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Jesus fucking Christ where is the bottom?

Is breaking the parabola that big of a deal? Why are we crashing?

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yes, breaking the parabola is extremely bad. Generally leads to a 80-90% retrace

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erc-20 token

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the bottom is 0 retard

linkies btfo, the pumping on here has been insane. people just banking the $4 mark and rightfully exiting

why are you still holding retard?

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People are realizing it is overvalued. Pretty much all cryptos are overvalued. The bottom is 0, because you dont have claim on anything real. Crypto has almost no use cases besides speculation right now. 95% of the users are speculators, that means it could dump 95%, realize this

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>staking eoy
Do these mean nothing to buyers?

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occasioanlly id pop into crypto threads and ask people what gave the coin value, and how that could be quantified

no one fucking knew, because they were all speculating

I seriously hope you guys got out in time

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>why are you still holding retard?
because there are people that actually think its going to 1000 dollars unironically thats why

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Link dumped after we found out it was working with the Chinese government, and Link dumped when we found out about InterWork Alliance (which involves Microsoft, IBM, Nasdaq, ...). Pic related.

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I was actually wondering about this. Do you have an explanation? It seems like after the google pump, every similar bombshells have been crashing link

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>Do you have an explanation?
Only thing I can think of is absolutely nobody new is looking at crypto in general.
That would explain why it didn't pump, but not why it dumped.

So no, I can't really explain it.

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Cause BTC is shitting the bed.

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the heavy correlation of crypto always makes me lol, its pretty much the opposite of the intended effect but illustrates perfectly how markets are irrational

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>zero use for the token

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Maybe when it didn’t pump a lot of people sold there Chainlink? I think you are right though that not enough new people are in Crypto now and that is why it won’t pump. But it’s odd it crashes with good news.

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Stfu you had three years
>Maybe when it didn’t pump a lot of people sold there Chainlink?
Maybe I haven't been conversing with normies lately but are people actually this simple?

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Personally I think it market manipulation, I don’t think sergey wants the token levels to be high yet. Yea it sucks if you’re an investor, but I think they want a good product by the time we stake, cause then you just grow the network.

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i just sold my stack, so its probably going up again in a sec. it mostly does, right after i sell.

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None of those on that list is using chainlink right now. And mainnet has been out for over a year

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They will be soon

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how many links?

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Mainnet is limited to DeFi to test the network.
And Link is taking over that in a hurry.

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And the team had three years to give the token literally any use apart from dumping on Binance every two weeks and they still haven't.

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$20 EOY
Thanks for the cheap LINK

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>he thinks link will 10x in six months
I wish it was true too

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The token is being used in support of hundreds of millions of USD right now.
See >>19730868

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his wishes

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>link will 10x in six months
has done it in 2019

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It’s cashing because chainlink doesn’t actually do anything And isn’t worth anything.

>wehhhh my smart contracts

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Sold and won't be buying back in, need this money for rent now, goodluck hodlers

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we keep telling you fags those are no name companies
ahitty start uo that payed for endorsements. WOW!
one of the many tech companies working on the digital yuan. Notice how when you google "digital yuan" there are no mention of BSN at all. Notice how there has been no major follow up to this

you got scammed, stupid nigger

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I've actually been to Mumbai. It sucks there

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>one of the many tech companies working on the digital yuan
lmao, you don't have a clue what BSN is.

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made by (pic) with no follow up at all. Chainlink scrubbed from financial infrastructures partner list

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all shitty no name projects that list discords on their official twitters

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>oh yes, the great BSN
>that company no one on the face of the earth heard of until they started shilling their link bags

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>ctrl F "BSN"
>0 results

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Imagine seething THIS hard.

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2018. But that was nearly 100% of the crypto market. 80-90% has almost never happened in isolation to a cryptocurrency under active development.

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It couldn't happen to a more deserving group of bag holders

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That was the bear market idiot

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What's the problem fren?

I see nothing but higher lows.

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june 2019

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The bottom right now is 3.80 still the top is 4.44. Expect the price to be immune to bitcoin only after oracle starts running their nodes for ey and that other accounting firm. Price should rise steadily over the next two moneyed due to usage from defi exchanges specifically dmm where it is being used to say what the collateral is. Staking in July should bump us a dollar, I know your saying “only a dollarino?” But you have to understand most people even the faggots on twitter still don’t understand what an oracle is or does and by the laws of nature it seems they won’t until links passes 100$ whenever that is. Not to shill dmg to much but a 6.25 apy on a money market account is literally unheard of anywhere in the world right now. A usual money market yield is only 1.15 if that. This is incredible and only biz seems to give a fuck. As much as hate the terminology most people are sheep they just are they refuse to look for themselves and would rather follow. Chainlink should be at the very least 20$ with staking but won’t break 7$ . It’s due to ignorance and bot suppression from the wealthy in the know. The good news is once oracle gets their nodes running the real shilling and education begins and people start to learn what oracles are even the Twitter faggots and that is when price will take off. So really we should still be accumulating until August

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