being a wagie

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What's the best way to get in?

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1M reporting and still stacking

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1.5 million reporting.

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1m thad here
I’m glad I bought this at 25 sats. For once, /biz/ actually delivered

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imagine how the fudders will feel when this hits $.10 and then $.50, $1, etc...

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Been stacking this for months. 5m. Let's rock.
Huobi or idex.

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500k and growing, my comfiest hold, this shit is going to make me a god damn millionaire

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6 million here, been holding for over a year,
one of the first 500 wallet holders,
one of the first people to make memes,
one of the first people to spread fake curry fud to give me time to accumulate,
and now it's all over, not buying,
not selling until a dollar, basically,
I'm comfy.

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CB won't list this shitcoin until after mannet

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Is 3M enough to make it?

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yes. 2-3m is make it stack. 1m is suicide stack.
anything over 5m = pure chaos.


mainnet is coming..

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Where do I buy this

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based Josh-poster

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tis me, hold tight!

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You foolish mortals don’t appreciate just how amazing reserve is going to be. They are launching an non custodial app that will hold your RSR and automatically arbitrage it for you back and forth on every opportunity. Maintaining your RSR stack while growing your RSV dollar amount. The team is working on an offical arb pool but you can bet your ass all custodial exchanges and services will offer them as well. By then we’re $1+. You now know exactly what it feels like to have been buying shitcoins in 2016 before they all 500x

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uniswap, idex

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Huobi global with a Hong Kong VPN and a fake account claiming you are a UK citizen then do $5k/day withdraws from it

ETH > USDT > RSR thats who you buy it on there.

dont listen to this fag both of those have no real liquidity. if u are buying big use Huobi.

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Nice, comfy then

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2m+ holding

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we're all in this together.

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stay blessed fellow RSR chad

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Glad we’re in this together boys. Brings joy to me that we’re here so early and all capitalizing on the easiest crypto bet of all time. $0.05 EOY

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>green id

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Tfw you realize rsr can only realistically do another x5

>> No.19891478

>maker has a 500m mcap

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Can you explain like i'm a 3 year old autist?

From what I gather I need to go

Buy Bitcoin

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2 questions

Where can I buy this?

How much to make it?

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i did the mcap math on this one.
its going to get into the billions pretty easily when the coinbase listing happens
we're expecting a binance listing in a few weeks as it is.
probably go to a few cents shortly after that happens

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Oh god oh fuck is another dip too much to ask for

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any source on binance rumors or is it just another pnd round brewing?

>> No.19891713

its a rumor from some whale social circles.
thats all i know.

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It's 12x to break even with maker. Why is rsr called higher than maker?

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>Why is rsr called higher than maker?
bc its infinitely better technology. dyor tho

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>didn't even read the thread

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How did you manually type in your ID?

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you would need ETH to swap on IDEX. Easier, but not cheaper is simpleswap dot io and godex dot io. Godex is normally a better deal. Swap anything for RSR

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I just started buying today. Only have 100,000 so far. Am I too late?

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Lazy true, registering on Huobi now.

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Relax. Buy more slowly over time. RSR is going to go mainstream in the fourth quarter. Until then is accumulation.

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Rate my shitfolio, fellow chads

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How does $500,000 by 2022 sound?

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Unironically dump everything that isn't BTC, ETH, LINK and RSR

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accumulating as we speak as the project is legit.
but on a more serious note, what's a reasonable price for RSR in the future? no LARP shit.

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$0.05 EOY
$0.50 end of 2021
$3.50 end of 2022

2022 being peak of this slower, more gradual crypto bull run in which RSR will be listed on coinbase/paypal

Oh and $10.00 end of 2025 cause it was in the fucking whitepaper

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yep, no need for vpn or kyc

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I hope you Anons aren't just shilling or pumpin' and dumpin'. I need this Anons. I need it. I can't stand living in the West anymore. Just bought 10 million of this piece of shit. Fuck. I hope we will make it...

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>Oh and $10.00 end of 2025 cause it was in the fucking whitepaper

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join @ reservelodge on telegram, it's an unofficial trade group and check out the team & investors on the reserve dot org website. You'll feel a lot more confident.

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I'll give it to you straight, Fat.
My biggest issue with RSR initially was that I thought it was too good to be true.
That stopped me from buying in the beginning.
But make no mistake, although RSR may seem like a pink sheet crypto right now, it IS a bluechip.
The deeper I looked into Reserve the more I began to see how highly connected it is.

>Reserve was at DAVOS a year ago.
Davos is the highest business conference you can even go to on this entire fucking planet.

If you aren't buying fucking obscene amounts of RSR right now, you are one of the absolute worst crypto "investors" in this fucking market basically.
There isnt a more power connected crypto that has links to the fucking Builderberg group and Paypal mafia than Reserve.
No crypto in the entire market has been THIS fucking highly connected.

Good luck fren but dont make the big mistake of letting my post haunt you years from now when you didn't fucking buy right now. Personally I am buying all the way to $0.10

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this. im glad i found out about rsr early and ignored all the fud faggots on biz telling me it was a pnd scamcoin. i did my own research and found some strong connections between thiel and altman and nevin before i made my first purchase and ive been buying ever since.

when you know you know.

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Based. Where can I send you 10 RSR chad.

>> No.19893339

Tipping isnt necessary fren but I do keep this addy just for posting on /biz/ - its where i get all the memecoins like FrenChain, 69Chain, BRAPPER, stuff like that. It's just a small wallet I use for mostly testing things - it doubles as a suicide insurance wallet. Can't dox my cold storage tho.


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At least we have proof the Coinbase investment is real. Thus making all previous fud unbased. We're going to make it boys

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yea sorry about the fud buddy.
im guilty of a lot of that on here about RSR.
i wasnt comfortable talking real about RSR until I got over 40 milly.

we're going to be insanely rich off of this investment.
and thats the thing, getting rich is about one thing:
>making just one really good investment and buying absolutely as much as you can at rock bottom prices

thats all it takes and the waiting for the NUMBER GO UP to happen and then your life becomes about "where can i get the safest and best compound interest rate on my holdings?"
and then just living off compound interest.

they dont teach u this shit in public schools simply because society doesnt work without a wagecuck class. thru this method ive mentioned is how you escape the wage cage.

good luck, i gotta run.

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Why do I feel so positive about this project? I look forward to my evening routine of checking up on socials for RSR news. Fuck it buying 500k more this weekend. Not even larping to try pump price, genuinely buzzing for this project. Probably one of the things keeping me motivated at the moment.

>> No.19893665

what is with the 100 billion supply? and only 6.8 billion released?

>> No.19893730

I'd add some OMG , LOKI and KCS

>> No.19893756

Token burn

>> No.19893828

I feel you bro, I'm feeling an intense feeling of greed and optimism. I just want more. I'm considering holding off on buying more silver my next paycheck like I usually do to get more rsr.

>> No.19893923

yeah thats my exact feeling. too good to be true. although im 100% invested in this

>> No.19894018

Bought 250K, feeling comfy

>> No.19894070

Why is RSR mooning right now?

>> No.19894527


A lot of people are noticing, check at the socials

>> No.19894611

Yeah I got pretty much the same impression. It's way better than other shit that is being shilled here such as VID-T, especially because of the names and the implied connections. There are other projects like NKN I have eyed, but their network value translating over to token value (tokenomics) are simply too big of a question mark as to risk too much money. But now I've started eyeing RSR again as potential ticket out cuckoldery.

Something I like in addition is how this project hasn't really fallen out of favour on biz, but shilled constantly over the last year, making it seem less like an organized PND. Then adding the small market cap and having various other considerations, buying at least a medium sized position doesn't seem too bad of an idea.

It's really hard to actually find projects that are big in scale, have big names backing it, still a small market cap, but also not absolutely shitty tokenomics. I'll look more into RSR, but I hope it's this kind of project. Thanks, Anon.

>> No.19895301


Why do I need to use a VPN when I can buy them outright from Huobi?

>> No.19895309

make way guys, 30k bag coming through

>> No.19895432

70k here, just passing through - keeping an eye on the situation and providing advice.

>> No.19895467

congratz anon

>> No.19895599

IF you are a burger.. you only need to use a VPN w/Huobi when you sign up. after that it's not needed.

>> No.19895649

I'm a Europoor, but a Europoor with a 104k stack as of today.

I'm honestly just FOMOing in. What's the target price and timeframe for RSR and what's the best way to store them? I don't want them on chinkplatforms.

>> No.19895672

20k here I’m all in and broke. I’m gonna get a job and start funneling more money into this

>> No.19895686

Use atomic wallet for storage, easy to setup. Can set up within 3 min

>> No.19895703

store on MEW or any ETH address that you can keep safe. I'm not sure about the target.. I have heard from 1-56 USD.. confident we can see $1 and I'll go from there.

>> No.19895735

$1 is practically guaranteed at this point but $56 I have no clue

>> No.19895866

Easiest hold for the next 2-3 years.

every OG link holder I know has at least 5mill

>> No.19895955

What's the reasoning behind 1USD, though?

>> No.19896314

Lol DYOR newfag im not spoon feeding fags here

>> No.19896336

Satanic dubs confirm if

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Can someone tell me why my orders never fill if I'm always the highest bidder?

>> No.19896576

Get a vpn and buy on huobi idex is shit

>> No.19896580

marketbuy like a real chad.

>> No.19896607

I don't trust Huobi because you have to ask to remove funds from there. Some chink has to OK you moving things off of there
Lol no

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don’t buy rsr then faggot

>> No.19896800

No u don’t just make sure you don’t buy more than that days withdrawal limit. I can tell your a newfag stop being afraid to take risk or your NGMI

>> No.19896815

I bought mine from huobi and withdrew same day under withdrawal limit

>> No.19897012

I bought RSR about a year ago from Huobi and that is what I remember. Been here longer than most of you.

>> No.19897265

just use kyber or uniswap

>> No.19897287

Noob here... the exchange rate directly to USD (I know you can't buy it like that) seems better than going ETH > USDT > RSR. Am I seeing this right? What's the reason?

>> No.19897391

I really hope this shit dips thursday, I just want my 250k suicide stack (even though now people are saying the suicide stack is 1M).

>> No.19897392


Ya'll are some lame ass pajeet PUMPERS

>> No.19897540

Suicide stack is 500k. By 2025 you may have 10 million dollars

>> No.19897569

Why would it dip then?

>> No.19897606

I had no issue, i bought 1.1 million which was just under 5k usd last week and transferred it off immediately to a mew wallet,. There is a daily withdrawl limit, just dont exceed

>> No.19897619


>> No.19897634

1m always been suicide stack any more is play money.
>660k crawling up

>> No.19897700

I remember when my 6 million was worth under $10,000, that's how long I've been fucking holding...
Now it's worth over $30,000, and up $8-9000 in a week, I've held through months of intense fud,
fire, flames and smoke, actually feel like hodling this was a true mission, but I always had faith.
It's only getting closer, strong hands will be rewarded,
this truly is the ticket to financial freedom.

>> No.19897821

Congrats anon, stay strong

>> No.19897871

imagine what will happen to the price when reddit plebs and other normies can easily buy this in the US w/o jumping through VPN hoops or using a swap dex. moon mission

>> No.19897877

i would have bought long ago
i was tracking it around 20 sat
i didn't want to set up Huobi account so i just forgot about it
now i just got my 1M bag on gate.io

>> No.19897918

same. had this on my radar for months before I finally got my make it stack.

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File: 2.91 MB, 320x320, Reserved.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are all gonna make it

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File: 57 KB, 1828x144, Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 02.46.07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


thank you!


exactly, exactly.

By the way guys, it's Josh here again, I hate to fill people with hopium but attached is an interesting little nugget of information.

>> No.19898144

you poor broke fucker.. you had a year

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im a fucking idiot. I had 3.5mill RSR at one point. Down to 700k. I knew i should've trusted Thiel daddy and Coinbase.

>> No.19898396

Does anyone know why I have a mysterious 10 IOV in my MEW wallet????

>> No.19898446

some random shit coin air drop

>> No.19898516

When ur bag is basically worth a bitcoin.... nervous boys but it feelsooooogoooood

>> No.19898545

10 mil here AMA

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>> No.19898563

how does it feel? do you want more?

>> No.19898591


>> No.19898597

Yes. Same feeling when LINK started moving from uncertain to more certain. Wish I'd bought more etc... That being said, can't be sad with the gains. I also didn't sell some shitcoins which could have been allocated to RSR, though hedging uncertainty and ignorance is wise too.

>> No.19898608

bro I have 650k on the dot, too. hope we make it man.

>> No.19898795

Does anybody know if there is a specific reason it's pumping now? Afaik the team is still doing small scale shit in South America and no big moves have been made otherwise, so it's come as a mildly annoying surprise as I wasn't done filling my bags yet.

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File: 63 KB, 1080x607, Deep Charlie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19898819

I've heard/seen that the binance listing will be in just a few weeks. I hope it's not too soon though, because I want to add more to my stack

>> No.19898944

Potential binance listing isn’t what’s pumping rsr.

It’s that real demand of RSV is happening and real growth from the reserve team is happening. You had over a year to accumulate bags. That’s your fault you waited so long.

>> No.19898947

It's happening lads... I'm not ready bros

>> No.19898962

1. App update (July)

2. Argentina, Colombia, Turkey, Lebanon, America Launch ( June-August)

3. On-chain RSV Transactions (September-October)

4. Global App Launch (October - February 2021) P2P exchange (local bitcoins), fiat on/off, liquidity providers, all still in beta and limited to South America users. Americans can remit RSV

5. Main net launch (January 2021 - June 2021) [In-app arbitrage]

6. Binance Listing RSR/RSV (October 2020 - May 2021)

7. World wide Marketing and business development (2021-2023). Adoption, awareness, arbitrage. Global Fin tech spotlight on Reserve as “the next big thing”

Coinbase Listing RSR/RSV (February 2021 - July 2021) Main net will make RSR legally available to the US market because decentralization will make it a non-security.

This is why RSR is pumping. You listened to fud. Weak hands will never make it.

>> No.19898979

Can you give me a (quick) rundown, on my RSR can't be traded in the U.S. now, but may be able to at a later date?

>> No.19899002

They are being SEC compliant and cannot be legally sold in the United States until fully decentralized after mainnet.

>> No.19899014

Paul Atkins an ex SEC commissioner works with Reserve

>> No.19899092


Have a good chunk of btc looking to make another rsr-like play. Not selling any till $250 mcap. What else is on the radar?

>> No.19899109

This looks promising, it already broke through last 2 previous resistance levels.Expect massive sell offs once it goes into major territory. I wish I knew how many people were holding this.

This still looks incredibly sketch and susceptible to a pump and dump. I have no idea how you guys just hold all day and do not even trade in the market....

>> No.19899222

Nearly 6k holders. How hard is it to look at the contract?

>> No.19899236
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>> No.19899245

was barely 4K a month ago too. so fucking bullish

>> No.19899247

how is this sketchy? look at the list of investors: Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Coinbase. Super sketchy people.
are you stupid or just pretending?

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File: 979 KB, 1013x719, Virgin Vs Chad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.19899654

Coinbase listing when? https://ventures.coinbase.com/

>> No.19899660
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Peter will spend your bag on poppers and lube

>> No.19899681


Apparently you can trade this on Liquid Global. Is there any advantage of using Liquid Global compared to Huobi?

>> No.19899687

Relevant REL which is also a coinbase venture company. Released 3 weeks ago has gone up 400 percent last 24 hours. Were just about to break 300 users. Check it out for yourselves

>> No.19899810

I sold the pump for EPIC. How fucked am i?

>> No.19899937

It keeps going up I’m so happy fellas

>> No.19899971

I don't have any reserve, nor linkies but im going to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if this encroached upon linkies valuation.

>> No.19899990
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>> No.19899992

Holy shit it just keeps going tonight boys

>> No.19900002

going to the moon boys check'eem

>> No.19900018

so... price discovery or we're going to knock the fuck down from 58

>> No.19900030


>> No.19900077
File: 2.94 MB, 1920x1080, Neo Nevin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reserve has the potential of going 1$+ next year
Get in the mainframe Anon

>> No.19900119

I'm a poorfag. Is 60k enough??

>> No.19900190


>> No.19900216

Where do you buy this bros?if not on CB
I’ve been trying to get a stack of 1000 stinky links
It’s tiresome.

>> No.19900316

satsgang pnd coin

>> No.19900505

I will kill myself if there isn't another dip

>> No.19900605

What's your plan when rsr hits your price target? Sell? Is there a way to get compound interest off rsr?

>> No.19900707

whats 56 * 6,849,999,000

>> No.19900721

>550mil marketcap
lmao. this is going to dumb to shit.

>> No.19900733
File: 26 KB, 903x284, Capture+_2020-06-23-22-07-24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice. I got 1.1 mill at 28 sats last June with my BTC gains buying early into the pump last cycle. Have had it safely in a cold wallet since. Feels surreal to be x3 up especially after the corona crash.

>> No.19900746

That will be worth $60,000 in a few years, is that enough for you to make it?

>> No.19900962
File: 133 KB, 512x512, yoko_reserve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19901032

Do you know what "fully diluted" means? The team can't dump until after mainnet is launched. I bet you don't even know about the slow wallet. Here let me spoonfeed you... 55.75% of tokens are locked in a smart contract that requires one month notice to withdraw. If the team wants to dump they need to give us at least one month's notice before they can do so.
Still expecting that dump?

>> No.19901067

>55.75% of tokens are locked in a smart contract that requires one month notice to withdraw. If the team wants to dump they need to give us at least one month's notice before they can do so.
You dumb? You think everyone is going to wait for the month up to sell? Everyone will be selling the moment their coin moves.

>> No.19901161

Are you actually stupid or is it just poor reading ability? Read it again and see if you understand it better this time. If the *team* tries to move a ton of tokens to an exchange RSR holders can dump before them. Holders don't have to wait a month - only the team. If you don't realize this is a good thing you are genuinely retarded.

>> No.19901549

I want to believe

>> No.19901653

no shit. Everyone dumps when team's wallet moves. You know you're still looking at 250mil marketcap if you take out the team's portion. That's high af. At best you can do is 4x.
absolutely delusional.It's at 1billionmarketcap when it's price 1 cent. $10 would need trillions.

>> No.19901698

>tfw I'm in the top 1% of wallet holders

>> No.19901952

Token burn

>> No.19902125

Sold the top. See you at 40 sats.

>> No.19902163

Imagine holding RSR when FUND burned 80% of their supply and is still under $2M cap.

Enjoy your 100 BILLION supply shitcoin. Surely this won't end up like JNT. Surely.

>> No.19902626

see you at 40 USD

>> No.19903070

Buying another 100k here rsr friends

>> No.19903087
File: 499 KB, 782x1200, milarsr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, get into that dip action mates

>> No.19903302

Can someone please explain how the arbing will work exactly? If RSV is always going to be $1 as a STABLE coin, how is arbitrage even possible?

>> No.19903388
File: 87 KB, 2354x1147, 1592981252212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19903450

Thanks I saw the whitepaper but still don't understand how it will go up and down a couple cents on exchanges. I thought stable coins will always be $1.00.

I am looking at Tether history and it looks like not every day is $1, so it's kinda making sense now.

So with arbing RSR you have to monitor it every day and sell when it's over a dollar?

>> No.19903494


ever heard of token burn you idiot? stay poor.

>> No.19903503

The reserve app that's launching this year is basically a non custodial wallet that automatically arbs your RSR every time there's a fluctuation in RSV price -- selling RSR for RSV then automatically rebuying RSR. This keeps your rsr stack the same but grows your dollar amount of RSV. There will be an official pool contract and third party pools offered by Coinbase , etc. You won't have to do anything yourself. Don't ask for estimates and values, they don't exist yet.

>> No.19903605

Tnx, where do you find info like this? All I found earlier about an app is that it's being used in South America as a beta test, nothing about this non-custodial wallet for RSR holders. That's cool it's going to automatic.

>> No.19903641

Also something to note is that RSV in the coming years will de peg from the US Dollar, i.e USD will be removed from Reserves basket of assets. The basket can be altered so if an asset becomes unstable it will simply be removed, and future stable assets can be added. Long story short this means RSV will be a hedge against the inflation of the US Dollar, not just hyper inflationary currencies in 2nd & 3rd world countries. It's the ultimate stable coin which has untold amounts of potential in terms of adoption and RSR allows anons like you and i to get rich in the process

>> No.19903677

I'm all in and lurk the channels. Weekly QnA's with the team on telegram. Couldn't be more bullish if I tried. Info is scattered and sparse because there are copycat projects trying to steal their ideas.

>> No.19903805 [DELETED] 
File: 108 KB, 400x381, 0lBXFeW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Got 650k
>Cant finish 1m stack until next paycheck on the 15th
>Get paid on the 15th

Stop fucking pumping please

>> No.19903822
File: 108 KB, 400x381, 0lBXFeW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Got 650k
>Cant finish 1m for another month or 2

Stop fucking pumping

>> No.19903890

>no shit. Everyone dumps when team's wallet moves.
>what is game theory
If the team knows that moving a massive amount of coins will lead to a dump they will be less likely to do so.
>absolutely delusional.It's at 1billionmarketcap when it's price 1 cent. $10 would need trillions.
$56 is indeed delusional to anyone who understands how the arb method works. $10 is feasible - you are forgetting about the token burn. The total circulating supply will not stay that high forever.
Serious question - have you researched the arb mechanism properly? Most people who shit on RSR haven't taken the time to understand it fully. If you do you will see the total circulating supply is effectively meaningless when it comes to calculating the price, due to a combination of arb'ing and burning.

>> No.19904160
File: 159 KB, 1024x678, depositphotos_10079258-stock-photo-dumping-dirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got a measly 100K stack back at $0.003 but looking to buy more in the next big dip, but will a big dip ever happen?

>> No.19904164

>What's your plan when rsr hits your price target? Sell? Is there a way to get compound interest off rsr?
There will be a way to make passive income off of RSR/RSV - the DeFi that Huobi is building for it will automatically arbitrage your RSR into RSV for you, securing your stable bags and at the same time compounding interest on your RSR position itself. It is an incredibly tasty position to have simply because of this one use case I've just mentioned.

>> No.19904364

just buy more

>> No.19904458

When do you think it will reach 1$? I need the money now

>> No.19904495

there's margin trading on RSR?!

>> No.19904528

when will retards understand, not everyone have a starting capital of 100k usd to dump in shitcoins.
while make it stack can only be above a certain threshold, a suicide stack is a % of your money.

>> No.19904597

Still have my stack but haven't been keeping track. Has the fundamentals developed in the last 6 months? Are they getting closer to a polished app and marketing?

>> No.19904606 [DELETED] 

Poorfag Guide to RSR positions:

100k - Turbo suicide insurance
500k - The frugal Reservist (making it bag 2025)
1M - Making it EOY 2021
5M - When you know you buy
10M - Fuck You Money
25M - Generational family fortune and your grandkids will have an oil painting of you on the wall in the fucking humongous mansion you left to them in your will.

>> No.19904616 [DELETED] 

Poorfag Guide to RSR positions:

100k - Turbo suicide insurance
500k - The frugal Reservist (making it bag 2025)
1M - Making it EOY 2021
5M - When you know you buy
10M - Fuck You Money
25M - Generational family fortune and your grandkids will have an oil painting of you on the wall in the fucking humongous mansion you left to them in your will.
400M - Literally Peter Thiel

>> No.19904644

Poorfag Guide to RSR positions:

100k - Turbo suicide insurance
500k - The frugal Reservist (making it bag 2025)
1M - Making it EOY 2021
5M - When you know you buy
10M - Fuck You Money
25M - Generational family fortune and your grandkids will have an oil painting of you on the wall in the fucking humongous mansion you left to them in your will.
400M - Literally Peter Thiel
10 Billion - Literally Coinbase

>> No.19904765

I support the Jews and all their endeavors, as well as donate to the adl and help ashkenazi Jewish women succeed. Please bless me as a noahide goyim and let rsr moon.

>> No.19904773

I'm too retarded to work Huobi so i guess i won't get this

>> No.19904827

how is this hard you just make an account send USDT/BTC whatever to its respective deposite address. Then you follow up with placing a buy order whether it be a market buy or a regular buy order.

>> No.19904854
File: 209 KB, 359x289, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It'll be the biggest mistake you ever made, son.

>> No.19905116

Since I have time and since /biz/ has made me so much money I'm going to take 3mins and give back to the board. Pay attention.

The reason Americans have to buy on Huobi (for large amounts) is because Reserve isnt decentralized yet. This is important because when the mainnet goes live either eoy or early 2021 - it will be decentralized and at that point a NON-security just like BTC or ETH. When that happens every exchange where Americans use will then be able to list RSR/RSV. And at that point it will create the first RSR price singularity. SO, its incredibly important RIGHT NOW, to be buying obscene amounts of RSR. Because when the American trading for normie retail who doesnt go thru the VPN loops of using Huobi etc to fill RSR bags becomes available we will see at a minimum $0.05 RSR. Which is why its important to buy it NOW.

For low amounts under 300k RSR use kyber.network swaps.
Anything more then use Huobi with a fake account (only if u are a burger).

Hope this helps change your financial future because thats the only reason I took the time to fucking post it.

>> No.19905283

Can confirm this post is BASED

>> No.19905947

Main net is next year, nobody wants to wait that long for a moon when projects like compound 3x in a day man

>> No.19905994

It’s okay rsr is going to moon before mainnet :)

>> No.19905996

>61 sats
No no noooooo!

>> No.19906004

Good job you can slide your profits from these mickey mouse pumps into a real project like RSR

>> No.19906033

just use uniswap if youre too lazy

>> No.19906057

How do i go about getting some RSR. Can I get it through uniswap and if so anyone have an address ?

>> No.19906089
File: 712 KB, 1242x2688, 8A5FF9CE-91E2-4ACF-8FEC-7F22D6F9FDB5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

72 million rsr removed exchanges in 24 hours

>> No.19906139


Use Hotbit?

It's not even that expensive on uniswap...

>> No.19906144

nvm I figured it out on my own like a big dick boi BDB!

>> No.19906157

if u buy large amounts on uniswap you will be paying upwards of 20% of current market price.
slippage is too high for anything over 1 milly.

>> No.19906300


This is 100% pump and dump. The idea behind them is cool but, sounds gimmicky like every other shitcoin and sounds like a crypto version of reddit. Fuck that.

I have suggested and one day maybe develop a coin that operates similar to 4chan. In the sense no one has more power than about a week and reputation does not exist. True crypto currencies are those that whales can not stock up on. It makes them less attractive to investors obviously but, this would be the starting point for any decent cryptocurrency. Limit the amount that can be bought in a certain time frame. Have two coins. One designed for trading and the other designed to be used as a basic currency. The one traded gets reverted to a mean after every day of trading. However it also will affect the value of the other coin.

I have yet to see people actually use these cryptocurrencies in real life.

Just fucking use it.

>> No.19906355

>100k - Turbo suicide insurance
Thank god I bought 100k last night, I'm gonna need this when Statera dumps to zero and never recovers

>> No.19906630

Who cares? You’re not playing for $100 fees here. If it hits $1, are you really going to snivel over the fact you paid 200$ extra to make it?

>> No.19906639

Already up 25%. Thank you anons <3.

Btw we all know a binance listing is a matter of time

>> No.19906759

the amount of money you would save would in turn buy you MORE RSR elsewhere with better liquidity, ie Huobi. not sure why u are being so retarded and literally lazy. $200 right now goes a long way with RSR bags into the future.

it would appear im simply the better trader in this case. stay salty

>> No.19906784

I missed this part how often does this happen?

>> No.19906804

I have 2 million will i make it?

>> No.19906826

in the last 6 months the wallets holding RSR has literally doubled.
so its happening more often now which in turn means we are leaving the stealth phase.
still in the accooomulation stage tho but for how long can only really be measured by "when" binance lists it.
which could be a matter of weeks at this point.

>> No.19906886


Lot's of people use them for games and stuff, they are becoming more common. Tying them to content generation and advertising data at the same time is not a P&D.

>> No.19906911

Your feeble, vaccinated brain isn’t comprehending. If you can afford to waste money, buying the SAME amount, just spend 200 more. Your target was 5million rsr, you got it but spent extra. You still get the same yacht the dude who used huobi, but you didn’t have to grind to get it. People who are richer typically pay for convenience (token swap sites).

>> No.19906936

What's a realistic market cap range for next bull run?

>> No.19906946

Better question - will 1.2 mil make it?

>> No.19906975

ohhh so you have some RSR in those liquidity pools and u want anons to use them. got it.
thanks for outting yourself tho. i mean sure theres going to be some lazy anons who cant into a Hong Kong VPN and registering as a UK citizen on their burner Huobi global accounts just to save more money and fill deeper RSR bags.
but i get it man, u gotta move what u are selling on the uniswap liquidity pool.
nice of u to be a market maker but anyone who isnt a shitskin subhuman isnt going to be using that shit.
good luck tho.

>> No.19907011

No, I just want anons to not miss out because the barrier to entry on an exchange is too high for them.

>> No.19907134

How do you know this will pump?

>> No.19907315

Thank you very much for writing this out. I've bought some, and I will think of this post when i'm driving around in my lambo

>> No.19907376

There's still people invested in this piece of shit? YOU FUCKERS NEED TO GET SOME STONKS , IT WILL MOON HARD! COME ON GET A BAG FAGGOTS!

>> No.19907532
File: 184 KB, 1055x707, Satsgang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Satsgang confirmed

>> No.19907661

Satsgang isn’t peter thiel or coinbase ventures. Neither would invest in a scam.

Nice try! We mooning and you aren’t going to make it

>> No.19907679
File: 141 KB, 1201x539, 16CD8D28-2BDF-4B3E-8520-D6BBA4BFCB5F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looooool fomo time!!!!!

>> No.19907724

Yes. Put the brakes on this turd. Going up too fast.

>> No.19907759

Can this break 500M mcap???

>> No.19907804

500M is not much anon. It'll triple that mid next year.

>> No.19907827

I'm at 930k. Can't get to 1m until next paycheck. Gonna be like $.02 by then at this rate

>> No.19907855

kek already up almost 100% feels comfy

>> No.19907861

I got 200k. I just want this shit to hit 50cents. When will this realistically hit 5 to 50 cents? I'm hoping it pumps before chainlink, I just want 10k linkies

>> No.19907901
File: 9 KB, 335x218, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fully diluted its already more than there

>> No.19907966

Poor risk/reward on this then

>> No.19908007


>> No.19908025

the overwhelming majority of the supply wont even be unlocked for at least 10 years.

>> No.19908044

Oh? Is this documented anywhere?

>> No.19908112

Research the "slow wallet". Separately, all team tokens are locked until main net launch. Also absolute market cap is a useless metric for coins with token burn.

>> No.19908115

no, he just made that up

>> No.19908154
File: 179 KB, 825x1280, 1592688908939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19908159

STONKS isnt Satsgang, it was made by an teenage australian idiot. GET A BAG ITS WORTH A SHOT

>> No.19908229

>absolute market cap is a useless metric for coins with token burn.
well said. the burn rate on RSR is the biggest reason to buy this since its truly deflationary. even the conditions for new RSR to be minted would be so rare its highly unlikely they could be met even under mass adoption 10 years out from now.

>> No.19908282

teenage australian, idiot*

>> No.19908302


>> No.19908650

What the fuck is the daily/weekly withdrawal limit on RSR?

I withdrew 100k yesterday and it won't let me move my coins anymore today.

>> No.19908745

Huobi? It's 7 million RSR (~$40k) from Germany. Strangely. The BTC limit is 0.1 (~$1k).

>> No.19908825

$5000 a day is the withdraw limit on non-KYC Huobi global accounts.

>> No.19908828

Stop buying RSR. Why is this shit going up. What the fuck, it's fucking vaporware. Buy DAG it's the only true coin. Not fucking RSR. Fuck you

>> No.19909423
File: 6 KB, 240x210, B00AE588-66F7-4F0D-97DA-01C1779F6F65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HAHAHHAHAHA tumbling down

>> No.19909439

They need to get out of this while they still can and BUIY STONKS

>> No.19909489
File: 333 KB, 1432x1713, Screenshot_20200624-174904_Delta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tumbling down

>> No.19909900

What's the difference between RSR and RSV?

>> No.19909986

RSV is the stablecoin they will have people use. RSR is the alternative coin that is designed to trasnfer value to and from when RSV is below or above it's designated price.

>> No.19910074

Ah ok, so RSR is the more speculative token?

>> No.19910371

Yes. It's the one you want to buy if you want to make money. RSV will be pegged at 1USD as a stablecoin. You won't be making profit off of it. It's supposed to be used as a safe and reliable way to pay with crypto. That said, the profitability of RSR depends on how much RSV is used so the first thing I'll do when they release it is get some and buy some shit.

>> No.19910637
File: 854 KB, 630x807, ragm7zw4wu651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19911256


>> No.19911491

Imagine the FOMO when this shit reachs a cent.

>> No.19911518

is huobi legit? looking to buy 2 million but will they just lock my funds? heard stories of 100 bucks getting locked...

>> No.19911569

ive had zero issues with it in the year ive been using a fake account registered as a UK citizen (im a burger) with non-KYC.
how i've done it is just send $4k in ETH to huobi, immediately turn it into RSR, and immediately withdraw.
been doing this for a year now.
never once had an issue with withdraws or deposits.

>> No.19911615

People are still fuddling RSR? lol you'll never make it.

Huobi is safe with no KYC. I withdrew over 25mill RSR with Huobi . 7 mill a day, with no problems.

>> No.19911635

Is it just America that isn’t able to buy? Been loading up from Canada and Ive had no problems using Huobi

>> No.19911676

yes its the whole US SEC reason for burgers being btfo'd from it.
we cant trade on binance.com, IDEX, and a long list of other exchanges.

this will soon change when Reserve comes to burger trading platforms.
and then you foreign fags will see how when the burgers can buy something, it starts doing NUMBER GO UP at a rapid pace.

>> No.19911881

Will 1.5M RSR make it?

>> No.19911904

hey anon, I got on swiss vpn, made an account(no kyc, just email) moved 5k of btc off coinbase, did a limit order, filled a bag, and immediately moved it off to a mew wallet. Whole process took 25 min, no issue. There is a withdrawl limit but I was under it. no issues, just make sure you are on vpn when you make the account and stay on it while doing your work

>> No.19912016

edit...i just checked, the limit for withdrawl of RSR is 7 million

>> No.19912042


>> No.19912142

where do i buy

>> No.19912147


>> No.19912167

RSR can't be purchased in the United States because it is not fully decentralized until Mainnet launch. After mainnet they will not be considered a security so just like Ethereum and Bitcoin RSR will be available to legally purchase in the states via Coinbase and PayPal.

>> No.19912183

pure fomo with nothing to back this pump this will end badly be cautious to buy into this pump

>> No.19912187

Where did you withdraw to? Can I use MetaMask?

>> No.19912256

Get a hardware wallet

>> No.19912299
File: 687 KB, 621x1344, fud.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine trying to FUD the most legit project in crypto.

>> No.19912428

it's ... actually happening lads. It's mooning. I missed the boat

>> No.19912522
File: 36 KB, 1373x493, up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you mean tumbling up? Should be $0.01 in a few weeks

>> No.19912531

RSR Chad's are a special breed of based people. Imagine having the strength and conviction after 3 years of scams and bear market to find a gem and go balls deep. It's such a good investment people think it's a scam right away, it's hilarious.


>> No.19912605

atomic wallet and trust wallet both have price feeds for RSR and built in DAPPs for exchanges

>> No.19912800

The what now? I fomoed yesterday and bought 12.5 million after jumping from shitcoin to shitcoin. But I like the entire "green number goes up" shtick. Am I gonna make it?

>> No.19912865
File: 100 KB, 1241x774, rsr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine believing the RSR fud and not accumulating a big bag. Easiest and best hold in crypto along side LINK.

>> No.19912892

I'll give it to you straight, Fat.
My biggest issue with RSR initially was that I thought it was too good to be true.
That stopped me from buying in the beginning.
But make no mistake, although RSR may seem like a pink sheet crypto right now, it IS a bluechip.
The deeper I looked into Reserve the more I began to see how highly connected it is.

>Reserve was at DAVOS a year ago.
Davos is the highest business conference you can even go to on this entire fucking planet.

If you aren't buying fucking obscene amounts of RSR right now, you are one of the absolute worst crypto "investors" in this fucking market basically.
There isnt a more power connected crypto that has links to the fucking Builderberg group and Paypal mafia than Reserve.
No crypto in the entire market has been THIS fucking highly connected.

Good luck fren but dont make the big mistake of letting my post haunt you years from now when you didn't fucking buy right now. Personally I am buying all the way to $0.10

>> No.19913014

Look at DAG on CMC, there is no liquidity you fucking scam artist. Have fun holding that piece of shit all the way to zero, the fake partnership announcements cant save you. How is the weather in Calcutta?

>> No.19913058

It’s up to 0.0062!!!! Whales have been alerted and they are swarming this coin FAST In order to PRICE YOU OUT.

You see, the powers that be need to control the number of millionaires. Hence why bitcoin and eth mooned so much.

You’ll be priced out of this in no time, but don’t fret, I will give you a wage slave job.

>> No.19913086
File: 137 KB, 1600x990, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19913362

wen moooon
wen lambooooo

>> No.19913444

Fugg when is this coin going to chill a bit? I only have a 50k microbag

>> No.19913452

Doing some research on RSR here. Is it just a decentralised Libra?

>> No.19913455

I just want to thank you shills. I can't wait to retire when paypal adds this shit

>> No.19913498

Thx mate, started using atomic wallet. So far had my stack on Huobi, but want to hold my own keys :)

>> No.19913611

anytime. I mainly use atomic wallet for exchanges/swaps now. Trust wallet let's me use 1inch exchange within the wallet too. pretty handy.

>> No.19913726

How dare you compare that disgusting shit scam to this absolute chad project

>> No.19913796

Where are we going to dip from here?

>> No.19913863
File: 285 KB, 852x1280, 2020-05-06 16.43.33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably when we hit $.01

>> No.19913908

I want to buy, but I don't want to create account on idex/huobi from my IP. I can't use paid vpns and free ones are not safe. They don't let you create accounts via tor. What do?

>> No.19913947

Sould I buy more?
>RSI 80 on the daily

>> No.19913977

Sounds like an Iran/India/China crypto ban, i'd say look into local tech groups on telegram or on other places to find a solution.

>> No.19914006

Use Kyber swap or Uniswap

>> No.19914009


>> No.19914014

what tech groups? there is no ban for crypto in my country, I just don't want to use my ip

>> No.19914023

Na. It's blocked in the U.S.. Just use PIA VPNs, its like 3 bucks a month. Cmon lad

>> No.19914046

thinking about selling 20k of Link stack for RSR... will be smartest move ever

>> No.19914072

The replies in this thread feel scammy. A pump on no news is a recipe for disaster.

>> No.19914105
File: 23 KB, 359x364, 1592595902784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He. Doesn't. Know.

>> No.19914137

Ok i have some btc, how do I exchange it to eth in the first place?

>> No.19914215

Evening all, had a very interesting conversation today with a client of mine that is based in Argentina. He owns a soccer club out there. Anyway, informed me that Reserve Protocol is starting to be mentioned on tv out there and early next year he thinks it will be a used widely in the country, imagine Apple Pay but they’re using Reserve. He has been briefed that it can be accepted in his stadium for entry fees.

>> No.19914265

Don’t buy then. People are just excited and rightly so.

>> No.19914326

I agree and I own and continue to accumulating RSR.

>> No.19914383

I would want to buy eth with btc anonymously, how to do so?

>> No.19914571

just bought another 300k. I realize the MEW wallet has a token swapper built in, it will auto swap tokens for you, including RSR for ETH, looks like it uses kyber. 1 RSR = 0.000027

>> No.19914592

a bunch of exchanges let you do this in small amounts, like under 10 grand. anonymous being you just need an email address...

>> No.19914618

otherwise, the simple best way to do this is a bitcoin ATM...

>> No.19914686

I’m right there with you. I bought 500k last year and now I’m getting more. Have always believed this would pump.

>> No.19914779

I'm now at 300k, more will neccesary....

>> No.19914824

Guys will this correct sometime soon or should I fomo in to buy more?

>> No.19915052

How do I buy?? Its not on coinbase. Its not listed on uniswap search. And I cant get an account on huobi because I live in the US. How does an Ameicuck buy this shit??

>> No.19915076

keep buying guys...lets get this up another 10-20 percent. i will then shill it to my 15k followers on twitter and then we will dump on their ass

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