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we're all gonna make it frens

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>Coin with $1 target actually gets to $1

It's such a genius plan, as it gets closer more people will buy looking to sell when it gets to $1

>Reminder to sell at .85

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i thought that the target for rsv is a $1 stable coin. rsr could presumably be any value?

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When RSV actually does what it is supposed to do, RSR will go way up, but you have to sell based on RSV or you could get caught in the RSR burn

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satsgang scam

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is that your avatar?

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what do you mean caught in the RSR burn?

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Who here /going to heaven/ because they shilled RSR all year long out of a genuine generosity for bizlets to make money and stop wagecucking. Investing into RSR and avoiding tempting pumps imo scams is gods work.

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so basically you have to sell your RSR between steps 3 and 4?

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No, the arb contract will automatically manage your position so you don't lose your exposure to RSR

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what if i wanted to cash out RSR to fiat or some other coin?

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See you in Valhalla, anon

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Why you guys so convinced RSR could hit a $1? I’ve got 10k should I put it in? Also, what makes you really belive in this coin??

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I don’t have time I’m at work dude just help me out

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Dude just search $RSR on twitter all the pumpamentals are there. Don’t overthink it this is the easiest money you’ll ever make. Save yourself.

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Any time frame on $1? Yearly chat Looks like a 5th leg Elliot waves and it could 50% retrace soon unless it massively breaks out. When will this be $1

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Institutions with people much smarter than you and I invested a lot more money than you and I will ever have into RSR.

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Also where the fuck do I buy RSR if I wanted to? Maybe I’ll put in 1k for now and wait a bit to see if it comes down some

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Source on institutions investing ? I want to buy this but convince me. I tried looking on YouTube but only found 1 pajeet shilling it saying Coinbase was behind them

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Literally reserve.org cmon now we’re not gonna hold ur hand

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Idk why you guys are so confident in this coin. If it’s a stable coin why would people choose RSR over tether? Tether is backed by the $ what is RSR backed by? If I’m reading correctly it’s considered a future “stable coin”

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Lol I know RSRs website dude that’s a bias source I’m wondering why in your Own minds are you so confident in it? Give me some reasons

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Holy shit anon what did i just say. Do your due diligence like the rest of us.

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So the actual site is bias but you want to be shilled from the actual token holders?? Lmao we’re obviously even more bias. Do your research and decide for yourself

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>spoon feed me, anons!
pathetic. ngmi

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So where exactly do you buy some of this? and I don't quite understand, so if RSV were to soar above $1, then RSR is pumped into the market to bring the value down? How are you supposed to keep your gains then?

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>If it’s a stable coin why would people choose RSR over tether? Tether is backed by the $

Everyone shits on Tether and how insolvent it clearly is, UNTIL a viable alternative presents itself. Then they're suddenly like "b-but Tether is just fine, why do we need to replace it?"

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Fair point
Dude I know how stable coins operate
Shut up retard
>make threats
>mad when questions are asked

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By selling you TARD
Yeh I’m aware people are skeptical about tether but we’re dealing with institutions that may hold down other projects in favor of tether like the federal gov

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Now your fud is basically "It's good enough to be a threat to Tether? Then the government will quash it!"

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I’m just asking. But that’s a possibility. Even good projects can’t be held down By big money in favor of other projects. But I do see potential here and the R/R is high no matter what current price is, I mean if I put $100 in now and it hits $1.00 that’s 25k is the RR is there

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I couldn’t find RSR on Idex where the fuck do I buy this? That doesn’t require KYC

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I guess Huobi? I have no idea really but the project seems incredibly promising

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I think huobi babe kyc

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Has**** haha not babe

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Kyber has decent liquidity and lets you know if they don't have enough instead of defaulting to tons of slippage like uniswap.

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uniswap or kyber

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Huobi looks the most trustworthy desu. 10k monthly withdraw limit and also open to US users

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I use Huobi but uniswap is actually fine and good liquid

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>doesn’t serve to make it
>won’t make it

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I personally like simpleswap.io seems scammy but it’s legit. Used it many times for large amounts. Scary as fuck while you wait tho ngl

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Ok I am interested. How do I buy RSR?

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Shut up retard

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I’m surprised you can afford to shitpost you fucking failure

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thx anon, my stack ain't big, but 650k is better than nothing

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You're gonna make it.

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Biz retards told me to buy ghost and hex over RSR. Glad I didn't listen.

Binance listing in a few weeks. $.05 by 2021.

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>Scary as fuck while you wait tho ngl
Man I remember when I didn't know how to navigate dex's and I traded a ton of ETH for linkies on simpleswap and sat there waiting for thousands of dollars to be credited wondering if I got scammed. terrifying feeling
just use a dex

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In the future when it doesn't have usd to peg to, how will it decide when rsv is above or below a certain amount?

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idk thats the far future, im not worrying about it . it will be pegged to $1 for the foreseeable future.

>> No.19774881

How do u know it’s getting a Binance listing?

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is 500k a "make it stack" of rsr?

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Depends on how long you want to wait for
go to reserve telegram and ask for the Delphi report

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Not proof but possible

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Hey that's me getting @'d in the screenshot! Brb, telling mum.

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Why should I buy this at an ATH?

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We are up to 4M$ volume today. Yesterday was 3M$.

Big money is moving in on RSR. You tools are about to be PRICED OUT of owning more than 100k RSR.

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Moon mission confirmed, sitting on 120k of these. Please dear God go to $1...

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you could have said the same at the beginning of 2017

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I’m done shilling this now. I know people in here generally talk shit and create fud or shill pnd coins, but this is just a good project to get involved with. Throw $500 dollars at it, you get 1000k rsr or something, then put on wallet and forget about it.

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Edit 100000 rsr

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Buy more, thank yourself later

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What’s a good wallet ? I only trade never hodl so I’m looking to hodl this project. What’s a good wallet for hodl?

>> No.19776722

Fair point
I always DCA. I’m a day trader. I never hodl anything before but I’m considering hodling this

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ledger if you have one, if not Trust Wallet and Atomic Wallet are friendly enough and you hold the keys.

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how is Torus? kyber uses them

>> No.19776974

Are these online wallets or do I have to buy some wallet product on amazon?

>> No.19777099

Buy used on eBay.

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NO NO NO NO it was supposed to hold back until the ADA chad pump of shelley and coinbase finished so I could buy half a mil or something.

>> No.19777196

Don't listen to the dude trolling you. Never buy a wallet off ebay or amazon. Sounds like you're new to this, so please watch a few YT videos on Trust Wallet and just download it from the official site. Trust recognizes RSR. Many wallets including Ledger hardware wallet don't yet have price feeds or recognize the token. Do the video training/reading first before you buy some RSR or anything else for that matter.

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don't do >>19777099
used hardware wallets are an easy way to get scammed out of your money. buy new from the shop, and don't take advice from /biz/ as half the place will want you to buy their scam. unironically reddit is better to learn about crypto.

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I remember you

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It's not that bad, ADA +80%, RSR about 90% up
I'm still waiting because I can margin long ADA but you can't margin long RSR.

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Mr. Thiel...I'll follow this guy on crypto investments.

>> No.19777254

ADA’s MC is way too big for what it is.. or even what it wants to be. RSR has so much room to grow still

>> No.19777281

It's a way better Eth with a smaller market cap
It can also do what bitcoin does way better, but that's for the market to decide if the "standard" will ever change. But you can't argue that it can at least reach Eth market cap.

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Sell ADA for DeFi or enterprise coins

>> No.19777301

See ADA for overpriced scams by foodies that got kicked off the Ethereum team.

>> No.19777315

ETH already won the smart contract battle
Network effect is too strong

>> No.19777326

>it do what eth do
>better than Bitcoin
You clearly are not intimately familiar with any of these projects.

>> No.19777365

It’s a dead graveyard of 2017 shitcoins. Anyhow there are plenty of projects better then ethereum. The part you got right and wrong is network effect. Network effect is at the protocol level.. it exists for solidity and tooling like truffle. That is why networks like Harmony are going to destroy Cardano. Because people know solidity and aren’t going to learn Charles’ nerd language yo do something they can already do.

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I bet he holds BSV too

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stfu scammer, literally what. comparing ada to bsv, you're one dumb motherfucker.
It's like saying MSN won internet battle on 1998. you can't announce a winner when the race barely started.
No, you are not intimate with ADA.
Bitcoin does money transfer with high assurance on PoW. ada does that with PoS. more decentralised, not controller by more than 51% chinese miners.
ADA will do smart contracts and token issuance, and releases PoS before Eth.
No, the correct party between us will recognize his error in one year.

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Thanks yeah I’m new to wallets I only trade on exchanges during the day. I’ll just download both atomic and trust wallets watching YT Vids now thanks bros

>> No.19777895

not gonna FOMO
when are they dumping another 6 billion tokens, I want a good entry

>> No.19777942

>digits are a sign. So close yet so far
You won’t understand why ADA will continue to drop but having watched it since the beginning I know exactly what will happen. They will take 2 more years to release Smart contracts on a centralized PoS network that nobody Uses. Then when they do it will be a retarded Haskell like language that nobody uses or learns.. just like Elm, purescript, bucklescript etc. an Ethereum compatible chain will win but it won’t be crusty old Ethereum, which Charles incidentally got fired from.

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inform me about this dump u speak of anon

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don't you know?

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