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Oh boy, what’s going to happen this week edition

>Cursory oil education

>Cursory tanker education

>Tanker rates
http://www.crweber.com/ (no https)

>Maritime news

>Oil news

> Oil companies
No list. Sorry.

>Tanker companies

> Upcoming tanker earnings reports
TNP, 6/11 pre-market (moved from the 4th of June)

>Crude oil contract spread and expiration date

Previous thread:
Nada, /tsg/ was on hiatus.

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tankers are dogshit stocks
tanker companies are run by scum of the earth in an industry that is already scummy as shit

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I'm only down 30 percent on my tanker shitcoin stock today. Starting to look like I can sell it all at break even this year possibly. I learned my lesson

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This is the week we win. Actually, I got no idea, I had some real business to do this weekend and Friday so I unironically have no clue wtf is happening with OPEC, oil, and tankers. All I know is tankers go up, oil nearer 40, rates suddenly went up today. What happened.

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Good riddance

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Tankers are mooning

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>DHT - 10%
>FRO - 5%
meanwhile at non-tanker OIL .... 40-160%+

fuck dude.. hold me tanker bros...

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IDK man, I wasn't paying attention either.

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And it is comfy. Running green on all of them overall again save DHT, and that is with FRO needing to pay its divvy still.

I ran oil companies up a good long ways from when contract dipped negative, but I dumped em. I got no confidence in them at this level, conditions are not better nor safe for a longer-than short term. Tankers have a better mid term future imo. I strongly think those stocks will dip back. Then again, airlines, who the hell knows. Airlines should never of rallied, much less this unprecedented one. So who knows with oil. But I would wait to re-enter right now oil companies and just take profits., tankers are hold for now.


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>Listening to news trying to catch up
>"After oil prices have gone up, Shale companies are turning back on the spicket"
Oh god, the fools, if news ain't lying then it's happening. They are too greedy and are going to fuck supply for good.

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Brandonbros WW@

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ZM appears to have completed head and shoulders without successfully breaking up
freefall should follow

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sold out of my small NAT position on top of this morning's rally. ended up breaking even over the course of about a month of holding

now just need DHT to climb back

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They've been telegraphing that move since >$20 WTI. I really can't see the reason why they wouldn't do it with how bullish every thing looks.

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>now just need DHT to climb back
you and me both, mate

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NAT needs to be dumped, good on you getting rid of it. I too am waiting for DHT to climb, not sure what to think of it. On one hand, I have lack of confidence and want to sell once I make money on it. On the other hand, if it is rising enough to make money it might keep going up. Ah well, meanwhile I will enjoy my other more successful tankers.

I know, but it strikes at the heart of everyone who thought they would be "rational" and hold off until supply balances more. Nah, they just gonna fuck it all up worse in the name of profit.

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How are you tankerfriends doing today

Hopefully as well as my portfolio is

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We are doing fantastic! Only things better are airlines and oil. And some REITs. The lucky rabbit's foot shall protect us from the red!

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That's good to hear, hopefully sick gains will come your way

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You are truly way too lewd of a presence. I am sure they will, nothing but good news today concerning oil in relation to tankers! I hope the gains shall cometh....though really I am doing pretty great even as things stand, I just want DHT specifically to respond well.

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did anyone else lose their ass on TNK or was that just me? they were my best stock for about a month before completely crapping the bed. still dont know why they were hit so hard and havent bounced back much

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If the boomers die

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I'm just posting the reality of what happens when you have girls walking around without shoes on all day long.

It's why they need regular cleaning

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Perfect OP

Nice to be back, TNP finally looking like it's on track to do what I thought it might do a month ago, we'll see. Anyone want to have a go at trying to explain what's happening here - were the OPEC cuts literally priced in?

Also, take note kind anons: https://twitter.com/AnjliRaval/status/1269955482527182848 shit's still fucked my dudes.

Also elephants are the thinking man's animal, as tanker stocks are the thinking man's investment.

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This does absolutely nothing to discourage me. I will add extra cleaning shifts if I have to, their comfort is definitely worth the work no matter how regular it gets.

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I wonder if the fact that cosplayers get these pictures taken means they wouldn't object to a complimentary cleaning

Thanks to you it's now a kink for me

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Where the hell were you guys on Friday? Also how are we feeling on FRO these days?

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>that video
Based and cutepilled.
>were the OPEC cuts literally priced in?
Day's still young, but it seems like they were. OPEC+ and russia agreement is only gonna last another month, and as the link you provided shows enforcement is tentative and lax. As well, US shale is opening back up wells due to a drastic cut in supply. Current drop might be due to people de-risking, but who knows. With prices where there at, I doubt any more cuts are gonna happen or be maintained and supply will only increase.

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Where we at fellow Brandonchads

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>Where the hell were you guys on Friday? Also how are we feeling on FRO these days?

dont think there was a general on friday. FRO has been on a hot streak over the past week. up ~7% today it's surging

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Thanks to me? You are the one who wanted to always bring it up! Though i always had the fetish. I have a feeling some cosplayers would be okay with it if they liked you/hung out for a day and weren't some random stranger. I would love to try it but I am way too shy honestly.

No idea, I wasn't even here on Friday. And FRO is insane bullish, gonna consolidate and have aquisitions, gonna be strong going forward in general.

Nothing can stop my footfaggotry

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Tnp up 12% today and in the green total. Shit's happening bros

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I'm green on every tanker I own except for DHT

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I've always had a thing for feet, but now thanks to you it expanded to dirty feet/cleaning them, which I didn't have before

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My god, that shot. No problem I suppose though, glad to help another anon explore the fetish because whether you like it or not this is definitely a good addition. hard to beat taking everything from underfoot of a girl and worshiping/cleaning them up. I always loved the idea of cleaning dirty feet, the act of pure service just is the best.

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So really, can we all talk about FRO for a moment? Holy fucking fuckity fuck this pump is unreal. I know they are bullish, but I didn't think the market would see them as MAX BULLISH. This is starting to get insane.

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Yeah, this is a very nice change of pace. But this bullishness is what we've been expecting. TNP is up 10% right now. I think the bullishness on FRO is due to a couple things: how undervalued it is, tankers still raking in cash, people hedging against oil, and other stuff of a similar vein. I'm anxious, as i'm sure you are, to see if we continue this bullish energy tomorrow or if tankers are due for another beating if the market sentiment turns downward.

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I've always been a socked feet/legwear guy, so finding pics of dirty soles with actual legwear on is proving challenging. Most people seem to be the barefoot type

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lmao at your image. But I agree with your assessment, and it is sort of sad that "as expected" has turned into "HOLY WHAT, UNEXPECTED!" I am very anxious to see if energy persists, because if it does we might see a breakout....all at once. I am not celebrating too early, just enjoying money in the meanwhile.

I like both, hell I like shoes even. dirty socks and such isn't easy to find without annoying autistic stuff flavored around it, I admit I don't have many, and I don't have many 3D. Really I love everything related to feet rather than a strict preference in legwear or bare of anything. I fully admit I got the footfaggotry bad on make-fun-of levels if I just let go.

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>everything tankers up around 8% or above
>DHT up only 4%
>TNK up 1%

I feel bad for my DHT bags, but I feel even worse for those with TNK shares.

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where might you take profits? I'll drop off some FRO at maybe $12 or $15, but I'm going to keep at least half of my stack for a minimum of a year or two.

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Tnp 17% up now, holy shit dogs. Bulkers are doing good too recently. Cmre has gone up like 23% and others are around 15% since june first.

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buy REFR



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I feel you bro. DHT is making me sad.
Idk, man. I'm in for the long hold as well, but short term just depends on the sentiment. Definitely was considering the 12-13 price range for a trailing stop loss, but I would only do that expecting a significant dip to buy back in. If steam picks up, $15 is not out of the question for FRO (and honestly that's conservative), so a dip might not be as beneficial. But that being said, tankers are so volatile it might be good to de-risk with every significant pump and then buy back in during the subsequent dip. If the the 3 month graph is anything to go by, that seems to be the pattern. But, we might be entering a new paradigm, as those pumps correlated with the jumps in spot rates during that period, so that pattern might not hold true anymore. 2019 highs were around 13 dollars, so I think 12-15 is a price range were a significant retracement could happen if this bullish attitude keeps up. But in the end, green is green.

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smg is that way >>19593941

I've done just about what you've said and doubled down on FRO and EURN last dip. I just moved back out to my original hold today. I'm about 25% in tankers, about 1:1 with my cash. my only other positions are bonds, iron, and inverse djia as a short term hedge. Here's to The Big Port, mate.

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I've made over 30% gains on my DAL.. It's been kinda not doing much today after rising 5.90%. Oh god.. Come on keep going up my baggie ain't full yet.

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Who knows at this point. It was sounding as if FRO is looking toward acquisitions (so growth, which is good), but that's at the cost of potentially diluting shares with the agreement with Morgan Stanley(?). All the indicators point to FRO being undervalued, but maybe tankers are so alien to normies that we're just going to get pump and dumps like what happened a month or so ago due to normies being skittish about holding.

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i've got time. the only thing i'll fomo into right now is cash and CLF unless there's a retard tier dump over the whole market.

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>dilution of 6%
>MSFT offers similar but in senior notes and no one gives a shit
moderate share dilution like that is literally run of the mill. This sort of agreement is not uncommon, and in fact is extremely favorable to FRO because usually they come with a discount on share price but FRO secured it ATM pricing, showing belief in the value of the underlying asset. Share dilution when not in extreme cases is a bit of a meme, FRO is just insanely undervalued and will grow and also shows signs of wanting to diversify their business model (they bought a scrubber company in Q1 along with another company). Tankers are probably just alien to normies, and the few who take the time to learn it are autistic and don't give a good image. Like us unironically. But the normie ones who hold tankers have worse and more annoying autism.

>> No.19595292

>Tankers are probably just alien to normies
according to robintrack, tankers aren't completely alien, kek. This gon be good. It's even more popular than DHT, so i guess this is second contact.

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I know a thing or two about being an autist

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But why SHIP. Greek meme? The hell happened here?

As do I. My autism is incredibly strong, and incredibly annoying to people. Even though I like to be comfy with nice people.

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Don't ask me about robinkiddies. Probably because it had a bump up and it's under a dollar.

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I guess that's good. My main concern is FRO shares going into another five year slump where you'd have to wait that long to recoup. your money. Not sure that that'll happen as long as there's lowered oil demand, but maybe after that. If there'll able to keep the divvy high I may consider hanging in longer—and since earnings will be just fine during the current quarter I'm assuming they'll keep a fat divvy for September (though the potential dump after that could be annoying).

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Well it doesn't bother me

Something about socked feet is extra pleasing, as far as servicing goes. It must be a joy to work on getting a girl's sock from dirtied to wet and clean, and replacing the stuffy smell with just saliva

I think I'd probably end up making her soles unclean and sticky again afterwards, though

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Lowest ship build order books in history will keep ship supply low. The 5 year slump happened because they fell for the growth meme and built tons of ships continuously until there was oversupply and no one could get good rates. No one is building ships anymore, CEO's commented they learned their lesson, and by next year one an enormous scrap of ships is going to happen if rates fall down. Basically, the price of ship upkeep and surveys go up every year the ship exists, and like a quarter+ of all ships are now at the point where scrapping is cheaper at break-even rates than running the ship. This means for the next 5 years tankers actually will be doing well due to supply-demand shift, there is no slump coming unless oil supply dries up and no ships can get anything....which given this weekend is unlikely as oil companies are greedy. This weekend might of shown the greenlight that defeats the bear thesis of tankers (no oil production, no transport).

I see this perspective and like it. There is real progress and transition, one's work has evidence and by being an article of clothing and still a bit removed from the body it is extra humbling~ Pure servitude. I would make them dirty and clean up again as well, but I am such a sub I would probably beg for permission for it.

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I wonder if Oil Anon did good on his tests. Not sure if there's really any update from where he dropped us off.

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Holy fuck what a day, biggest run-up yet, enormous, pick related, GOD BLESS TANKERS.

I hope he did well too, I would love an update.