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I've been getting a lot of emails from customers

>Hi, I've noticed your company has been quiet during recent current events
>What are you guys doing to support the BLM movement?

We move boxes and fruit, I don't know what to say

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The big companies set the standard for this shit. Not being racist isn't enough - you have to be actively cucked

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Tell them you've been ensuring an adequate supply of bananas to black dominated communities.

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>I don't know what to say
Tell them you'll get back to them, and then, never get back to them.

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Lead them on a chain of emails, each one asking questions about how to run a campaign to support the "movement". After about 4 emails back and forth just stop replying.

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My company owns a highway and a bunch of parking lots. We have to go to a mandatory meeting about BLM and LGTBQ issues on Monday. What the fuck is going on?

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tell them you support burning privet property.

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If true don't respond. Also it is irrelevant. They will buy even if you say you aren't doing anything about it. Remember if you sell a product they want they're gonna buy whether they hate you or not. Eg look at all the gamers
>reeee i will never buy the next call of duty theyre all just reskins!!!
>proceeds to buy the next 5 call of duties and reeeeing every time
Same process likely applies to those people emailing you.

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I get at least 10 emails a day from company newsletters I subscribed to in the past. I guess the memevirus email onslaught wasn’t enough

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I hate cucked companies.

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It’s funny innit
Everyone’s posting their obligatory blm to avoid being guillotined in the new age
Its lowkey extortion
The whole point is “its not enough to be not racist, you must be anti racist”

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just tell them you move boxes and fruit.

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AFAIK my company has not issued any dick-sucking statements about worshiping blacks. Instead, every day we get updates on what to do if we get looted, as well as "forecasts" of the possibility of rioters to know whether or not we should close down and evacuate or not on any given day.

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Don't acknowledge it.

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Companies are afraid of appearing "silent" on the issue, and in the case of BLM, "if you're silent, you're complicit". I got an email from Strava today telling me about their response to BLM, and what they plant to proactively do to support the movement. This is such bullshit. EVERY race has been subjected to violence, discrimination and prejudice by another race, both systemic and on an individual basis, but we're supposed to believe that only black people are suffering? What a bunch of malarkey.

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They haven't even acknowledged the biggest burden for black athletes, that pre-planning is basically impossible for them due to their ass undeveloped frontal cortex.

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