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I'm the richest anon on the board and you can't prove me wrong

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Prove it

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Me too, I own 952 COMB tokens too.

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>I'm the richest anon on the board and you can't prove me wrong

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I own 575 LINK, so I'm thinking your wrong.
>t.just found out that I was "this" close to being aborted, as my mother was on a Fertility drug that lead her to be pregnant with 5 kids at once, and they kept 2 at birth.

So I'm just happy to be here, living the dream. Shitposting for a living.

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truly rich people don’t need to flex their money. especially on a thai basket weaving board

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That’s cool still buying link though

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I have the biggest peepee here. You can't prove me wrong

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No I am and you can’t prove me wrong

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Is your name Richard?

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>measure my wealth in usd
>number low
>feels bad
>measure my wealth in vietnamee dong
>number high
>feels good

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nolinkers are truly mentally ill

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I have the smallest peepee on this board and no one can prove me wrong

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I'm the first and only Pajeet in all Mumbai to learn how to use the potty.

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