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What do you do when you’re being blackmailed and extorted? Asking for a friend.

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Blackmailed/extorted how?

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Dating app, sent some dick pics and she followed my instagram. Then sent it to my followers (but asked for money first)

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Delete your dating app account. Then there is no way to tie the penis to you, you can say its fake

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own it, what is the big deal, every man has a dick

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What a man sowes, so also shall he reap.

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How important is your reputation with these people? Could you lose your job? Honestly should probably just delete all traces of contact and claim she’s a faker. I hope your face isn’t in any pictures.

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Are you dating someone? Is it a small dick? If you answered no to both then who fucking cares stop being such a virtue signaling cuck and own up to your sexuality faggot. There’s nothing more based than saying yeah I sent my dick to some chick who fucking cares we’re both adults grow up.

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I do not download/send anything that I would not want to be shown to the whole world. Look at Trump you can not faze the man, even Melania's nude pictures didn't ruin her.
Honestly, just embrace it.

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Just call the FBI

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no my face isn’t in them

no and no, I pretty much told him to fuck off

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have no shame and admit to whatever it is
take away all their power instantly

life doesnt matter anyway, who gives a fuck

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own up to it you fucking faggot
the moment you show fear or anxiety she'll sink her nails into your skin

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OP was probably soliciting a minor

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Fuck her dad

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Don't be a faggot tell her to oven herself.

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Nah had that happen to me once before while looking for puss on adultfriendfinder. Told her to fuck off jewrat.

True story.

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Are you a dicklet?
Do you have a micropenis or a bent penis?
Then you have a problem.

But if you're sporting a huge cock, I'd just own up to it. People will never look at your the same again after finding out you have a nice large cock.

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ok if you actually SERIOUSLY want to fuck her up, drop her name, face, and social accounts ITT

I'll be able to find out where she works, where her fucking parents work, where she lives, her phone number, where her parents live and their phone numbers, where she works, who she's dated/dating, where THEY fucking live and work.

I could put together her family fucking tree.

Then spend about 3 hours plastering her and her parents faces/phone numbers all over back page prostitute sites and send the links to everyone's fucking boss.

and I'll do it for free

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>no my face isn’t in them
Then there is no proof.
Delete the app. Never use it again.
No more "online dating" for you.
Good to go.

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KiIl yourself

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What a fuckin bro, going the length just for the keks

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I’m not one for petty revenge, but I love my biz bros. This is all I have
kik sarahedington242
insta sarah_edington242

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revenge porn postting is a criminal offense in 2020. Added extortion and the girl could face several years jailtime plus civil charges.

Every man has a dick, get over it.

If you have balls go after her and ruin her youth.

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Keep us updated.

God fucking speed anon.

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cease all communication with them. deny and smear them if someone comes at you with whatever they have on you.

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If you find anything feel free to reach out
[email protected]

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>I am a massage therapist and can come for your pleasure
sounds like a paid whore. Would't be surprised if she makes her income through extortion as she had planned for you, especially with older men who would pay no questions asked.

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Revenge porn is as legal as rape or buying a pack of gum at Walmart. Provided you are female. To even press charges requires an act of God, most cops will laugh it off. A conviction is even less likely, women are even more protected than black people group notorious for their relative underrepresentation in prisons.

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Yikes man. Brush up on the law

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That's true, but I would think extortion would be the issue here. I'm sure if authorities/private investigators were to look into it, her massage business is just a laundering scheme. Makes sense - getting men to send her dick pics, or taking the pictures herself, then threatening normies with extortion. Seems like a proper /b/uisness woman.

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Actually a strong point I hadn't considered. Bitch ain't paying taxes for the premium upgrades on massages nor the dick dollars. IRS does not fuck around, even going after females sometimes.

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OP can probably just file a DMCA request as well if he wants them taken down, though I'm not sure of how that works,

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Can you retards not tell it's a fucking catfish?
How dumb are you?

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top kek

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Look at my replies above, I said him. I do not assume this is a girl. It could be a bf/gf team though since I received legitimate pictures back and then the guy messaging became hostile. Either way, it would be a fun experiment to see if /biz/ can find the person. Here’s another thing I remember, the profile location was based in Ashburn, VA.

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I once had someone try and sextort me. It was through OkCupid and the "girl" got a screenshot of my dick and face. I was so depressed and lonely that I didn't think about it being a trick since I managed to score nudes before. The person managed to find my facebook profile and was demanding money or else they would go down my friend's list and post it. Luckily for me, I didn't really give a shit about those people and rarely post. So I deleted all my social media and whatever might have my name associated to OkCupid, and went dark. To this day, I fear that the person (I'm guessing they were ibdian or eastern euro) will track me down after 5 years and try to extort.

Bottom line, you've already lost. Just delete your online profiles. Unless they reside in the West, no law enforcement will go after them. And depending on how much the extorter knows about you and if you have money/ reputation to lose, they will try to get something from you.

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I didn’t lose anything, my face isn’t in the pics. Could be anyone’s dick, but I’d like some karmic justice.

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In my case I'd have nothing to lose. I'm male, single, and working a generic job. I'm not famous, rich or have any skeletons in the closet that are worth extorting me over it. Honestly, I'd laugh and tell whoever to go crazy.
For shits and giggles I'd do what I could to get them in trouble legally as much as possible, provided I had proof.

Regardless, don't send pictures with your cock and face in the same image or send dirty creepy messages that can be tracked back to you personally in any way. I can't speak for anything past that, but if you were doing something that was REALLY shady, blackmail would probably be the least of your worries if it's illegal or adulterous and you're in a high profile career or business.

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I didn’t come here asking for this, I asked for advice. If someone wants to find the person (and that person magically gets sent to court) I’d happily throw some of the money I get from a lawsuit to the anon who helped find the person. But yes, it’s not my personal army.

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Tell them to go fuck themselves and accept the damage to your reputation. Don't negotiate with terrorists. Who cares if people see your dong, your real friends won't care.

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Well thats abvously not a real girl.

OP you had this coming. But if I were you I think your best option is denial. If youre face isnt in the picture you can just deny deny deny and tell your friends this persons a psycho. Probably some will not believe you unfortunately

How much did he want anyways?

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Yeah as a massage therapist I always use cum instead of come.
Because of the implication.

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according to op it's some sort of scam, but with a real girl


He really has nothing he can do except maybe use /biz/ of all places as a personal army

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this. just post your huge bulge on instagram so the people will know it was your dick they've seen

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Send them XMR or SUTER to fuck off.

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black mails matter

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Just release your dick pics yourself problem solved. Hopefully you have a big dick.

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sarah edington just replied to me on kik

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I asked for a picture and got one within minutes. It doesn't look like it matches the instagram profile >>19852144
You're dumb for falling for this OP. I hope you don't get too bummed out over this, its not a big deal.

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"She" is a fat bald gypsy in Bulgaria.

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It's probably a guy (pajeet?) using some-one else's picture.

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You stupid clown kek

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Just play it cool
Embrace your dickpics

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