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I live in So Cal.
My home sky rocketed in value
Over the last 25 yrs so I’ve sold. I have a home in AZ
Where I will be moving permanently.

Ive got $2M free and clear to do anything I want with.
I need $15K a monthly for the rest of my life. What ETF dividend would you buy and how much does it yield monthly.
Ive never invested like this before, I always bought gold coins(not selling em)

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500k nasdaq
500k sp500
600k with other random shit, maybe some bonds if you're a pussy.
400k in link.
200k of that in a cold wallet or coinbase if you don't want to fuck with that.
200k of that in something like crypto.com earn program where you get 6% interest just for storing your link with them.
In a few years you'll have doubled your money as long as you don't panic sell during a dip like a weak handed faggot.

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Already holding a big dick stack.
I won’t use DeFi tools , but been in contact with a euro proxy to go big into link node staking.

t.230k Sept17 wallet

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Buy a large amount of RSR and arbitrage or STAKE and stake it and never have to work a day in your life.

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Why the fuck do you need 15k a month retard, what kind of boomer shit is that?

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You are setting yourself up for failure. Fuck your proxy. You should be 100% in defi. Nothing else matters. This isn't an exaggeration, and it's not subjective.

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buy flyd

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oh okay, you're all set then, good luck. But seriously, buy some nasdaq, that shit is going to go ballistic in the next few years. Putting all your money in a lame dividend fund is the wrong move, tech is the future.

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