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that man got a boob job twice?

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Got any name OP?

Life has been alright. More experiences, some good, some bad.

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biene.kb on insta

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A true scholar and gentleman. Much appreciated Anon. Have another (You)

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breddy gud considering I was a fat NEET shut-in 3 years ago

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those are men

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Lost all my 2017 gains shorting in 2018 being just slighgly over leveraged, nearly 100k. I tell everyone I got hacked to avoid shame. Dropped out of school slightly before then. Had a phase where I obsessively played poker trying to get good cause I had a friend that was pro. Realized that was dumb. Ex fiancee I was with for 3 years broke up with me on my birthday back in September after I figured out she was cheating on me with some military asshole cause I saw her liking his shirtless pictures on Instagram. She denied at first but then admitted it. Got robbed for 8k, uncle died, dog died, dad got cancer, my little old 3 legged pug can't walk on his own anymore. Been in quite a rut. At least I'm 22, not obese, live in America, and my parents take care of me. Taking my security+ exam in a couple days though. After that gonna shoot for OSCP. I hope I can leave my parents and turn my life around.

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youre still young fren, you have plenty of time to get your shit together.

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those titties were way nicer in 2017. 2020 is just excessive. imagine the smell of her sweaty underboob after a muggy august day

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Damn dude, how are you so young but been through so much shit? I never thought I'd feel bad for someone on 4chan, but shit man.

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Financially, bretty gud, socially, I want to kms.

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When I see women like this who have rebuilt their bodies I always wonder what goes on in their heads.
Surely they know they've modeled themselves into a shape existing solely to please men, but they will still have to find ways to not admit that.
WTF is wrong with women bros

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Thanks fren. I needed that virtual hug.
Well I'd say it can always be worse. I could've been born a sex slave or without any arms or legs or severely ugly and also retarded. As far as the crypto gains go I was just in the right time and place. Was ordering lsd back when I was a freshman in highscjool with my friend and learned about eth on biz in like 2015 but didn't buy in til Jan 2017 when I heard the EEA news. I remember the feeling I had that day very well. It shook me to my bones and I knew I had to act then and there. Talked to my friends about it and they didn't see the news as that big which made me know I had to get in. Took my little $500 and bought eth at 7. When it hit 50 I remember being drunk at a party and telling everyone there they had to put all their money in cause it was going to 1000 and can help put in a trustless direct democracy and shit. Literally laughed in my face. That is something I will never forget.

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what are you investing in these days anon

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I've only got about 1900 to my name right now but it's all in monero. Only project I see that actually brings real usable value and stays true to the original ideals in the cypherpunk movement.

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They do it so their shirts fit better

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put it in RSR friend. its could be your next chance. maybe not like eth. more like link level.

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Token not needed

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One microcap I was interested in was OGN but Im too lazy rn to go through the steps and buy it

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just noticed my id changed, phoneposting. I'm >>19717930

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stay poor.

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When tf did Peter thiel invest in this?

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Based Anon.

My last two years has been pretty kickass aside from the whole arrest and extended court battle thing.

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What happened?

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Got bopped in Arizona for weed (I don't live there) and fighting the charges has been an extended pain in the ass process

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Oof man I know what you mean. I got charged a few years back with possession of less than 0.2 grams in fl. Had to pay a lawyer 1k to get that shit off my record

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absolutely fucking terrible

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Arizona is a gd police state. In thick but moving traffic, A state trooper was scanning every car passing by. Some how he caught my son without a seatbelt from the opposite lane and busted us. That was some bs right there. I hate police.

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to answer the question, I got a gf, am finishing a physics phd, and made about 70k thanks to Link.

however I am concerned about getting a job in the post-corona world.

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Whatre you doing your thesis on? I used to major in physics before I dropped out

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probably the best year of my life. I had money, pussy, stuff, and a dope ass band
fucked up and lost everything, but I managed to pull myself out and set myself up for success again, began 2020 on a high note
well, we all know what happened .
only good side is quarantine gains have treated me well

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Went from shit job in 2018 to crypto cuck with 6 figure folio now. Social life non-existent as before, love life the same. no final goals except increasing knowledge of markets and hopefully other things.

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anon i am sorry you are going through all this. you sound like a really great guy tbqh, the world is always hardest to the good ones. i want to give you a hug. you sound like the type who can make it, and im really pulling for you <3 you can turn your life around, every day is another opportunity to do so. really, good luck, i cant wait to see you go places!

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i guess also, if you want an 18 y/o girl(male) to talk to, feel free to msg me with profanity or any other OTR compatible xmpp client at : cherryc at jabber dot calyxinstitute dot org. we can talk about monero, security stuff, free software, life, cuddling, or even lewd things if we get to know each other. if you are into that type of thing i mean ><
what you have been through makes me want to be there with you, bake you something yummy, and curl up with you.
my heart breaks hearing about this type of thing happening.
sorry again you have held so heavy a burden, no person deserves this. and im glad to hear you are taking steps forward, its often all we can do.

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>graduate in 2016 in media
>economy sucks, media industry in turmoil
>2 years shit jobs
>2018 go back to school for accounting
>economy picks up
>graduate in 2020 with accounting degree ready to enjoy stable job in healthy economy
>2020 economy worse than 2016

If I had just done the opposite of everything I did, then I'd be seating pretty right now.

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