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What is the average Link stack?

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I have 30k. Bought in at .20.

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What's the best website to buy link and sell link

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11k, bought in a .12.

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these are the make it stacks
96 eth
10k link
21 btc
1 million RSR

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i feel insecure about my sexuality with my feminine 300k link stack

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>Never sell

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if its to expensive for you now, its never to late to start building a bag anon...

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Average link stack according to etherscan is around 100k. Anything less than that will probably not make it.

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i have 250 and i feel comfy.

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25K here. Bought at $4.35

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If you got 2K LINK you're in the top 5% of wallets. For some perspective.

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22k at 0.30 average

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I have about thirty link and bought at $5

Buying more and holding for a few years is smart right?

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it'll take 5 years for chainlink to finally moon, so we have time.

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a bunch of bullish news regarding this project and it barely pumps pass $5 it's going to take alot more than just some little baseline protocol collab for this thing to pump and it's not going to happen this year.

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5K 1.7 average

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I have ALL de pusy

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I think it needs something like Ford or a manufacturing company to onboard it and then we’ll see how powerful it is because they do alot of cross border payments with their suppliers.

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please kill yourself. please please please. i had enough of retards like you spamming this shit coin all day everyday.

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are you legit risking 205k for 3k over 3 months on a non verified website with about 2 years or less of community trust?

Your gonna soon find out why people hated the bitconnect so much

I have the same amount and honestly i couldn't bare with the paranoia for 3 months for just a petty 3k return. maybe in 5 years or so once the community is trusted more and the company has more to lose, but these guys have literally just come on the scene comparatively to cryptocurrencies and your letting them hold 200k of your money... with the returns they're giving it also sounds too good to be true and i smell exit scam right around the corner on this one for sure.

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>"Hurrr im only going to have 5 million dollars instead of 25 million dollars whats the point bros durrr"

kys, you dont deserve the riches that sergey is offering you

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They’re working with visa you fucking sperg it’s a legit company it’s not some disgusting pinoy chink shuffling onstage screaming nonsense in crude English I looked at the white man in charge for about four fucking seconds and realised it’s legit and stuffed my sinking link into the Earn program grow a pair faggot

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Only sane take in these fucking threads.

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Is it even worth buying if you didn't buy sub dollar?

I mean, isn't link supposed to always be around the price of a cup of coffee?

Also, ive been thinking, I dont think its natural for the sum of all the eth tokens to be higher than the total value of ethereum. So, either eth will moon too, or its tokens are limited to a max price.

If im right, the only way for link to moon is if sirgay makes a chain for chainlink.

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It would take one big market swing in either direction for your eth to disappear.

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No you bought into the FUD, two you can’t compare LINK to a company, you can compare it to a network that will fuel every smart contract.

Think of it as buying a piece of the internet.

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Unironically go all in link. And keep buying more link once a month

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60k LEND stack instead

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It’s not 2014 anymore boomer Crypto.com has a coin almost in the top 10 they’re not going to fucking exit scam they’re not some chink eye scam operation

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Your info is old. If you have 5k you're now in the top 5ish percent.

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>Crypto.com has a coin almost in the top 10

I've never been more convinced my life that something is a scam more than I am in this moment.

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I'm literally addicted to buying Link. It gives me a semi every time.

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lol you will never make it stinkies

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the thing you dont understand is that if we ever have a massive bull run again, it will become more profitable for crypto.com to exit scam than it will for them to continue running a legitimate operation

you are betting $200k based on blind faith in nobodies you've never met and your funds are not even insured in the event of a hack/exit.

good luck

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only 1k :(

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2k bought litle by little

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Holy based

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Just keep stacking, I'm at 10k, and now i'm still DCAing in. Nothing else interests me right now to invest.

Waiting on Oil to go back up in price but the stock market feels more shakey than crypto.

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I got 3k and 0.08LP, Will I make It?

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There are guys on here with even more than me staked

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90k. I bought below 20 cents.

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Based, thanks for the hopium.

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8 billion people, 1 billion tokens so average stack is 0.125 Chainlink tokens

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Twice as much as what you have, OP

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Decent stack. Its anybody's guess how profitable staking will be in the future. But we're going to at least $50 in the next 2-3 years, and $100+ in 3-5 years

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I fucking hope so.

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1inch for DEX, cbp for CEX if burger, binance otherwise

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curse about being here is where so ahead on research that every announcement just confirmation of bread crumbs. I fucking hate this retarded market but I would hate to have that feeling of "I wish I bought more".

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I wish I had money to get more

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Yeah because that’s surely not heavily distorted by the wallets holding several millions! Kek

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Where is the current link marine chart?

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i'm positive those huge wallets will never see light outside of the network once staking live, was probably the best way to scare off moon bois.

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It always will be 1000 as a suicide stack

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I believe even suicide stacks will make it, I think this next bull run will be different we might be kick starting a new type of industry/sector. For some reason I feel like the 2018 bull run came to a stop because of the oracle problem and because of that nothing else could be developed, now with CL we might actually see something like a 8-10 year bull run for crypto.

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Not true

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It doesn’t even fucking matter faggot. Look around you the world is coming to an end. I have 30k got in early 2018. And I don’t even give a shit anymore. You aren’t going to enjoy your gains like people who got rich off bitcoin and eth

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want to send them to me? ill take them off your hands and you wont have to ever think about them again!

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You are fucking delusional. There won’t even be a country next year. Fucking 8-10 year bull run. Fuck outta here

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damn FUD sure got angry all of a sudden.

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the decline always speeds up, but acquiring money is worth it because there is still time to use it to prepare.

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You are the fucking delusional one if you think the world won’t manage through this like it has every time before. You fucking doomsayers predict the apocalypse every time there’s a protest or someone coughs and your grand HAPPENING gets canceled without fail every time.

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Buy signal

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based but i'm talking about the dev wallets.

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You are reddit tier faggot. I have 30k link and I don’t even care anymore. You aren’t seeing the forest from the trees. I know it’s going up probably a lot, but the point is it doesn’t matter. If you have 10k that’s more than enough. Instead of pumping more into link maybe you should go have fun before it all burns to the ground. I mean how much more link you think you can realistically get? 1-2k more? Who gives a fuck? If link goes to 100$ you aren’t going to give a fuck if you have 1 million instead of 1.1 million.

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>I think this next bull run will be different we might be kick starting a new type of industry/sector
We don't do bull runs or tech progress anymore, it's about black people instesd.

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bruv. this is planned.

controlled demolition. liquidity coins exist for a reason. it’ll be fine.

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It’ll manage through this. I’m still bullish on link. I’m just saying it isn’t going to be fun once we make it. Country is turning to a hellscape.

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>I made it.... but at what cost?

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10k, bought in at $4

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realistically, $100 EOY

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anons im delusional right now; i truly believe LINK is going to 81k then beyond

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fuck dude we're about to enter the fourth industrial revolution, you think the elites fucking care if a couple thousands of NEETS become millionaires??

We're gonna create more millionaires in the next 10 years than the past 30.

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This faggot sperging out. He's 100% worried. Imagine letting someone hold all of your Link for 3 months for a few shekels.

I'm going to remember this and laugh my ass off when I see the news in a few weeks.

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Digits confirm the delusion is real and I'm not schizophrenic I'm rich and unusual

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Lambo when?

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The average link stack is 5k, seeing that most people here bought from 30-40 cents. You have oldfags that bought earlier that knew the value. Suicide stack is 1000, because 1 million dollars is what is going to keep you from roping. Anything under 5$ is a steal for chainlink.
t. 3k stack

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>3k link
Im at 2900 tho.
I dont think It Will be $1000 before 2025

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I'm moving out of my shithole state to a nicer place. Nice places still exist in this country fren!

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6/21 soon™

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10k suicide
40k make it

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You guys got until mid next month, september the latest.

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don't worry about having 10k link....what you should be worrying about is having 10k OGN. In terms of the potential for a coin to do what LINK has done...OGN is your boy. It pumped recently...but it looks like it might pump more in the next few days. Either way, I have 10k OGN and am confident that this will allow to me make it, or at least get closer to that goal. I mean fuck, it only cost me a couple grand, but if this shit becomes worth as much as LINK I'll have $40k

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To get more or to get to a target number of link?

>> No.19801885

to get as much as you can for these prices.

>> No.19801921

Thanks, I'll try.

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Goddamn I haven't felt this bullish in over a year

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$50 eoy?

>> No.19801944

I donno dude wuflu set us back I'd say 1keoy

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dunno, here my thought.

$25 - They still need to build the network more.
$50 - Network is going on pace that we expect, hold to 2027 for big gains.
$100 - Strap in and don't sell we're going to mars.

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>hold to 2027

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Thanks for the hopium!
I plan on just staking it and getting the gains of at least 4%/year

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10% of the global GDP will be on the block chain by 2027, obv you can sell earlier but you might regret selling it earlier.

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>Is it even worth buying if you didn't buy sub dollar?
>I mean, isn't link supposed to always be around the price of a cup of coffee?
>Also, ive been thinking, I dont think its natural for the sum of all the eth tokens to be higher than the total value of ethereum. So, either eth will moon too, or its tokens are limited to a max price.
>If im right, the only way for link to moon is if sirgay makes a chain for chainlink.
All of this is wrong holy shit.

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kek, these people don't understand you're investing in a network not a company.

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This is the most bullish shit I've ever witnessed. This plus all of the breadcrumbs that just keep coming true over the years. You are a legit RETARD if you do not scrape as much link as you can get together. Get your 10k stacks anons. Do whatever you need to do. This is the most important thing in all of our lives and will bind us together forever.

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Dude just look at the post above yours. Holy shit are you dumb?

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Did you watch Ian presentation, I can't believe it wasn't discussed here. it super fucking bullish, I pity the fool who sells his stack at $1k.


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>Did you watch Ian presentation
>I can't believe it wasn't discussed here.
It was a little bit. But there are so many things regarding chainlink that we've uncovered and have been announced in varying ways that it's always on to the next breadcrumb.
>it super fucking bullish, I pity the fool who sells his stack at $1k.
Same, many of the ones we leave behind who had a chance will literally kill themselves.

>> No.19803623

Do you feel like 5k link will be enough if just hold for 5 years? This staking shit looks complicated as well... Maybe it's just fud

>> No.19803657

>Same, many of the ones we leave behind who had a chance will literally kill themselves.
I get the feeling those people are the same ones laughing at that poor kid who died after Robinhood. Screw em.

>> No.19803695

WTF happened to the old fags.? nulinkers hold less than 30k? i had 48k at one point and i was small just 2 years ago

>> No.19803878

You got lucky. Right place, right time. Stop acting like you're a genius for buying link when it was cheap

>> No.19803914

theres still a few of us with 100k+, and even some with over 200k

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I did my research anon. Years of research. I've been here for 7 years. There has never been a sure thing like LINK before in crypto. It's even more of a guaranteed thing than Ethereum was. There are tons of other scams shilled on /biz/. There is so much fud regarding link. If you were smart enough to do your research and buy the right project on an anonymous image board and then hold for many years without being hacked and losing your private key and without selling and without being convinced to sell by the never ending always evolving fud and are able to sell it at the right time you deserve it. You earned it. That stupid fucking "YoU jUsT gOt LuCkY" meme pisses me off. I knew link was a sure thing so I bought. Simple as that. I don't buy many investments but I bought LINK in oct 2017 because I knew I found something thay was about to change the world of crypto. You just cry because you missed out on the 2 years you had. Noone stopped you from researching crypto. You had 10 years and you just discovered that it wasn't a scam. How stupid do you feel? I told all of my friends and family to buy at 20 cents and only 2 close siblings bought. I gave them the keys to retirement and they dismissed it because they didn't want to put in the time to understand wbat I was telling them. They will be poor and it will be their own fault.

>> No.19804697

There is not single element of randomness in this shit. Buying shitload of link was well-thought-out and informed decision. It is not fucking lottery to "gOt lUcKy", only people that tell that are faggots that cannot confront with reality. end of story.

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I hold well over 50k. I bought at 14 cents. I bought before assblaster made his first post. 10k is the make it stack. 1k is the suicide stack. Chainlink will hit $350 at minimum. You will see faggot. I will sell nothing before then. My meme from 2017 attatched.

>> No.19804712

Is this pic from the recent WEF thing? Sorry I've been focused on my own work and haven't been paying much attention lately

>> No.19804733

It is from talk with Ian Kean, Head of Solution Engineering from Oracle.


>> No.19804758

Oh brilliant, thank you. I also agree with the above post about buying Link not as a random luck thing. Most people who bought early did research and realized how much potential it had. And there was a weird thing where I felt I was being drawn to it, like it was some divine or supernatural force guiding me along to lead me out of Hell planet. Some other anons report a similar feeling. Sorry to go all 42 about it, but it's what happened.

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You stupid faggot
You’re in every crypto.com thread and I’ve had enough.
No one ‘works with visa’ you absolute cuck. Visa is a payments rail that any dickhead can use if they pass basic checks and have enough money. Idiot.

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>you had x years
Imagine having so little confidence in link that you you think the time for accumulation is over.
This is unironically like being in bitcoin at $4

>> No.19804912 [DELETED] 

I have to agree. I had a similar feeling. There is no feeling like it. When you know you just know. And also the fact that it was brand new. Like you were buying amazon right before the dot com bubble. You knew you had made it. All you had to do was press that buy button and your future was locked in.

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I have to agree. I had a similar feeling. There is no feeling like it. When you know you just know. And also the fact that it was brand new. Like you were buying amazon right before the dot com bubble. You knew you had made it. All you had to do was press that buy button and your future was locked in.

>> No.19804968

Well yes, the days of buying 5 digits stacks no problem is gone, and the days of buying 4 digit stacks is ending, 3 digit buys are still decent accumulation. Once we're in the 2 digit stack phase I'll probably stop my accumulation. Imagine newfags coming in here asking if their 74 link is enough to make it.

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I found that book in early 2018 and it still boggles my mind its literally the fucking Chainlink logo. I mean its already enough Schwab mentions Smartcontract.com by name but FFS its too much. I went all in on that and Blythe Masters footrub were two turning points for me.

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I know. There was actually quite alot of chainlink logo symbolism everywhere in what the major companies like Microsoft, EY, Google, and related companies were sharing.

Would you mind explaining the significance of the blythe masters footrub to me?

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Everything she touches is gold and she is a leading figure in venture capitalism especially financial technology. She also was credited for creating the default credit swap which was the financial tool that was used to bet against the housing market in 2008 I.E. The Big Short.

Anyway the guy rubbing her feet there is the Global Head of Development for Chainlink. Power, sex, and money are generally related so it was an excellent sign from a psychological perspective. It lends the sign they knew each other well and were comfortable, perhaps from working together if not actually having sex.

The only other thing they made me know this was legit before all of the occult/Kabbalah/Mason imagery was the only time I ever saw Sergey lose composure, but not in a bad way, during a speak event. Gif related.

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link is a faggot and a nigger. yesterdats winner while you day dream of a $6 link was melon. 114% increase in the last 24 hours


people who dont cling to shit coins and do their home work theme when they look at their holdings


your theme being a link fag when sir ghey of faggots vil floods the market again and devalues it


>> No.19805297

>Anyway the guy rubbing her feet there is the Global Head of Development for Chainlink.
I thought Dan left recently?

>> No.19805303

Also do you have the link to the clip where Sergey does that smug action? I forgot which one was it

>> No.19805314

He may have I'm not entirely sure, but he clearly played his part as Blythe Masters = Hyperledger and Chainlink is their oracle network of choice.

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Based, im late but still buying at least a 1k stack. Losers always bag out good results as luck in any application. Yeah there may be some luck involved but there is also luck in not being hit by a car on your way to work everyday. Fuck em

>> No.19805318

just get 100k statera

>> No.19805340

The average link stack is really small, like 75% of holders are privates (<500). Using data from wallets not on exchanges, discounting the addresses with less than one token the median is 123.6 link.

>> No.19805375


Not off the top of my head, It was an event where all of the oracles being developed were doing a Q&A and it was hilarious. Sergey was clearly miles ahead of everyone easily dominating the room every time he spoke.

The moderator asked what everyone would once large institutions came on board to integrate with them in a smooth transition. It was clear at that point that all of the developers hadn't even remotely considered the business aspect and were 100% focused coding the best product. He smiled because he had already done that for a couple years prior obviously courting companies.

It was at that point I realized that everyone would join his network and Chainlink didn't even need to technically have the best coded oracles ironically. You could tell he also realized he broke compsure and immediately went back to straight faced because he gave it away.

>> No.19805407


>> No.19805439

I have 0 link.
Was too late. Dont believe it will more than 2-3x from here max.

I have sonething else with a lot of growth potential ahead.

>> No.19805446

100k link bought in 0.05

>> No.19805451


Yes the project that literally every other single project in the crypto space needs to succeed will only 2-3x max from here. I'm sure you are right

>> No.19805454

I was here early enough but I was a poor student. Still stacking LINK, but I never made it over 16k, of which I had to cash out a bit because of an emergency a few months back.

>> No.19805463

some people just can't see what's right in front of them

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You honestly have no idea. In 2017 projects were loudly tooting their own horn at every opportunity. Projects like VeChain and IOTA were having big stage conferences, constant community updates, roadmaps, etc. It was a cacophony of self promotion, hype and speculation.
And in the middle of that there was a project that ran a $30m ICO (not huge at the time) and then.... disappeared.
We got our tokens and we didn't hear ANYTHING from them until the end of the year. Literally the only contact we got from the team at all was with Rory, who would often just ask for patience, never hyping, never speculating. It is almost impossible to describe what it was like buying a completely quiet project, generally languishing barely within the top 100, while hypecoins mooned left and right. It was honestly almost delusional to keep holding LINK at that point. Why keep your money in a project that wouldn't even communicate with its bagholders, let alone hype them up?

So what did keep people in LINK? Two things. First, it had the first peer reviewed whitepaper in crypto history, co-written by Ari who already had credibility with IC3, which laid out in comprehensive terms their approach to the oracle problem.
Secondly, it was the only project with the foresight to take on the huge structural issue of oracles, when everyone else was still vying to be the "next Ethereum". Anyone who saw the bigger picture understood that it didn't matter which platform won if smart contracts remained siloed on top of them. They HAD to communicate externally to be useful, and Chainlink was the only project that even offered that possibility.

So fuck your "you got lucky". The people who bought in 2017/early 2018 were the ONLY people looking at the next generation of problems, the only people looking past the hype. People sneered at you for caring about "the tech" but look where we are now. 2017 marines are going to make huge, huge gains, and they will deserve every single cent.

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Based. People haven't brought up these points in a very long time. Chainlink was one of the most legit projects in crypto. It should have been in the top ten of crypto projects and it was sitting at position 120 like it was a complete scam. I remember the first telegram posters who came for the ico called it a scam because of how silent the team was. In their defence the ico was poorly handled. In the stock market companies typically only give investors updates 2 to 4 times a year.

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>> No.19805701
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>> No.19805721

30K-50K. if you have anything less than you're either late or too poor and you should stick to low caps now. buy ARPA.

>> No.19805735

yep. i even tried to buy 100k more in december 2018 but binance wouldn't load. fucking sucked. re-bought more at 25 cents a day later

>> No.19805829

Tell me straight. Is 25k link a good stack? I bought at $1.8 earlier this year. It’s literally all my money.

>> No.19805831


Why lie? 10,000 should be enough to make it in the next bull cycle within 12-15 months. Easily 100x from here still.

>> No.19805845


There is less than 3,000 people on the planet that have that many. I think its closer to 2,000 if I remember correctly. Its an amazing stack. Enough to comfortably take some profits on the way up this cycle but retain 10,000 for the rest of your life.

>> No.19805972
File: 2.50 MB, 540x960, tt1587652315402 1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the all time low is 0.11

>> No.19806015


>> No.19806056

inb4 this nigga ropes himself.

>> No.19806062

fuck man it is so draining to hold chainlink holding through 4.70 to 1.70 is mentally hurting.If i see YoU GoT lUCky im gonna be pissed. Its not easy to watch it go rollercoaster and i know the moment i swing or use stop loss it will explode 100x.

50K Link 2017 OG toilet memes linkie.

>> No.19806071

Imagine being this impatient if you're not terminally ill

>> No.19806074
File: 84 KB, 998x970, based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw bought at .2 and sold everything at 4.3$.
Enjoying holding my bags? Remember 1k eoy

>> No.19806120
File: 229 KB, 289x439, 1573650107105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sooner or later all swingies hungs. I holded all the way from 4,5$ to 1,5$ and i didn t sold and remember all the larping "see you at 0,5$" or "thank you for money" and next month they were like sucidial that they didnt rebought in time. Swinging is degeneracy thats why they even if they have 1-2 good calls in the end they will perish because they dont have will power to struggle. Just like picrelated fellow /biz/tard

>> No.19806126
File: 49 KB, 500x452, 2D65C5EA-1DC5-4EA9-8FE5-90FD744313C9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ahhh yes the greg schoen.

>> No.19806210

I've got 3 link, am I going to make it, guys?

>> No.19806236

Who needs a lambo? Imma get me a used corolla!

>> No.19806269

What do you think of AAVE?
Do you recomend other coins?

>> No.19806312


>> No.19806327

>still holding a 1b market cap token project instead of spreading your money around

>> No.19806371

Yes and with more room to grow?

>> No.19806791

I have 200. I’m still accumulating when able.

>> No.19806832
File: 54 KB, 621x377, 65F41FD0-7384-4B53-AB76-7A3695F579B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep accumulating, the LINK network will be worth trillions due to the block chain becoming fat protocols and the virtuous cycle.

>> No.19806921

You want to get to 10k first
And then just buy some more everytime you’re feeling down, it just makes you feel good
What you can do with those additional buys is to take some profit just for fun when it goes to $10, $20, $50
And you’ll still have your 10k stack for the prophecied $1000eoy

>> No.19806953

pick one and only one

>> No.19807094

I like the project but there is no point in link tokens for it. I mean why not bother with oracles without tokens like MakerDao's oracle (which is separate from MakerDao's token) and Gravity's Interoperability Oracles?

>> No.19807119

You retarded, do you really think LINK holders don’t know how shit other oracles are...

>> No.19807165

Well yes, I think majority are just buying because of fomo, and doesn't have a clue what it even does.

>> No.19807178

This is truer than anybody here is willing to admit.

>> No.19807188

Maybe on twitter but everyone here who holds a 1K stack or greater knows it.

>> No.19807189

I know DAO but what’s Gravity?

>> No.19807197

I only have 870 linkies
Bought them at 3 dolarinos
They are literally my ticket out of misery here in south america

>> No.19807211

I'm going through the white paper. It looks great so far and i like the idea of not building another blockchain using its native token just for the sake of it. Not only it adds complexity from a technical perspective but people are tired of projects issuing multiple tokens to try to solve a single purpose.

>> No.19807214

Highly doubt it if I had to be honst.

>> No.19807223

Okay ranjeet, you’re still not getting me to sell my stack.

>> No.19807237

Lol, w/e man just stating some facts and my point of view.

>> No.19807271

tfw 7k linklet stack

>> No.19807286

This guy had some valid argument tho.

Tokens on oracle just means that if you have enough LINK -> you can just attack the oracle of unrelated projects/clients

So LINK is basically an attack vector on other projects technically speaking

>> No.19807295

Lmao so many projects out there raising millions for one simple solution, crypto has become a joke

>> No.19807439

how much will be link by eoy 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023?

>> No.19807459

4.90, 5.20, 5.95, 4.56

>> No.19807505

I have 2.50 :)

>> No.19807589
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