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I can't stand looking at marketwatch anymore. Every fucking time I go I see an advice article that reads something like "I'm 21 and only make a million dollars a year, how will I EVER retire!?!"

Like this bitch is leeching off her husband who makes $150k in his 30's. How the FUCK is anyone making $150k in 2020? My dream job starts at $50k, MAYBE and I plan to save $20k a year from it, but thats my choice to prefer fulfillment over money, but ill still retire just fine holy fuck.


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>How the FUCK is anyone making $150k in 2020?

$150 k isn't what it used to be mate.
I made $100k last year just by posting reddit videos with a robot voice on youtube lmao.
Another $50k on my trading bot.
And my regular job (IT security) makes me around $200k/year.

I live in stockholm. I still can't afford a great apartment..

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I make 61k a year at a job I hate, but I'm only 24 and in my backwards flyover region 61k is alot of money. Many smaller houses only cost around 80k if you avoid KC or college town regions.

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>And my regular job (IT security) makes me around $200k/year.
Haha sure buddy.

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larping is good for the health. I make $250k a year as a software developer (23 btw). Did i mention iv'e got 50k link as well yet? haha my bad

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150k aint shit. Most 150k jobs are concentrated in high cost of living shithole cities. I make 200k and live in the suburbs of DC, all the decent single family homes here are 600k and up which is close to the maximum recommended amount for my income (3x salary rule of thumb).

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Don’t consume media especially clickbait bullshit

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why do you LARP?

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European IT making 200k/yr, lmao. Maybe at the C-suite level

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>cant afford a great apartment in Stockholm

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Are you the reddit and chill guy?
Cringe content but pretty based business.

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It is true eurocuck salaries are low. Maybe he works remotely for a US company

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welp this thread makes me want to kill myself

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Also, assuming you're not larping (you probably are), making $300k/ year I Swedistan unironically isn't THAT much because you get raped hard by taxes. You probably make like $140k post tax. And living expenses are quite high in Sweden.

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150k isn't that crazy if you work in IT.

t. Web dev making 130k, but I have 9 years of experience though

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>I made $100k last year just by posting reddit videos with a robot voice on youtube lmao.
The fuck? How?

>regular job (IT security) makes me around $200k/year.
No fucking way. Any advice for someone who wants to get into IT security but can't afford college?

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I live in rural Massachusetts and houses cost the same. My parents bought one on a 60k salary. 5 years till it's paid off.

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Ok, so clearly IT is the only job left in the world. How do I get into it? I can't afford college. I could only afford community college.

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this is the best advice ur ever going to get in ur life.
go to cc for 1 yr, take math/lab science/writing sequences, get straight a's
halfway through apply to UNC/UVA. they are public universities that meet full financial need (free for poor fucks). they accept anybody from CC with a high GPA (public institutions focus on promoting social mobility), and they are both extremely reputable.

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You don't even make 200k in Stockholm for an IT job, even a good one, at best 80k if you're very good and with more than a decade of experience.
More likely you make 50-60k a year and as you say it's before getting half of your paycheck eaten.

Only jobs with such high salaries are in the Bay Area/New York from experience, IT is never paid well in Europe and only executives really make bank.

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Huh. Nice. I'd rather be working sooner than 4 years though, but if there's no other way I'll do this, thank you.

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>high gpa
I’m out

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>stay at home mom

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