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Hate it so much bros

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Retail wagie here. Grabbed myself a lemonade out of the fridge on my way to my 4th “bathroom break”. Could be worse.

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Literally everybody here.
Except the unemployable losers.

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Im on like my 4th icecream today

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We are we are walmart...

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Sitting wasting time doing nothing on the clock. It's not too bad, probably should do something else with my life though.

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Reee you're supposed to be productive so we can beat the chinese at the stonk game

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My job is pointless anyway.

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this is why i invest in stonks. i get capital gains and dividends from other wagies working. lol get back to work and make me my money bitches

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Har rould you rike to work in rice fierd?

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I just wanted to be a cop anons, was that so much to ask for? Why did I need to be cursed with colorblindness. Its not fair, retail wasnt suppose to be my life ITS NOT FAIR

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You can cross off electrician. Bzzt

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what kind of retail? look into retail arbitrage, could have some good insight on what people are buying

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keep telling yourself that wagie

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Anyone have a foolproof escape plan?

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Yes. My plan is to wage & save till I make it. I have a pension. Dunno if social security will be around when I retire. But I am saving into 401k & IRA, and I should have 100% my income from my investments/pension by the time I am 68 or 69.

So basically wage till almost 70. Life is good, my dudes.

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I bet you have lost thousdands.

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Me. I love it. Get paid $90k a year to do nothing but drive around and push a button.

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I'd just waste time and do nothing there too.

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tf do you do

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>till almost 70
Fuck that shit. I'm getting out by 60. I'm 37. I have 5 pension years. I only need 20 more and then then thats 25 years. Current contract: you get $205/month for every year of service. So right now that would be $5125 a month. Not bad. I have about $5k vested in my 401k. I'm too lazy to do the math on it but I but in $5 an hour and my employer kicks in a buck per hour. So it should be pretty healthy in 20 years. The plan is so up my contribution by a buck every year when my annual raise kicks in until I max out at $12 an hour.
Between my pension, 401k and SS (if it exists, who the fuck knows) I should be able to live comfortable in a low-tax state like AZ or WA. Right now I like the idea of splitting my time between two states and being a snowbird, but who knows if my body will be up for that at 65, 70 years old.

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Getting paid to shit as I write this (I take 3 long shit breaks every shift)


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Oh, wow, 60. Just in time to break your hip and have your dick stop working.
I lash out because I hate my life.

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The despair of waging is almost unbearable lads.

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Good thing I dont need to wait til retirement to fuck and do cool shit. As long as I have my mental faculties and can play vidya and smoke weed and watch sports and shitpost on 4chan I'll be super content.

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Is that your channel?

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>Good thing I dont need to wait til retirement to fuck and do cool shit. As long as I have my mental faculties and can play vidya and smoke weed and watch sports and shitpost on 4chan I'll be super content.

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Anyone here who's started their own business?

What do you do? What advice can you give? How difficult was it? Where is the best place to learn more?

It's pretty much my plan for 2-3 years from now when I have enough capital to do it comfortably with a friend of mine. We've been running through ideas for months from a shoe cleaning shop to an gelato cafe and still just as lost.

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We're just halfway through the year and I've already made $85,000. Waging isn't always so bad.

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Your pretax is 170k?
What do you do then?

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I max out my 401k contributions and invest in stocks/crypto. I'm in the process of learning about real estate investment. Maybe I'll start buying and renting out houses in 2021.

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Yeah ok. Keep larping

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I know a guy who started a drapes cleaning business, couple hundred bucks in equipment and long hours but he's coming up on six figures fast. He just hired his second guy right before the rice a roni hit.

Old people have no problems shelling out a few hundred for a guy to come clean their drapes, and the how-to is all on YouTube.

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>Why did I need to be cursed with colorblindness.

You're aware you can get glasses for that, right

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>live with mommy
>work part time
>throw my wagie money into crypto
>full time fags seething

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Why do you think I'm larping? This is my ytd pay at my main job. And I've made close to $15k at my side job so far this year.

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what do you do fren?

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Retail pharmacy full time and hospital pharmacy like twice a month.

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You’re a fucking faggot bro

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Lmao so you’re in massive debt trying to big dick swing on a board full of losers? Fuck you

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Nice, do you just have a BPharm, or more advanced education?

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I paid off my student debt 2 years after graduation through extra monthly payments and with my 2017 crypto gains. You want proof of that too? ;)
Doctor of Pharmacy. BPharm stopped being offered in the year 2000 I think.

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oh shit, for once it feels good to be in glorious Canada where you can practice with just a 4-year Pharm degree. I've been thinking about taking once I've finished establishing passive income, is there any advice you wished you'd gotten when you were starting?

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I am work for myself and made about $5 million last year

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How do you shit that often????? I need to work on my shit game

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Yeah, 12 gauge.

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You could market yourself as unable to be racist because you can't see color

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Not really. I had a ton of good guidance by reading the posts of students and pharmacists at the Student Doctor Network forum. The best advice that I got and followed is to work and gain as much experience as possible while in school. Learn how to network and never burn bridges because pharmacy is a small world.
Also learn how to manage your money and invest ASAP. Most of my pharmacy friends from school are still heavily in debt with a negligible amount of savings.

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probably vegan or close to it
its not good for u tho, even worse than waging

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Dumb blogpost if anyone wants to read it. Just quit my job before I got called back to the office from corona. $12.70 USD/hour after tax in Canada doing lab work. I wasted 30k on a shitty STEM meme degree (chemistry) that can't land me a job in Canada, and I have no marketable skills. The despair really only sank in after I started looking at the lifestyles of my coworkers. They were basically in their mid 30's with pHD's and were taking home just as much as I was after rent, gas, food, and taxes. They were basically done in life, no futher advancement, no possibility of getting a new job because of lack of experience and a shitty job market, and they knew it deep down inside. I just had to quit because I knew if I stayed complacent I'd be just like them in 10 years, my life would be basically over with nothing to show for it. Now I'm learning to code, as much of a meme that is, I don't see any other way out for me.

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Just put in 12 hours calling in Monday probably gonna end up costing me about ~$600 in overtime

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I will go there and start reading, and the rest is just fantastic advice for any situation. Hopefully Anons will profit from it. Thank you

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kek, so much whoosh

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this is so fucking good

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how much was your student debt for pharmacy?

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I burned out being a wagie last year and have been neeting ever since. My mental health feels a lot better now.

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Are you me? Watching the people with phDs around me is pretty sad. I work in academic so maybe industry is better. I actually like the science work i just dont know how to leverage this without getting a sub 60k/yr job.

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>40k in savings
>16k in eth
>5k in stonks

>work a real shit job and wanna kms every day

i didnt make it bros

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I borrowed like $140k. I ended up paying back $178k total because of accumulated interest.

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>tfw going back to 48 hour shifts next week. God dammit.

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That's why I'm learning to trade stocks,so I don't have to wage anymore.

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fucking hell thats an insane amount of interest given that you paid it off in 2 years after you graduated. student loans in my country are issued by the government and are indexed to inflation so it isnt so brutal. glad it worked out for you fren

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>did about 20 hours worth of overtime this fortnight

definitely isnt worth it

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Everyday before I clock in I cross the street from the parking lot without looking in hopes of being run over. Here's hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

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I'm a dumb retard so I only have a bachelors and my grades are too low for anything more than that. But yeah when someone spends the entirety of their youth in science academia and can only make less than half the starting of someone who studied computer science for 4 years it just makes me sad. I fell for the science meme, it honestly feels really bad and eats away at me every day. I often like to imagine what my life would be like had I just chosen to study cs instead of a hard science. I occasionally look up my high school classmates on normiebook and see the ones that chose to go down that route are making a nice solid 6 figs and have vibrant normie lives throwing money around like its nothing. If I wasn't so poor and money minded I'd probably cope by drinking or doing drugs.

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My job is fucking easy work but the work itself is so mindless and mind numbing I can't take any OT.

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Corona could be the great flippening for me. I'm one of those getting more now than I was. Hoping to turn it into something more but I guess time is running out.

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same here but despite the chinky flu barely affecting the industry i work in, they have been making people redundant left right and centre and now i have to do the work of several people. its not worth it anymore

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Fuck me, how many clones of myself are there in Canada? Fell for the STEM meme, got a microbiology degree only to only score a minimum wage contract lab tech job. 5 years and thousands of dollars down the god damn drain for absolutely nothing to show for it. At least I was able to get a construction gig for a bit. Makes double the money that I did in the lab but i still wanna kms.

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I'm a cop anon, and the job has its up and downs for sure. The downside is everyone hates you, but it is def one of the best ways to make money as "working class" depending on your department you can make over 6 figures easy with a decent pension.

If you truly love law enforcement work anon I suggest looking into Federal 18 series jobs, maybe there are some where color blindness is not a requirement.
Prob not FBI, but Treasury, IRS, SEC, Court 18 series federal investigators might not have the requirement.

Personally Im going FBI man

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I'm a cubicle monkey. Hate my life. We need deep reforms in the USA like UBI unironically.

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>contract lab tech job
God fuck, it was literally that. I know there are more of us for sure since literally NOBODY else I know of in the same program in my graduating year found a job (U of T). The only reason why I got my job was because they needed fresh grads so that they could apply for an ECO grant that pays for up to half of my salary. I swear I'll never do a lab job ever again. The piddling amount of money they gave me was definitely not worth the long term damage I probably did to myself inhaling chemicals and cellulose nanocrystals. If CS doesn't give me a way out of making 17 CAD/hour after tax, I'm done with life.

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>I have a shitty job
>clearly we must restructure the entire economy rather than I just put out some resumes

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It's not so bad when you have goals and projects to pursue outside of the job. Maybe try starting your own business on the side to see if you can free yourself from your corporate masters?

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Not an excuse, you can get glasses for this now, you're effectively cured

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Thots don't make passes at Chads who wear glasses.

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>40k in savings
You can start small online businesses for a few hundred dollars. Even without all your investments you have at least 100 swings at ecommerce, so get on Youtube and start looking into dropshipping and print on demand services.

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They don't make passes at you anyway faggot

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do you have the dropshipping /biz/ copypasta? i honestly wouldnt know where to start desu

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I work for nike, not the most exciting job in the world and the hours are way too long,when I first got in it was a pretty enjoyable job but slowly its been getting more corporate and soulless, I hate it so much but with corona and everything I really don't want to lose it, plus it's probably the one that pays the most for low skilled labor monkeys like me

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IT. Got paid an extra $200 in overtime just to browse the internet.

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How do I get into IT? I have a bachelor's in History which I know is worthless but it at least proves I have a degree. Right now I have a secret security clearance because the military fell through for me and I'm thinking about getting Security+ certified. Should I take community college classes or go for other certs?

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I can pretty much promise you, like 1% of the country actually works. I don't know about being employed, but as far as doing actual work goes, almost no one is doing a god damn thing. I am absolutely busy as all fuck. I get little windows like this to come and quickly scan 4chan. I sometimes I even can take a shit undisturbed...sometimes. But every day I am getting about 20 texts an hour from different people all throughout the work day. I have checked my messages around 4:30 PM and had over 110 text messages.

I have legitimately told people I don't know how to text in hopes they leave me the fuck alone. All these people, all day, just texting the day away. Practically no one is doing a fucking thing. They can't be. I'm not a celebrity, my work is about as introverted and non-people related as it comes, these are not work related text messages. I have to turn down at least one invitation to dinner and drinks a night, every single night of the week, except on the weekends when I allot myself 1 night every other week to go out. This also means the vast majority of "workers" are abusing the living shit out of alcohol.

It's like a Hell on Earth. About the only people I know that I don't hear from throughout the day and the only people not looking to get completely smashed on a nightly basis are the physicians and people running their own businesses. Everyone else? I'm assuming they do nothing all day, they drink every night, they stumble into work the next day to do nothing, and then they come home and do it all over again making sure to blow as much of their money as possible so they can continue the same routine until cancer, dementia, or heart disease takes them.

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I was employed until about a year and a half ago. My job was OK but I hated some of the people I worked with. I got fired because one day this fat cunt coworker tried to boss me around and I lost my shit, now i'm not far off being a NEET (I do study). At the time I felt so much better having no work, and I am not going to lie it is comfy just chilling and getting government gibs (thanks corona) but now I am starting to want to work again. Trying to get into military but I bet when I start working again it won't be long until I miss the days when I didn't have to work. Can't win. I just wanted a job that didn't take up 5 of my 7 days of the week.

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Depends on how much you know about computers. If you're not comfortable editing your registry, then you might get some helpdesk work, which would be asking them to reboot the machine and kick it up to L2s like me.
A+ is two tests and for general IT work, but if you have a lot of dosh and brains, skip Sec+ and get your GSEC. You can either get the SANS training for $7,800 or challenge it with me for $1,800. If that's too much, Sec+ had a YouTube series by Professor Messer.

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Wasn't aware there was one, i'd love to read it. Anyway for dropshipping there's plenty of channels on Youtube, i'd recommend Wholesale Ted for more structured videos (not to mention the Kiwi qt) and Biaheza for stores being built in action, challenges etc and The Ecom Wizard which is a small channel but i've found him quite helpful for how to run ads and that kind of thing. Hope that helps.

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no way I'm gonna fix pajeet code for another 10 years

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There's a guy at work who literally runs on a script. Says the exact same shit to everybody, every day.

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what's the script?

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Its hard to write out because he has specialized lines for each day of the week. Most of it is just normal NPC lines. But the worst has to be Wednesdays.

>7 AM
>literally 7 in the god damn morning
>marches through the door


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My industry was killed by the wuflu and lockdowns (events, theatre) so I'm jumping ship and am training to be a life insurance salesman. Hoping Link moons before I need to even sell a policy though so I don't have to wage no more

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>He isn't NEET

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2bh he's almost figured out how it works, I wasted years until I realized that career success is about 25% actual proficiency at your job and 75% observing normie rituals

It just sounds like he's gotta up his game a couple of levels

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Im gonna make sweet merch and sell it online

Like clothes and shit

Meanwhile stuck waging at my 9-5 defense contracting

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That's the right attitude. Congratulation wagie.
>The downside is everyone hates you
The first cops in ancient greece were slaves, because the citizen wouldn't ashame themselves doing such a job.

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Hello leaf frens. I too studied Chemistry. Was gonna go for my PhD but backed out last minute. Science really seems like a very difficult road if not dead end in Canada. I did very well in my undergrad but wasn't convinced it was worth it.

I graduated in 2017, travelled that summer and couldnt find a job for ~8 months. Luckily I was able to survive by trading shitcoins all day during the 2017 bull run. Anyway I eventually gave up looking for work and started to teach myself to code. I got an unrelated job managing a day camp the Summer of 2018 and basically self taught full time at the end of 2018 until march 2019. I applied to jobs for only a single weekend and got 3 Interviews and 2 job offers. Both were intern type jobs, but after 8 months as an intern I was turned to full time salary at 70k with 3 weeks + 3 days vacation, fully remote work.

The comparison between finding work in Software and Science is absolutely mind blowing. When I was trying to find chemistry work I applied to soooo many places that I know I could do the job in my sleep, I had 4 research placements, good grades, had custom reviewed cover letters and resumes, etc and would get rejected over and over. I applied for dev jobs basically knowing nothing with no effort and got 3 interviews. I'm letting you Canadian anons know it can be done so don't give up or lose motivation.

If it means anything I miss the chemistry life to some degree. I really did have a deeper passion for chemistry and science and was considering going back to grad school. Deep down I know it'd be a mistake because the economics do not make any sense. I'd come out of school further behind than when I entered. Also most chem jobs seemed like they would be really shitty; not like doing work in school at all, but I guess I can't shake the feelings of nostalgia.

Anyway end of rant. You anons can switch if you want. If you want any advice I can try to provide

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How are you gonna pass the polygraph knowing what you’ve probably seen on /b/

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i work a shitty office job 9 hours a day and spend 8 hours of it browsing this site. Without fail my supervisors bombard me with stupid tasks during the last hour instead of any other fucking time during the day. I dream of one day running off to the woods and staying there away from everyone.

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I have a history degree and I got a job going front end web dev. I literally just spent 6 months studying and making projects, then applied for a job and was immiedately hired. Literally the first job I applied for I got, they called me the day I applied for it. They tested me then I got hired kek

It's not hard bobo but I think most people aren't willing to try

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Also, this is critical information I forgot to add: someone once asked me to do something on my team leader's computer while he wasn't at work. This was shortly after I was hired. There was a folder on his desktop with the resumes for the position I just got, so naturally I had to have a peep. There were about 30 of them there: none of them that I saw had a portfolio, they were all pajeets listing useless credentials. I think I got hired because I sent them a massive protfolio filled with my projects

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Guess you are talking about me.
I have over 1 mil SUTER so i'll be just fine thank you

>> No.19803073

I have enjoyed this working from home the past few months. I setup an autoclicker to still look available and fuck off for most of the day.

>> No.19803093

I got fired today. Now to claim that sweet unemployment and if those fags at the company deny it I will appeal it until the end of the earth. God it feels good to be a neet again.

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I waged it up for 2 years and put every dime I could into LINK

I haven't worked in half a year and if I can keep my spending down probably won't ever have to work a real job again if crypto has another moon mission this year

>> No.19803184

How do I make my iq low enough to get hired as a cop

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