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Contract Address: etherscan.io/token/0x57f7b5709df25b75b222bd9ad7d2f32c43a506f5
Uniswap V2: uniswap.exchange/swap?inputCurrency=0x57f7b5709df25b75b222bd9ad7d2f32c43a506f5&outputCurrency=0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2
Telegram: t.me/theshifter_UNOFFICIAL
Website (Staking and Swapping Portal): theshifter.io/ (Currently in development)

Total supply: 100,000,000
Team allocation: 5,000,000
Marketing fund: 5,000,000
Airdrops for stakers: 7,500,000

>What is TheShifter.io?
Old fags know how great ShapeShift was before they were bent over, fucked in the ass, and forced to do KYC. It's as dead as a Mumbai sewer hooker now. TheShifter.io is the new kid on the block - a privacy-centric project which will let anyone swap any shitcoin to another one without KYC. It will be 100% decentralized, 100% anonymous, 100% untraceable. Btc->XMR, Ethereum->Link, Doge->BCH, any ERC20 token->anything else. It's completely blockchain-agnostic and POS. 5 developers on the team, testnet in July, mainnet in September.

>What is SHIFT?
SHIFT is the native currency. You can pay fees with it, you can stake it, you can shove it in your mother's hairy ass if you want. It's the fuel of the network. You will be able to swap without owning SHIFT though. Also, you can't fucking buy it anywhere. It's not even minted yet.

>What is SHAPE?
SHAPE is the placeholder ERC20 token which will be swapped for SHIFT at 1:1 ratio when testnet goes live in July. You can stake it too from next Monday when the staking portal goes live. 1-1.5% weekly depending on amount of tokens staked. Keep your SHAPE in a wallet, sit back and enjoy staking rewards & airdrops. Swap for SHIFT in July. That's it.

That's it, anons. Do with this information as you please. You helped me in the past, now I want to give back and clear my karma.

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omg i'm for once early in something.
thanks, anon.

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im in fuck it

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what a terrible time for a potentially legitimate project to be entering the cryptospace kek good luck

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How soon is the website?

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And another one. Any guesses when this one will exit scam?

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Well there are a lot of petentially legitimate projects and too much of shitcoins, an early website could do a lot for proving itself

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they say staking starts from monday, so i guess next week?
pls, anon, i need a win this time.

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Expected it to have already pumped a bit and just be shilled to get dumped on.
However its actually new, thanks anon grabbed a bag.

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ill give it about an hour, most people should have caught on by now i hope

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this is as addicting as gambling

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lets do it lads

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Good % of team allocation and Marketing fund, would give it a bit more for marketing in early stages but this should be fine as well, seem like a good project not gonna lie anons
I'm in fuck it, wanted website sooner but monday seems okay

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come on faggots, pay my child support!

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are there oldfags here who used the original shapeshift regularly?
it was fking awesome while it lasted.
do you think these guys can really build something sustainable which doesnt need kyc?

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yea it was awesome i enjoyed it

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Fuck it, I'm in

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A bit more of information on the team could be a great answer to that

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seems decent. ill bite.

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anon, if you are building the next shapeshift and promise no KYC, do you go public and post your linkedins kek
i wouldn't desu

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Already dumped 90%. Lol buyers will only get rekt

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your child will be able to eat a steak

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Let's gooooo!

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its PUMPING lets GO fudders OUT

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Well this is the earliest we can be, few bucks I wont miss if it fails that's for sure

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It looks like they just listed. That's not how it works anon

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Damn that's good news ima buy few more bags AYAYAYA

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Goddamn what a beautiful pump!

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For sure never underestimate the autism of some crypto devs(like vitalik and sergey)

Thats not how uniswap works brainlet.

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ok, i'm in

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been killing uniswap lately let's see how this goes. will grab a bag and fuck of and wait 24 hours

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this is mooning, nice thing i am early for once

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Bases anon delivers early.
Lets fkin go!

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I love you biz

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i know there isn't much information to go on, desu, and i expect them to be as subtle as it gets until they launch testnet.
you don't want the sec or other govt niggers on your ass.

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Fuck it might as well throw in a few eth. Please don't dump until I sell please please please

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thanks just bought 200k

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we are going to makeit

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We need more news from OP if that's possible, tell me more pls

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Hey OP, even if this is an exit scam, please please please, just let the pump part go on for a few hours at least, that way we can all profit a bit before you pull the plug. ETH Private (ETHX) was allowed to run for a few hours and did like 30X before the exit scam. We can all do better if it runs longer. Dont be like the amateur pajeets who pull out after 20 minutes. Thanks

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that is what i am saying too we can all make big money if it lasts for a day, the other day i had 50x cuz the guy was not greedy and it went good i can see it here

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I dont this this is an exit scam, this could actually be legit and I like it

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this is 10x more legit than that shitcoin ftf or whatever the fuck it was

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I think I'm buying more

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so who's the wallet with 34% of the supply?

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That's the contract dude xd

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too many weak hands in this coin

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holy shit already 4x and just going up

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Is the contract different from a liquidity pool (which can be removed instantly in an exit scam)? Also, how can you check if a dev can mint new tokens (and thus dump them)?

>> No.19648754

Best way to make money

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We need OP to comment more on this

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this is next shapeshift i mean fuck it bros im throwin some eth in

>> No.19648851

i got in with 1 eth if it goes up its great

>> No.19648862

Buy it guys

>> No.19648867

I'm putting in .5 ETH FUCK IT DOOOD

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how do you like my gift to you biz?
certain uniswap gems are hard to find but when you truly dig through code you uncover some probable investments.

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Check out the TG dude, this is going to either 100x or go to 0
KEK the absolute state of /biz/
based and shitcoinpilled

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Exit scamming now thx brother vinshu

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Notice how every newfag/low IQ pajeet shill doesn’t reply to OP? Notice how literally every fucking shill thread looks like this? Surely couldn’t be someone trying to take advantage of you

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shit icon

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lol 4chan weakhands already sold. This project now can moon hard. Stay poor pajeets

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Fuck em. I'm buying 0.5 ETH at a time. Looks like a nice dip.

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Price is holding after the degens dumped for their .1eth profit

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fucking SCAM nice free erc20 github nigger

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contract is 31% genius

>> No.19649188

whole thing bashed together 2h45mins ago,

has no-one learnt from ethx ghostx unibomb etc,
literally same people exit scamming you chumps every night.
stay poor losers

>> No.19649254

bought the dip bois. lets goooo

>> No.19649271

I'm up like 2X on this already

>> No.19649365

fuck man this website looked so cool I thought worth 1 ETH, already 2x thanks team

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all shills to lure people in.

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this looks better than all the other piece of shit scams. just put .40 eth in. lets go.

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Dark and all the other pajeeters have dumped already. These guys could have dumped after the 20x pump but they didn't. Just saying.

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That was just the early biz autistic fucks who only want 50% gains. I reckon we reach half a penny in a few days. These guys are basically trying to revive shapeshift, that alone makes this a damn good pick at this early stage

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its been more active than the exit scams...

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