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Why are linkies so deluded? They act like they have discovered the Holy Grail. All this talk of prophecies, all the memes, the Sergey worship, the “breadcrumbs”. All for a measly 40x from ICO price in 3 years? Meanwhile projects like lend, snx etc are up 100s of times? Are linkies all schizos?

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I like Link. It addresses a very real problem, and they have partnered with a lot of big names in the computer world.
The token value could very well see a rise in price, at it's probably undervalued.
I might put some money into it, soon.

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Returns don't necessarily mean the underlying project is worth holding. I sleep better holding LINK than I would if I held some other coin. Also Links chart in terms of btc is the most attractive of any. The price outperformance during the bear market was also a good sign.

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>he doesn't know.

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Bagholders OP. ATH is $4.95. Those who bought at that level have shilled ever since to break even

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next time at least name a coin thats known to more than 10 people

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>All this talk of prophecies, all the memes, the Sergey worship, the “breadcrumbs”

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Why are nolinkies so deluded? They act like they are above researching anything. All this talk of prophecies, all the memes, the Sergey worship, the “breadcrumbs”. All that and they can't even watch a couple youtube videos on the subject? Meanwhile projects like XRP, BSV, and TRON are all bleeding their holders to death? Are nolinkies insane?

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>number go up forever
>there's no way my precious billion supply erc20 token shilled by normies could ever end up like xrp

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>linkies go down forever
>there's no way some frogposting retards could ever make it and I refuse to research anything leading them to believe otherwise

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It’s beautiful

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What is in your portfolio? Just kidding, I don't care.

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>XRP 100,000,000,000 supply
>LINK 350,000,000 supply

nice try nigger judging xrp-link by supply chain alone means link should be 70$+

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you had two years

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>Are nolinkies insane?
Digits confirm nolinkies to be stonecoldcrazy

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>Digits confirm nolinkies to be stonecoldcrazy
>Are nolinkies insane?

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all these bitter nolinkers missing out yet again

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Time is running out

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>snx up 345%
>link up 2,222.52%

Ok anon

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I will consider buying once it dips below 4 dollars again, and if you doubt that will happen screencap this shit.

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