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Most of the LINK OGs sold last year with the Google+Coinbase pump. Only literal nulinkers are holding now. Get out while it’s still nudging above $4.

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Absolute shit tier FUD

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ICO chad here, only selling staking gains like all the other OGs

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Almost 90% of holders bought within the last 12 months - i.e. after the PnD. Keep crying stinker.

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thats a percentage you dumb fuck, this just shows that more people bought during this year it doesnt mean that ogs sold, as there are more people who buy, og % decreses, without them ever sellig.
fucking retard

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seethe and cope

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this doesnt make any sense

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Look at the crying stinker. What more evidence do you possibly need to demonstrate that you’re holding a token that got PnD? 90% of holders literally bought the OGs bags and they’ll continue holding while it dumps down to $1 again.

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swingers get the rope is a meme

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oh gee of course it doest make sense to a dumb fuck.
the % OG will always decrease if there are new buyers. this raph is just bullish as fuck, it means more and more people are buying, and OGs are becoming a minority.

imagine i have a bag of fruit.
I buy 2 apples
-> percent of apples in my bag is 100%
i buy 8 bananas
-> percent of apples in my bag is now 20%

does it mean that i sold 80% of my apples? no
it just means that i got more bananas in my bag you dumb fuck.

a decrease in the % of OGs doesn't mean they sold you fucking ape

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He means that it is weighted by 'holders' not by holdings. Almost certainly the 14% in the graph will own more than the 86%. Plenty of OGs haven't sold.
Fuck, I've still got 40K Linkies on Binance that I bought in early 2018 and have been too lazy to combine with my 2017 stack.
Don't bother replying because I won't read and won't be selling.

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post the number of wallets you monkey, instead of fucking ratios

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That’s because the 14% held through 2018, all the new linkers hold from coinbase on.
Check back in a year.

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Did you fail basic math? Not that hard to understand

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psht calling me an ape but you got the bag of bananas homo

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yikes, calm down. you're making a lot of assumptions here. did link's wallets grow by 86% over the past year?

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Most insiders bought BAT I thought

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>did link's wallets grow by 86% over the past year?
Don’t know what percentage but wallets have definitely grown the past year

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Post the hodlers numbers and there will be a true graph
%s are for negroes like you

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So many seething stinkers in this thread. It’s a fact that most holders bought the Google PnD, as evidenced by the onchain metrics indicating 90% of holders bought in the past 12 months. That’s an insane level of FOMO and we know where that always leads - ie a huge dump.

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A suicide stack of bananas worth $45k....lol

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Cayman Islands

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i took bananas in my bag to give to please the monkeys like you

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Nice, I am the 14% and all my LINK is long term capital gains upon sale now because I'm not a short sighted idiot.

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>major event happens
>price goes up + number of new holders goes up

This is exactly how it's supposed to go.

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Also, Chainlink is the least "normie" coin in the entire top 20.
In terms of new holders, it has huge growth potential.

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>least normie coin
>comparing almost 10 year old crypto communities to links 2017 one
if you read any tweet on twitter that mentions LINK, there are hundreds of replies with pepe images that get 100 likes
E thots shill your garbage
Niggers shill your garbage
Chris Humphreys shills your garbage
On reddit, all the LINK threads get hundreds of upvotes and multippe replies from linkies. Want to know why the reddit small? Because all LINKs fanbase are mostly twitter and youtube simps. Normies dont care about getting crypto news from reddit, only twitter; links main hotspot

You are the most normie simp coin in existence

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>>comparing almost 10 year old crypto communities to links 2017 one
Literally yes.
The older you are, the more normie exposure you've gotten.

You're not very bright, are you?

Also, Unus Sed Leo, Huobi token, Crypto.com, and BSV are all younger than Chainlink.
And EOS, Tron, and BCH are about the same age.

Chainlink is the absolute least normie coin in the entire top 20, deal with it.

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>On reddit, all the LINK threads get hundreds of upvotes and multippe replies from linkies.
lmao ok, let's talk about reddit.

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>know why the reddit small? Because all LINKs fanbase are mostly twitter simps
But anon, Link has the least Twitter followers in the top 20.
You’re coping very poorly.

>> No.19608977

I forgot a bunch lol.

Younger than Link:
>Unus Sed Leo
>Huobi token

About as old as Link:
>Binance coin

So 10 out of the top 20 are younger or the same age as Link.
While only 9 out of the top 20 are older than Link.

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so....room to grow? I want to be rich ;_;

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what's the meaning of OGs?

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Look another retard who doesn't know how time flows or what absolute values means. Nobody tell him, let this thread die as OP got the prize for biggest tard of the day

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Older means they have an a head start. As in, if LINK was in 2013, it would have the largest following rn. Plus, no simps use reddit for crypto anymore. All the simps are on twitter while autists remain on reddit for crypto. Besides, every Chainlink related post on r/CeyptoCurrency has tons of linkies invading each one and posting their garbage. Just look at this one here

notice how 90% of the comments are link memes. And this is not normie coin? lol

Also, stupid nigger im telling you reddit does not matter. Only twitter. Here is a twitter bot that tracks all social media trends of crypto. You can check him out on twitter to confirm.
Notice which shitcoin is always near the top despite not being in the top 10. And since a lot of XRP and ETH tweets are scam offers, that fudges their numvers while link tweets are always organic. LINK is the most tweeted about crypto in the world. It is simp coin to a tee (no oun intended)

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Retard FUD loooool so sad

>> No.19609182

most of the other coins have seniority status. Literally look at tweet volume >>19609175

LINK is the most normie coin in existence

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Heres another one, LINK tweets double the amount of any other coin

>> No.19609197

>Older means they have an a head start.
Yes, and therefore they've had more normie exposure.
Are you braindead?

Also, the majority of the top 20 is younger/same age as Chainlink.

Link has the least Twitter followers out of the entire top 20.

>muh tweet volume
That just means the Twitter followers actually interact.

>> No.19609198

>Strathvale House, 90 North Church Street, George Town, KY1-1102, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Yeah, very underground coin. Literally the 2nd most tweeted alt coin here

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That doesn't change the fact that Chainlink has the least Twitter followers out of the entire top 20.
You realize that, right?

All it means is that those followers actually post.

>> No.19609235

Doesn’t change the follower count, dumbass.

Having fewer followers who are more active only highlights the potential for growth.

>> No.19609239

older means a lot of the old holders left crypto or moved onto LINK. Its an ongoing trend for simps holding older coin to move onto LINK cause its simp central. A lot of followers of Ripples twitters are literally 90% dead accounts while chainlinks followers are more active

>muh followers
You even admitted LINK has high twitter volume cause they interact more. What matters more; the amount of views and comments a youtube video gets are the amount of dead sunacribers? If a youtube account from 2009 has 1 million subacribers does that make him more relevant than a zoomer with 500 k subscribers in 2020? kek

>> No.19609256

ChainLinks twitter is from 2018. And has had nothing but rapid growth in follower count
Now look at something like Ripple. How many of Ripple's followers do you think are dead accounts now? Well you could tell by looking at these

>> No.19609277

>older means a lot of the old holders left crypto or moved onto LINK
And yet Link still has less followers.

>What matters more; the amount of views and comments a youtube video gets are the amount of dead sunacribers?
lmao, the amount of subscribers matters more of course.
The more people subscribe, the more money comes in.

>ChainLinks twitter is from 2018. And has had nothing but rapid growth in follower count
And yet Link still has less followers than anything else in the entire top 20, despite growing rapidly.

You're literally saying Chainlink has tons of growth potential still.

>> No.19609293

>haha Link has fewer followers, but more follower growth
Thanks for the bullish sentiment, fren.

>> No.19609313

>dead subscribers matters more than active comments and youtube views
you obviously have no idea how alogorithms work or youre coping really hard right now
>has tons of growth potential
its already pinnacle simp coin. All the other twitter followers are dead accounts. 90% of Ripple followers are dead and dont tweet as proven with these

>> No.19609332

high followe growth literally means all the simps are fomo'ing in right now you dunce. You have the most simp and trendy coin in existence

If you think being in peak simp coin is a good sign, good for you. But history has proven time after time the coin that gets the most simps (XRP, BitConnect) indicates a huge long crash is around the corner

>> No.19609334

>you obviously have no idea how alogorithms work
Do explain what algorithms have to do with the follower count.

>its already pinnacle simp coin
Least subscribers in the entire top 20, so no.

>All the other twitter followers are dead accounts. 90% of Ripple followers are dead and dont tweet
Doesn't change the fact that Ripple had massive normie exposure.

>> No.19609355

>high followe growth literally means all the simps are fomo'ing in right now
So Link still has tons of potential for growth before it even reaches the follower levels of the rest of the top 20.

>> No.19609385

New holders is growing.
Large holders and swingers got wrecked and tokens were distributed across more holders.

Are you implying a downside or pointing out the obvious upside? I'm confused.

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subscribers dont generate revenue. Only views. Comments are an indicator of viewer interactivity. And you admitted yourself LINK has the most activity.

Yes. Ripples peak normie exposure was January 2018 RIGHT BEFORE IT CRASHED.

it means all the simp money has flowed into LINK. There are no more simps that can boost LINKs price anymore hence why it cant even break $5 despite being the most tweeted coin on twitter. There are no more simps left to fomo in.
>has a lot more growth potential
it doesnt. Because all the other followers on other crypto twitters are mostly dead accounts. LINK has the most ALIVE account followers in existence. It has peaked in the simp department

>> No.19609436

Help please
what's the meaning of OGs?

>> No.19609450

basically the greatest fool bought already

>> No.19609461

I appreciate all of your background anon.

But you're also wrong, greed hasn't come close to setting in for LINK, LINK is also a very generic and commonly used word, so likely is obscured in the data when it comes to social media platforms, not only that, it has a much more dedicated userbase who are much more likely to talk about it, honestly reminds me of Bitcoin back in the day.

Greed hasn't even begun with LINK.

>> No.19609482

>subscribers dont generate revenue.
Of course they do.
Every new subscriber is a potential new buyer.

>> No.19609497

>it means all the simp money has flowed into LINK.
It literally doesn’t when Link has the lowest subscriber count in the top 20.

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Except LINK is already the highest volume alt coin in existence from simps fomo'ing in.


you have already peaked and couldnt break $5. LINK has MORE alive twitter followers than Ripple. Dead accounts mean shit and doesnt contribute to coin volume

>> No.19609567

>Except LINK is already the highest volume alt coin in existence from simps fomo'ing in.
And yet fewer simps have fomo'd in than the rest of the top 20.

>you have already peaked
But Link hasn't even come close to the normie count compared to the rest of the top 20.

>> No.19609588

>fewest followers
>second-highest crypto volume

DAMN now imagine the volume once the follower count catches up to the rest of the top 20.

>> No.19609611

>fewer simps
wrong. see >>19609403
again. Dead accounts dont matter. LINK HAS THE MOST ALIVE TWITTER ACCOUNTS IN EXISTENCE. This is an objective fact. see >>19609403

anyway. im done arguing with cultists tonight. Go back to doxxing some russian woman to "prove" sergey is satoshi

>> No.19609618

>>fewer simps
>wrong. see >>19609403
lmao, how active people are tells you NOTHING about how many people there are.

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People who bought 5 years and kept didn't have to spend nearly as much and hold more BTC. Same thing applies to top holders. Chainlink is still able to be bought in somewhat large quantities and the price never ballooned as high as BTC. It's kind of the opposite as FUD as this shows LINK is growing in popularity

>> No.19610343

that's an insane level of cope

>> No.19610373

copium maxima

>> No.19610417

Thank you for your concern over our financial wellbeing.

>> No.19610465

dont bother. nolinkers dont use facts

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i've held 983 days

>> No.19610530

hodl the line
link isnt always on time

>> No.19610557

I swear FUD getting retarded by the day. You’re never gonna get the OGs to sell their bags.

>> No.19610657

90% of linkers are active traders.

>> No.19610693

Odd gelitin.

>> No.19610763

>1 post by OP
>74 replies by simp faggots

Shameful. Why don't you 74 fuckers find an OnlyFans to fap and give your attention to?

>> No.19610898

>>1 post by OP
He just switched IDs.
It's what fudders do.

>> No.19610934

>What is moving wallets and exchanges
>What is trading.

>> No.19610959

40 wallets x 1000 tokens

>> No.19610979

There some concentrated fudding going on lmao. Uncleoldfag coming out of the wood works with his trips, so you know something funky going on.

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Sergey is a russian asset.

>> No.19611145

What if they want to drop BTC for link but are unable to find a way because markets are literally constructed on BTC???

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The epitome of this thread, the detec/old gay man trip purely seething but I like it because it means he trying to accumulate hard baby

>> No.19611181

It would be funny if they tried to pump btc past ath only to dump it on normie fomo and go in link

>> No.19611215

>it means he trying to accumulate hard baby
Rajeeb, I'm only here now because you mentioned me. It shows just how deluded you are that you think only 1 (one) person on the internet dislikes your shitcoin spam. You don't think, perhaps, there could be more than 1 person who doesn't like Chainlink?

>> No.19611260

>being this emotional
are you a woman/tranny?

>> No.19611277

How many times have you been told creg? No one wants to join your toilet witch doctor club okay bro

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>if you don't agree that you're all the same person you're e-emotional!!!
Weird angle. Trannies on the mind, as usual for a LINK holder.

>> No.19611307

Hi newfag. Everyone knows I shit on BSVijays almost as much as Chainstink. You're welcome.

>> No.19611326

no one on this board who bought below $3 is actually holding

>> No.19611354

Tripfags appear like a clock.
What are the odds?

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Discord fudders have discord for identity problems and yet you do it here. I think you used to be good when you starting fudding but now it's like you've run outta materials man.

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File: 1.12 MB, 1318x914, 674764647467476.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All signs point to creg

>> No.19611381

Discord trannies are retarded, they think coming here throwing insults is gonna make a marine sell his bag. Prob got rekt for swinging, good effort though.

>> No.19611389

>Tripfags appear like a clock.
The phrase is 'like clockWORK', you literal pajeet. I see the English speaking LINKshills aren't really active right now so they had to send in you street shitters.
>Discord fudders
Chainlink devs use Discord as their primary method of communication. Who do you think you're fooling?

>> No.19611402

What are the odds?

>> No.19611447

> There's only the official chainlink discord
These groups predate chainlink discord cancer
Yeah delphi probs isn't active and most hardcore crumbs hunters are on twitter now. Anons with skills joined the team

>> No.19611555

Where do you get such good statistics?
Paid service?

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