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ITT how many chainlink do you hold, and if your ID is green you will make it. Let try to divine the will of Kek.

I only got 8500 so i’m a filthy nulinker.

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0. Sold all (50K) at the local top. Will buy back at $2.

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1000 stinkers

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I got 7 which i bought the other day

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Data mining glowniggers can suck my dick. Put that in your data aggregator and smoke it.

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3000, poor fucking despicable loser

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you heard it here, kek says to swing and buy back at $2. will you become swingies anons?

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>but checks his totally accurate blockfolio right after this post

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120k beautiful stinkers

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Somewhere been 155 and 160k, I lost track between all the platforms I bought it on coz I am lazy. My procrasination gives me iron hands however.

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6666 unironically

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too lazy to check spelling

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10,108.72 to be exact

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41K. Suck it. I’m making it.

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Just under 1k linklet, came in late July (I'm always perfectly late for things)

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>pic related is me
Chainlink would have to reach $2850 for me to /make it/
Not gonna happen.
Eventually can buy a shitty house with it though

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Bought at $0.42. /comfy/

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I bought 300 for 1350 today. I’m that guy that makes you go “at least I’m not him..”

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20k am i going to make it?

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>Chainlink would have to reach $2850 for me to /make it/
You can always re invest your money in other projects and make more than you did in LINK. I think LINK is probably going to pull a Ark and peak at $10 then dip hard.

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88 linkies

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What should I do the day I become a millionaire ?
I don't feel anything when I imagine it, and am more worried to find out what my real goals in life are.

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I got a new job in Australia- once I manage to get there with all of these bullshit travel restrictions I am going to cram every spare cent into more linkies. Anything under $1000 is a fucking bargain

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Almost 17k

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Reminder that 1k is enough to be in the top 10% wallets and that these thread give biased results as the more link you have the more you're likely to share your number

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100,000. Started with 50K, swung into a 2x. Great years ahead.

Also hold 90K Loki. I think i'm gonna make it.

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I sold everything at $4 after made 1600% I'm on crude oil since May, already making 40% plus 35% dividend yelds

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300 and I'm proud

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Buying at 4.40 and only have a few hundred as a beginner stack makes me jealous of you guys. I’m happier just to see the light and have a position, just not as soon as I want.

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$x LINK, $2k OXT

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b-but it will go back up to $!k right?

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i forgot.. 2685 and accumulating