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Is it a good idea to buy AMD or NVDA?
Intel seems to be dead, but these two look overbought.

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Who excited for futures

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Ready for ungodly oil pumps tomorrow

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She's cute.

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Is it time to buy BZQ or am I too soon?

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who needs portfolio diversity when I can just throw all my money into DAL and UAL?

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I bought AMD on the dip friday.

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Fuck yes

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Nice. Well done baker lad!

Now back to stocks. Do I buy more index tracking ETF's? Could get some divvies before the next huge drop. Don't even care if it drops, I missed getting some positions in March anyhow. Holding cash feels dumb. Job is safe, so I can take risk right now. Whole market is risk.
Shrug life. Just buy more?

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I don't think its going to a huge pump imo. that surge was because of upcominc OPEC but it came and it was a literally nothingburger.

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Are you the guy from the last thread, the one with the graph?

I want to get on this because it seems a pretty safe bet, riding the wave up... but at the same time I'm afraid that I'm basically FOMOing into it, since I did not buy the bottom.

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ok, i guess 60% of us are profitable, not bad

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So how many robots are second-trading trading S&P futures at this point? Here's some data for Brazilian futures market.

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ATNM. Thank me next month.

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im beginning to think Monday will continue the retarded bull rush and I'm starting to second think myself for taking profits on half my portfolio

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0/10, wouldn't bang

shitty hysterical personality, like their fucking moms

asian goddesses on the contrary are shy, innocent, know how to behave.


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I'm in the same boat anon. What are we grabbing, SPY?

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Why take the profit? You know we will be higher 6 months from now. Don't try to time it

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>shitty hysterical personality, like their fucking moms
Yeah whatever.

Kys Zhang, this is disgusting.

The pure, natural, SOVLFUL Slavic beauty vs the artificial, pumped, disgusting, soulless gooks

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Buy RDSb anon. They are still half off and we are still going to get a big bump when they announce paying out divvy

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I knew I should have bought chevron earlier.

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I am leaf and use WS. Very limited this way. Mostly doing the boomer buy and hold of TSX listed stuff. Currently 50% index ETF 48% well researched stock that was down.
Index is slowly gaining, pays divvy this month. Picked stocks are 50/50 doing amazing vs future growth hopes but not much movement now.
Last 2% is in a medical penny stock I stroke myself to.

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x2 or x3 ETFs
x1 SPY is literally for Buffett's wife

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We need to load up on HFU for mega gains.

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They are going to return the divvy to it's former glory?
Still too dumb and scared to leverage. X* ETF's are a beast I have yet to understand. One day I will tame them, I promise you this.

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oh yes oh fuck

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Banks are my most regretful missed buy during the correction. Still going to DCA into them over time as boomer divvy stock.

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Eventually they will, this is the only time since ww2 that the divy has been turned off from what i understand. I am sure they will bring it back here shortly. Big bump from that and the bump from this opec news is good.

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If you're talking about long term then don't buy leveraged ETF's, should be common knowledge by now in here

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No one ever went broke taking profits.

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>>19566978 #
Do you need a degree? I'm currently unemployed with a History degree, and a university near me is offering free Contact Trace Investigator training. Think it's worth looking into?

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Holding my DIS/T/WFC/RTX/Comcast/GE/KO/KHC/KDP/AMD/BKR/and VIACA till I'm dead. Which will be 63 more years. Leave'em all to my heirs. But I'll put it all into a trust so they can't just sell the lot once they get the keys.

>> No.19571895

what the heck is contact tracing

>> No.19571898

>extending production cuts to record levels Until July

Cope more

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Best SPY calls?

>> No.19571915

>I've was going to start a 2k position on IVR Monday, but looking at STOR now. Any advantages over IVR?

I don't know anything about IVR. I know STOR is a REIT similar to Realty Income Corp (O) and they just deal with Single Tenant Owned Real Estate (Hence the name STORE). It's a pretty safe and predictable business and they took a big hit. They have a strong dividend record despite being a young company with a good payout ratio which indicates they're going to be able to keep ti going and growing. Buffet is also bullish on them as he bought a pretty sizable stake in the company. Wish I bought em when they were trading at like $15.

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>The Baltic Dry Index is a composite of the Capesize, Panamax and Supramax Timecharter Averages. It is reported around the world as a proxy for dry bulk shipping stocks as well as a general shipping market bellwether.

theres still some shipping stocks that have a gap to fill up

GRIN - Singaporean based
PANL - american based
GSL - london based

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I understand that much. Trying to get caught up i my TFSA, thus the long hold.
I welcome day trading gambles in my personal account soon

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> tfw when Danefag and the Danish stock market was closed on friday during the huge rally
Please tell me the Danish stock market will play catch up tomorrow

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is buying in tomorrow too late? is it gonna pump whole week?

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Bros I genuinely only respect Sasol

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Godspeed, leaves. I'm going IVR to round out my memefolio tomorrow.

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Ass is for Criminal Americans.

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lol You're right. Those guys make feel very good about my neet self. t. day trader who's up 15k or 30% this year

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>making forever bets on individual companies
Your risk is literally infinite. Even if it wasn't your selection is dangerous. Invest in an index fund.

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based and yellowpilled. If you don't want a thot that has had 10+ dicks, you need to go for yellow qt's.

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r8 my portfolio

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Oh hey anon, thanks. Maybe I'll go 50/50 IVR STOR. I'm already in materials, financial, oil, and tech/aerospace. I should probably put it into an ETF, but I get a rush from watching individual stock performance. As long as my company of choice is around in 10-20 years, idk if I make huge short term profits. Cheers.

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Asian men hate Asian women you retard.

>> No.19572075

Tfw shilled Sasol since 1.60, no one listened till I shilled really hard at 5.

I think this will be a 5-10xbagger in 10 years. African economies will increase consumerism by 5X by 2030. Africa has half of world's fastest growing economies. African Free Trade Zone gives African companies a huge leg up over other international companies. Sasol prices has been really dragged down due to mess over Lake Charles ethane cracker. Previous CEO’a are to blame for that, but we got a new CEO 2018 so things are looking good. LCP started in 2014 will start up in July. Ethylene prices weak right now and more crackers due to open up soon. But demand should outstrip supply within a couple years. Plastics will be heavily needed in Africa as it grows. Intermediate-term. $20-$30 by the end of the year seems fair to me. Long-term $80-$100 by 2030. Short-term. Gap fill to 9.73, but with LCP opening up, I'm not sure it will correct much especially since institutional buying might use that point to try to buy in. I'd say any weakness on correcting once the gap is filled should be bought aggressively. And with this much volatility, It all depends upon Africa developing as projected. I mean, why else would all the major economies and all the major heads of Silicon Valley be sending their top guys over to Africa to get their feet in the door. Dorsey is still planning to go over there and live, I think. Africa might become the next China when it comes to economic growth. I just hope they protect their wildlife and ecological treasures at the same time.

>> No.19572076

His risk is capped at his initial investment, exactly the same as if he used an ETF

>> No.19572086

>where do most ladyboys and shemales come from

>> No.19572093

I think it's vice-versa but cope. Asian men unironically have the lowest value on the dating market

>> No.19572096

If you don't want an Asian gf who has bladder control issues and also have at least 25% of your portfolio in GUSH you're not yellowpilled

>> No.19572106

any more african companies?

>> No.19572109

If oil can hit 60-80a barrel, then whew. We’re already on the moon then

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I’m not buying anything but meme stocks until we dump or hit ATH +5. You would have to be retarded to buy in now. The bullish euphoria today is a perfect mirror of the bearish euphoria from all the retards shorted the bottom.

I only respect cunny btw bros.

>> No.19572145

Yeah I've wanted to invest in Africa the last five years honestly but idk which of their markets are trustworthy or what hidden fees and taxes there are both African and US. Akon is genuinely galaxy brain frontman entrepreneur on par with Musk and I wish I could buy into his crypto meme city but I don't know if they allow wipipo to invest in stuff like that

>> No.19572146

Someone redpill me on WFC.
what are your aerospace holdings btw?

>> No.19572164

IVR looks amazing. Oh to be a burger. I want to buy so much NYSE/NASdaddy stuff. I just can't swallow the cost to buy USD at this time. Once I am doing bigger buys the cost will be acceptable.
Into the RRSP the burger will go. This is tax correct, yes?

>> No.19572196

aware me on IVR

>> No.19572202

Gosh damn yes. I want into Africa too, but super spooky.

>> No.19572222

what an amazing picture. fuck stonks though, you're all being played.

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Uh oh...
>inb4 memelines

>> No.19572236

Wasted quads

>> No.19572241

Only took a glance, but super huge drop from feb, sexy divvy for USD.
That whore is going to show some mega growth once we go back to business as usual, and she'll still pay you fat divvies. Get paid to x2 or even x3 your investment.

This is just my head cannon from the google graph and stats. I know nothing and you should never trust me.

t. Noobie leaf with ~12% gains since march.

>> No.19572276

But what’s the objective of IVR? What do they do? Real estate stuff?

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Do you even know what IVR does? Have you looked at their financials or leverage? This stuff will matter again very soon dude.

>> No.19572312

who is this cute boy?

>> No.19572317

this. it is simple as fuck.

just do the opposite of what /biz/ says

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I'd like to add YTRA, an Indian website that sells airplane tickets. most ticket selling sites boomed, even argentina, its currently trading at 1.50, and theres lots to catch up to its larger competitor MMYT

>> No.19572328

Somewhat poorly managed, but solvent and vaguely oversold. In the current short term I think it's overbought. At current price points of other financials, it's a better and safer buy than many others, but the growth may take from five to ten years to really happen. I would be surprised if the divvy stopped, but it will definitely be smaller.

>> No.19572362

mortgages. look them up on seeking alpha

>> No.19572365

how are you doing danefriend

>> No.19572385

If you were a betting man, how much would you risk playing a rejection, and if rejected, how would you play that 295? I feel like a lot of this motion would be really violent.

>> No.19572390

The weekend wait is killing me bros I got all wildly risky shit right now and its boom or bust. How long are we holding oil? I figure through at least the summer boom into september?

>> No.19572406


I'm in DAL, could be a good hold short and long term even

>> No.19572415

Agreed although I think the WFc response to ppp loans shows their books are under more stress than others. JPM is a better long term hold in financials.

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Trying to front run? Not more than I was willing to lose. If your account is <50k, it’s easier to just wait until a confirmed rejection and then pile on with less risk.

>> No.19572437

I'm thinking it might be best to genuinely just hire a, whatever they call people who invest for you, I'm so lower class I can't even remember the term right now, someone who knows the culture and economy and can sniff out scams. Of course they could scam me too, I know so little and anyone can claim to be reputable. Might just try and get some tips from random people online, I might try the Nigerian market sometime

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Zoom out dude. See for yourself it's too late. Far from a recovery.

>> No.19572457

i personally think airlines have pumped too much. just be reaady for a correction but if you hold to 2021 u will be fine

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am i gonna boom or bust monday anons?

>> No.19572481

Yeah I'll be waiting for a deep red day before actually getting on the train.

>> No.19572503

Anons, throw just 100 bucks into a 400 strike spy call expiring in early September.

>> No.19572523
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When someone gets corona you trace people that have been with them in the same place/close for so long to let them know they need to self isolate and get tested as they could have it too

>> No.19572529

Hope everyone's ready for the big red.
I can't believe some of you are actually buying in right now.

>> No.19572544

Pull back soon is not unlikely but we are headed to new highs as early as July

>> No.19572546

I can't believe you aren't. Bobos keep getting crushed. I have enough in my VDIGx that if SHTF I can sell off the whole fund and reposition into more beat up stocks.

>> No.19572549

Well If you keep saying that every week you're bound to be right eventually.

>> No.19572551

Same, im the anon who bought another 120 shares by mistake instead of selling the ones i had.

>> No.19572554

well honestly it was on stuff that was already within 20% of its pre-March levels and was already close to overbought territory assuming RSI still means anything. I'd rather have the liquidity on hand and at the same time lock in some of my profits.

i just hope real estate / financials dont continue to moon. I wish I went deeper in it and I am already feeling the FOMO hard. I want it to fucking dip on Monday. honestly I think I'm pretty mainstream so I'm going to assume the FOMO feelings have only continued to grow in everyone else over the weekend rather than calm down.
reopening news everywhere is making hopium so big

>> No.19572559
File: 1.05 MB, 777x1100, 1589220645106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the dip is over

Yes, but what about Buffet, Soros and others who sold the dip?

>> No.19572562

Those leggings are deep inside her crack, meaning that there is probably a big brown stinky skidmark on the inside. Just imagine putting her sweaty skidmarked panties over your nose and taking a big SNIFFFFFF.

>> No.19572564

I personally wouldn’t just because of the price, but now is a good time to get some metal stonks/ETFs in if you don’t have any.
>IVR looks amazing
lolwut, that shit was all over the place on Friday. Looks good now but I am betting on it tanking hard not long from now. Don’t let those divvies blind you either, especially from them.

>> No.19572565

yall see how many open interest there are for spy on june 19th? what the fuck. there's 1.6 billion OI. somebody has 400,000 spy 20p contracts

>> No.19572575


>> No.19572580

Still room for CPE to grow? I was gonna get in last week but I fucked up

>> No.19572594

They pumped hard. Im guessing atleast -2% on those

>> No.19572602

post losses

>> No.19572614

whats this mean anon

>> No.19572620
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>Han har kun danske aktier

>> No.19572637
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if upside potential is what you care about then just look into real estate because for some reason they only started mooning a couple weeks ago even when government subsidies have guaranteed the survival of retail throughout lockdown since April
such a no brainer even with a real estate crash. Big REITs have survived 2008's real estate crash and have only come out stronger from it since they had the liquidity to take advantage of cheap real estate everywhere.

>> No.19572681
File: 2.59 MB, 1920x960, 5d696f502e22af47b15d2c18-1920-960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this week will be fun

>> No.19572685
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>> No.19572689

Burry is making money giving his shares as fuel for the GME endless short squeeze

>> No.19572705

RTX at cost basis 57. WFC at 24. Hard to say if I would recommend getting into WFC right now Syria JPM looks promising. I agree about WFC with this Anon


>> No.19572715
File: 159 KB, 750x1334, EE256A8B-5552-4DBD-A894-A6F644474C5A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Investing into oil when it crashed might of been the single best thing I’ve done in my life. I just wish I had more money at the time.


>> No.19572720

Who here /fcel/ gang?

>> No.19572731

any nuclear options out there?

>> No.19572738

>only took a glance at google
BuT dO U nO wuT thEY doooo?

Do your own DD

Day trading this? Bruv I dont know why.
It's not at all my jam, stop the bully.

Y'all can all stop bully now. I am dum leaf, long hold CAD stocks. I dont know anything about IVR and am not going to play in it. Stop the bully!

>> No.19572759

I must be a special type of retarded to not go further with oil than I did, but here’s hoping gold and silver make up for it.

>> No.19572765

big move is coming. Spy is going to restructure after the market close on the 19th but I'm not sure what that would mean in terms of direction. But that OI dwarfs even the fucking june quarterly. It could just be bunch of retail that bought feverishly around end of march expecting a straight plunge or it could be positional bet for institutions or could even be hedge. But I've never seen 1.6 billion OI. If someone else could chime in that'd be great.

>> No.19572766
File: 78 KB, 750x1334, 0E029F54-2ECD-4A30-B68C-9FBBD0C120BE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get into fcel while u still can shes finba be pumped to $3+ Before er on the 16th. Happens every time

>> No.19572773

all that volume is due to just one man....you already know his name.

>> No.19572782

I was thinking about pulling the trigger on RTX due to their strong dividend history and low payout ratio. I just thought they had a complicated biz model and I think only like 16% of revenues are from govt defense contracts which had me hesitant. Seems like it's mostly recovered though so I probably wouldn't bother now.

>> No.19572816

Does anyone here have a 401k? How's it doing?

>> No.19572824

How many big REITs are on the Canadian market?
I have been waiting to take positions in one or two but still feeling spooked that when the gov lets go of the bike seat this shit will go off the cliff and die.

>> No.19572830

I'm biased, but I think they're a good year+ hold. No significant short term rebound I think. Have you looked at DFEN or JETS? Instead of a REIT I may go with one of those.

>> No.19572863

>bruv i don’t know why
They literally said they were cutting divvies to maintain liquidity anon, IVR was a good stock to hold onto for a bit since March but now is the time to let go and use the profits for better stuff.
>falling for the 401k meme after wu flu
Might as well go with a Roth IRA if you’re looking into that stuff.

>> No.19572899

I have a feeling all types of commodities are going to do well soon

>> No.19572978

Till oil is $100 A barrel

>> No.19573027

extremely bullish if that 10 year yield goes higher tomorrow

>> No.19573031

xD omfg lmao
Is this bullish?

>> No.19573047


but we are just lifting off and beginning our ascent

>> No.19573078

Yeah those days already came and went brother man

>> No.19573113

Just put $100 into Kosmos.

>> No.19573141

You could say that. If you want to stick with IVR and that kind of thing then don’t let me stop you, I’m just going to be going all in on oil/energy and precious metal stocks and the like for further notice, and keep a few other things around for good measure.

>> No.19573157

Is it that bad? I thought the company matching is a good advantage?

>> No.19573173

See you in 4 years

>> No.19573177
File: 1.44 MB, 1919x1079, 1582512500243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't get greedy fellow /biz/nessmen

>> No.19573182

i think it's reasonable to assume that rising yields mean investors are flocking to higher risk equities, but i think capital will flow to gold/silver instead. Then again, this bounce has been absolutely unreal. it's almost on par with btc hype late 2017. s&p has plenty more room to go and can form a double top before any pullback

>> No.19573186

Is CIDM a scam on the level of GNUS?

>> No.19573195
File: 268 KB, 500x550, 1590428070905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but June has just started?

>> No.19573199

Yep, I locked in really big profits on my SPY calls on Friday but something tells me we grind higher. I have had a tendency to hold too long, but then overcompensate by selling way too early the other half of the time This feels like what happened to me earlier this year. I held SPY puts right before that string of major moves down. I sold for a few hundred bucks of profit, but holding just 2 days longer I would have made about $25K. That hurt and is the kind of thing that makes me hold too long. Such a hard thing to find the right balance.

>> No.19573204

I wonder if any vultures will try to pump GNUS again?

>> No.19573222

I’ve got $5k and a dream. What’s a good stock to all-in on tomorrow? How close are we to the next crash?

>> No.19573229

MRNA had 3, will probably have more

>> No.19573235

Please type more.
Don't read the thread. Legit my posts don't say I have no stake in, or interest in this stock. Convince me not to buy them harder daddy!

>> No.19573259

Its not inherently bad, but 401k’s aren’t exactly reliable especially if your goal is retirement down the line. Unless you get a particularly good plan or reeeee at taxes that much I’d stick with other things. Forced withdrawals are a thing with them too, meaning once you get to a certain age bracket you’re done.

>> No.19573272

>How close are we to the next crash?
sooner than you think

>> No.19573284

Reminder: Pre-virus the high of DAL was 58/63. Currently its at 35.00. Still 23 dollars a share at minimum gain to be had. Milk it..

>> No.19573285


2-3 years from the next crash

>> No.19573291


>> No.19573305

Reminder, its not going back to 58 for 5-10 years, however its safe to say that it could be in the mid 40s 365 days from now

>> No.19573326

But don't go all in, put at least a little in BRK.B or something

>> No.19573337
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tfw margin account soon
gonna make sick gains trading the futures

S&P 500 upo or downo monday?

>> No.19573341

VISL is officially a dollar now so I can shill it here for today. The volume it has just gives me a great feeling about it going up to 5-10 per share

>> No.19573360

Well I’m excited about market open Monday so that usually means I’ll get kicked in the nuts by a red day.

>> No.19573396

My 401k when the time comes for me to take money out if I don't need it for anything I'll just roll it over into my S&P fund for even more gains till age 65. Then when 65 comes roll that whole nut into a bond fund or other monthly divvy fund for wealth preservation.

>> No.19573430
File: 74 KB, 603x668, 1584288666322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for the tip. I'll keep treading lightly.

>> No.19573522

I've been putting 20% of my pay in there since I started late 2 years ago. Guess I'll cut it back. I want to save until I have at least 25k before I open an account.

>> No.19573524


>> No.19573538

Based on friday and opec decisions, it’s hard to imagine at least oil not opening up. likely to drop right away after, but green opening likely

>> No.19573555

Is it too late to buy into oil?

>> No.19573556

who is this semen demon??

>> No.19573562

When the fuck is that gonna be

>> No.19573608

If you do, don’t buy at open on Monday, wait a bit to see which way it goes, but if monday closes green it’s likely to keep going, at least this week i imagine

>> No.19573619

Oil will open red, OPEC news was confirmed thursday and the friday spike was speculating on 3-moths+. Thinks about it; If market makers decide the direction of oil, would they really let you make money on news released thursday and confirmed saturday? If you think that you're an idiot.

>> No.19573633

In what situation would you see it down trending? The OPEC supply control agreement pretty much guarantees an oil rise

>> No.19573690

Priced in.

>> No.19573763
File: 41 KB, 249x249, 1582947143189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can't wait to buy my first stocks tomorrow

>> No.19573769

I expect it to go up monday, if nothing else based on FOMO alone from people not having bought in thursday/friday. I kind of expect it to go down tuesday though

>> No.19573774

What’s the deal with oil anyway? You’d think we’d of run out of dead/decomposed/decayed biomass from whenever the fuck with whatever obscene number we pump and use every day? Is peak oil and all that shit another Jewish lie?

>> No.19573787

Doesn't mean anything though, the world is re-opening and oil will most likely try to find its spot again, which usually tends to get overpriced until it finds a decent price. My guess is the 45-75 range for the next two years (with the exception of crazy future events obviously that could either dump or pump oil)

>> No.19573792

Just at open Monday? Or all week? What's your total implication of all this? The way the market is pumping and with that agreement and public speculation I have no reason to think its going anywhere but up

>> No.19573796

NVDA is good if you are making a Q4/2021 investment and not trade. It's high here but for a good reason.

>> No.19573808

Imagine not wanting oil to open red
I didn't even get paid this week and I still want red open to throw my lunch money at
You realize middle class normies are going to realize they're getting left out of safe money and fucked by brrrr inflation soon right? Why would you want it to keep pumping now? I want that faggot line to stay down until fall so I can make more money

>> No.19573813
File: 241 KB, 1331x1079, 751EB4E3-779C-4E57-80BC-3FCB12281452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



We still got room to run lads, I’m buying more this week. There may be nice profit taking dip as well to kick off the week, perfect entry point.

>> No.19573819

We haven’t even discovered all the oil out there, there’s likely more all around Russia for example

>> No.19573831
File: 1.82 MB, 640x800, 1591540816282.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

easy money spy calls?

>> No.19573861

The media is going totally insane. November will be people hysterically crying while calling Trump the worst evil monster in human history. Advice for everyone here. Mentally prepare for the insanity of the election happenings, shootings, bombings, lootings, outright massive mob violence, etc and come up with logical ways to trade and take in such information.

Seriously there will be shootings and such from how crazed the media and population is making this. It's existential for lefties in their head if trump wins again.

Come up with strategy right now for what you will do, even if it's nothing.

>> No.19573868

I would fucking love Oil to go through the moon this week

>> No.19573889

IVR to 4x your money. And $2/year/stock dividend

>> No.19573918

Is trump likely to win? I feel taking the spotlight off Biden is actually good for his campaign.

>> No.19573933

>bringing schizo personal politics into the market
You will lose every time.

>> No.19573938

Although it's obvious I think anything advertising related will probably beat. People will get into a frenzy of funding assuming there are shootings and mob violence. Trump doing any type of event in a city will bring massive violence from lefties and potentially shootings this year unlike 2016.

>> No.19573956

Not saying to bring it into trading. I'm saying mentally prepare yourself for the happenings that will occur. So you don't make a stupid mistake after a big shooting or when a trump rally devolves into a city burning.

>> No.19573958

Why them

>> No.19573966

Bought 55 shares on Friday, looks pretty free to me. Check out MFA as well for good residential option. I think residential REITs > commercial REITs, the future of commercial seems sketchy to me with the new ‘work from home revolution.’

>> No.19573968


>> No.19573971

Peak oil is a jewish lie yes, anywhere we look for oil we find it. Furthermore fracking has increased the useable reservoirs by a huge amount and there will likely be more technological advances that free up even more "unconventional" reservoirs

>> No.19573972

Yes, one day there will be a big crash down to Dow 40k.

>> No.19573975

I think Trump is still favored right now.

>> No.19574000

Already took a flier on this shit and dumped my whole 5k nut 32% ago. Need it to moon and pay me out I'm scared dude

>> No.19574010

After these riots I can’t imagine him not winning, not to mention the fact that the Dems basically don’t have a candidate at this point. Biden doesn’t even have the type of media following Hillary had, young voters would only vote for him so as not to vote for Trump...I fully expect a Trump landslide as long as the economy holds

>> No.19574017

I ain't postin shit

this guy gets it

>> No.19574022

Use a (trailing) stop loss.

>> No.19574039

To elaborate. Everyone is myopic at the moment for some reason. Economy will recover. The insanity of the moment will recede and some moves being taken right now will be "mind wiped" by the media just like covid fears.

At the end you still have biden as the candidate and dems are hopeless stuck between competing supporters who hate one another deep down.

Politics is becoming less important each year as we approach AGI and other breakthroughs though. It's more important to think less about it than ever though hard because of how "shiny" it is as a subject.

Not sure how much D or R matters when chips rule the world

>> No.19574043

H&R is dogshit and no one likes diversified REITs. If you want value go look at something like Slate Office (SOT), I think they get taken private

>> No.19574048
File: 102 KB, 768x750, 1587337910305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He can't hide forever.

The debates will get normies thinking about Bidens sanity, fuck he can't even get a pre-record right with softball questions from a friendly interviewer.

I doubt he makes the election desu

>> No.19574056

Here’s what I’d do, not that I know anything. If you have oil, sell at open if it opens green, then wait and see how the day goes, if it’s a friday kind of day buy back in. If you don’t have oil, buy if it opens red, wait for the spike to go down if it opens green, becuase whoever didn’t blow their load friday is likely to do so monday morning after thinking about it during the weekend

>> No.19574072

>Is trump likely to win
Do me a favour. Watch a mash-up of the Trump-Hillary debates and then a mash-up of Biden talking to people for the entirety of 2019, then close your eyes and imagine him (Trump) debating Biden while the entire country is watching. I think you have your answer right there

>> No.19574090

You are a disgrace for cunny posters

>> No.19574106 [DELETED] 

>bull euphoria
or realization I'd rather have tech assets than rock assets to hedge vs the insanity of society

>> No.19574108

That pic is funny as fuck.
Don't forget if you don't vote for biden you ain't black.

>> No.19574109
File: 64 KB, 625x292, LGBTQ-care.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I bet on a healthcare company that thinks transexuals are real? Hospital forms ask you if you're a man or a woman because drugs have different interactions if you have testosterone/estrogen.

>> No.19574123

I have money on it on predictit kek

>> No.19574127

A way for the government to spy on you.

>> No.19574131

>bull euphoria
or realization I'd rather have tech assets than rock assets to hedge vs the insanity of society

Being short the dollar via long equities isn't bullish even if it looks like that. It's actually understanding where inflation goes. Does it go to gold or tech stocks?

>> No.19574132

>Amir Dan Rubin
Yeah your money is safe

>> No.19574137

>Seriously there will be shootings
Shootings in america? No shit man.

>> No.19574148
File: 43 KB, 1196x178, biden.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19574152

Oh I meant at political events, especially R ones depending on what the local city does with protection. Trump Rallies in blue cities will be election winners as Machiavellian as that is.

>> No.19574166

Also on deflation.. who is going to allow deflation in today's world? They won't stop printing.

>> No.19574195

Iv'e held AMD for two months and it's crabbed, at least I don't have to worry about averaging up.

>> No.19574202

Interim results on their phase 3 cancer treatment due this month. Rumour is the data is going to surpass expectations and possibly lead to the trial being rolled up sooner than intended (Q4) - a lot of big boys are watching to see how it plays out, there's talk of a buyout. In any case though it's a pre-revenue microcap about to bust out a new treatment for cancer, with a price target x7 where it is just now. Look into it.

>> No.19574206

Somebody shill (or don’t) IVR to me. Seems too good to be true.

>> No.19574259

Use the stop loss as anon suggested but set it generous to allow for the unusual market volatility. Then take a nap until Q1 or at least the start of Q4. Or better yet keep buying SSL during dips.

>> No.19574268

I'm up 35% from my buy in. I'm not even going to risk selling green on the chance that it doesnt dip again cleanly all week and then I lose my shot at 60%. Oil will rise through the summer I firmly believe it and as long as I dont do anything stupid I stand to make a few thousand clean and easy. But thank you for explaining your viewpoint for me, I'm just too nervous to do anything on timing now that I've realized the gains of the last few days

>> No.19574294
File: 33 KB, 600x612, chyeaboi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oil may be my exit out of wage cuckery

>> No.19574296

It's not just test/estrogen, there are measurable physiological differences in the brain, things like systemic interconnectivity which can drastically alter intoxicant effects.

>> No.19574300

>han har danske aktier

>> No.19574305

I'm too new to even understand how to set that up and I know I'll get laughed at for that. I'm just a guy that saved all his money his whole life and saw predictable volatility so I threw 5k in all at once basically. Happy to listen and learn though if you feel like taking the time to explain that shit to me I'd genuinely appreciate it

>> No.19574310

The chart and $2/year dividend shills itself

>> No.19574366


That's all you need to know.
Go all in. Balls deep.

>> No.19574378

2 dollars per share per year? Dont most stocks pay quarterly dividends?

>> No.19574399

How do I long instagram influencers /biz/?

>> No.19574410

It pays $.50 quarterly

>> No.19574415

Haha newegg, I've known how to set trailing stop loss since I asked way back in friday's thread
For etrade it's go to sell, select trailing stop as type. Might be under stop submenu for other sites. You can set point or percent, then if your stock falls too much it will automatically try to sell at current market price.
But set it to too few points or percent and it'll dump from normal crabbing and you'll miss out and have to buy in higher again if you want to keep holding.
I haven't decided on my % yet but you could set yours to 30% and still get back more than your investment, so do that if you want to iron hands it and wait for next year or a disaster. Plus it'll chase that so unless you change it it will sell relative to either your ATH or the day's high, I actually don't know which because I'm brainless noob

>> No.19574419

I see

>> No.19574428

Any Germans here? What's your plan to deal with transaction tax next year onward?

>> No.19574432

Is predictit legal in the US?

>> No.19574435

Stop loss: If the price of the share hits a certain number, execute a sell order. You set the number yourself. Some people set it above their entry price ( the price you bought for) to allow for a profit of things go south, some people set it below their entry price to not be stopped out so early in volatile movements.

>> No.19574438
File: 9 KB, 471x75, Screenshot from 2020-06-07 13-08-57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine investing in a chinese cold.

>> No.19574450

A quarter is a three-month period on a company's financial calendar that acts as a basis for periodic financial reports and the paying of dividends. A quarter refers to one-fourth of a year and is typically expressed as "Q1” for the first quarter, “Q2” for the second quarter, and so forth

>> No.19574457

Its interesting how many absolute brand news covid has brought and his many of us check 4chan for tips lol. Thanks for the explanation lad

>> No.19574486

dip means a price dip. You always wanna buy when people are selling, you want your average price to be as low as possible to maximize profits in the long run. Buy dips on solid company with potential growth and value. I’m the guy who shilled SSL since 1.60, I would recommend SSL. Huge potential growth over the upcoming years. New CEO, New chemical plants in the U.S, and still a powerhouse in South Africa and South Africa economy is continuing to expand and grow

>> No.19574488
File: 46 KB, 654x525, 1589982619133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Does /smg/ think companies like HAL, SLB and RIG etc benefit from this OPEC decision still?

I know oilfields need high oil prices to be profitable and keep things running, but does the cut in production thats causing the high prices affect them negatively also?

It not being driven by demand worries me.....

>> No.19574491


>> No.19574492

If push comes to shove, we can make it synthetically.

>> No.19574515

Ha okay I'm not THAT new I work in tax so I definitely understand things of that base level
This was more something I didnt understand how to set up moreso than the exact definition. Thank you for the information though

>> No.19574533

It was a lie

t. knower

>> No.19574540
File: 35 KB, 768x463, world-production-of-conventional-crude-oil-to-2015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

M. King Hubbert was not a Jew and he was correct. The only thing keeping oil from $100 is shale oil exploration and that will peak faster than conventional oil.

>> No.19574543

the stock market doesnt react to logic, in theory their prices shouldnt increase because of this news but because people will be excited about the news the stock price is going to increase

>> No.19574547

you don't get to bring friends

>> No.19574552
File: 26 KB, 1220x950, casselman-feature-oil-new-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In US, conventional oil extraction peaked in 1970. Shale oil will peak even faster.

>> No.19574576

I dunno, I may sell DAL at 47 which would give me 13,630 roughly. Then wait for a dip on AMD or other tech stock (something that's quick to rebound). Roll the whole nut into that. Then sell that stock on the rebound to make up the missing 3,370.

>> No.19574585
File: 125 KB, 1701x639, Supply-and-demand-Equilibrium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the stock market doesnt react to logic
>infinite production is good for producers
Yes that's very logical.

>> No.19574609

Where are these rumors based? How profitable is cancer biomed?

>> No.19574612
File: 28 KB, 415x318, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually this is more relevant.

>> No.19574619

CHP, RioCan, and H&R are among the bigger ones.
not Canadian but still traded on TSE, there's also the BPY but it mooned like crazy already
>no one likes diversified REITs.
are you nuts
it's a good thing these bigger REITs are diversifying more into residential and shit.
I'd say the fuck away from smaller REITs. Liquidity is always king and a real estate crash has always been a fear because this shit's been bubbling for too long.

>> No.19574621


>> No.19574636
File: 52 KB, 713x618, 1570326863218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sorry fren, i don't have it. It was shared in a chat. This looks like the same artist.

the demand shift is more important, but the price has swung really high on inflationary expectations.

>> No.19574641

>Production = supply of oil


>> No.19574653
File: 9 KB, 862x26, Screenshot from 2020-06-07 13-27-08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Peak oil = peak production of oil.

>> No.19574657

No one should take the Democrat party serious after this move. If what they say about Trump is so bad, wouldn't you have expected them to be spending these last 4 years searching far and wide for the one person to save the world, the next Obama, the last hope against the most hated person in the world? So they prop up Biden to be this person. Out of all the millions and millions of people who want nothing more than to see Trump out of office, they choose Biden as their candidate. It's all a farce.

>> No.19574660
File: 46 KB, 613x695, 663058C3-DC15-412E-B204-62E45C106AC2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah he isn’t going to make it.

>> No.19574666

Hope so. Have more than 3k invested in oil rn. I'm a wagie

>> No.19574676

No... No not at all. Just use basic logic you fool.

>> No.19574678

bought carr, ur smart. please go long with it. lennox is their competition and value $277. Carrier is better.

>> No.19574685

I just posted the definition. You don't even know what you're talking about.

>> No.19574689
File: 144 KB, 575x864, 1564624097072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tulsi was right there the whole time if they wanted to win
they don't want to win
they hate winners

>> No.19574736

Here's the thing: the economy will recover, yes. But right now we're just approaching the moment when the stone strikes the river. We've only seen a handful of protectionary movements to limit fiscal damage. Employment resorption is going to take time, the people exploiting the unemployment bonus still haven't been kicked off the horse. Sure they've tapered QE down, but a lot of that was directed to overleveraged companies that were highly compromised in light of a shutdown. As the ripples move outward, less compromised companies are going to be left to hang as demand contracts. The low-pay jobs that were excised may well be from people that were overleveraged in cars they couldn't afford. I'm even aware of some higher paying jobs that have left people high and dry, mortgages that won't be serviceable alongside vehicle loans and so on.

Rail freight is massively depressed, as well. TSA traffic is still showing a decline of 85%. Restaurant reservations are still massively contracted. There's a slew of reasons to expect that when we "return to normal", that "normal" will be totally different. Consider that boomers are the biggest recreational spenders, but they're also the highest-risk demographic, and with all the media FUD they might well retract a large portion of their cashflow from fear of the virus, at least for a time. With people embroiled in the psuedo-racewar I could imagine a line of paranoia running through the minds of those predisposed to fear meaning further albeit marginal depression. If we see a large enough contraction I don't doubt a lot of businesses will cut and run or be forced into C11 due to loss of demand.

You're talking about being myopic, but I don't know you're looking at the bigger picture. Even Q2 isn't expected to be representative of the worst of it, but Q3. We don't even know what we're looking at until then.

>> No.19574743

Unironically would've voted for her

>> No.19574754
File: 649 KB, 540x300, 1505595217832.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the great dip of our time is over
>tfw bought too late
>tfw still under 100k

>> No.19574756

Looking at the data they released when they were at 50% enrolment, they demonstrated a 100% success rate in bone marrow transplants - in the niche area they are operating it seems to be a significant medical development. Factor in the recent upgrade/price target there's clearly a prevailing view in favour of very positive information coming out this month.

>how profitable
There's a demonstrable need for the treatment they are developing, which is always good, but they're pre-revenue - I personally suspect they'll be bought out by a bigger fish once the study is concluded.

>> No.19574787

A lot of us learned the hard way to be more aggressive buying the dip. I didn't get in until we had retraced 50%. I'll do better next time.

>> No.19574821

Was talking trump election chances delta in past week.

All those things you mentioned lead to inflation and dont hurt many sectors at all.

>> No.19574824

I really believe AMD is going to $30

>> No.19574839


The regret is real.

>> No.19574871
File: 693 KB, 2036x1963, 1587735304091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw sitting comfy on daily gains that sometimes equal what i paid for the stocks in the first place
Even if there's a correction down the road I don't give a shit. Feel bad for those who fell for the FOMO/bull trap meme.

>> No.19574877
File: 90 KB, 686x526, 1580142672238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



Both are pretty much ready for autonomous everything.
Im thinking longterm bro, i mean its literally a stone throw away that pizzas are soon to be delivered by drones and NVDA has deep learning shieit already ready for such tasks.
Just a matter of investment in first case for delivery corps.

>> No.19574880

Better to be jewed by people you understand
I haven't done a scrap of actual due diligence this whole time. I look at a few companies I know have good products services and prices, get the rest of my suggestions from here, write them all down, look at the ones that are shilled the most or just that I intuitively think are probably way down and will quickly recover, look them up on etrade, check the headlines in the newsfeed, look at their gay little blogger sentiment gauge, check every zoom level on their chart then dial back all the way in to weekly, if it looks lucrative and I recognize the company or just search up and like how their website "feels" I then spam a stupid question on here about the stock to eager opinion havers, then make my decision and buy 1, buy 5 if I like them and have the money, or move on to the next if not.
I rely heavily on being able to tell smart and practical anons from dumb or over- contrarian theory fags. I guess if the overall market will go up or down based on Twitter hysteria I happen across because other boards are mocking it, headlines of articles I never read, and how customers at work act and talk.
Then if I have a day off on a red day or just a payday I look through my portfolio and backlog and look at big reds and big greens 3-year charts again to see what new stuff I want or what old stuff I want to get more of. My first sizable sell was Friday because it was green and i accidentally overdraw my bank account while trying to be frugal, but then i saw how much money i could make with the ssl i got overdrawing it, said fuck it i can go a week on noodles, and put most of it back in ssl at pre-close dip, the rest to be dumped into something Monday

>> No.19574936

Based leather jacket man investor gmi

>> No.19574965

Luckily I snapped up WFC at 24.30, just 2 points off the bottom since it lagged the rebound. Bought $20k, it's up to 32 now, glad I went so aggressive on it.

>> No.19574983
File: 38 KB, 465x620, 73012_08_this-could-be-our-first-picture-of-the-geforce-rtx-3080-graphics-card.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nvda soon

>> No.19574984

Knew a guy who used to work in freight rail manufacturing, us rail has been dead for years, no real innovation, just old companies fading gracefully. Everyone lies about their budgets and timeframes during bidding, worse than the software industry. China Rail moved now and they're underbidding and making cheap crap and sending unfinished cars, but they're really just getting the tail of industry demand.
Unless the just in time shipping meme goes away, freight has no future in the US, sadly

>> No.19575009

Why would anyone buy IVR over MFA? Which investment do you think has the edge?

>> No.19575012
File: 9 KB, 226x200, BD425E78-341A-47DC-ADFA-010DA0B5594B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mfw I’ve invested in private prisons, the military industrial complex, big mortgage, and now big oil

Wtf I love International Jewry now.

>> No.19575021

I sold my WFC for ideological reasons when I saw they cucked out and donated to rioter causes, but I made money off it and threw that into ssl, so no harm done

>> No.19575050

How much money do you have in the market? I put 5k in but that's like 25% of my total worth I could never risk on your level man that's wild

>> No.19575074
File: 108 KB, 709x424, reverse-racism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Privatized affirmative action, yikes.

>> No.19575121

Kek, could be said RTX is an evil company cause they create weapons and all that but I see it like this; people are gonna die no mater what. RTX is still gonna create weapons no mater if I'm a share holder or not so why not make money from it cause there ain't nothing I can do to stop it anyway. Sides terrorist fucktards deserve a missile up the ass anyway.

>> No.19575127

aka racism itself

>> No.19575129

>I rely heavily on being able to tell smart and practical anons from dumb or over- contrarian theory fags.
nice method. there's a few anon's that really have oil nailed down so watch out for them. The tankies might have made bad trades, but the info they were working with regarding the crude oil market in general was/is good.
>I guess if the overall market will go up or down based on Twitter hysteria I happen across because other boards are mocking it
I would argue that we might continue the trend upward because reasons - the media noise is just that, noise. Whatever normal "sound" indications we have are going to probably be dead until end of Q3. I would watch for news regarding muni/state FED loans, PPP, and CARES. For additional info on whether we will see another demand/revenue shock, I would check on Brazil and South Korea. We might just end up with the US government trying to sweep covid under the rug because the state budgets won't allow us to not be at near max economic activity.

>> No.19575132
File: 269 KB, 820x806, 1582382155304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They won't stop honking anon. They're right next door and they won't fucking stop.

>> No.19575138

I leave ideology at the door when investing, money is money.
Remember, we didn't sell out-- we bought in

>> No.19575157
File: 65 KB, 570x754, 73A86B61-71A5-4F7B-8F64-A033FC51C7F5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Indisputably based, Anon.

>> No.19575161
File: 72 KB, 668x712, 1482364981737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw buying dips but only have 6k in investments and the rest in cash
>tfw can comfortably put in 1k a month into new investments
>tfw things are getting expensive (SPY is almost at january levels) despite economy just starting to recover, feel a correction soon and don't want to put money in just to lose it a week later
I'm about 20% up so I could absorb a correction or pull profits right now in anticipation of a correction but shit has me nervous lads.

>> No.19575165

Uber is a sell for entirely diff reasons.

>> No.19575180

Give up trading right now. Become an indexlet and ignore price movements. Put whatever you can into index etf with low fee.

>> No.19575207

I mean this as 50 year advice. If you are nervous on 6k and trying to trade it with that mindset you cant beat indexes.

and leveraged index or margin if you want more risk. Dont trade.

>> No.19575216

i learned the hard way that kvetching about le jews has just led to years of nogainz. time to join the winning side. wear the tiny hat. it absolves you from having to kneel like a cucked white liberal.

>> No.19575227

$2750, in January I got a second part time job and then some people quit or were fired so I was working 50 to 65 hours a week as a cashier, plus hazard pay at both places. The IRS rejected my return for a dumbass reason so I still haven't got my trump bux. All the money in is just what's left over of my wages after rent and food and gas. It sounds crazy until you remember 3-4% annual currency inflation + the effect of several trillion trump bux distributed to all income levels this year
Then it sounds like the only way to get fucked a little less for being employed

>> No.19575235

Funding for prisons went down after the 08 financial crisis and state governments are even more fucked financially now than back then due to COVID.

>> No.19575240

I bought $100,000 worth of airline, hotel, casino, oil, real estate and defense stocks on march 22

>> No.19575244
File: 41 KB, 750x458, 1586957038988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Start accumulating TMF friends. I'll only say this once.

>> No.19575280

Yeah, I've been thinking of just moving my investments into indices as my investments are more of a way to accrue capital on money that would otherwise just go into a savings account (as I have a decent job and don't need to trade to survive).

>> No.19575281

i bought $101,000 worth of all of those. Looks like I got you beat poorfag

>> No.19575292
File: 75 KB, 565x555, with_jews.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19575301


>> No.19575307

Fuck both of you.

I hate everyone making money while I'm sitting with more than 150k in a money market account because I thought the economy was melting.

>> No.19575316

gimme the rundown.
Bullish on the 20 year is an interesting take. I'm averaging into VUSTX, but it's purely to help offset how much i have in cash.

>> No.19575333
File: 925 KB, 1024x958, 1586922489501.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm the original, baby. I made my money and I'm out until the next big move. Only a fool would believe he is doing anything but gambling at this point.

>> No.19575341
File: 465 KB, 1600x900, 1589803505137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's on you. We tried to change your ways cashfags but you were smug and wouldn't listen. Enjoy your trash cash with the other bobos.

>> No.19575343

You're a bold man and I wish you luck

>> No.19575366

its not even close to too late to get in on the bull run. You might not make 50 percent but there is money to be made

>> No.19575370

VTSAX for life bro

>> No.19575373

Is this bait or are you a genuine brainlet, anon?

>> No.19575391

lets be honest, there will be a dip soon. especially on all stocks that mooned friday (airlines, oil, REITs, casinos, food, cruises etc.). profit taking is real and the big guys will do it. then retail will panic sell and the big guys will buy at depressed levels only to pump again. this is the way the markets have been working since its inception. use the dip as an opportunity to buy.
>b-but i dont know where the bottom is
then average in. you didnt know where the bottom was back in march and you missed everything. if you were averaging in at least youd be making some money now

>> No.19575407
File: 1.48 MB, 1300x1900, 1490918222187.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based trips

>> No.19575415

T-bonds are massively oversold, around the 95th pecentile in relative strength. TMF will likely go down more. I'm averaging down. You can do a backtest, with this amount over price action you can typically expect at least a 15% return over a few months at the minimum.

>> No.19575423

fuck the gooks + fuck off zhang

>> No.19575452

Daily reminder to always buy. Good times bad times

>> No.19575455

buy high sell low

>> No.19575469

You only lose when you sell

>> No.19575471

Isn't there a rule about shit being under $1 for more than 180 days? This company has a 52-week high of .41. Why hasn't it reverse-split?
t. brainlet

>> No.19575507
File: 38 KB, 986x858, 1538971050663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went to pornography site last night for 3dpd and there was a suspicious frequency of black women in the featured videos. Normally there are few to zero black women in the popular videos because nobody wants to watch that.

>> No.19575516

the featured is catered to your cookies :^)

>> No.19575545

That guys face and tummy got me lmao

>> No.19575550

If you can't coom to black whores you're what's wrong with America.

>> No.19575554
File: 830 KB, 1440x1535, 1587398585787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KOS gang here. Does anyone have a target? I only don't have my exit strategy yet. I tell myself $6 but I don't have a good reason why.

>> No.19575560
File: 106 KB, 1000x432, 1580359699267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>take free uber to black business, immediately walk to the white business next door

>> No.19575569

>another trip fag

Its all so tiresome

>> No.19575581

First stocks ever?

>> No.19575582

When it's green I buy, and when it's red I buy more. The bull spirit protects me.

>> No.19575606

yes. I've been paper trading for a bit now and want to do the real thing. my money isn't doing anything sitting in the account anyway

>> No.19575612
File: 79 KB, 500x375, bulls-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19575614

Thanks anon

>> No.19575675
File: 397 KB, 773x1000, 1577158942888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

checked and based

I'll look a bit deeper. thanks senpai

>> No.19575677

>be leo
>supposed to be enemy of the Taurus who is the true zodiac hero or some shit
>bull spirit spreads legs for me anyways
If that's not a bull market what is?

>> No.19575860

I got $1,500 to invest on Monday but already have $1,460 in SSL. What do I buy?

>> No.19575873

Jumia might be a stock that you guys would be interested in then.

>> No.19575909

fren look into VISL, very big moon already but still more to go maybe
do the needful

>> No.19575940

I think it's just as this anon said >>19575516
But the fuckers are gone for now. They marched down the street with the police protecting them in front and back.

>> No.19575952

may I coom to this image?

>> No.19576016

Thanks anon, I'll give it a look!>>19575873

>> No.19576020

If stonks have plenty of noise, but still go generally in the direction of economic fundamentals, aren't there concerns about when the economy keeps walking down?
I cannot imagine how economics would be doing well when so many people are not working nor consooming and negros with their liberal pets are rampaging around destroying things.
Surely there's going to be a fat stonk drop when the printer burns out, right?

>> No.19576059

Yo this reddit money printer meme is hella epic but that stimulus has been distributed and the market didn't collapse. I dont know if you like have it in your head that they are just printing a trillion dollars every day or something but you sound retarded

>> No.19576087

I’m a Nazbol myself, but its beyond obvious regardless of whatever meme ideology you believe in the world is going to shit one way or another, better to have a few shekels on your end even if it means being a spirit jew.
>economy was melting
All the more reason to buy shit when they’re dirt cheap.
Their 52 week high is $7.50, though god only knows where they’ll go in the next few weeks with the state of oil. For what it is now $6 isn’t too bad.

>> No.19576129

>I'm a nazbol
>/biz/ stock market general
Stop larping you compulsive faggot

>> No.19576132

What's so good about SSL? I keep hearing it mentioned but analysts say it's going to plummet.

>> No.19576151

It helps to prevent people from intercepting your messages and stealing your data.

>> No.19576185

Do they say why they think that?

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