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first for cunny and impending b*ll suicide

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Girls are stupid. Bulls rule

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Cap this.

BYFC is going to open at $5 again and peak at $15

KTOV is going to open at $2 and peak at $8

I have 2,500 shares in each. Who is ready to make a bunch of money?

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I can't even begin to think of how you could predict BYFC

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Based cunnypro wife
But no, bulls on parade.
Bulling in the name of
Calm like a Bull
Bull now in the fire
Lights out, Bull radio

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Are you SURE anon?

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This coming week is green?

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Mmm. That's the good stuff.

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It better be green

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Damn I have become addicted to reading stocktwits of bagholders after they get PnD. GNUS is hilarious. Any other tickers?

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I’m coming after you if it’s not

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Because it's a fucking bank and its stock is being suppressed by a hostile takeover. You can see the sell walls of sugarman of tens of thousands at a time driving it down. Obviously some are people shorting. But this is a fucking bank. 3 dollars doesnt even make sense asset wise.

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Also a better question. Why stage a hostile takeover of a bank worth 3 dollars atm? Why force it down? Why try and take it over if you dont forsee profit?

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Just joined Stocktwits, describe most efficient and profitable use of that site please? Also any must-follows?

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Seems like the Hugh-posting died down.

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Dow unironically circuit break tomorrow when dubs.
Check em'

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xth for stonks only go up

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first for fucking god damn niggers with who aren't real father's need not apply

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If the DJIA went to 10k tomorrow, would it be correct to say stocks only go down?

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No because it'll just go back to 27k in the 2050s.

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Digits say the numbers go up

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What’s the futures saying

>> No.19838863

Futures aren’t up until Sunday evening

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Will Trump putting on a weak show in Tulsa lead to stock market collapse?
Let’s not pretend that would be sillier than what we’ve seen so far. Loss of confidence in Trump could set off chain reactions.

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I mostly skipped on trading this week how was it? All I know is that I ended with about 900 dollars in my portfolio out of the 1000 was it just another crab week? And what are we expecting for this week

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>eating up the narrarive meant to fool niggers

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This thread is now only about pump and dump schemes

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it was mostly a net loss and kangaroo week

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Little drop then crab whole week

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Damn putting anon on blast but he asked for it.. i hope it hits 15 I would cream my pants

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>Because it's a fucking bank
Precisely, you dumb cunt. Banks are crattering since years. In case you didn't notice, there is a global war waged against banks, started by the central banks to destroy every single institution with a right to create money.
The goal of the central banks is for them to be the only ones left in the field of monetary creation, to have total control over populations. It's the NWO take over, and central banks -and in fine the BIS- is their main tool to achieve this goal.
Why do you think central banks are forcing banks to have negative interest rates policies, or ZIRP at best, knowing very well it force them to bleed money until they die?
Why do you think banks are the only sectors from which the stonks are down over the past decade, during the biggest bullrun of all?

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i'm an adult male that really enjoys legal-22y/o cunny.
there might be a pump tuesday but that is it, i have fully converted into bear mode. even jerome cannot save us.

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Down just means it'll go up harder later.

>> No.19839061

I like reading stocktwits in general.
>slightly green - shitload of comments saying the stock will rise up like 50% EOD
>slightly red - shitload of comments saying the stock will fall over 100% EOD

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god damn fucking niggers! don't let niggers fuck your daughters, and never ever stick your dick in a nigger.

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wild night, baggie?

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Stop name-fagging and stop talking about fucking your daughter

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Can you post trading ideas when drunk instead?

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I know I know, but Baggie you fucked a niggeress... Listen learn from my mistakes... I'm not here to teach you how to be a nigger loving piece of shit. I'm telling you if you're a father, and got a daughter, don't let her fall in love with a nigger. Something about 14 words and gooks and nips are white enough.

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What does /smg/ think of RTX (Raytheon)? Looks undervalued as fuck, and I'd love to help oppress sandniggers/fight for Israel by investing in the military-industrial complex

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yeah here's a trade, i'll give you 4 shekels, and tell you to put it on those mircrosoft puts monday morning when we open.

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i fucked an 18 y/o nog ballerina once, it was pretty cool i guess

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BYFC will return to $1.70, after all the hopers bought at the top and dumped on.
KTOV won't do shit, not until the first round of trials are over.

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anything close to the military is as good as gold right now.

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ganna buy 200$ of ktov then sell in an hour time idgaf
dont @me

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yeah you fucked her once... you didn't fuck her two or three times? how do you think she feels today? looks like nobody even cares.

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Mediocre as a growth stock. Mediocre as a value stock. Profits will likely get a hit from its Boeing contracts including its dividend. Not even the best defense company stock.
If you want a budget neocon boomer virtue signalling stock, go for it. But it is going to bounce in the 60s for a long time.
I am also starting to see why people NEED TA. It's hopium and tea leaf reading.

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Is swing trading SPY a legit way to make a few shekels ? It seems to me like the worse case situation is you buy at the start of a recession and have to wait ~5 years to get your money back.

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bellet iis fucking awesome... i got ahold of more ass doing that and spandex really shows off my peniis head.

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>id Up Dow

>> No.19839139

>Not even the best defense company stock.
>If you want a budget neocon boomer virtue signalling stock, go for it. But it is going to bounce in the 60s for a long time.

What's a better neocon defense stock? I'm honestly intrigued by investing in that sector

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I actually fucked her like 5 or 6 times then she went to Ithaca for college and came back, bragging about how she could suck dick really well because she hooked up with so many guys, but she was actually really terrible at it. I ghosted her after the last time, that's my story hope you enjoyed it baggo. Stop drinking.

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I was that one dude in gymnastics and dancing class, everybody thought i was gay... girls just knew i was already taken... i talked with those girls a lot they taught me things and we trusted each other.

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iithica is fucking like nerd school... any fucking nerd getting their dick sucked is going to say it's good. i mean what ever kids... i got a pro... she's better than anybody... she can make me quiver wiith her bare hand.....


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Thanks baggie

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NOC and LMT. Probably more out there but that is the most boring play imaginable.
RTX was brought up here because its a budget version of those others, and for good reason.

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Have you ever sploogged in a girl’s butthole when she told you not to?

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Free money but they arent going to recover for months

>> No.19839275

yeah it's a great trade... and then you take at least 6 shekels from that one.

>> No.19839280

wait 4-6 is 2 and you only get a quarter of what i make, so just be happy you did a trade.

>> No.19839285

>will trump putting...
I stopped reading right there. Learn correct grammar you fucking retard.

>> No.19839292

Ii want to say something... about my father... II would never trade him for anybody.... well maybe for a minute to speak to his father... his father would ask me why i had his kid killed to just talk...

know that my father is a great man, and every father's day i can talk to him is a blessing to everybody who's ever met him.

>> No.19839294

Good long term investment, but will surely dip again soon. just wait

>> No.19839312

damn oil is in recovery mode all oil stocks are safeu if you want to hold bags for 20 years and collect dividends.

shit's going to work hard and spiike... inventories will be drawn from northern hemisphere people forget it gets cold in winter... buy contracts now while shit is cheap... that's what im doing.

>> No.19839314

I’m down 30% on Marathon Oil. Don’t tell me it’s going to dip again anon...

>> No.19839324

waiit not all oil is safu... some shit wont make it... but comodtites are safe longs now. im surre you're looking at like briitish petroleum and exxon, that shit's safe.

>> No.19839331

if i had to short oil producers today... i'd short oxy and uhh what's that other one that's been fucking up... haliburtin

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I'm pissed off but this song makes me happy.


>> No.19839383

Why is hatsune’s hair super fucking long and it drags on the ground??

>> No.19839392

I forgot it's the day when losers don't respect the dude that made it all happen.

>> No.19839402

because like that floor is so clean you can eat off it. well you can't, but like i uhh don't even care. just throwing crappy music out there.

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Do not question miku's twintails.

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At first i was like dont waste your time on this post but now you fking triggered me anon.

You know what?
I hate fucking anime soifaggots like you man, if i could i would literally stab all of you fking incel anime faggot Batty boys out of existence and spread your internal organs outside one by one as you watch me doing it fking niggercum drinking animecucks.
I literally cant stand your fking imaginary figures moving and singing in insect language having abnormous eyes which in comparison to insect eyes are a huge difference.
I swear to god your kind is responsible that this country gets more and more cucked with tyrones and ahmeds breeding and not watching faggtanime all the time.


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Guys... if i listen to anything long enough i repeat it... you have no iidea how easily influenced I am by drugs and alcohols.... I spent 2 weeks just liistening to taylor swift and then i became a country fan.... II have uhhh... well used to have II damaged my brain multiiple times but the best.... the best music is riight here


>> No.19839455

you can see me today at Address: 69 Groton Long Point Rd, Groton, CT 06340
im going to a catholic mass.

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> up DOW
> green I'd
> dubs
> based and redpilled content
Well that settles it lads, golden bull run next week.

>> No.19839466

i forgot i made that post... im going to hhave to confess about that time i took the lords name in vain... but i mean it.. fuck niggers

>> No.19839474

> Groton, CT
Hope you're enjoying getting molested in your metal tubes

>> No.19839516

what do you mean by enjoying molestation? you don't understand that church is where my parents got married... my father and ii graduated from the same high school... we don't molest people.... you're making me cry.... the power of god gives us strength.

>> No.19839520

fitch is next door.... i palbererad my dad's dad through that church... they weren't jews.... its my mom that's the kiike.....

>> No.19839528

Groton, CT has a major submarine base.

>> No.19839544

does it have stocks i can invest in?

>> No.19839546

we also have the coast guard academy, and uhh. lots of things to do. I can tell you I know people who've worked on all our submarines, and uhh, i know who's found housing for sailors and workers..... i love our military... i'm well aware of navy... i graduated from Groton CT. Top 10 in the class.

>> No.19839554

coast guard academy is across the river... squids find it... not that dificult.

>> No.19839566

wait... im not sure... squids are uhh... fucking coastiies...
yeah they weren't navy.. navy are blue and coasties are white... uhh the thing iis since it's a sumbararine base we have to ask other parts of the miiliitary to take care of shit... like the dude that does the dogs. bomb sniffing dogs, they're important, they need a vetrenarian just for the dogs.... ii uhh know moral is down amoung troops, the striip club is closed so these guys just stuck in barracks playing games and shit.

>> No.19839579

oh i was talking about bomb dogs... yeah they blow up so fast. but listen. the coast gaurd and navy can't train dogs... so they let the army handle that. the branches work together, and if your the animal doctor... you get to be stationed anywhere.

>> No.19839589

damn i have to roll... soon..

>> No.19839596

Slow day

>> No.19839600

I think if you train your dogs right... they are better than a friend... you expect to lose them and see them pass away, and you can train more... personally i trained some cats.

>> No.19839608

everrybody is giving respect for father's day iim going to church and im going to pay respect at the cemetary.

>> No.19839619

Dogs are good but cats have a otherworldly feel to them they are half in half out

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Snss. Just post something remotely bearish and enjoy the seethign.
Point out the shitty dose response, shitty orr, shitty trial size...

>> No.19839640

Trying to come up with a strategy, will oil or REITs recover first?

>> No.19839647

>worth 3 dollars
That's a non statement.

>> No.19839657

ii want to be a good husband first, then a good father.. then i want my kid or kids to take care of me when im old... my girl is probably too old to have many kids... so if I get one I'ma make it count

Boy or Girl... healthy baby is all I want. honestly... I just want a legacy and a child to carry my genes to the next generation. I uhh think of great things that can skyrocket in stocks, but... you missed summerinfant..... i uhh have to shower and get dressed for church. suit tie.... damn i love my father.

>> No.19839685

Do you even have a job, Mr Bags?

>> No.19839693

cats are just retarded... they're easy to train... if you can train a cat you can train anything. wait it takes work... its not easy but I have the ashes of my cat... I called him Big Cat... he was a 20+ pound dude... not really fat just bigger than toy dogs... he lived 14 years wiith me... but I had a whistle tune I would used... it when ooohhhhuuhhhoooo-oooohhhoooo and it was his song... like i could probably write it in sheet musiic with ties and everthying iit was pretty simple. .. dude knew his song and would run where ever he was strait to me. I mean he was big cat... His real name on his paper work was Zhuge Liange

>> No.19839701

im essential of course i have a job

>> No.19839705

Pretty sure your drunk baggie

>> No.19839715

im pretty sure im going to church today

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>> No.19839747

that's not based... that's just pent up rage and encouraging it is bad for the people who actually like the weebo culture this board was founded on.... you don't remember lucky star or half of the anime references... iit's ok that I didn't either, but Kyoto animations... if you're not crying... you're just as ignorant as the niggers that destroy their places of business and murder the mother of their kids.. white bronco chase after the dude... there was fuckiing dna eviidence... gets off clean... i uhh want to say chavin did things wrong, but murder iis not what the evidence i've seen show... i want to be a jurer

>> No.19839757

I can't wait until im selected for a jury... I know if they're guilty and can read evidence easy.... if he's white and has no tattoos 100% not guilty... if she has tattooes and is black... why are you couloring up dark skin. 100% guilty
this shit is easy. put me on the case judge.

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>> No.19839769

now if her biig mama is testifying that. the suspect nigger killed her... and she want's him put away for life but no death penalty... I want to give the defendant the needle.

>> No.19839775

Great post you should start a personal finance blog

>> No.19839781

yeah im kinda short right now....

>> No.19839794

no iit's going to be a podcast.

>> No.19839802

You want to know an easy way to make money? Just fucking pretend you have tiits and accumulate revenue until you get caught. You can easily scoop 4 or 5 thousand before anybody even notices.

>> No.19839808
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....Poxnhub is going to add bilibili's main feature and compete with it?

>> No.19839813

oh it's going to be video too... iim 100% not afraid.

>> No.19839830

wait... im not having sex on camera whiile i talk about markets... thiis is going to be me doing market analysis and the sex appeal is strictly not allowed just enuendo... fuck you want me to advertise buying stocks on porn hub... what the fuck... I'm not doing this shit

>> No.19839845

there was a time in my life...


>> No.19839849

Can some janitor temp ban Baggie? He's fine when he's sober but he's shitting up the thread now baka.

>> No.19839866

that's the song, but there was a blues group that remade it and uhh.. blues is so simple... e d g fucking i love it... i play drums...

>> No.19839867

Putting 80% of my portfolio into SHIP. That shit is going to jump 5-6 cents

>> No.19839868

True. It's escapism for autistic losers which eventually leads to all kind of delusions. Anime, furries, ponyfags, waifufags, belle delphine cocksuckers, trannies.... It's all the same disease.

>> No.19839881

stfu... i will never leave

>> No.19839911

Does /smg/ trade futures?
I only started getting into these things and damn, I think I prefer them to stocks. I've been playing /MES and VIX futures and it's been nothing but gains.

>> No.19839923
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Is it just free money at this point? I'm just buying random shit and it goes up.

>> No.19839934

Yes the scrabble technique has been proven to out perform Warren Buffett

>> No.19839950

How am I wrong?
Of course someone can like anime but when you have to attach a cartoon thot to each of your posts and autistically post "a n i m e" in every stock market(not anime) thread simply because someone here said that he doesn't like anime you're clearly mentally ill and should get help.

>> No.19839964

Northrop Grumman but you didn't hear that from me..

>> No.19839979

Uh yeah I’m thinking based

>> No.19839982

plz buy my IVR

>> No.19839990

Futures is the shit. No PDT rule, better tax treatment, ridiculous liquidity, 23/5 trading. /smg/ would get slaughtered though

>> No.19840005

I don't even post anime often... pick another post of mine this week that had any thot or anime in it... you are not iin fucking reddit, this is 4chhan asshole... and you're not right... we don't like you.

im going to go to church and to think im an anime fag... or what ever... i make one post... for the people of this culture.. and well i get hate every way. Jesus got a lot of hate too...

>> No.19840035

>I don't even post anime often
Never claimed that. I made a post about the absolute state of this ((("stock market"))) thread and you replied.
> you are not iin fucking reddit, this is 4chhan asshol
Oh really? NOOO.. Really? What?
>and you're not right
I am.
>we don't like you
Losers hating you is a good sign.
The majority here seems to hate you.

>> No.19840055

nice picture for ants you have there

>> No.19840066

>The majority here seems to hate you.
No, you're just vocal cunts

>> No.19840096

>>The majority here seems to hate you.
Replace "you" with Baggie.
>Baggie using "we" despite being the most filtered retard here
>Baggie speaking for smg
You get it?

>> No.19840116

Wake me up when futures starts

>> No.19840130
File: 1.86 MB, 2159x2159, 1572154607663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the spike in covid cases going to cause a market drop on Monday? Media is shilling covid hard right now.

>> No.19840137

Sure, I'll buy it at 3

>> No.19840142

I'm not some low IQ shitskin like you, I understood perfectly well that you meant Baggie. The majority does not give a shit, just vocal cunts like you who try to project their own opinions onto the majority.

>> No.19840151

Thanks, just max leverages leap calls.

>> No.19840155

hold on, why did wti and brent just bump up a bit? i thought it's closed on weekends?

>> No.19840161

Now you're just rambling incoherent garbage.

>> No.19840163

Un-green. Very not green. My magic 8 ball said a crash is certain.

>> No.19840185

You're even more retarded than anyone could have imagined.

>> No.19840224

I know that implying random garbage, muh projecting and hiding butthurt is the 4chan way of (((discussing))) but this is simply pathetic. Read my original post and look at that route which this discussion took. It doesn't make sense and it's absolutely not my fault. You faggots are retarded.

>> No.19840235

The sooner that faggot an heroes the better. Imagine a life devoted to shit posting on biz... There is nothing more pathetic than that. The faggot is probably poor too. Haha

>> No.19840251

You calling anyone else retarded when you label two basic sentences as "rambling incoherent garbage" is laughable. It's doubtful that you're capable of tying your own shoes. Even plebbit is beyond you, go back to preschool.

>> No.19840261

ok retard

>> No.19840270

And you claim to speak for the majority too, you fucking retard faggot. Go suck that faggot's tiny little pecker then. Maybe that will stop him filling up this thread with infantile gibberish

>> No.19840292
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Wirecard is very cheap right now, should I buy? Nobody even knows where the money went nor they have evidence that the company "lost" their money.

>> No.19840309

Uhh.... based?

>> No.19840313


>> No.19840320

still risky, they are trying to get new creditors, if the news comes out they declined wirecard is fucking done for

>> No.19840327
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>> No.19840378

>Wirecard mandates Houlihan Lokey
>Advisor in 12 of the 15 Largest Bankruptcies 2000-2019 including Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual Inc., WorldCom Inc., General Motors Corporation, CIT Group Inc.
>German financials including Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank now in even more trouble after stagnating for years
y-you know what this means, right?

>> No.19840386

I smell conspiracy and bullshit from the company, they say they lost billions yet none of the creditors claimed that they lost their money. It's a huge scandal, it's bad news, then when nobody is looking they'll say nothing was actually lost after the final audit. It could be inside job to control stock price so that some billionaire could scoop up those cheap WDI, another could be they're just after the huge PR those "bad news" could bring.

>> No.19840410

well, they already confirmed the billions can't be found and it was never there

>> No.19840415

This might be a stupid question, but:

Where can I find a simple clean chart summarizing the main indices for the current day?

Google Finance had the perfect summary chart on its front page, but for whatever fucking reason they got rid of it. I checked the links int he op, but couldn't find anything that met my needs. I'm really just looking for a link to bookmark that I can open up and instantly see how the indices are doing since open, and then expand the timeline to week/month/ytd.

>> No.19840426

>billions can't be found and it was never there
How is that Wirecard's fault then?

>> No.19840444
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Dump eet

>> No.19840447

what news is the market waiting for before gild gets sent to the moon?

>> No.19840503

is that girl a terrorist
I don't understand japanese media

>> No.19840542

no, she is at a park bench and there is a time bomb next to her and she is concerned looking at it count down while sweating. The implication of me posting it is to ask if there is a ticking time bomb on Monday.

>> No.19840566
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He panic sold? good, pump eet

>> No.19840568

You can't even choose one company over another. If that doesn't flash big warning signs in your mind going NO COMPETITIVE MOAT I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.19840577
File: 528 KB, 2035x2048, 1550525980847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That makes sense.
Thank you for explaining.
The market already got its dumping out of the way on Friday after hours, so it shouldn't need to go down anymore at any time in the future.

>> No.19840604
File: 1.32 MB, 998x1613, 1592501626359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We have 3-6 months more of the kangaroo market ahead.

>> No.19840619

yeah hope they do so that I can get in at lower prices. WDI is already at 2012 lows, I'd be happy if it goes 2005 lows so that I could buy 15000 WDI shares.

>> No.19840649
File: 204 KB, 1242x1190, 1592739120826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm going to be so unspeakably upset if government regulation gets slapped on free trading because some fucking faggot can't cope with the fact that his family member was a retard. The little shit should've learned what the fuck he was doing before throwing his money around. I'm so tired of society being taught that they don't have to be responsible for their actions.

>> No.19840658

I can’t take sites like that seriously

>> No.19840687


The kid deserved to die for being a fucking moron

>> No.19840690

robinhood made the world a better place once again

>> No.19840702
File: 56 KB, 632x600, 632full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its going to be a wombat market if the 2nd wave is true. Burying the whole system.

>> No.19840716

well if robinhood comes to european welfare states this "function" would be overdue for a change anyway. Because ppl can reset their personal debt in a matter of months and robinhood gets fucked

>> No.19840725



>> No.19840743


Probably why nothing important ever happens in Yurop. They can't even create an electronic payment system without losing $2.1B

>> No.19840755

>The balance displayed in red, as Forbes explained, may not have represented uncollateralized indebtedness at all, but rather a temporary balance until his option trades settled.


>> No.19840774

This is the same reason AAS were made illegal. Crazy low risk with using it but they made it into something the DEA cares about, all because some teenage faggot taking ssris killed himself, a known side effect of ssris, and somehow the faggot parents said it was the roids, which don't have suicide as a side effect. America is a totalitarian bullshit nanny state and we have some of the least freedom in the entire fucking world.

>> No.19840784


>> No.19840785 [DELETED] 

It seems Germany has not lost their trust in Austrian men "building things"

>> No.19840798

it's a trust issue, Wirecard lied, no one serious will "invest" in them any time soon, just speculators

>> No.19840825
File: 1.70 MB, 230x124, bull.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just need to get the black lives matters terrorists under control and we'll start seeing massive gains

even new york's major can get more retarded than he is right now, there has to be a turning point

>> No.19840853
File: 1.84 MB, 202x360, 2352.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

personally i really enjoy illegal-22y/o cunny

>> No.19840859

What the hell is cunny? Why do you people keep posting this word?
Is it cunt?

>> No.19840866

Not too soon, also checked.

>> No.19840870

It's a prepubescent cunt

>> No.19840944
File: 130 KB, 1280x720, cunny2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What / When do we start investing in airlines / casino now while low or will they go lower?

cute and funny

>> No.19840956

Where are my TSX friends @?

>> No.19840978

Having the same debate with myself. Have an airline I am interested in but trying to low ball too much. It just wont dip enough for me...
Thinking i should just market buy to get in. Seems about the right time to see recovery begin

>> No.19840997


>> No.19841005


>> No.19841014

A lot of people have been selling with the belief that muh Second Wave® is coming. I took my airplane gains a month ago so I haven't been watching. Either way I would think there's some sort of dip that will serve as a nice entry point, but I would pick an airline that's on the low end for exposure to foreign markets. (LUV was my pick back in April.)

>> No.19841018

>GNUS is hilarious
GNUS bagholders are delusional....They truly believe that Andrew Citron is going to jail for his opinion, and that the SEC is going to ban day trading and short sellers...of course none of that matters since none of them will ever sell.....they plan on leaving their 1.38 shares to their grandchildren incase Disney buys GNUS out in 2061

>> No.19841026

I’m a bear and I want more green, just means cheaper/more puts.

>> No.19841071

put everything in TQQQ and hold for 20 years, solid?

>> No.19841084

Race to vaccine. PFE ftw?

>> No.19841126

>put everything in TQQQ and hold for 20 years, solid?


>> No.19841134


Still holding oil, banks and pipelines banking on the eventual recovery to near-normal while collecting tax credited dividends

>> No.19841142


Buying the peak of this bubble is like buying the beak of 2000. Nasdaq fell 80% over multiple years. In fact if you bought in 2000 you'd be down over 50% after TEN YEARS. TQQQ has never existed outside of a never ending bull market. But I am guessing a 50% decline and chop over 10 years wouldn't be too good for it. Just donate that money, you'll feel much better having donated it to a good cause than helping to pay some millionaire fund manager's bonus.

>> No.19841152

SKYW a good. Also fewer robinhoodlets hodling it

>> No.19841165
File: 96 KB, 432x768, typicalgnusinvestor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19841191


>> No.19841193
File: 34 KB, 262x276, based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based tanya poster

>> No.19841197

Bought PFE at it's last dip and it's let me down ever since

Moves like treacle and that's on a good day.

>> No.19841198

holding on AC and TRP
also GFL long term holding

>> No.19841202

church was closed... im more than upset... fuck it... happy fathers day. if you want to make money find another fuckiing forum to look for advice.

>> No.19841208

but that's if you put all your assets at the peak of a bubble, presumably if I DCA into it with a monthly sum I'll buy cheap eventually and for a while. That's one of the misconceptions about "buy & hold", to do it right you must keep buying it. I think, I'm poor af.

>> No.19841218

i did go to the cemetery where my father's parents rest... black cop watching the gate.. gave him a wave and was able to cry at their headstone.... i guess buy a plot while it's cheap you'll fucking use it or some one else will need it.

>> No.19841226

pfizer is pretty much the shiittiiest biotech you can buy these days... if II were to bet on the next stock to lose dow 30 status it would be them. but be happy you bought low.

>> No.19841229 [DELETED] 


Also holding a boatload of RioCan, imo they own so much land in prime city locations that even if retail cuts back heavily it still feels like a no brainer at 2008 prices

>> No.19841231

this place is the most fun, I've only found gregory mannarinos chat ok. My brain is wired to not use reddit

>> No.19841249

PACD set to gain a few cents.

>> No.19841252
File: 258 KB, 616x1128, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the absolute state of GNUSfags

>> No.19841254

>47 posts by this id
What the fug. Go outside or jerk off or something

>> No.19841259

Sky burial is the only way to go

>> No.19841263


Ok, but the same example, if you DCAed in the nasdaq starting during the dot com bubble, you'd probably still be down in 2010. Maybe break even. But you would definitely be down 100% if TQQQ existed. And valuations are even more stretched for big tech now than then.

>> No.19841316
File: 2.18 MB, 326x254, 1592663928908.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going all in on Pembina Pipeline over the next week.

>> No.19841347

no... i want to be cremated on a boat cast off over the ocean...


>> No.19841364

Acceptable alternative as long as the boat is 100% biodegradable

>> No.19841425

Will dump again tomorrow

>> No.19841462

> But you would definitely be down 100% if TQQQ existed
No you wouldn't, the NASDAQ would have to have fallen 33% in a single day for that to have happened since these types of ETFs are repositioned daily. The loss would be huge but it would then compound into a return much higher than if you just owned the index.
>And valuations are even more stretched for big tech now than then
This also isn't true. P/E reached an all time high before the bubble burst. These days tech is overvalued but it isn't a bubble, it represents the premium that people are willing to pay to own stocks that have a much brighter future. Most of the stocks in the S&P or Dow are boomer pieces of garbage that won't be around in 50 years and will have dismal returns between now and then.

>> No.19841497
File: 32 KB, 500x500, 9823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can't stand those kinds of people, faking virtue for virtual points. who wants to be around them? actively making the world a worse place and believing they have the right to dictate what others should think.

>> No.19841500
File: 916 KB, 760x573, 1592546667418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yes, well done GrifFEDoor, well done.

>> No.19841546

aaahh it's good to be back

>> No.19841550

I'll be liquid on July 1
Is July a good time to buy or wait the usual ghost month dip in August? But seriously will it finally stop being a meme

>> No.19841575
File: 475 KB, 554x724, 2346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19841593

Did you do your own DD? Don't just listen and blindly follow me into bad positions.
I still can't pull the trigger! My index holdings have PPL tho, so I have exposure to them kinda? That divvy calls to me, I cannot resist her sweet givings

>> No.19841675


Doesnt sound any different from here..

>> No.19841684
File: 139 KB, 828x449, 1FC1904A-996A-4985-A208-50F159A85398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19841685

of course i didn't, i just blindly follow the 4chan meme stocks and so far ive made money

>> No.19841699

Uh oh.

>> No.19841706
File: 67 KB, 470x512, 1592589517135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh boii these Oil stonk bags are getting bigger and heavier

>> No.19841716

bullish for tankers

>> No.19841717
File: 114 KB, 482x427, IMG_2838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19841723

God i hope so. I dont want to spend another week depressed about my absolutely fucked calls.

>> No.19841732


Shit I'm all in on XOM.

>> No.19841746

GUYS invest in barrack gold, look at their 1year history to see what I mean, once the second wave hits we'll all be rich

>> No.19841747

red day monday, green day tuesday.

The issue with this bubble is that it can last whilst the interest rates are 0%.

>> No.19841765

t. retard

>> No.19841781

It's going to dip again.

t. Bought MRO at like 4 bucks and made a lot of money selling it at the top.

MRO is a fantastic medium term swing trade. I use it to increase my shekels so I can roll them into XOM

>> No.19841793

Not stocks in general though. Lately, since NASDAQ is pretty Covidproof, tech goes up during fear, down for recovery/hopeful signs. Opposite is true for COVID hit stocks like leisure and retail.

>> No.19841802


Thank God I didn't buy oil futures

Should I go short?

>> No.19841814

How do we feel about IDEX? I got in at $1.15.

>> No.19841825

Nobody is touching baggie until his ID changes! Got it?!? Come on baby, I need that UPDOW more than ever..

>> No.19841851

>Covid is back! Sell Sell Sell
Meanwhile noone is brave enough to close back down and COVID no longer adversely affects the economy. We arent far enough out that people have toned down social distancing, and will get scared back into it. May see a day or two red on hype, maybe.

>> No.19841859

What’s the s&p lookin like tomorrow

>> No.19841898


200 point drop minimum within a few hours of market open

>> No.19841918

>oil is safe
BUY SHORTS. (although I agree that long term, it's fine)

>> No.19841950

this is the most based thing I've ever seen

>> No.19841975

I don't think you understand, even if only 20% of the population quarantines, consuming less, not traveling, not going out to restaurants and stadiums and movie theaters, living doing the bare minimum, that alone generates a snowball effect of bankruptcies. Did you see Trump rally? It was empty. People are scared, locking down or not.

>> No.19842015
File: 43 KB, 720x678, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

perfect for the space age, which happens to be starting tomorrow. gonna need a lot of oil for space fuel.

>> No.19842031
File: 1.89 MB, 462x427, neko cat questions.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you all expect a dump?
Futures will crab and the following market will crab. For the near future imo. Maybe interrupted by some Jerome pump and dumps if he feels like it.
A crash only happens when we have new, market changing information. Even foreseeable bad news wont crash the market if they are foreseeable. There is so far no nothing that will cause a slide.

>> No.19842043

My target price for them is 90.
But they will drop during earnings.
Their pathetic attempt at joining the numbers from carrier and Otis wont fly again as both Otis and Carrier have their own earnings now.
So I'm waiting for earnings.

>> No.19842045
File: 231 KB, 512x422, 9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is that in english? am i supposed to hear what they are singing?

>> No.19842071
File: 87 KB, 974x1061, 22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also who are they waving at in the end? camera goes around and there's no audience. yet i hear cheering?
live concert my ass, it's all dubbed playback.

>> No.19842077

This is German and I only realized when someone pointed out the lyrics.
Japs are just that bad at foreign languages

>> No.19842079

Oil companies are not good long term. Oil relevance is decreasing. Xom and cvx are in a downtrend even discounting Corona.

>> No.19842142

I think that just means what isn't being pumped is still there.... You think oil can be this cheap and we won't fucking use it because some liberal shitlord decrees that carbon emissions require a tax to pay for gibs and a unionization of the transportation of hazardous chemicals?

>> No.19842186

>Doubting the will of the left to make your life miserable

>> No.19842208
File: 156 KB, 900x1274, obama was worse than trump (it's true).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the "protests" are worrying me, that shit should have come under control long time ago and now it's so bad that police are just staying at home or not answering calls. the fascist left are pushing policies that could disrupt the economy for real.

hopefully i'm just too focused on small areas and the country keeps going as usual, but if it spreads further it could be really bad. new york is a economic center and the major is fucking up the city big time. nobody had the balls to just side with the police to stop the madness and now there's barely any law left because if they try to help and protect themselves THEY get in trouble. the police scanners are going silent. it's unbelievable that the city has let it go so far.

>> No.19842238

It's literally an opinion piece. i mean... i can write this headline

"Joggers looting retail stores creates havoc that leads to truck drivers refusing to make deliveries into cities across the USA."

>> No.19842266
File: 3.91 MB, 270x263, 6NpJo8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck you're right..... I don't want to breathe anymore...

any of you have any of those recipes for crystals?

>> No.19842283

Never use msm or news for investing. Unless you can properly rewrite it in your head without propaganda.

If you are investing on headlines "record cases" youre never.gonna mak it. Look at data yourself. Media news will only harm your understanding

>> No.19842335
File: 136 KB, 799x515, BB15Mcqf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19842350

Problem is the market often moves on that news even though you can see through it.

>> No.19842371


Lets go

>> No.19842382

You can just play around it. Inefficiencies benefit you if they are real.

>> No.19842406

Boomers deserve to lose all their retirement savings because they elected Trump.

>> No.19842434

I only trust The Girlscout Newsletter and the Yorkshire Evening Gazette

>> No.19842455
File: 504 KB, 1256x1461, 123vivaGermania.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Joggermania is happening in Germany!

>> No.19842470
File: 63 KB, 780x520, ST_20190126_PMSOROS26_4579452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19842480

>Bank stress test results affecting divvies and buybacks released friday
Even if we crab the next 4 days there should at least be some movement on friday.

>> No.19842488

im BvllliSH for the Stock market!!!

>> No.19842490

Yeah it's kinda bullshit I have to resort to the black market to get my hands on the good shit... I just want to stay awake for 72 hours strait, see crazy shit that doesn't exist outside of my head, and also be able to turn that shit off and go to sleep with out wearing a face mask less than 6 foot from some one.

>> No.19842499

Takes years if you go bankrupt mate.
Its just migrants doing migrant stuff. Also Württemberg is ruled by the green party so nothing will happen.

>> No.19842540

worst part is that hydroxycut shit trump was taking as a profelactic to the carona and to help lose weight for the push up contest with biden took the liife of that broad with the big tits and blonde hair.

>> No.19842551


Im planing on buying more XOM when market opens, their plans on Biofuel seems pretty based desu

>> No.19842594

Yeah, I still think they're a good buy right now. They're a giant so should be okay.

>> No.19842628
File: 373 KB, 1242x2208, F952199D-F3B7-484E-949D-46B139BE0094.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good news for the banks.
This should make the stress test very easy to pass.

Not sure what it will do to the bank stocks though. I hope something great because I've got like 40k in Citigroup investments.

>> No.19842639

>They're a giant so should be okay.
Do you like massive failures? Remember Rex Tillerson? See what happened to the boyscouts of america? want to know what happens to XOM , go ahead throw money at it.... what's the worst thing that happens it's only money.

>> No.19842650
File: 173 KB, 1140x1024, IMG_0630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19842673

>Stimulus measures intended to reduce deflationary pressures just end up putting more cash in the bank

>> No.19842674

>No dubs
Sorry brah, craberoo for you. Next time mention which circuit breaker (up or down). Its neccessary as per the great clown world decree of 2020.

>> No.19842680

I started buying PNC stocks
I own a variety of bank stocks... WFC, JPM, it's all there

>morgan on SOTS
I don't like it 2bh
I just want a channel with Meg, Rick, David, Kelly, and Carl and some intermission appearances from Cramer. Is it too much to ask?

>> No.19842682


Why you going back on yourself?

>> No.19842696

grotonites are the niggers of connecticut, imagine not being from the gold coast

>> No.19842697
File: 44 KB, 960x640, 1592742378489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a schizo market general.

>> No.19842703

I have decided to stop thinking about stocks and to stop buying so many. I will still buy a big chunk twice a year, but no more frequently and I will not check the markets co stantly.
I want to spend money on beautiful things like Wegner chairs, a nice rug, some art for my home.

I need to rid myself of this obsession with the stock market.

>> No.19842709

Like I dunno why do they care if some jogger gets shot in USA. I have never seen someone being actively getting discriminated here or having problem with police force. Subhumans

>> No.19842729

>5k for some chair
Sounds like a good investment

>> No.19842732

Please, I need my COF calls to print so i can go back to trading after all this holding! Im bored af since the last high.

>> No.19842739

Balance sheet recession?

Thats why you need omega levels of stimulus to force inflation regardless of behavior

Need infrastructure, round 2 of checks etc

They have to force inflation out the ass

>> No.19842765

What did they do with that broad Trish Regan? She had her own show on Fox Business in the same time slot as Tucker, and honestly I thought she had a better grasp of global politics and how they related to international markets along with a nice face and easy to listen to voice... She kinda shit on everybody for everything and might have burned some bridges... I could imagine her being a royal cunt or massive bitch if she wanted too..... She kinda reminds me of my aunt, except my aunt is a single mother 2 baby daddy no child support cry to mommy and daddy to raise her children, even though they're both graduated and like in their 30s... the fucking son didn't call his mom on mother's day or show up to our big mama's funeral... uhhh... I care about all my family, even if I don't agree politically I'm still going to call my mom's sister just to see how her new boyfriend is doing and bullshit wiith her... her new boyfriend iis actually reallly cool they've been together like 8 years... i want to call him uncle, but it's like what ever... we joke and he has a good sense of humor.

>> No.19842779

Baggie please stop blogposting

>> No.19842784

II just told you the industry is fucked... not all is going to make it... you're better off putting your money in something that everybody iis going to make it. Like shorting the fucking 30 year yield.

>> No.19842789

>Trish Regan
>age: 47 years
gee, I wonder why she isn't on TV anymore...

>> No.19842796
File: 54 KB, 311x311, 1572335685144.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being fascinated by Danish furniture from the 1970s
Not making fun of you. Just wondering how someone comes to the point that they wake up and say "You know what would improve my life? Buying Scandinavian furniture from the 1970s for 3k USD."

>> No.19842804

what the fuck is the difference between me writiing 2 parragraphs and one of you faggots linking to some fucking media outlet like bloomberg or some fucking twitter liink... like eat a diick faggot.

>> No.19842823

I'd uhh... if given the opportunity and it was all consensual... I'd cheat on my gook gf to do the in and out.

>> No.19842824

Maybe there are Scandinavian boomers who are obsessed with buying overpriced American furniture from the 50's and 60's ?

>> No.19842830

I don’t think JPOW has the stomach for it anymore and neither does Congress. These people aren’t idiots. They got what they wanted from the last stimulus. Now it’s time for them to just reap the fruits and let the peasants eat cake. The only one crazy enough to push more stimulus is Trump, and he’s practically a lame duck.

>> No.19842846
File: 409 KB, 2616x1855, ManheimUsedVehicleValueIndex-LineGraph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are already seeing inflation though, used car prices have made a V shaped recovery and are going to hit all time highs this month.

>> No.19842853

It’s an investment in a higher quality of life

I’m Danish

>> No.19842854



>> No.19842855

Pedophiles from /tv/ try to spread it, forced meme. Reminder to only reply to them, avatarfags, and name/tripfags telling them to an hero

>> No.19842857

The market isn’t fucked the fed literally won’t allow it to correct to fair value, shortest bear market in history this year proves it

>> No.19842860

Considering that the Swedish rockabilly scene is a thing you are probably correct.

>> No.19842868
File: 503 KB, 1440x1724, 1585354573478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just started with futures too
I'm having a ton of fun tb h

>> No.19842905

Yeah but part is expectations of at least 1 tr more stimulus.

>> No.19842910

Makes sense. Still wondering where that fascination for furniture comes from. Its not a typical interest, like lets say cars or travelling.
Too hard to get into for me.
Im sticking with stocks.

>> No.19842919

He has a success rate of something retarded like 2%. He's literally the "do the opposite" of what /biz/ says. XOM is likely the best bet. the growing stockpile is basic micro, and it's likely going to end in a second big drop in prices. That said, I don't think we're going to get another revenue shock, but we're going to see demand not return to its old levels. The unfortunate thing is that oil is being priced like we're crawling back to normal, which brings production levels back to normal, so we're going to end up with the rigs pumping until its too late and no one has a place for the oil again. It's likely to happen, I'm just not sure when.

>> No.19842923

buy chairs here:






new thread

>> No.19842925

I’m rooting for this guy. It’ll take a lot of culling but it can be done. Great Filter ain’t shit!

>> No.19842979

I can see that. With a company like XOM at its current price, I still think it's a decent thing to grab and hold. It may not recover until late 2021/2022 but it should start to recover.

>> No.19843029

What you write is absolutely interesting and of no use to anyone

>> No.19843275

Right, but thats already happening "second wave" is a meme because the first never ended. Only govt lockdown mandates. Youd have to be an idiot to think itd be magically gone after a couple of months.

>> No.19843638
File: 33 KB, 434x486, 34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because the black lives matter movement is just a front for violent extremists (all skin colors) who are authoritarian fascists. the racists and the extremists make it global. the people arranging the "protests" don't actually care about the cause.

antifa was too obvious that they were in fact the fascists but black lives matter is the perfect shield.

thousands of gullible non-violent fools will stand right next to the violent people and protect them. and if police arrests the non-violent fools the violent people will come to them later and make them more extreme and violent ("that wasn't right that you were arrested bro, you didn't do anything!")

also if police arrest people before anything happens they are blamed for arresting innocent peaceful protesters. if they arrest people after anything happens the police is blamed for handling the situation poorly.

seriously fuck all black lives matters supporters, you are a fucking moron that can't see beyond your nose.

>> No.19844140

Based anon. Hate anime, hate pedos, hate cunnyfags, hate redditors, hate jannies, hate namefags, hate Baggie. simple as.

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