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How do we profit from making people gay?

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Charge them 1$ to suck their penis

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have sex

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Is she high?

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By kys immediately

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I would suck that dude's dick dry and then make out with him until the cum dries in our mouths. No homo.

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Why are boys so hot bros?

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It's only hot until you realize they have the strength to choke hold you to death at a moment's notice.

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invest heavy into big pharma and HIV meds and launch a trans psy op on all your nearest n dearest for maximum yields

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That just makes it hotter though

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Porn industry made me gay. I’ve fully turned. Hetero all my life, escalated to t-girl, after that got boring and depressing said may as well try gay. Now I have a bf and appreciate male bod

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same desu :(

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i have watched porn on vhs since before the internet was a thing and i'm still not gay
i think you were probably a pair of faggots the whole time

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The real money is in convincing gays that they're trannies and medicalising their 'condition' for life

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This. Also, be jewish

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Reconsider your life, realign
your way of living, and draw near to God before you are called to give an account for yourself

You both are bounding towards eternal punishment — just like all others who practice an unacceptable lifestyle contrary to the immutable standard of Jesus Christ

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