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SyncFab ($MFG) It’s a blockchain platform that allows OEM Procurement and Engineering Departments to source, procure, track, secure, and pay for precision parts.

- Aerospace & Defense
- Medical
- Automotive

>Why SyncFab is an easy 100x from here?

- Partner of NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association which accounts for 10% of USA manufacturing industry)

- Founding member of Whitehouse appointed CESMII (Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative).

- Growth of Suppliers and Buyers using network was 10x Up during 2019

- Many clients are fortune 500 companies like SpaceX

- ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) certification – which means that project itself is aligned to security guidelines on the handling of US Military data.

- Some of the clients are Fortune 500 companies like SpaceX

- All-star team with long track on successful development (CEO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremygoodwin/)

- Working product (SaaS bundles)

- Partner of Mobi

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MFG Rank:671
Marketcap: $1,050,316
Available Supply: 184,577,750
Max Supply: 868,459,135

Token is used to pay fees within the platform, to tokenise parts and perform smart contract payments on the platform. As the platform usage grows so does the demand of the token.

>Medium - https://medium.com/@SyncFab

>Website - https://syncfab.com/

>Contract adress: 0x6710c63432a2de02954fc0f851db07146a6c0312

>Exchanges: Kyber.network | idex.market

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>Use cases within the platform:

A fee for sending RFQs in the SyncFab Platform is paid in MFG token, whereas SyncFab plans to use their MFG Tokens to reward manufacturers who place faster bids and price more competitive (lower-priced) quotes. Every RFQ created will be listed as an auction, attached with a MFG Token reward to the manufacturers for their bidding efforts. Once an auction is over, the winner takes 50% of token rewards, 20% of token rewards goes to second and third top bidder each and 10% is recycled into Loyalty pool

Similarly, a manufacturer can also add tokens to their quote. This can technically be viewed as a discount that is paid to purchaser if the offering manufacturer is selected as a winner.

Other MFG paid incentives can be quick responses, quality deliverables, customer loyalty or even data sharing can be incentivized with MFG token. Starting from May 20th 2020, SyncFab will be offering webinars to NTMA members explaining how to use the platform and how to qualify for MFG token incentive programs.

MFG token is needed to create MFGPRT token (=to tokenize parts as ERC721 NFT). A screenshot of SyncFab platform from the article announcing launch of tokenization technology suggests tokenization of one part costs 100MFG tokens. Please note this number was not stated officially and might not be accurate. However, if you consider a single car averages of 30,000 parts and an aeroplane averages of 2,000,000 individual parts, that's a lot of parts to be tokenized.

MFG Smart Contracts can automate payments based on custom triggers, such as goods arriving or passing inspection.

There is a fee in MFG added to final purchase orders transacted within the ecosystem. The transaction fee is paid for by the purchasers on top of the quoted price.

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By far my comfyiest hold right now fren

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I should have bought when this coin was posted last weekend. I'm hoping for more retrace but bought a bag in case it doesn't. This shit reminds me of EDI and BUIDL.
>these vibes

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Forgot to mention, I want to find the anon who has been finding these gems.
Thank you Based Bro, whoever you are. You're doing God's work.

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Amen brother

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