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ghost mainnet swap

how do into it

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Instructions come out after countdown is finished

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This was posted on their medium page:

1. First make sure you have your Ghost ERC-20 token in a web3 compatible wallet that can peform the swap such as MetaMask, Trust, etc.

2. Then download official Ghost wallet and follow the steps to get your Ghost mainnet address.

3. Go on to Ghost token swap website and enter your Ghost wallet address from step 2 into textbox.

4. A popup will appear to connect to your wallet and send Ghost ERC-20 to a smart contract that will burn the Ghost ERC-20 and log the amount of Ghost mainnet coins you will receive.

5. Please give the system some time to process the swap and your mainnet Ghost coins will arrive in your wallet shortly.

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We're going up very fast now

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there is no medium page

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There is no links to the sites to use. You obliviously just read it and didn’t do shit nigger

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The process is actually easy, i did and i receive my coins without a problem, i remember the swap of the scam coin Safex, i never receive the swap coins, when i complain on discord i got instant ban and when i contact them on twitter i got blocked, what a shitty experience was the Safex swap.
Ghost is really easy and discord Ghost gang is very helpful.

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They removed the page for some reason. Very bullish.

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Ghost retard here. Will ghost mainnet coins be able to be swapped back to the Erc-20 tokens? If not doesn't this mean the supply of the Erc-20 tokens will go down right as demand is rising for them? Why would I swap to mainnet wouldnt erc-20 ghost moonshot in price after mainnet if supply is down and demand is up?

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Nevermind. Can't post link since gookmoot thinks it's spam.

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Yeah I tried posting the link, but wouldn't let me.

Thanks for the pic

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I'm FUDding hard on this. First git commit is from 2 weeks ago and their CLI says build failed. Might sell once I break even.

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links work on biz you r9k mongoloid

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>download the wallet
But it's on ghostx.live isn't it? There's no download.

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So since this isn't listed on any exchange, after the swap you are pretty much forced to baghold since it won't be tradable on Uniswap and Idex anymore?

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Kill yourself

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Wallet will be live when mainnet releases I'm pretty sure.

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>gone up 40 cents in 5 hours

This is so bullish it hurts. Where we at EOD bros?

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$5 minimum

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Wallet will show up on official website when the countdown gets to 0.

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Based, thanks.

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I'm starting to realize the "feel-o-meter" on coin gecko is more of a "Pissed it won't come down for me to buy" than an "I don't like this coin" type meter

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Is the coinbase wallet web3 compatible?

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I have 600 Ghosties. Ive been waiting all week for sub $1 to buy the rest of my clean thousand, but alas it looks like if I don't pay the $1.60 now it will be $2.60 by the afternoon and over $3 by mainnet : (

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I only have 130. I'm a poorfag student hoping it'll moon so I have some actual money to reinvest.

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bottle of wine and popcorn ready for when the double spends start

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>bottle of wine and popcorn ready for when the double spends start

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t. no ghoster

back to your cagie, wagie

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sold some ghosties for a high end gaming desktop two weeks ago, gonna ride the rest while neeting on max settings, so comfy

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>selling before the bull run

yep, that's goin in my cringe compilation

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Will the Coinbase wallet work?

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you missed the 1.17$ dip

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Ok brainlet here. Do I have to swap my erc-20 to mainnet?

The one we were airdropped after esh holdings was the placeholder for this mainnet one correct?

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yes, and it wont be time gated. you can mosy on over to the website anytime after Mainnet and swap the ERC-20 tokens so dont be rushed or worried

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Curious how this is going to effect the market, might be some crazy arbitrage with the erc-20 being worth more or less than mainnet at given times.

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i was thinking about this as well, because the swap burns the old coins so wouldn't that increase the value of the ERC-20 coin?

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holy fuck guys this is it

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How do we go about staking? Will there be a portal or do we just have to switch over to the GHOST mainnet?

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Thanks Mcafee!

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Mooning hard right now almost at 1.80$

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I got 420 ghosties and i unironically believe the mainnet coin will be $10 eoy

Still wouldn't sell tho, would be worth only 1/4th of my entire portfolio

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What's the point of switching over? If there is no time limit or cutoff about when one can swap over to the mainnet, doesn't it make more sense to keep the coins in erc-20 wallet to have more options? If swapping over to the mainnet dissolves erc-20 coins, it also dissolves one trading option.

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>tfw you bought 1700 GHOST @ 80¢

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So wat - you can keep the ERC-20? WAT ARE U JOKIN MATE? what is the point of swapping? TELL ME NOW BREDBIN uberkek

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that sell wall isn't going to sell itself

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>Tfw bought 2500 ESH at $0.12
Yeah, I'm feeling comfy

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where the fuck do i get a ghost wallet

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I don’t see any evidence of it, I think it’s a meme.

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3000 at 0.44
Comfy hold. Never sold.

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Retard here. To actually stake, apparently you need to have a 24/7 internet connection. This allows for the occasional outage that every ISP seems to suffer, right? I mean there's no way someone could be up 100% of the time.

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i was on his site and I clicked buy, I never put any info in. I just got a random 100$ charge from coinbase, either I got drunk and bought something or me clicking buy somehow took my info before I even set up a fucking wallet. what the fuck mcaffee

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you dont get any of the privacy or security benefits when you only use the erc-20. once you swap from erc-20 token to main net token the erc-20 you use are destroyed

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does his website automatically know your card without entering info or was this from a past transaction?? I got charged 100$ from coinbase

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keep it on exchange, most of them support swap

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suck major dick you fuckhole

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the fucks your problem faggot, just answer my question

>> No.19865104

“You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”

>> No.19865137

enjoy catching spunk with your eye

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what the fuck don't talk to me in riddles, this isn't a chainlink thread. it's simple how does this mcaffee bullshit charge you, i wanna know if the 100$ is from XRP or this shitcoin

>> No.19865446

Bought 400 at .70

>> No.19865487

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

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will i need eth in my wallets to swap?

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his site uses Moonpay

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You suck a dick by opening your mouth and rocking your mouth back and forth

not that hard

>> No.19866374

so that's what it would say if his site did charge my card then "moonpay"?

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File: 640 KB, 723x844, fd13a4fb9887e4c2cd46e84efda364f5_mario-clipart-mario-ghost-mario-mario-ghost-transparent-free-for-_723-844.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean to tell me that this guy worked for the government at one point with high level clearance then saw all the nonsense that the government does, so he quit and ran his own cyber security software where he sold his company for 70M then dived into bath salts and hookers shitting in his mouth and living with 10 prostitutes where one of them pointed a gun at him while he was asleep and tried to rob him but was unsuccessful then he told the world about the government and the powers that be of the corruption and then allegedly murdered a guy in Belize, Ran as a Libertarian Candidate in the fucking US then got arrested and then broke out of prison and almost got assassinated a couple of times and has since been on the fucking run, and will become a martyr because everyone will want to use GHOST as his memory will live on as his political opponents try to kill him because he exposed the Epstein shit to the fucking world is going to make his own fucking cryptocurrency with its own blockchain and for its DEXes and who has 1M followers on Twitter which he shilled XVG and PIVX which both returned 1000x+ ROI on Investment isn’t going to push this fucking coin to the fucking sky
Then you are absolutely fucking retarded and deserve to be poor. Personally I’m all In.

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Where the fuck do you even get the "official ghost wallet"?

>> No.19866690

I am typically at the gym at the time the timer will hit zero.

Is this something I'm going to need to be acting really fast on or can I do it a little later? I have 3k ERC-20 and don't want to mess it up too bad.

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a lot of people here are fucking dicks for no reason man

>> No.19866779

stop acting like a boihole and those dicks wont fuck you

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It's in the thread retard see

>> No.19866959

It charged your card through Coinbase call their support line for help friend

>> No.19867731

Im pretty sure the medium instructions said theres no timelimit to switch them

>> No.19868055

that's called the pump. do you know what follows? heh heh heh

>> No.19868106

t. weak hands

>> No.19868167

mcafeecoin.com charges your butthole, fren

>> No.19868195

>call support
he doesn't know

>> No.19868225

>I lost all my money by not selling the top but I least I don't have "weak hands"
not how this works, stupid

>> No.19868306

I bought in at 50 cents, I'm in the green nigga

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What do we think the price is gonna do in the minutes after mainnet launches?
Big crash?

>> No.19868713

If it crashes, buy in more. Ghost isn't a scam coin, there's too much work put into it, if it was a simple exit scam mcafee wouldnt create a main net

>> No.19868979

>If it crashes, buy in more. Ghost isn't a scam coin, there's too much work put into it, if it was a simple exit scam mcafee wouldnt create a main net

Like his unhackable phone? or the other crypto I already forgot he shilled years ago?
Look, I bought 200 Ghost, dont get me worng I want it to pump hard, but Mcafee is a literall paid shill, he isnt involved in any of the development. He got paid 30k by the developers to be the face of their coin. The thing is mostly just a Particl copy paste, if you got to see the GitHub and their Medium post you would realize how this thing screams scam all over the place.
Everything they push out is just some fork of something else or a literal copy paste.

>> No.19868999

Am I meant to be looking at the original site with the dividend calculator? Looks like it's down to me.

>> No.19869088

>fails once with privacy phone
>has many other successes
>shills crypto that 1000x's

I don't know man, seems pretty based to me.

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Nice trips although everything on the site is working for me

>> No.19870478

little over 30 minutes frens!

>> No.19870792

I just want to go to bed bros

>> No.19870796

It will dump to about $0.50 after main net. I have 13 ETH ready to buy it up at a discount.

>> No.19870808

eh bought?

damp eet

>> No.19870825

>>fails once with privacy phone
I was actually stupid enough to buy one in 2017.. If you want to know.. I never received it
I didn't get a refund either..

He scammed my ass

>> No.19871131


20k here, MC still low, huge meme normie appeal - we def going top 50 ez

>> No.19871145

main net delayed an hour and a half?

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im lost whats happening

>> No.19871245

See >>19871179

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Alright wait, I understand you don't get any of the functionality of the coin if you don't swap but-follow me here for what I believe to be the true bull, doesn't that make the ERC infinitely more valuable, and NOT just because of the token burn at swap. You can literally decide at what point you want to gain that functionality, and be given additional exchange options with the ERC with an ever tightening supply. The uniswap market on this might actually be the true 'ghost' here

>> No.19871689

Right? The erc20 burn may caus a deflationary price rise, but if a lot of people buy straight into mainnet now that they see it’s a working product, you may make more money just getting the real ghost.

>> No.19871718

I accumulated ESH between $.38 and $2. Man, I wish I went all in right at $.38. But I still have 6300 Ghost so I’m like a top 300 wallet or something I think.

>> No.19871725

Plus people want staking rewards, they'll likely be higher than holding a useless ERC-20 token.

>> No.19871743

How many ghost did they give you?

>> No.19871880

I had 3k that I bought at 0.25 cents but lost 2.5k in the PIVX crash (panic sold at 0.3 cents).

>> No.19871948

So what the fuck am I supposed to do. Legit retard here. I have my stack in metamask still and haven't moved anything around. Tell me what to do

>> No.19871983

Read the thread fuckhead

>> No.19872639


>> No.19872681

No it's fucking not. The wallet still isn't available. I'm betting the retard devs still aren't finished.
lmao compiling my ass.

>> No.19872689


>> No.19872706


>> No.19872713


>> No.19872729

>tfw 1k GHOSTlet


>> No.19872744

>wallet readme page is still just the particl readme
Jesus christ.

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File: 76 KB, 1024x1021, 1587221803519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19872792

fuck shit im gonna sell my 1k stack now. i leave 100 ghost just for insurance fund

>> No.19872807

The entire repo is still just the particl one. Last commit was in 2018.

>> No.19872813


oh fuck, those lazy morons

>> No.19872827

mainnet delayed for 90 mins and now this. this just looks like they compiled this shit in a hurry.

im not feeling very bullish atm.

it's starting to feel like this was old mc afees final retirement exit scam. its not fucking 2017 anymore. look at it, just vaporwave copy without usecases

>> No.19872837

Mainnet was out on first countdown. It's the wallet that's being delayed. They're apparantly STILL compiling it.

>> No.19872873

watching all the paper hands panic sell... it's going to be glorious for those who are based enough to stick around.

>> No.19872880

I don't know of any mainnet launches that didn't end with a dump, but I'm here for staking so don't give a shit.

>> No.19872937

it still looks amateurish, whats delayed next? i thought they have fancy wallet but github shows its just an forked electrum shitcoin wallet from 2008

why they rushed the mainnet? to look extra bullish? to look good in the eyes of the investors?

not good signs at all. also github is shit, pajeet devs, nothing technical in twitter (only ghost tattoo tier hyping) and website roadmap is kinda meh, only thing what is even slightly bullish is that "silk road 2.0" marketplace

>> No.19872970

They're literally just telling you to be patient in the telegram. This wallet should've been done a week ago.

>> No.19872989

>STILL compiling it.

It's a fork of Particl ffs, something else is going on here

>> No.19873024

>mainnet&wallet promised over 2 hours ago
>y-yeah mainnet is live we promise!! wallet delayed for 1.5hours
>countdown hits 0
>y-yeah wallet is ready but it delayed for an indefinite period of a time

lmao. why they rushed this in the first place.
mc caffee boomer thinks he could pull another 2017 -tier p&D in 2020+

thanks just sold 90% of my stack. will be buying back in sub 1$ MAYBE if they deliver.

>> No.19873026

One of the devs posted a pic of him compiling it. There's probably something going on though. The blind fanboys really don't help either.

>> No.19873063

all crypto projects delayed for months or years and you bother for a few hours? fuck u

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File: 45 KB, 719x128, EbEMX_8XQAEN1eA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]






>> No.19873093


>> No.19873097

This was already disproved FUDnigger

>> No.19873134


please show me

>> No.19873158

lmao I just got banned for posting your pic in the telegram. Maybe not.

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File: 2.11 MB, 2308x936, marybelle kirschner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They are autobanning anyone who even mentions Particl there, which doesn't make any sense if it's just an honest fork but makes perfect sense if this is a scam


Those lazy fucking bastards. I dumped, maybe I'll buy back in if it goes under $1

>> No.19873314

This is a lie. Ghost to replace bitcoin 2021

>> No.19873424

they are not lazy, they're STUPID

when mc caffee hired these second-hand dev pajeets, he probably did look for cheapest blockchain enthusiast he could find, in order to make another 2017 copycat coin to collect his retirement funds to evade into the international seas for a few years

millionaire lifestyle is expensive john. but you should really try harder, this is so fucking 2017 tier where shittiest shitcoins played hot potato with investors moneys.

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File: 135 KB, 1036x617, Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 6.16.06 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Just go and look ffs, they didn't even remove any of the references to Particl in their OWN FUCKING REPO

This is like a 10-minute "fork"

I would be furious if I hadn't literally doubled my money on this at $1.44, but bagholders are about to choke on McAfee's wrinkled blistered cock

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I can't believe they put so little effort into this. I thought with the whitepaper it was just that one dude they fired, but they've literally just copy-pasted Particl too.

What the fuck, when pajeet coders are as fucking cheap as they are, to have not spent a few hundred bucks to have something even SLIGHTLY original...

>> No.19873622

they really had rush. probably mc caffee running out of money LMAO. all this mainnet hype was just an tool to drive the price up.

devs are shit, they cannot even do the simplest code and all these proves it. john however, has outdated knowledge of modern day tech, and his crypto knowledge is from 2010-century. this is just laughably pathetic.

>> No.19873652


Looks like the price has started to dump.

ah well, I hope /biz/raelis got the fuck out with a decent profit like I did.

>> No.19873687

lmao been trying to sell on uniswap ever since the wallet wasn't ready, only been able to push off 20% of my stack

>> No.19873719

they deleted wallet thread on github lmao

>> No.19874046

>only been able to push off 20% of my stack

Holy fuck you must have one hell of a bag

>> No.19874435
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getting comfy

>> No.19875180

>still nothing
Ummmm... ghostbros... I don't feel too good...

>> No.19875186


lmao please tell me you're not still holding

>> No.19875759
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>> No.19875981

you are why I sold all my ghost. fuck you.

>> No.19876001

should have bouth POWER. ethprime.io launched without a hitch.

>> No.19876032
File: 189 KB, 1862x878, ghosttshop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you should have plenty of cash to pick up the merch

>> No.19876130
File: 515 KB, 1465x650, G2wG29z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, McAfee really did it... Bullish.

>> No.19876222

the merch on the shop site is all looking gay af. i think this was an entirely 3rd world operation. fucking libertarians with their open boarders mentality. even the ghost logo is lame

>> No.19876286

Underrated post.
Glad I bought low enough to not be concerned with the risk in order to wait it out.

>> No.19876435
File: 92 KB, 1436x248, f343ff3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah but you can't trade the new "real" ghost anywhere yet, not uniswap and it's having all sorts of issues already with the release. they could barely do the erc20 swap with ESH, they copy pasted particl and forgot to change the shared key. who the fuck is trusting this main net wallet, isn't going to be a total mess? how could it not be with this kind of track record. it's literal pajeets

>> No.19876478
File: 24 KB, 1024x1024, ghostlogo-black.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does the Ghost merch shop mean that mainnet will have its own marketplace from launch? Also looks like minted Ghosties will be black versus the unclaimed ERC white?

>> No.19876597
File: 588 KB, 860x880, 9959F91D-F6C6-49E6-8E32-BD7843D9620A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao jesus fucking christ. fool me three times

>> No.19877629
File: 57 KB, 510x680, EYO7Hu4XYAAw9vl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19878054

Ghost is Ponzi scheme to steal Bitcoin. $ghost is broken copy paste of Particl Privacy Platform.

Fucking John Mcafee had scammed me once with his scams. And this is just another scam attempt of him and his scam crew.

DONT PLAY WITH THIS SCAM. People will get hurt their money will be stolen by these ghost scammers.


>> No.19878092

casual reminder there is at least 2 whale discords, you have to have a certain amount in your wallet to get into the 3rd one without auto bans, I've been there since the start they have artificially suppressed the price and coordinated fud to make sure people look nervous. They seethe when people post stuff like this and I get mad kicks out of it. The whole $10 EOW is a meme but realistically you will still look at a $5-$6 in a few days time with a slow and steady rise from there use cases come to fruition. Do what you will with this info I'm gonna go see the colonel, I try so hard to stay away but I can't not buy a zinger box at least once a month :(

>> No.19878133
File: 146 KB, 1280x720, 49BDA4C8-2E07-46FE-9DAC-B05FECEF26D1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Do people really believe that GHOST scammers a LEGIT developers?

They only Do PR shit. When you do not write your own code you can hire every dumb crypto influencer in th INTERNET to do your for your shitSCAM shit marketing.

>> No.19878160



>> No.19878169

delete this

>> No.19878337

How to Swap Ghost ERC20?

- Sell Ghost
- Buy Part
- Profit o/

>> No.19878647

yeah right buddy

>> No.19878649
File: 225 KB, 1862x878, Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 12.55.35 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ATTENTION. now you may wait LMFAO

>> No.19878839


>"working tirelessly over the last few weeks"

Anybody told them about search & replace on code editor? Because it would have taken 5 minutes to replace "particl" by "ghost"

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