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Bullish or bearish graph? Would like to hear the pajeet opinion.

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Very bullish sirs. All in

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Looks like a double top to me. Get out now.

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I think a dip is coming. Probably good over the next 3 months though

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Yeah I was thinking that but I've got it all staked since I think long-term will be good.

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it's still only 1% marketcap of hex... lots of room to grow still

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Hex2x gonna exit scam soon . Developers approached me to promote and shill . I refused.also they confessed they pumped it internally.

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prove it

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Looks ripe for a big juicy dump

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Okay so you think it's going to drop but you're not gonna sell? That's dumb. Buy low sell high. You don't even have to do anything like buy puts or short, you literally sell now and buy when it's lower to watch it go higher.

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Screenshot it you fucking liar. This is Jack XD

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I don't think it will drop enough to justify losing 19% on unstaking then staking again.
You could say "don't stake at all then retard", but I've historically been subpar at swing trading and uniswap isn't the platform to swing on.

Proof or FUD.

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Uniswap is okay to swing on you just have to really know where the support and resistance are and put in the trade a little ahead of time

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insider here, jack is a faggot who wants to pump other coins and dump hex2t/x for other ventures. i have a screenshot that would ruin your life kiddo, cap this. also another team member holds 22 billion. yall faggots gonna get dumped on HARD

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Bullish if it keeps going and doesn't break parabola. This should be the LOKI chart in due time.

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How is that even possible when there are no visible orders

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thanks for letting us know im also obama bin laden

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Watch the price nigger. Crypto moves fast enough you'll definitely see resistance and support multiple times in a day

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they've already siphoned off $50k USD in ETH from you retards (verified on chain) and are sitting on millions of unrealized gains just waiting for enough liquidity to dump on you fucks

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okay proof? they've put in quite a lot of effort for a scam just to throw away all their connections and partnerships when it would probably be more profitable to let the project grow.

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trace all wallets involved in transactions in #transparent-accounting in the discord, what you find might be surprising. all im gonna say

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Which ones? I'm not seeing it.

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