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Klaus Schwab, 4th Industrial revolution, The great reset


Remember Elon Musk warning about AI and Alex Jones talking about AI control system In Joe Rogan? everything starts to make sense. What part do we Linkies play in this?

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Stinkies are sleeping on this, dont know what they are sticking their hands into

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Only the most delusional schizoldfags know just how big link is gonna be

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Redpill yourself you fucking fools

216 = 21.6.2020


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I'm already 216pilled
Thx tho

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No you fucking retard

21.6.2020 is the literal fucking prophecy fulfilled you piece of shit idiot fuck

Stay fucking ignorant shit

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Stupid shit

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Lol I understand what you're saying you moronic schizo
jesus christ

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Jared lannier wrote a better pop sci nyt bestseller dystopian prediction called “who owns the future” still, looking deeply into our shared fate is difficult but I feel lannier captured the essence of being sentient while a cyber dystopia gathers steam in the wings just a bit more eloquently

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Except this one is real life

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Last night Ari Juels appeared to me in a dream. I told him how cool it was that he could appear before me like this but he just said "oh like you're forgot 216" I was taken aback and could only try and say "it means fourness right?" But he kept cutting me off by saying "fourness right? Fourness right?" and closing his hand shut in my face. My autism got the better of me and spaghetti started shooting from my hands, ears, and mouth as I tried to explain the connection between fictional stories and real life. He just chuckled to himself and walked away. I woke up drenched in sweat and pee pee poo poo.

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how orwellian is the presentation of schwaub
fuck linkies, you better use your gains for the promotion of freedom

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Don't you fucking retard understand that all of this points to 21.6.2020

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>stakeholder capitalism

when were any of these freemason creeps democratically elected?

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TL;DW plz.

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