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holy shit bros

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he looks so dapper in a suit

my boy.

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muh nigger
A safe comfy hold in an ocean of curry fueled diarrhea
feels good

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Imagine falling for the 4chan fud and not having a massive bag of the next world reserve currency.

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m still trying to accumulate. How high is this going?

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1. App update (July)

2. Argentina, Colombia, Turkey, Lebanon, America Launch ( June-August)

3. On-chain RSV Transactions (September-October)

4. Global App Launch (October - February 2021) P2P exchange (local bitcoins), fiat on/off, liquidity providers, all still in beta and limited to South America users. Americans can remit RSV

5. Main net launch (January 2021 - June 2021) [In-app arbitrage]

6. Binance Listing RSR/RSV (October 2020 - May 2021)

7. World wide Marketing and business development (2021-2023). Adoption, awareness, arbitrage. Global Fin tech spotlight on Reserve as “the next big thing”

Coinbase Listing RSR/RSV (February 2021 - July 2021) Main net will make RSR legally available to the US market because decentralization will make it a non-security.

You could also get more granular about the other countries that Reserve is targeting for the app launch. Off the top of my head, Mexico, America, China, Lebanon, Turkey, and Nigeria. Others have been mentioned recently by the team. Importantly, these are countries where hyperinflation is present or where remittances occur.

app update in June/July. That it will have significant UX improvements, etc.

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How buy

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You called?

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Huobi has most liquidity

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devs got a fuckload of tokens to dump, why should i buy?

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This is now an XHV thread

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take your failed monero fork and shove it up your ass
arbitrage mechanic means it's more profitable to hodl than dump tokens. if for some reason investors dump then the price dumps, meaning even more tokens will be burnt through arbitrage, lowering the supply even more. you cannot lose with this token.

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>up 400% since November
>not realizing that the people who used to mine XMR before RandomX needed somewhere else to go
>not realizing that XHV has top of the charts on whattomine for literal months
>not realizing that literally the ONLY CONSISTENTLY SUCCESSFUL projects are the ones with SIGNIFICANT MINER SUPPORT (ETH, BTC, hell even fucking DOGE)

To be clear I hold both RSR and XHV, but you guys really should check the project out. It's gonna be in the top 50 for sure imo.

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kyber swap, my dude

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seriously tho. stop trying to get eyballs on your shitcoin by jacking our threads.. nobody here wants a fucking stablecoin with a hidden supply. Haeven failed. It was a bad idea and basically just another monero shitfork.

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What’s a make it stack?

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feels good tho bros

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How does $10 EOY sound to you?

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how many dollars do you consider making it? that's the amount.
2+ million bag myself

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6 million bag, hope I can buy a house.

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I did a 1.1mil bag, all I could afford without selling other crypto.

Will I fly?

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you will

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we are all going to make it, bros

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In my mind it’s going to go to 0, simply because I bought in.

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Can I buy this on RH?

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I hope you retards didn't fall for the mass fud we organized on this board.

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As in Robinhood? Absolutely not.

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>the mass fud we organized
what do you mean anon?

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Why would you buy now after the pump you fucking retards? Absolute state of this board. You had one year.

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Tons of low cap shit's mooning.

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Oh yes the fat women fud. That was a response to all the thots RSR shills were spamming back in the day when fud was really scarce for this project.
After this we went with a quantity over quality approach and retards who fell for it missed out on the chance of a lifetime.

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Because it hasn’t really mooned you moron. We aren’t priced out yet!!!

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You had one year, fucktard. You should have a fat stack by now, enjoy buying at twice the price for half the gains, moron.

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>twice the price for half the gains

So what's your target, then?

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Your days of being able to own 1mil+ end VERY soon.

There will be room for Reservlets after :)

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I was considering buying your shitcoin but now I'm all in on DOGE

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I jus dont see this megamooning, at least going off the all-time chart.

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satsgang pnd

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It’s got the same # of coins as xrp. Likely will go to a dime and stay there.

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Fud is gone, we straight shillin

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Token burn through arbitrage is literally one of the key reasons why people would even hold RSR. Why don't you people do five seconds of research before posting?

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Adhd. It’s easier to make flyby comments and get corrected by those who read. You taught me something and I didn’t have to work for it, thanks for spoonfeeding:D

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No I didn't idex banned burgers like one month after I started

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RSR or DMM? Which is the bigger scam?

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use Kyber Swap, ya dingus

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Argentina tomorrow

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>satsgang pnd
is peter thiel in the gang anon? what about coinbase? is it the paypal founders? did they start the sats gang?

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