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Hey Ghosties! How's it going with that "main net"
I heard you are having a lot problems just getting it up and running

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Sold long time ago. I tried to warn those larpers moonboys still talking about “MuH bUy MoRe”

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Someone please timeline out the disastrous events that have lead to this point

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just getting the wallet together pretty sure idk unironically buying more when the wage cage payoff comes in

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mcafee's gang of pajeets is still trying to keep it pumped up with enough volume so they can finish emptying their bags on retards

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Would like this too, this scam is one for the books

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>bought ESH .4
>sold my ESH for $1.10
>mfw I dumped the moment I heard McAfee say fuck no it won't be better than Monero
I nope'd the fuck out when I saw that. Between that and the white paper I felt like there was no point going along with it anymore

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>it's nothing guys
all the low iq pajeets like you on twitter make me want to sell everything.

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i made about 50% profits not even buying in particularly early
if you are still holding on believing at this point its pretty bad, but for the majority i would say just a fun ride with easy profits

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Check github for truth on updates and the work involved

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>wallet launch countdown reached 0
>suddenly another 1 hour 30 minutes addded to the timer
>assurances that they were just compiling the wallet binaries and it'd be ready in just a minute, provided link to the Ghostcoin Github

>anons go there
>the "ghost" wallet is a literal copy/paste of Particl
>they didn't even bother removing the references to Particl in the readme files or in the directories

Now they are saying they just need time to debug the mainnet and reflange the firewall mainframe and other such lies, while the dev team quietly dumps their bags. GHOST price is down nearly 35% and getting lower every minute

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The "truth" is that it's pajeet development and *no* work.

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I should add that I bought ESH at .12 and at .47, and so I made an absolute killing dumping at 1.58 when I realized what is going on

Feeling bad fot whoever's still holding bags of this shit, if you really somehow believe in this "project" sell now and buy back in under 95 cents

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it wasnt the fact he was posting shit on twitter absolutely wrecked in the middle of the day drinking oyster espressos with hot sauce and also drinking 50k single malt mixed with redbull.

what a fuckin de-gen

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I don't want to sell bros.

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April 11, 2020
John McAfee announced he was releasing a new privacy coin called GHOST on McAfeeDex. GHOST would be airdropped to all holders of Switch (ESH) on May 25th.

May 17, 2020
Pivx accuse Mcafee of Copy + Pasting their whitepaper (price crashes from $2.50 to $0.50)

May 18, 2020
Josh publishes a medium article admitting that he hired pajeet devs and that they copied the Pivx whitepaper + reborn1002 puts a job advert out on reddit looking for devs to work on Ghost

May 22, 2020
Josh tells everyone in telegram that Ghost pinched a top dev from Pivx to help fix the security bug turns out they hired Akshay who's a community dev that doesn't know what he's doing

May 25, 2020
Ghost airdrop erc20 tokens to everybody holding switch... For some daft reason they did a manual airdrop and lots of people never received their erc20 ghost. The whole airdrop was a failure

Jun 11, 2020
Mcafee releases whitepaper 2.0 says the first whitepaper was all planned as a red herring to "throw off the NSA" Turns out whitepaper 2.0 was just a copy + paste of particl. They also removed masternodes because it was too hard for the dev team to implement them into a code that they are just copy + pasting

Jun 21, 2020
Someone discovers in the github that the Ghost devs forgot to edit the particl shared key when they copy + pasted the code.
(Major breach of privacy)

Jul 22, 2020
Ghost launch "main net" only to realise nobody worked on developing a wallet durning the whole process. Put out a post saying they will have it fixed in one hour

Jul 23, 2020
12 hours later still no sign of a main net
(price is dumping)

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>banned from telegram
>asking people in the discord why they believe in the project
>lol you can't put "belief" into words bro

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>They also removed masternodes
kek is this true? how many was it you needed, 20k?

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They changed it to "ghost veterans". Same rewards, but no actual masternode because the programmers are incompetent.

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He was always like that so it was just his usual behavior

If you're in profit sell now before it gets worse
If you don't enjoy holding the fucking bag

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Wow glad I only put $200 in this shitcoin lmfao

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changing which coin they are copy pasting so late is hilarious
it lets you know that anyone still shilling ghost is purely in bad faith
that being said buying in a couple of days at rock bottom and waiting for 1 last pump could still be some easy money i guess

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I'm not in profit anymore. Bought at 1 dollar and then bought more at ath because of the FOMO. It's only 200 euros tho. If the wallet release causes a bullrun I'll be selling immediately.

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just wait to see what happens with 200 euros anon, poor people put that on a horse or football game regularly. your horse is just a well known tech name drug addict

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Yeah I'm not planning on pulling out. I'm laughing my ass off at these literal cultists in the discord though.
>ask dude why he believes GHOST will be the one
>spends a full 5 minutes typing up a response
>eventually get a small piece of text saying "DYOR and stop FUDing dude"

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