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THIS dip on UniPOWER is your last chance to get in before the final 4x. The base value of Unipower will stay above $3 through the EOY once its hit its maturity.

>Imagine yourself not fucking this one up and buying Unipower at the right time, when KEK said it would be


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Do you believe in Meme Magic?

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We are at first sell off

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I am ready sirs. People took profits. Steaking is here.

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frosty gainz

UniPOWER is getting listed on a CEX hopefully by Friday

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Too bad its on some shitty exchange i can't use.

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bought the durp

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anyone can use uniswap anon

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how would i do that?

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Buy ethereum, use metamask add on or a ledger to connect to uniswap with a wallet, put your ether in the from: and unipowers address in the to: (itll come up as POWER), then swap,

go in reverse to cash out

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#1 whale is literally out, he moved onto some shitclone pnd

this is the REAL ground floor now, NO whale holders


dont miss out

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Its literally going to zero. Soon there will be no liquidity.

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>Soon there will be no liquidity
what are you even talking about UniPower has like the highest liquidity around, $200k+

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I stopped going to work last month and i won't be working till 3 months. I need some gains and all i have is a small amount to play with that i already lost money with Bitcoin.

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power has your back anon, trade here:


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POWER is OVER ! the whales are already dumping on you!! And what are they doing with the fresh money ? They are ALL buying MINDS, be smart, do the same!

MINDS = Facebook on Ethereum It's on Uniswap!

Grab while you can, because tomorrow is for the suckers.

This little GEM has the true potential to go to Moon (100X probably more) till the end of the week. This token has been discreetly featured in a few mainstream publications and it's attracting attention among some big boys.

Decrypt first mentioned during this hot topic:

Right after they got interested and made a full article around their technology, it:

Vice has also been covering the project since as far as last year:

Bill Ottman even went to the Joe Rogan Podcast (his friend) and it was unofficially confirmed that he will return there this month:

In case you want to try and grab some, make sure to use Uniswap v1, because liquidity is even scarcer in v2:


The plan here is to accumulate while the marketcap is below $2M, and dump after Ottman goes to Joe Rogan again.

Have fun!

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the reason liquidity is dying off is because people keep buying and staking

the lower supply available the higher the price is gonna be

watch the price shoot to 10$ in the upcoming weeks with the release of new dapps

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This is going to pump hard, just bought $2k

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yup $5-10

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>those quints
all right, i'll pick up a small bag

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Minds is a shit coin

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based anime

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>buy some dumbass crypto social media coin
couldve bought a coin that scales in quality with the growth of uniswap which is growing fast

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up we go

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