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It's not always true that there is a ton of cash on the sidelines, but it's 100% true right now. As soon as stock start getting away from them they'll chase again.

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Always do the opposite of what JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs says.

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Same with the big hedge fund guys - Ackman, Tepper, and Druckenmiller were all sounding massive alarms around the lows and I'm sure they were buying at the same time.

Tepper specifically does this all the time. Check out his "It's scary time now, now it's scary time" quote right before the market took off... always talking the opposite of his book to get better prices.

see above

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>Ignore JPM guidance to plebs
>Buy JPM stonks so you make profits from whatever they are actually doing

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Yes, the Fed pushing money out of coporate credit and treasuries is going to make that capital flow into equities, but there's also a lot of retail money in equities that can vanish in the blink of an eye.

The SP500 could just as easily go to 1500 as 4000.

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>get punished by owning a bank stock in ZIRP/NIRP

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No, this means they’ve got shorts open still.

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i bet i could find an article from JPMorgan saying the exact opposite of this

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