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At 34.50
We're about to make it frens

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Ahhhhhhh he literally says “soon”.
Thank you, fren. I’d forgotten to listen to this one. I needed this hopium dose today. Feeling incredibly blackpilled about the state of the world. Chainlink is my light in the darkness.

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When was this recorded? Maybe staking eoy isn’t a larp after all

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Dr. Nazarov has been saying "soon" for years.

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No he hasn’t, dipshit. In fact, he never brought it up

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I don’t know exactly when but it’s literally the podcast version of that print interview.

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Anons help me out here
I understand the reason for why staking exists
But what I don't fully understand is how easy it will be to actually "stake" and earn a return for an average holder who knows nothing about running a node

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Picrelated: 'Soon' bro from Poostonia

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you will be able to use a service that will run the node for you and you will earn a bit less, but no pressure

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>Chainlink is my light in the darkness.
It is for all of us anon, stay cozy

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not very easy which is why it's way more legit.
there's probably going to be nodes/pools who run services and will need link for the penalty mechanisms and you get rewarded.

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It won't be easy, it will be a job.
In this world, you get value by providing value.
In the case of LINK, you are assuming the risk of data delivery. You put your LINK at STAKE.
If you do not deliver, or deliver inaccurately, you are punished. So, the value you derive from your node is tied the risk of operating it.

There will be many service agreements where all you have to do is spin up a VM and hook up a few adapters but these will not pay well because of how easy it is.

To run a profitable node you will need to hire people to sort and manage areas where risk could arise including at a minimum: networking, systems, SC coder. Not to mention the work involved creating and maintaining enterprise relationships, legal, and big picture industry direction and trends.

Remember, if we hit $1k it's because were playing with the big boys. Neets need not apply.

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I thought you can stake on coinbase lol

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Everytime good link info comes out so do horse cocks

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It’s already in the testing stages. You can’t go by the pivotal tracker anymore. The vrf was release in may but on pivotal tracer it still says the epic is unfinished and if you look at the different stories they are things that needed to be done before release. Staking is happening before oracle because it literally has to. So between right now and September 1st we will have staking.

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you probably will.
they will want to be data providers

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lending out capital is not the same as staking

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May 30th 2020
If you play the link on Spotify, that's the date of the podcast

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So then, what's the difference between what you described and staking on coinbase?

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I'm keen to discover new staking services other than Linkpool. I found the LP token price very high, and decided to purchase more Link instead.

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you will be able to stake with chainlink token only evenutaly on linkpool

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False , binance is the partner of chainlink , binance will offer staking through their services and linkpool will literally lose 80% of their inflated value.

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Came out may 30th it says for podcast

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Wtf is staking?

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...that’s when it was released. Not when it was recorded.

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I think by 'only' he means LP will offer staking without the LP token

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3 years....when exactly is soon?

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Prepare a suitable sacrifice and consult the Toilet Witch.

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Staking ecosystems are quite centralized by the nature of validators. This they are not representing Value Income actually. We need projects like VID.camera who will push for Value Income prospects.

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Decentralization was always a pipe dream. Bitcoin is mined almost exclusively by chinks, chainlink will have centralized staking networks like LinkPool, Coinbase and Binance. The elite have won, but at least we managed to grab a piece of their pie.

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This whole interview is really interesting. I'd not heard Sergey approach it from this angle before. I'm learning more about how CL works tonight!

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As long as decentralization is sufficient, the network will thrive...we don't need complete decentralization.

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I'd like to hear Sergey talk about CL's role in IoT. No one ever asks him..

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What’s the percentage per year for steaking with LinkPool

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Estonia is one of the most civilised countries in the world you dumb burger.

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Are you aware of the fact that unlike PoS blockchains, with Chainlink if you stake more than the colateral requested by smart contracts you don't get more rewards? There is a limit for how much contracts asking for colateral you'll be able to serve. Once you pass that limit, if you let users stake you are actually cutting their rewards.

Let me be clear, if you serve 200 contracts that ask for 1 million USD in LINK as colateral at the same time, you will only need 200 million USD in LINK staked. If you reach that limit and you keep allowing your users to stake, they are not going to earn more, but instead your users will earn LESS. That's why the Coinbase / Binance / big entities having their own node it's not a valid fud

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I doubt it's 'soon' soon. It has to be out before any real industry use and CL can't keep paying node operators. So i would suggest it will be before or soon after the oracle integration, depending on whether that is immediately live or 'test net'.

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Oracle integration is q3 this year. I don’t expect staking to happen tomorrow but, considering I legit thought it could be another year or more, it’s coming soon soon.

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Stop talking like a nigger, I don't like it.

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Not really. Its basically just Tallinn and the rest is forest. Its a nice country for sure, but a far cry from Singapur, Tokyo or other high tech cities.

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I don't really understand the Oracle product that they are integrating with exactly? Can I get a QRD or good link

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Wtf are you even talking about, retard?
Soon soon?
Did you read the comment I was responding to?
It’s not some black slang.

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Oracle is offering plug-and-play Chainlink integrations within their BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) packages, so devs can actually query Chainlink nodes from their Oracle database. At the same time, they are on-boarding data providers to offer something similar to honeycomb.market

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Settle down, Tyrone. Just breathe. Shhh. Shh.

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Before staking is used, there needs to be a lot of volume going through valuable smartcontracts. What's the point of implementing staking just for some ETH price calls?

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Personally...I’m all in

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At the same time there can't really be a lot of volume until staking is there. I don't know how much smartcontract is paying operators but it won't be feasible for it to come to a high value job for any substantiate length of time.

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Good interview with Ian Keane, Head of Solution Engineering (UK and Ireland) for Oracle, the other week

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A larper a while ago hinted at a potential pre-staking development, in which there is a soft version of staking.

You deposit a certain amount of LINK in a scrow contract associated with your oracle node, but when it comes to penalty payments it wouldn't take into account the accuracy of the answer, but rather that your node delivered in fact an answer and didn't went offline. So this would be just a sort of guarantee for the availability of the node

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Wouldn’t be surprised at all of staking comes out in tiers

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Finally gave this a listen. What an awesome interview, even Sergey notes he gets very involved with it. 1000eoy/1000eoy would listen again.

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sounds good to me anon

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Coinbase or Binance will not have the reputation as high as Linkpool, maybe for years. Reputation is also a big portion of the business. Coinbase or Binance buying Linkpool seems a better option for them than competing with neet nodes on penny contracts.

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I've been up working for 24 hours and my comprehension is failing, can i get a qrd?

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Integrating Chainlink into the Baseline Protocol as the essential bridge between real world data and the Baseline Protocol. Essentially formalizing Chainlink as the Ethereum oracle solution via Baseline. Pretty above average in size, in my opinion.

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*nevermind, it's saying chainlink is quite fundamental in the protocol. Good to know. It really has become certain the link is the oracle network for all industry blockchain use. The only question is when we take off and if initial predictions were correct.

Wish i had more money to chuck in but im off with the lockdown.

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He's so passionate in this interview. I've been in awe

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Yeah cheers. Not sure what the epic is that they discuss.

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no he hasn't retard

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This is quite likely to be honest

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"Imagine if the price of crypto goes up and to the right... and then imagine the amount of value locked in Defi goes up and to the right... that's the only reason some of these oracle issues haven't been front page news. It's because the NUMBERS have been sufficiently low"

Great quote.

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As it relates to integrating Chainlink into Baseline.
Here's where DocuSign is discussed.

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This might be the best interview with Sergey I've listened to so far, clearly outlining the critical security issues with existing systems in DeFi and how Chainlink solves them while hammering on how important high quality data is, great talk

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I don't even know what epic is, some sort of pivotal? I read a lot about anything link related but im not a programming or tech expert at all.

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Github. It's what's on the screen they're sharing in the video you obviously haven't watched. Is this what I get for sharing it with you?! You nigger.

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>You have a serious attack vector here. It'd be a shame if something... happened.

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>tfw satoshi has been behind every major defi hack

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I did watch but i'm doing work on a sub hd 4:3 21" screen, i cant make out much. Have to split who gets the actual computer with my wife whilst we're both working from home.

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I’ve had this exact thought before. I feel like Sergey is white hat but maybe not.

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>"Cousin Vitalik!"
>"Let's go scamming."

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I'm going to put a prediction of staking of some form in august. Hopefully i get digits here confirming. Trips it happens this month.

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Off topic here. I like 4chan in some ways, having discovered it recently. Obvs the racism etc are a bit lame, but the thing that really annoys me is this childish clinging to buzz-terms so many of them go with. Constantly typing 'based' as a single-word post. WTF is with that? Oh, and my personal favourite.. 'unironically'. I doubt very much many of these kids even know what irony is, much less why they are replacing the word 'seriously' with it. Rant over. Buy Chainlink.

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> is unbased & hates racism
> will soon be based & love racism

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That's rad, man. You should audition for the New Kids on the Block (chain?)

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Did you mean to post your Mum?

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I'm at a point in my life where there seems to be so many possibilities...

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Dude, racists are the WORST

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Holy shit you are autistic, retarded and a cunt. Leave.

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Just hope he bought a local top and has weak hands and gets wrecked.

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Eh this isn't a fair comparison.
White men typically aren't attracted to black women. There's an aesthetic factor here.
What are the statistics for white on white rape?

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Bought 5000 for $0.10 each (if I recall) at the ICO back in September 2017. I remember I had to nip off from work and tether my phone to my laptop in a car park so I could be there at the right moment. Sure enough, 5000 Link in my MEW wallet. Never looked back. Now at 20k and buying more. You?

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I don't have spotify, what does he say?

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open a free spotify account. It's a long interview. worth the effort.

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>Eh black people can't do anything wrong because I make excuses for everything they fail at and holding them responsible for their actions is racist because I've been indoctrinated

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No, i'm not using that shit.

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Then you shall never know, and probably don't deserve to.

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Ok retard.

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Based on what?

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look it up faggot

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lmao if we hit $1k i'm retiring to rural montana. not a chance in hell i'd spent an extra minute of my life dealing with this meme staking bs

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you can still hold it though, staking gonna be fucking gucci, link value is gonna be increased by the economic activity in it, why the fuck would you sell it when it still has more room to grow.

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>more room to grow
even I know $1k is a pipe dream anon. realistically this could hit $30-$50. which would leave me on the cusp of making it but not quite.

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Talk about yourself much?

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it will be a contract or two on test net, then a startup defi app on mainnet served by some of the original 21 nodes 3 months later

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If other countries wanted to come in and mine bitcoin to level the playing field with China, they can. This isn't like competing with Amazon or Google; if you have to resources, you can jump in.

This is what it means to be decentralized.

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See >>19602742
You’ll be “racist” soon enough

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if you think 4chan is racist youve been living a sheltered life at home. and are probably white. there are so many worse locations to go to. for starters, any of the other chans or even bestpol

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Don't (you) at me, jogger, I'm not even here anymore.

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>13 posts by this ID
why are you just going around baiting people? especially when it sounds like you just found out about link 3 days ago? you stick out like a sore thumb.

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He's just doing a survey on the number of newfags. His copypasta is ancient and about 10 retards fell for it. Not looking good.

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Btw ourjeet thinks staking is next year


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fuck spotify


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this is bait

shut the fuck up you stupid nigger.

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his hole village could get washed away this monsoon season and i hope it does.