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Unipower will be exit scamming in a few. One of the devs was part of ETHX exit scam (Hank or whatever, the webdev) this morning banned anyone who invested who were in Unipower. I lost over 10 ETH on ETHX and I just want to be a bro and tell you anons to take your money out before they do it to ya.
Don't tell me I didn't warn you. Inb4 "FUD" or some shit. Dude, just take profits my man and leave these scammy Uniswap tokens. Hope this helps.

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+1, seemed legit at first with the web dev involved too (name was karl btw)

So call legal issues and just dipped fucking pajeets

Unipower next ?

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not true, the webdev of ETHX is not part of unipower, just a community member

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The head ETHX shill had to say he was from the Unipower dev group as the web dev, which I checked on the Unipower discord before he exit scammed and it's the same account. Anyways just helping fellow anons out to fuck these shills by withdrawing their money before the rug gets pulled from the floor.

If you don't believe me, fine.

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as far as I understand Hank is working alone on this project. Even the website is just a template, kek. So possibly this web dev never existed and ethx scammer was just bullshitting to make it look legit.

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Right, anyways I hope we can fuck up the pajeet who exit scammed us when we all make it. Fuck that guy man.

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this, ethx just tried to leech from the unipower hype

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If I ever meet that Bombay bastard I'm going to fucking stab him

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What hype? You mean the discord pnd shills trying desperatly to dump their bags? Fking lol

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I think this is his address, or maybe one of his addresses he used for airdrop:

This is the contract address for the coin

Let's fuck him up

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Pamp just fked me...all I have left is power..pls God no

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you're safe anon, power aint related to this shitclone -should be pretty obvious

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Lol shut up Hank, we all know you banned us from the Unipower discord. Fuck off hope you rot in hell.

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we're even getting our own dedicated FUD now kek

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lol its not exit scamming u dumb fucks

already confirmed a cex listing (bidex)

even the fucking second community dapp was released today more then 39k power payed out


so please fuck off with ur gay ass fud

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Explain why all of us investing in ETHX got banned from the discord then? If you can’t then shut up ponzi dev. Only curses will come to you and your useless liquidity coin

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Don’t be sour you got exit scammed

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hank designed their site
hes a web designer
UniPower is a coin that grows from liquidity but its gonna be posted on DEX's like bidesk, uniswap, etc.

FUD and a half

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pamp network exit scammed an hour ago.. unipower is a scam too. same devs behind it

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lmao imagine comparing unipower to pamp, mrblobby is known dev building dapps since 2018

pamp is unknown scammer

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