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Remember pic related? You still have a chance anon

>Current price 27.5c
>OGN just listed on Huobi and will start trading in 1hr 40mins. 7pm GMT+8
>First Huobi listing of the year


You know what that means...

Fundamentals are solid asf for a long term hold here as staking is in 12 days + you save through retail discounts as you invest

Origin Deals / Lock OGN for 120 days and save 15% on Amazon purchases through your Chrome browser extension

>Sheer size and scope of Amazon will mean capturing even a small market share of sales through OGN will have a huge effect on the circulating supply of OGN.

D-Shops - Decentralised and private transaction retail shops that anyone can set up not only brands. Will disrupt giants like Shopify, brave + KyberNetwork already have stores.

32c support is next before clear skies into 40c, we just touched the 1 month local high.

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Faak I missed your previous thread anon, this is ready to breach 30c today and more.

>> No.19786689

Make it stack OP? Thanks for the heads up this will explode given Huobis history and this is the first listing this year

>> No.19786707

Wtf I was caught lackin on this. Not anymore. Let's go boys, grabbing a bag for this trip. Looks good long term with staking and Amazon savings desu anyway

>> No.19786737

25k OGN would be comfy, hard to say for make it stack as the value unlock potential here long term is huge given the retail disruption with web 3.0/decentralisation

>> No.19786740

Supply represents huge issue for me

>> No.19786767

Co founders havent sold a single token, no releases until August and staking is this month anyway then you have the millions of tokens already locked up in Origin Deals which you can see on the team's dashboard via the website

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It really isn't anon. Pic related

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This looks like a huge release till EOY ngl.

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>he thinks +5% is huge to EOY

Ok enjoy watching from the sidelines fren. This is going to be comfy

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This is exploding soon for sure, glad I stacked at 17c

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File: 318 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-06-18-10-06-04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought a bag, stacked tf in

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Hmm is Huobi listing the only thing they are doing?

>> No.19786865

Nah Huobi are doing a 100k usd and 500k OGN comp to Hold OGN. Pretty sweet desu.

Staking in 12 days might be something to do with it...

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Based and gainspilled

>> No.19786895

Honestly, there is nothing stopping OGN from reaching 30c this week. Thank you for this thread. Participating in huobi trading competition ahead of staking

>> No.19786938

Long term holder of OGN reporting in OP. The stars are aligning nicely, $1 EOY is not a meme with the roadmaps targets being hit as they have been. Q4 has governance on top of Staking by the end of Q2. Market Supply will be significantly reduced

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Bought 5 eth will see if i will have 6 or 4 tomorrow.

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7.5 ETH. This is going to 50c

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Bump. This is bullish as fuck anons.

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Just bought in. Thanks anon, saw who the VC's were and I was sold. Price predictions for this?

>> No.19787401

No way Huobi lets this first listing of the year of a solid project not go bananas. Strap in

>> No.19787409

Double it. This will go on to perfrom very well

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This is a beautiful pep. Saved. OGNs chart has been looking sick for weeks. So fucking glad I stayed in, was gonna sell for bancor and they just got straight JOOSTED

>> No.19787579

30c breached. Thank you OP I'm riding this for at least a month

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Huobi are pumping this muthafucker to thr stratosphere. I'm up .5btc from my buy a month ago. Chart looks like it will run. Thank fuck I didnt sell

>> No.19787659

Whats the mcap? I need to see support at 2800 Sat to confirm s/r flip

>> No.19787668

My bancies wtf

>> No.19787695

I bought my first bag of $OGN from crypto com app! Didn't know it was shilled on 4chan, guess I got lucky with my entry hehe

>> No.19787707

4chan shills everything. Good coins and shit coins. Look into STA if you haven't already. Lots of FUD, but a good project.

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Fucking yes. huobi MM team can turn it up to 1000 sometimes, hope to god they go apeshit on OGN
Lets fucking go boys

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when u fags selling?

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>Amazon partner
>Google and YouTube early employees running the show
>listed on all major exchanges except CB, which will list it soon
>fundamentally sound blue-chip in waiting with staking coming in a few months.

>literally who
>Uniswap scam

Gtfo shill

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File: 122 KB, 1185x1600, IMG-20200615-WA0000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit an actual gem bread. OP on point. I got in 28c let us go!

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File: 64 KB, 750x500, 20200618_123555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine EOY

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Look at the chart. If you can't seen the moon mission has started you're blind

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Why isn't this a shit coin? Why will the pump be self reinforcing?

>> No.19787895

1-2 dollars first then let some ride into the sunset

>> No.19787898

It looks like the start of a big green bar. I'm too scared to get in though

>> No.19787943

Surefire gains imo. They have a shit tonne more in the tank. Staking news and partnerships coming too. Plus CB listing

>> No.19787950

30c resistance blasted through. My 25c buy was looking iffy uh as fuck for a while but I'm holding long term now for def

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Top binance gainer. Still in. Praying this is some sicko moonshot that goes +100% in a day kek

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40c today. Send it.

>> No.19788001

Cope. 45c at peak before retrace. Cap it

>> No.19788013

50cent soon. We going 1$ by weekend

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well im all in
see you at $1 boys

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buy now or stay poor!

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Fuck it looks strong af. Lets see that volume go apeshit sirs

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How high can she go?

>> No.19788136

digits and its hitting .50c within 3 hours

>> No.19788139

Check monthly on binance. This will go off big time

>> No.19788163

Fucking shitbag I saw your thread shitbag insider. Enjoy you bags of mooning shit, shitcunt

>> No.19788195

Opps we are hitting 1$ soon not by weekend. OGN is on a weed.

>> No.19788243

3500 sats now. For.huobi listing alone?? Why?

>> No.19788272

they woke up anon

>> No.19788276

Their first listing in ages. Also OGN is a high profile binance project so they probably coordinated with big Scammer himself

>> No.19788298

34% in less than 1hr of Huobi trading. 1 OGN now trades at 31¢, X2 incoming for my bag of 17¢

>> No.19788328

get ready for 3x or 4x

>> No.19788331

Think I got in at 25c or something. Nice gains so far.

When Huobi MM takes off it can make you fly like a muthafucker

>> No.19788368

34c smashed, here we go

>> No.19788375

How high we talking here boys? Realistically.

>> No.19788381

No brakes on this train

>> No.19788427

For real though, this cant keep going up right? I bought at the start of this thread at 27c and now we're at 34c. gotta pull back sometime soon. surely people would be taking profits.

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File: 68 KB, 494x1623, 20200618_133029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look st the month chart. We're going to the moon

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uhh guys whens the pull back

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Checked and rekt. There wont be one. We'll chill at 4k sats for a while then pamp more

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Where else do I get information on hidden pumps like this? Any telegram chat?

>> No.19788611

legendary. how high from there?

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well there goes 4000 sats
someone please tell me if this is a PnD
i know nothing about this coin

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Not too late kid

>> No.19788783

Face has been totally melted clean off by this lol

>> No.19788818

what is even happening?

>> No.19788846

Where can i short this ?

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jesus fucking christ all the americans are waking up right now too
i cant imagine the pump when this hits coinbase

>> No.19788920

Just a huobi listing. Bull seadon is back lads. 1 Chinese scam listing and 70% pump. God damn

>> No.19788923

I went in with 25 grand and now its 41.5k? Jesus christ i love you so much anon

>> No.19788936

Bro, dont fuck with me. I miss 2017 so bad

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File: 169 KB, 708x848, IMG_20200618_134810_358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.19788981

surely it's too early for a real bull season?

>> No.19789026

Cope. Imagine what OGN will do when the Coinbase listing is announced.

>> No.19789049

Defs buying on the next local low. All rhus for just a huobi listing? Wtf

>> No.19789071

Kek. Non Origin bags are gonna get salty asf soon

>> No.19789091

made 16k in 20mins alright

>> No.19789097

Comfy rn fren. Refueling here around 35c. Another op to get in before 50c

>> No.19789150

ahhhh, when is that?

>> No.19789160

anyone got any more moves likethis ?

>> No.19789209

Buy OGN on next local low. This was just a huobi listing, not a huge deal imo.
OGN is one of the front runners to go on CB soon. 100mil mcap is a formality. 500 mil in full alt season peak.

Nobody knows but its one of the front runners.

>> No.19789251

What a ride! Thanks OP. Bought more at 35c now back testing 38c. Ride the tiger!

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File: 92 KB, 574x561, 20200618_132614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$2 EOY cap it

>> No.19789412

Checked and 150k for fu make it level. 25k for comfy sea view property away from the city

>> No.19789434


>> No.19789457

I'm all in with spare fundus. OP delivered

>> No.19789511

Fucking brutal pump. Was eyeing at 2k sats fml

>> No.19789625

I love hearing bad beaf stories from cucks lol tell me more.

>> No.19789643

If 4k is held as support I dunno wtf this will get to in the short term. Fjckinf beast pump just for a listing

>> No.19789728

So it's all over now?

>> No.19789771

Doubt desu. Refueling. I suspect another leg up to blast through 6k sats desu

>> No.19789862

4k sats finna hold or what? Getting itchy trigger fingers

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that was a pretty big dip desu

>> No.19789914

No we are just getting started. Still doubting coinbase at the corner .

>> No.19789962

I just got scammed into buying your bags didn’t I OP

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when are you fags reentering?

>> No.19790052

I sold here >>19789771 at 39c
rebought at 36c

>> No.19790137

I'm team hodl sir

>> No.19790274

im only small-fry and have to swing to increase my stack if we're going up further. swung an extra 400 OGN so far

>> No.19790438

50c is the next huge level. That's 6 month high

>> No.19790463


>> No.19790465

please be true.

>> No.19790667

ok now its over

>> No.19790945

100% has to be a retrace before then

4k sats holding. I'm not selling to try and increase my stack by 25% or something. Mugs game. I'm thinking 6 months into the future. Coinbase is coming remember. Also there's a low key Amazon partnership that could become one of thebmost potent aspects of any crypto project

>> No.19790978

>holding for 6 months with an alt run coming up
thats ballsy

>> No.19791021

testing testing is this thing

>> No.19791052

is this thing what anon? FINISH THE FUCKING STORY!

>> No.19791191

blast off.
hope you didnt sell. ;)

>> No.19791266

Only just starting

>> No.19791285

lol, you know I did. Fug

>> No.19791381

not too late to get back in stage 2 only just started

>> No.19791462

2nd pump incoming now! GET IN NOW!

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File: 418 KB, 1079x2120, Screenshot_20200618-235031_Cryptocom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually not just larping. Fml! You told us anon and I did not listen.

>> No.19791867

Yeah I fucked up and tried to swing it again, got left behind.

>> No.19792289


>> No.19792450

Glad I at least bought a sui stack

>> No.19792523

I just got 1600 to see if I can get a slice made $200 and got out again!

>> No.19792572

yeah made about an ETH and a half, but should have just held to 50c. Guess I banked on people getting greedy and taking profits after 2x in half an hour. Oh well. Still better than losing money.

>> No.19792576

fully out with 1.2 btc in profit, i guess i didn't browse biz for nothing today

>> No.19792607

nice one anon. Im just stoked it looks like alt season is back. guess i better max out my coinbase again

>> No.19792661

Faaak 48c hit. Above 50c is price discovery

>> No.19792681

You should thank OP

>> No.19792730

100% I have no idea what it even is or does so it was free money! Cheers again OP for acrually not being a faggot!

>> No.19792747

i feel like the tfuel pump started the alt season, i made so much money since it's unreal

>> No.19792818

This. good biz is coming back.
guess i missed that one. just glad to get the ball rolling again.

>> No.19793118

Coinbase are looking at these to see which ones they will list


°Aave = LEND

Aragon = ANT

°Arweave = AR

°Bancor = BNT

COMP = compound coin

DigiByte = DGB

Horizen = ZEN

Livepeer = LPT

*NuCypher = NKMS

°Numeraire = NMR

KEEP Network = KEEP

Origin Protocol = OGN

Ren = REN

Render Network = RNDR

Siacoin* = SC

*SKALE Network = SKALE

Synthetix = SNX

VeChain = VET

Coinbase are looking at these to list so worth keeping an eye open for and coinbase Pro is listing COMP on Monday 22nd so could be an idea to get some

>> No.19793236

I always liked Aragon and Sia, maybe I should give them a revisit

>> No.19793470

Glad to see anons making it with OGN, feels good. Stay tuned, we are only beginning this journey.

>> No.19793572

Fuckjng sold at 4.2k sats KILL ME

>> No.19793842

I sold wayyyy too early. First batch at .30 and 2nd at .37 baka

>> No.19793893

Started this thread at 27c now 48c thats huge. Keeps flying

>> No.19794299

Please dip. I want back in

>> No.19794403

you guys think this is sustainable? what target are we aiming once coinbase listing comes out?

>> No.19794461

Depend how long your gonna wait. I suspect OGN will have a BNT like run and will become a high cap in the next 3 months. I'm talking multi hundred million mcap

>> No.19794817
File: 59 KB, 552x506, 20200618_194140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks OP x100 desu

No OGNers be like pic related

>> No.19795217

Kek this and yes OP is a legend. 1 dollerino next

>> No.19795404

only after coinbase listing
shit is gonna dip

>> No.19795748

Cheers OP. I'm steel handing this to the promised land. Flippers can get rekt

>> No.19796038

OGN is out of steam.

>> No.19796283

>OGN is out of steam.

it's just a retrace, will pump again later or tomorrow

>> No.19796775

Made my month desu. Holding a stack long term

>> No.19796926

LEGEND best thread here for months

>> No.19796953
File: 170 KB, 708x848, IMG_20200618_134828_312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feels fucking awesome to have a projwct that is rock solid and also has great pumpamentals.
I realised you all probably shivered with disgust at my use of the word pumpamentals I apologise

>> No.19797759

Reload here?

>> No.19798033

Papa bless OP

>> No.19798357

Gonna rebuy for the second run up toward resistance if this is established as a base i think. Sold 4500

>> No.19798530

What a pump Holy shit. Ogn on the way to mid cap status and not looking back.

>> No.19798713
File: 160 KB, 1071x485, Givemeyoucum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We bull now. New base is set

>> No.19799246

We went to the moon. Still some upside

>> No.19799429

Sold my fattt staccccccc, still got a tad bit left for soem of the upside!

>> No.19799527

Can you buy OGN on Binance US?

>> No.19799832

Beast pump and floor established high af. Lets get thay bread.
Next stop 1 dollar

>> No.19800232

Man I been watching this for a while but got into a rut and then stopped paying attention to shit. Looks like its on a support level rn

>> No.19800648

Don’t think so but try other exchanges

>> No.19801174

Smells too much like REQ. I will wait for it to come down to 10 cents and then think about buying

>> No.19801175

I'm going to predict it now. We're going to .70 cents after staking announcement.

>> No.19801915


>> No.19802140

OGN will reach $1 before the end of June and will reach $10 before EOY. You heard it here first, don't be left behind. Truthfully my only regret is that I don't have more OGN

>> No.19802328

This project is pretty solid. Surprised it took this long to get recognized. They’re disturbing the marketplace.

>> No.19802330

Am still stacking, don't pump yet...

>> No.19802417

Yeah I'm surprised too. It looks like a top 30 coin/token desu, their tech is disruptive..

>> No.19802597

it looks like it is preparing another pump soon...better get on board fren. You don't want to be buying OGN at 80 cents and looking back when you could get it for half that.

Yeah...I feel like a huge retarded faggot, but if any anons in here bought today, I am with you. I initially found out about OGN back in February a month after it launched when it began it's first pump. I hadn't been in cryptos so long and it took me forever to get my shit set up so I could buy BTC again. Long story short I ended up buying a little bit after the first massive pump in March. The stock market was going down, OGN had pumped to over 50 cents per coin, and I thought that if I bought in the 40 cent to 30 cent range this would be smart money, because it's clearly such a great project it will moon beyond the heavens.

Unfortunately I basically went all in around 40 cents and then btc dumped and then OGN dumped twice. In terms of USD it went down to 12 cents per token, that's when my friend bought. I am jealous of him but he has less OGN than me. I've been holding for 3 months and I just finally broke even and am seeing slight profits.

I mean...for volume to go from 30btc to 3,000 btc is insane, I've never seen that. And I already used Origin Deals to buy a product and they gave me 100 free OGN. Amazing group of people who truly want this tech to succeed. I literally videochatted with an OGN engineer while they set up my origindeals account. They actually fucking care about people and the economy and it's wonderful.

If their plans are successful this could be huge. It could be like Ethereum in terms of price movement. Imagine if you just had a tiny stack of a few hundred or a couple thousand ethereum back when it was under a dollar. That's where I think we're at now with OGN

>> No.19802730

What US exchange lets me buy it? Almost seems like there aren't any.

>> No.19802784

These folks are decentralized market place that allow peer to peer to provide good and services without obnoxious fees by an intermediary.

>> No.19802921

I’m soooooo upset I sold way too early.

>> No.19802951

you have to use regular binance.com not binance.us. So you'll need to buy BTC on coinbase or coinbase pro or some other site and then send those crypto to binance.com in order to buy OGN

>> No.19803133

Sirs I have many bags will it be plentiful
Buy more sirs many moons

>> No.19803374

Haha that's why you should sell in batches. Are you new in crypto lolz

>> No.19804085
File: 177 KB, 1079x976, Screenshot_20200619-143211_Google Play Store.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get the app from the playstore.

>> No.19804451

What about today?

>> No.19804471

Get $OGN from cryptocom app. Low spread low withdraw

>> No.19804487

Anon I'm looking to get in 36-37c for the next move over 40c again. The trading comp is on fire and staking in a week

>> No.19804527
File: 139 KB, 1200x996, 20200619_082618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based anon. OGN will continue to kill it. Pic related.

>> No.19804585

107.6% gains in 24Hrs , damn that's massive. Keeps increasing.

>> No.19804849

Old biz is back thanks OP. Made a corn in the end. Reupping here? Looks like support overnight

>> No.19805086

You can still buy now, be ready for coinbase listing and staking

>> No.19805305
File: 32 KB, 640x640, photo_2017-09-04_16-35-14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi Richard

>> No.19805391
File: 387 KB, 640x640, OGNNN12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.19805425

Topkek, imagine not getting in OGN with this new generational low dip at 35c

>> No.19805618

Whales have caught this now. Big things incoming

>> No.19805643

Pullback to 35c, trust me

>> No.19805657

Whales are controling it

>> No.19806030

Lol, it's not... Everyone has a play to buy it because its a reliable source of technology. Real world applications are being produced as we speak, that's why the demand is high

>> No.19806227


>> No.19806232

What apps do you have lol

>> No.19806294

Whales are buying here actually. Protip

>> No.19806563

Buying all the way down to the ground.

>> No.19806585

A good buy here OP? I sadly missed it yesterday. Staking in a week and CB listing rumour though is huge

>> No.19806679

whales are keeping it above watter

>> No.19807086

pump and dump

>> No.19807425
File: 97 KB, 624x635, 20200619_120827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay poor then. Its reloading here for the staking news in a week

>> No.19807557

LOL OGN is the next Chainlink in terms of growth. Stay poor 5eva

>> No.19808030

This one is a goner... moon time

>> No.19808111

Bought that 35c support. Will test 47c again over the weekend

>> No.19808129

You were spot on anon

>> No.19808363

Second wave of pump coming, watch 45c-50c resistance haha>>19808111

>> No.19809005

Trips don't lie. I bought in

>> No.19810053

Same. Let's go boys

>> No.19810599

Buy in at 35c or wait until it drops to like 26c again

>> No.19810945

Trips of gains

>he knows

>> No.19811052

Floor is set for the 2nd run up. It starts now

>> No.19811581

Pamp eeeeet Huobi weekend gamblers

>> No.19811803

Apart from the big dump ever since

>> No.19813015


>> No.19813385

32c to 52c next play?

>> No.19813644

when is it going to move or moon?

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