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Ghost is like Monero, but is working on an entire ecosystem based on privacy. + Binance listing imminent. We are going to FUCKING MAKE IT GHOSTCHADS

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Im going to watch it go to $0.5 after whitepaper comes out.

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This will be Silk Road 3.0

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pee pee poo poo

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The fake copy pasted whitepaper did not crash esh why would the real one crash this?

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let the moo moo out!!!

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10,000 GHOST: Super Spectre
5,000 GHOST: Spectre
2500 GHOST: Phantom
1000 GHOST: Poltergeist
500 GHOST: Demon
100 GHOST: Imp
50 GHOST: Fiend

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>let the moo moo out!!!

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Phantom reporting

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Phantom reporting for duty

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Can't wait for the x100 Silkroad pump, John's legacy

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lol fuck that shit retard, im not buying your bags
the darknet has already chosen monero
ghost is nothin more than a scam, if it survives for more than a year I will eat my shoes

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what a meme
How can anyone trust this man?

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Nah they learned their lesson after the pivx/esh debacle and hired legit devs
will a poltergeist make it?

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He's the whole reason I'm in GHOST

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>will a poltergeist make it?
maybe if you know how to swing trade

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>Imagine not having bought cheap ESH and held the GHOST ERC20

I'm gonna make it

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>legit devs
samer, ashky, pajeet, juanito

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If John wasnt going all in, he wuldn't have used his name, he would have just "endorsed" it (for a fee). He knows he has only one shot, and he wont fail.

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>silk road
>identities of admins known
congrats you're the biggest brainlet on biz this month. how did that work out for ross u? you fucking moron

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shut the fuck up retard, this is like the 4th time he's used his name. he literally rents his name out to scammers and makes bank doing it

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The entire staff of TOR are known? The ecosystem will just host different shops retard.

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Nobody cares abt this shitty scam coin. Binance in your dreams.

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>Ghost is like Monero
No it's not brainlet. Shut the fuck up Ghost is nothing like Monero. Ghost is a fucking piece of shit built by pajeets

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