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this is the true thread

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We can just recycle it after the other one hits bump limit.

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this is the cute thread

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This thread is totally fucking based.

But I also like the big things.

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How did CPB botch it so hard, their earnings look good :o
Also >when SJM is still trading at the same price it was all those years ago during the smuckposting days

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That's the deadline for the first half of my put spreds (စ_စ)

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SJM is so boring and flat
I want to buy SJM and lick her flat chest

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holy fuck look at that flat chest goddamn that is hot

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Like big things, I'm just saying that small things should be appreciated.

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Bros do we think NAIL will keep going up?

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My zoom puts will recover right?

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I dont think the large specs believe the outstanding forward guidance that campbells gave, and thats why it went down. the lockdown was a one time thing

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yes everything will be blood red tomorrow bobo

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do you believe in the outstanding forward guidance ?

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REAL THREAD >>19499645
REAL THREAD >>19499645
REAL THREAD >>19499645

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Low test men with a scarcity mindset want only one or the other.

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checked and based

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buy and hold


buy puts on

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No I dont believe they can maintain those numbers on their soups and main products. However, Snyders-lance will continue to grow year after year and turn cpb into the next pepsico

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bullish for anime posting

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No bulli diaperbro

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Well, what a day. I'm going to take a shower and hear someone knocking on the door. It was been an old friend from college. I was really nervous because no one had come to visit me for at least five moths. We talked about everything, and i told him that i love cute boys in stockings and a skirt, so he looked at me like i was perverted faggot and quickly left.

It seems like i've lost someone in my life again.

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TSLA gonna pump so much this week, I can feel it

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Good story. How can I short your social life?

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It fucking better, otherwise I'm financially ROONED.

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Damn it bros I wanted to see the PS5 event

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Its gonna reach upper 890s or 900 again this week.

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Fuck sony.
For any TSLAbros, what are the chances TSLA's gonna dump again to $500 w/in the next year?

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Virtually 0.

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Very based.

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Up or down tomorrow?

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General economy up. That one stock you bought a shitload of calls on down.

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Hey stock market faggots. I bought NIO and didn't buy tesla. Now america is in flames and NIO is outperforming tesla. Get rekt HAHA

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Now that recession is over, what are some good long-term stocks to buy?

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>Now america is in flames

There's no more riots. We only have peaceful protests now.

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>muh entirely peaceful murdering, looting protesterinos armed with pipe bombs and shooting wildly
something doesn't add up

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But... the activision side is coming out with some WOW stuff, so that should still be fine because computers?

I’m leaning hard towards MU, because commodity chips, should do well in the recover I think.

I might also just buy SCHA or SCHM since I’m too much of a stupid cunt to figure out which small and mid caps are any good.

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Why are you so bullish on KO

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Does SSL rising share price compared to MRO prove the superiorness of Africans against Americans? Both down to same levels yet SSL is outpacing MRO. Buy African stocks biz they are the future.

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twintails was a good anime

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Look at COP PXD PSX VLO any of them will be better than thst aids ridden African company

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Day is done

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>SPY at december 2019 valuations
>somehow an economy that won't be back to levels of late 2019 production for years is priced at the same levels
fuck it man, I'll ride the brrr

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>exposing yourself this badly
where the fuck did you come from?

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tomorrow's the day

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Zoom out to monthly candles and look at it over the past 15 years. It's not crash proof but it's durable and reliably bullish long term. Perfect long hodl.

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>almost 100k exposure to a bank with call options
This is making me nervous. One mistake and I'm gonna lose a lot of money.

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Im a cryptofag. Idk boomer stocks.

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Not selling.

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Oh. You might find KO quite boring then. Airlines might be more to your liking in coming year.

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Hopefully zoom makes another 8% tomorrow, then I am so fucking rich, kek.

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I’m not really interested in moon missions.

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I need a source lads, who is this dfc.

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Hopefully not, I'd be financially ROONED.

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You'll make it one day, TVIX guy. That type of stupid devotion is a virtue even if it didn't work out this time.

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This is teaching me how to have patience and not panic over daily losses when I have a long term expectation.

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Sorry buddy, but zoom will be the next TSLA hype shitshow.

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StanLeeMedia v2.0. Caveat emptor like a motherfucker.

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Here's the funny thing. We're starting to see lay offs occur, even at my own workplace.

The Fed can give everyone bags of money but it's retarded to expand your business right now and the only thing Jerome did was create a stock market bubble. Good job.

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The power of autism. How much did you initially invest?

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3,600 or so and currently I hold 14 shares.

I still expect to get to $10,000

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Goddam protesters, my AR stocks were supposed to moon tomorrow Goddamit.

>> No.19502263

It's fine, I'm long tesla and short zoom. If they both go up, I'm financially even!

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this pic is sexy as fuck

which one?

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Based. Let's see if this market will grant you your wish.

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I'm up 120% in three days on my account. Feeling good. Mostly been doing earnings run up plays. I've got CHWY, AVGO, and LULU calls right now. I hope I can at least double my money in those. Feeling optimistic about LULU since I'm already +25%, but CHWY was a gay crab today so I didn't gain anything on those.

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I cucked out and lost $300 after IPO

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is this bullish?

>> No.19502588

Is that fetish gear?

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What did you sell?

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The market has evolved into a deep learning neural network botnet trained on human psychology and emotion that can predict your next move with 99.9% accuracy. Every keystroke, mouse movement, google search, accelerometer reading of your phone, the temperature, pressure, humidity, latitude, longitude, and altitude of your room, the phases of the moon, your current metabolic energy expenditure, heart rate, blood pressure, what you ate for lunch, and how big of a shit you took this morning is absorbed by the botnet and used to calculate your current emotional state at this exact moment leading to your next decision. Free will is an illusion.

>> No.19502809

This is why only autists and sociopaths make money. The laws of human emotion do not apply to them.

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That's it dude?
You could have cut your losses and made your money back by now with some really basic call options

TVIX is a loser

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Fucking Chad moves.

every time I say “it’s too high I’ll wait for a pullback” bother duckers just rip higher.

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SSL went up like a fucking rocket today. Can anyone explain why this debt ridden, nigger infested, women ceo of a gas company mooned today?

>> No.19502945

It seems most stocks lately have a runup for about a week before earnings. I expect LULU to hit 335 at least. It could go as high as 360.

>> No.19502965

Basically all oil did well.

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Alli video game related companies are throating niggers

>> No.19503074

Everyone is.

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My calls on Dave and buster are way the fuck up. Can not wait until they crash and leave me expired worthless. To my fellow Dan /biz/erians, as someone that is actually fucking retarded, should I rebalance my portfolio related to number of shares or total value? Like a 50:50 stocks and bonds is that based on 100 total shares or percent like 100k then 50k stocks 50k bonds. 50 shares of TSLA vs 50 corporate bonds would be way the fuck different.

>> No.19503135

Ya know, when I first started to see people wear these bespoke designed face masks I got the feel this corona chan thing had lost its mojo. People don't care. It's half way to being a joke now.

>> No.19503152

This is why i would never go to these protests, even if I think Big Floyd dying was fucked up.
Fuck all those people.

>> No.19503166

Even Nintendo?

>> No.19503246

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu - OP's sauce
It's trashy good but good

>> No.19503302

Guys I have like 47k in my brokerage but no clue what to invest in. This rally seems fake as fuck, so I bought a put and probably wasted $2700. Oh well.

But what do with 47k?

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Just a twitter lip service image from NintendoUSA. The same thing most companies are doing.

Remember when there was a social media trend for changing your avatar to a cartoon character to promote awareness of child abuse? This is basically that.

I see!
I have to watch tank girls and pandies, and maybe finish that big tiddie demon lord anime, and maybe watch the OVA’s for that kabaneri of the iron fortress thing.

And maybe check out the recent seasonals? Tower of god? Or that Franxx shit and kaguya shit?

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And Wallah we'll never see a red day ever again.

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Papa John looks good here.

>> No.19503374

I'll grant you the (You), but that doesn't deserve an answer. Turn your brain on ffs

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Thinking about just holding cash. Stuff's too expensive now, yet it keeps going up.

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It's going to 0 buddy.

>> No.19503590

I believe we are right on the edge of a massive drop to 2,900 S&P.

This shit is about to drop very hard and fast.
I'm currently operating with about 150 IQ and I have Autism.This sharp leap upward is not a good immediate sign.

Would not place any options calls or puts at the moment. Too risky.

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>I'm currently operating with about 150 IQ and I have Autism.This sharp leap upward is not a good immediate sign.

151 IQ here and own an onehole. We are MOONING tomorrow

>> No.19503664

We'll moon for about 2 more days and then it's going to drop.

>> No.19503674

>own an onehole

Yeah I’m reading this as bullish. Buy micron.

>> No.19503677

Where's the reddit cucklord that was shilling VXX?

>> No.19503685

151.1 here, I concur mooning incoming

>> No.19503742


How do privileged white liberals reconcile with this video?

>> No.19503754

He literally died of a heart attack due to a fentanyl + meth overdose while struggling against cops and resisting arrest to try to dump and hide the drugs he was hiding in his car. The cops still called an ambulance as soon as they got him out of his car and cuffed because he was already complaining he had breathing issues and was hurting. Everyone at the scene (shop owners, cops, bystanders) repeatedly remarked he was high on drugs. The cops asked him what he had taken so they could help him but he refused to respond, so they commented with 'don't do drugs, kids'.
The guy had a sizable rap sheet, being a known drug pusher and user who had previously been arrested also for armed robbery, mugging, unarmed robbery and more. He beat up a pregnant lady in search of money and drugs in the armed robbery case.
The cop team was an asian, a black, a hispanic and chauvin, so construing it as a race issue is as disingenuous as it could possibly get.
The handling of his arrest by the cops (if you see the full videos) is clearly as clear-cut by the book as it fucking gets, to the point you could use that shit in training videos as an example of a perfect arrest procedure.

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I was bored at work one day and actually did some analysis on phases of the moon after a weird office conversation that went off on a tangent

Based off 3 years of data and several million calls it turns out we did see a slight correlation between phases of the moon and sales conversion. Although we couldn't pin it down to customet sentiment or sales advisor behaviour.

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So if anything has the past month proven that the market is emotionless?
I mean, look at this week for example. You honestly cannot convince me that there is any logic behind the line except "line go up sell, line go down buy"

>> No.19503843

Cardiopulmonary arrest doesn't mean you're having a myocardial infarction. Hypoxia can easily drive your heart to simply stop (cardiopulmonary arrest). In order for him to die from a heart attack it would have to be an utterly massive STEMI. What kind of dumb bootlicking faggot tries to defend a knee to the neck for 8 minutes?!?

>> No.19503856

The only thing the market responds to is money printing. TINA to equities.

>> No.19503902

based takane chad

>> No.19503907
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To the anon who shilled this the other day. Thank you.

>> No.19503921

we're in this together DF(r)EN

>> No.19503937
File: 21 KB, 325x187, Oy+vey+im+you+better+be+careful+this+_60f228164b372e9f1df1bf944fd585bc (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Died of drug OD
>Cops were minorities
Oy vey goyim, don't spread your lies

Gonna have to report this to Jeff (((Zucker))) at CNN for correction

>> No.19503963

That's a dude isnt it

>> No.19503975
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My $20k in DXB is up 75% today. Thank you based Aussie anon

>> No.19503996

What’s up with otso gold yo? Ticket symbols fieif (I think)....I got 2500 shares am I gonna make it?

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The woody decor of that restaurant reminds me of a fish n' chips I used to live close to. This was in western central Canada and not exactly a good spot for seafood but somehow they had fresh fish. Maybe overnighting it on ice from the coast. They went out of business. Probably not good margins from their insistence on quality. I miss it.

>> No.19504060

M&C Saatchi is going to look spicy very soon (LON:SAA)

>> No.19504128

He was reported (and can be seen on some of the videos) of foaming at the mouth, which is yet another sign of fentanyl OD.
Also it's supposedly not just the OD that killed him, but him overexerting himself by fighting the police while ODing, which the police did their best to prevent (thus almost saving his life). At no point in time was his breathing limited by any of the officers. This can both be observed in the lack of any weight in the leg apparent in the video, and in the autopsy reportS (note the s: both autopsy reports confirm that there was no such issue, the one that was paid to the family tried to weasel it by saying 'there was no sign of it but clearly it happened because I saw it on the video').
Moreover, due no doubt to his history of drug abuse, he was known to have heart issues.

>> No.19504141

Also, the knee method is standard not only in that state, but all over the world for police. It's used constantly both locally and internationally and never cause problems.

>> No.19504146

Mattis wrote that Trump makes mockery of our Constitution, not that Trump violated it, which he didn't.

Mattis is confusing his distaste for Trumps policies, words and campaign photo ops. This is a problem that the left has: it wants to criminalize policy and style differences. Some might actually want to stage a coup over those differences.

What guys like Mattis, Comey, and yes, Obama, don't understand is that the Constitution gives but one remedy for differences in policy and style. It's called an election. By refusing to focus on that one remedy, it is the leftists who are making a mockery of our Constitution and they are intentionally misleading a large percentage of our citizens into a belief that feelings are the same thing as laws and that insurrections are the same thing as elections.

Certainly Trump would help himself if he chose his words more carefully, or merely put down his phone for an hour before he sends his tweets or even previews his tweets to a couple of more level-headed types before sending them out. But a get tough negotiating style and bringing in military MPs to help keep order in front of the White House and around our national landmarks and historic buildings is far from making a mockery of our Constitution. Refusing to accept the results of our elections truly is.

>> No.19504198
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The guy will be made a martyr anyway, same as Trayvon Martin. They don't care if the reality matches their interpretation of the situation. None of this matters to the market, of course. And I think probably helps the republicans going in to November elections as it does not make the lefties look very good at all to the average middle classer.

Bull run continues. As for the Fed, I don't think negative interest rates will be necessary this year.

>> No.19504216

Anyone else in GNUS stock?

>> No.19504221

>wti moving up and down in just exactly right amount to make any leveraged position worthless
i fucking hate this so much

>> No.19504232

The knee method is standard but only on the upper back, not on the neck. Cops misuse it all the time though, I'm sure many people have been killed with rough enough holds

>> No.19504237

So this is the power of the bear.

>> No.19504245
File: 345 KB, 607x608, 6E87D390-6412-4DE3-8C7D-BEE67996A294.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not even memeing boys, but I truly believe this is the end for bobo. I’ve crunched the numbers, and there’s a 93.68% chance that we will NEVER see another red day until the days of Rapture. My prediction model has always been dead on... sorry bobos

>> No.19504253

>None of this matters to the market, of course.
Of course.
The only reason I bothered with these posts was that I'm getting a bit tired of seeing misinfo everywhere, even on fucking /biz/ of all places, where I thought I could escape this nonsense and talk about stocks, getting rich/poor, and the economy or something.

>I don't think negative interest rates will be necessary this year.
They'll be needed sooner or later, sooner at the rate things are going. Also rates cannot be jacked up at all if 2019 was any indication. They're really just digging themselves a bigger hole and the only outcome I can envision is japan 2.0 and I don't like it. Is there anything else that could save us from this fate?

>> No.19504261

People priced in a billion million in sales from panic shopping which left shelves bare for what like 2 months-ish, but they only had a 10% surprise, and now they're correcting to nominal pricing.

>> No.19504264

>Is there anything else that could save us from this fate?

The Amero and a shifting of manufacturing base to South America.

>> No.19504268

>but only on the upper back, not on the neck.
No, really on the neck. It's explicitly stated as well.

>> No.19504281


>> No.19504284

Seems like we'll wind up with similar situation to post '08 for a while with interest rates remaining at a steady 0% for a while. Or that's probably the plan anyway until numbers indicate some shift is needed.

>> No.19504308

With the way c*nada is going, they'll just sink the whole party even further. I don't think the mexican economy is strong enough to uplift a fallen american economy, let alone american + can*dian.
> shifting of manufacturing base to South America.
That would actually be extremely fucking fantastic if it doesn't turn into another banana republic ploy and the corruption in SA can be weeded out. Though this would help with cutting ties with china, I don't think it'll fix the current problems.

>> No.19504317

Got sauce? Most of the stuff I'm finding says it's highly restricted because of how dangerous it is if the cop fucks up.

>> No.19504324

Honestly think we are going to crab until the election.

>> No.19504325

VTIQ tomorrow $50 EoD

Buy on open or be sorry

>> No.19504370

Is it normal for my money to go up like this?

>> No.19504376

thats a long story. why did they step on his throat though? to end his suffering?

>> No.19504404

Honestly think you're wrong

>> No.19504406

Why are you ignoring the actual medical examiner report?

>> No.19504419

Might as well just put it in mexico it would still be cheap af to manufacture. Although not as cheap as commie slave labor

>> No.19504462
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Its so good being a BVLL

>> No.19504464

so the standard dictates to continue pinning him even after he had continuously begged that he could not breath? and for another 3-4 minutes after he became unresponsive? for good measure? were they risking their lives? 4 of them against one unarmed man? they literally murdered him. i wonder what level of boot licking makes you go through this kind of mental gymnastics?

>> No.19504473

152.256 here, s&p is going into the chart along the z axis, implications unknown

>> No.19504479
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>reopen the economy
>every business is STILL laying off people
>bad economic forecast ahead

*clack clack clack clack*

>> No.19504480

He actually read what was written in the report. Unless your saying asphyxia causes cardiopulmonary on its own?

>> No.19504496

If you can’t breathe, you can’t talk.

>> No.19504507

Any one who invests in natural gas and oil what are your guys picks for companies? Do you have regions that you favor Bakken vs Permian?

Also Biz anons I know this might sound stupid but in general do you have any advice for trade careers? Just recently graduated university and am somewhat concerned about my job prospects. Depending on the situation I was thinking of trying to pick up a trade on the side, most likely welding due to its ubiquity, as a supplement if I can't find a job with my degree albeit its going to be hard.

>> No.19504511

Where are all the bobos

>> No.19504530

Bro, if you are going to pick up a trade be a controls and instrumentation guy.

>> No.19504562

Thanks anon how long would that take and cost to pick up?

>> No.19504563

Welding is dandy. Electrical is dandier. Welding does a lot of toxic shit, flux vapors and constant heavy metal working, confined spaces and so on. Electricians, at worst, might be exposed to environmental dust and oil/grease from gears and shit depending on industry.

>> No.19504590

*clack* *clack* *clack*

>> No.19504592

Shit dude idk, couple months at some community college dicking around with PLCs and ez ass code.

>> No.19504605

Thanks for the input anon. I feel like the trade off with electrical is that the codes and regulations constantly change and are a pain in the ass to remember especially in the US. Also I feel like electricians greatest threat are probably his coworkers who could accidentally screw something up that gets them killed like returning on the electricity, etc.

Also I am trying to pick up something that I could learn quickly currently am 23.

>> No.19504607

>Neck Restraint: Non-deadly force option
>The Conscious Neck Restraint may be used against a subject who is actively resisting. (04/16/12)
And see B. for unconscious.
It's a standard technique to prevent the subject from flailing around harming himself or others. Above, you can see it's standard in many places including Minnesota for precisely the case in that situation.

>so the standard dictates to continue pinning him even after he had continuously begged that he could not breath?
Yes. EMT is also trained to restrain people dying of OD (but they are better equipped to do so, so they usually restrain to a bed instead) because someone who passes out from OD often wakes up to instantly attack the first person they see. The restraint is supposed to be in place until the subject can be transferred (in this case to the ambulance).
He was complaining about breathing as soon as he got out of the car, at which point the officer already called for an ambulance. Throughout the episode, the cop told him 'we called an ambulance for you, you'll be alright buddy' in many occasions. They then attempted to walk him to the car awaiting the arrival of the ambulance, at which point he threw himself at the ground while saying he doesn't want to get in the car and trying to fight off the cops. It's when he threw himself to the ground yet again that he was restrained as seen.
Extract from the report:
>"Lane asked, 'should we roll him on his side?' and the defendant said, 'No, staying put where we got him.' Officer Lane said, 'I am worried about excited delirium or whatever.' The defendant said, 'That’s why we have him on his stomach.'"
Also see
especially 'patient restraint'. As for 'least necessary', he was a very tall, very strong man and did in fact need 3 officers to restrain him.

>> No.19504659

You can get into mine electrical, and work up to your journeyman/masters while getting paid out the ass to look at equipment and say "yeah, it's fucked." I can't speak for other industries, but I imagine working on cruise lines or other heavy industries excises a lot of the standards and regulations applicable to residential/commercial.

You can also look into plant operations, boiler certification. What's your current degree in?

>> No.19504677

I have a list of stocks im trying to get in on, are we gonna have any dips? It seems like Red Days are a thing of the past.

>> No.19504685
File: 48 KB, 1083x678, 95gains.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had a rough March but managed to turn everything around now.

Those big losses at the start of this 29 day period was due to Disney dropping and me buying more and more calls until it fucking popped and shot my account up over 70% and got me back on track

>> No.19504697

strong sell signal

>> No.19504702

Thats some complicated shit. I already had my opinion and now you are giving me an alternative point of view. And I have no expertise to check if any of that is true or not. I feel confused and uncomfortable. Why are you doing this to me?

>> No.19504704

>It seems like Red Days are a thing of the past

>> No.19504707

Based anon pulling through with the sauce. I don't think anything would change though, he will still probably be thrown the book at though.

>> No.19504725

A fucking nigger! Who the fuck cares? He was a FUCKING NIGGER!

>> No.19504730
File: 295 KB, 630x1172, positions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These are my open positions going into tomorrow.

Sold off DIS
Sold my MDT Puts that I misplayed badly today

Holding Macy's, MGM

Opened up new positions today in Tyson Calls and SPY Puts

SPY Puts I picked up at 312, 312.50, and 313. These are mainly to hedge if we drop tomorrow and Friday.

>> No.19504731

There's definitely going to be dips unless the interest rate can be dropped infinitely with no repercussion (protip: not how it works). I think tech is due for a correction as it's way overvalued, and things like zm being on the nasdaq as well as tech sell-off in general (can be as simple as people moving away from 'safe haven' tech into their more preferred options) might trigger a panic.
That said, infinite qe and jerome's general stance might change how this is realized.

>> No.19504743

Maybe that nigger shouldn't have been doing fentanyl. Praise GNUS.

>> No.19504747

>Floyd had contracted the novel coronavirus, sometimes called COVID-19 or 2019-nCoV, the report says. A postmortem nasal swab collected on the day of the autopsy turned out to be “positive for 2019-nCoV,” it says. However, the medical examiner’s findings suggest that the actual infection may have occurred nearly two months earlier.
china going to pay reparations?

>> No.19504753
File: 12 KB, 549x288, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i started buying stonks on april 25, am i a chad?

also imagine betting against america

>> No.19504770

goddamn this is too much. All the "A DEATH FROM [literally anything] IS STILL A DEATH FROM COVID" people are now going to be denying that Covid had anything to do with George Floyd's death.

>> No.19504805
File: 73 KB, 944x483, 1591233657326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19504806

Got a grad degree in political science due to my parents wanting to me go to college (both are FOBS), didn't really want to but they wanted a master's "college" educated son because I was too smart to work in trades according to my mother and my father who worked in a trade said it was a hard life and didn't want me to follow him.

And now looking back on it I don't know what to do honestly. I feel like maybe I am better at analyzing underlying trends and writing papers/presentations but it isn't a fulfilling degree and I feel like working in an office/research setting is going to kill me because its so boring. Plus I lack the political connections to really make this degree worth it which is something they didn't understand when they funneled me into college for it.

Sorry if I am whinging anon but I feel aimless and wondering whats the purpose of life and I've come to realize that I would be happy in a small town making some decent cash and living a normal life (grew up in a big city and hate it/ its soul crushing being surrounded by idiots and concrete), or making money on a traveling trade that can't be automized at least yet as I am still single and have no real connection. I have no gf, my "friends" only see me once every year and my family is scattered throughout the world and honestly I don't know them that much or doubt that they really care for my side of the family.

>> No.19504807

Yea I'm personally staying away from tech trying to get some consumer staples and oil stocks.

>> No.19504820

Well done!

>> No.19504827

This is proven science

>> No.19504831

Sorry bro, it's just how life is: multifaceted and complicated. You can at least verify that the link I gave for the procedure in Minneapolis is official, and you can check that jems is a legitimate local journal on EMS if you care.
Experts are needed even in seemingly simple cases, unfortunately it's out of fashion to ask them to explain topics anymore. All feelings, facts not allowed now.

>> No.19504835

>No opex days until the 19th
Damn this month is so bullish.

I agree on most accounts, though I think we’re way too quick to give the pig the benefit of the doubt, because this is 4chan and because there’s so many Karen’s and liberals who refuse to do so.
I’m not saying all cops are bastards, but most pigs don’t give a fuck about the people they grind under their boot. I suspect it draws a lot of people who get off on the power.
What really confuses me is that the two worked at the same nightclub for a time, so I wonder if they knew eachother.

>subzero rates
We will continue to be the best house in a bad neighborhood, and that could be called into question by negative rates. It would really shake our standing in the world, Particularly in comparison to the circus that is china’s financial institutions.

I hope powell doesn’t cave. Everything the fed and treasury have done seems to intensify the destruction of the middle class and relative poverty. Those are two of the things causing the most misery and directly related to civil unrest, methinks.

Yes. Welcome to the world of stockchads. Build a shrine to Jerome and the golden bull, and get ready to buy cyclicals and smallcaps.

>> No.19504838
File: 191 KB, 419x398, 1591234389453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i fell for the diaperchad meme...
i was at walgreens picking up my anxiety benzos when i saw a pack of goodnites and remembered how an anon was talking about using them as a nonmedical anxiety coping mechanism
to make a long story short i brought them back with the benzos and tried them out
to my surprise they're very comfy but really don't help with anxiety
if anything it raises my anxiety
fuck you /smg/, you made me a degenerate diaperfag who actually enjoys wearing them

>> No.19504847
File: 34 KB, 680x680, 80464E1F-74FA-48EC-8084-F534766808C0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmfao this nigga only made 13% from buying at the bottom of the absolute biggest dip in a decade

>> No.19504866
File: 88 KB, 750x1000, 1590800999704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know the aimless feel. I was art major in uni and graphic designer after. Hate job. Quit. Did an assortment of stuff after. Decided the thing I really enjoy and will happily do all day is drive. I was courier for the brown for a bit. And a taxi cabby. Delivered lab samples and paperwork between hospitals, clinics, and testing labs in the city for a while (comfiest job ever). Wrote parking tickets briefly (better job than you'd assume). Now work for supply management dealio at a university.

>> No.19504868

Bottom was in March

>> No.19504869

Let's say all of these links are procedures are legit. Can/will this info be used by the defense to turn the tables?

>> No.19504907

i have anxiety too and /smg/ is not a very good place to be in that state. also stop reading the news. that will work better than your benzos. i wouldn't need any medications as long as i could stay away from certain websites.

>> No.19504909

It will absolutely be used in the defense, but I don't think it will influence the end result at all. Chauvin will probably be found guilty of 2nd degree murder, probably with racial motive, in an attempt to please the crowd. As for the other cops, it's not clear what would happen to them, it'll depend on the rioter's reaction on social media. If they fixate on the fact none of them are white, they'll get off easy; otherwise they might get manslaughter with racial motive.

>> No.19504940

Close enough. He could have just thrown it in SPY and made more than 13% since April 25

>> No.19504942
File: 34 KB, 400x400, Born to Fren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Interesting life anon, when did you figure out that your aimless feeling was gone. For me the feeling is still here and I feel like whats compounded it even more is the fact that I lived life year by year never really planning ahead.

Like middle school and high school flew by and so did college, and now I have a degree and no job in a world that since my childhood I feel like has gotten worse and made me really just jaded and hopeless about the future.

Also I never really got to enjoy high school and college, no gf, same group of friends, and no real political or job connections for the future.

Honestly I feel like I f*cked up and miss being a kid when all I had to worry about was my multiplication tables and running a mile in PE.

>> No.19504956

>has covid
>one coronor is saying fentanyl is the culprit the other is the knee and the three cops


>> No.19504958

SPY already back to todays high pretty much in AH

>> No.19504975
File: 2.85 MB, 200x234, 02d1281a9b2c2a6d15ee18faa8da34200e34b607ce7d6423e41d1bb337e9b621.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw engineering degree
99% of its value was just to help me get a good job but whats with people picking worthless degrees that even cursory research would reveal as scams?

>> No.19504986

Holy shit
How bad are the riots going to be when the cops get a slap on the wrist

>ignoring the news
>investing in stocks
Gonna miss a lot of opportunities

>> No.19504998

>99% of its value was just to help me get a good job
That's every degree though

>> No.19505004

what? did they ask him to pee? wasn't he dead by then?

>> No.19505007

imagine how fucking stupid all of the anime niggers who posted this exact cope for the last 2 months feel right now

>> No.19505010

>How bad are the riots going to be when the cops get a slap on the wrist
he won't, minneapolis is ran by ideologues

>> No.19505024

You can get urine out of a dead body

>> No.19505030

its not like the urine dries up as soon as hes dead bruh

>> No.19505034
File: 270 KB, 600x557, bank of america.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this really the best usage of $1billion in funds for a company teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and massive defaults on all the loans they have outstanding? selling my shares tomorrow, who else?

>> No.19505043
File: 170 KB, 823x569, 1587676924499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when did you figure out that your aimless feeling was gone
I guess two things. First, I realized defining my life by my career was dumb and pointless. Work is just doing what ya gotta do. Second, and maybe the more important, it's not entirely necessary to hold on to a job that pays well if you really hate the place and want to set it on fire in fortnite every day you're there. This can be tricky if you're weighed down by dependants and mortgage and all that though. I don't make a lot of money from my jobbies but I did have investments before from when pay was high, and learned to trade in last five years. Now make around 30% of my income from trading. Eventually I should have a large enough portfolio to do it more or less full time. That's long term goal.

>> No.19505045

I noticed that a lot people would rather go to a good 'prestigious" school and do a meme degree rather then doing STEM at a state school. Or they may start with something reasonable then drop out cause too hard and switch to shit like gender studies instead. And end up with a meme diploma from a top school and a huge debt and no job.

>> No.19505062

I got a state job after suffering thru the private sector bullshit for a bit. Best choice I ever made. At the time it was either join the state workforce or drive a lot of miles to work at some other private sector gig. The state benefits was the ice cream topping for me. Sure I make less than I would otherwise but there ain't many jobs that let you retire in full after just 27 years. That don't involve a bullet coming at you or you running into burning buildings at any rate. Sure I could've joined the military but this was during the big iraqi war on terror rush so odds were if I joined I'd have been over there blowing up fucktards in sand pits. And most likely getting a bullet in the chest as a reward. No thanks.

>> No.19505070

That's nothing. I wired money from my foreign account to buy shares. I'm up about 13%, but since then my foreign currency is 14% stronger against the USD.

>> No.19505073

imagine your job is to squeeze urine out of dead bodies. you grab a giant needle and puncture his bladder and collect urine.

>> No.19505075

I would be very skeptical about the form said donations are being made, to who, how, etc. They wouldn't be chucking around that kind of money if they didn't have beneficial stuff coming straight back to them from it. Talking (legal) tax evasion and so on.

>> No.19505078

In all my years of experience, the best industrial career I've ever seen was plant operators at a NG facility. Dudes made $30/h and had guaranteed OT. There were hazards of course, H2S, massive plant failures, fire, electrical. Job was straightforward, outlined procedures and on-screen alerts for issues. The guys I worked with were all field mechanics, but the position is really entry level. They'd definitely take a welder or an electrician as they're all critical to operations. It's a sort of jack-of-all-trades position, same with mine plants.

You could hedge by using your current credits to grab a degree in a mechanics/electrical/welding and come out looking better than most.

Might also look into railroad on corporate or union sides with your current degree, but it's going to be hard to slip in these days.

>> No.19505096
File: 48 KB, 612x608, 1589302006575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>looking at my mad gains during trading hours
>frantic knocking on my door
>it's my gf, she's been a victim of identity theft and they've stolen her phone number (ported to another carrier), email account, Chase bank account, and used her Venmo account to steal $4,000
Spent literally the whole day on the phone trying to get this shit unravelled. Stay safe out there anons.

>> No.19505101

I'm sorry that happened anon. I haven't seen the other posts you are referring to but I can attest to how they help me with anxiety. My therapist recommended them about a year ago and they somewhat help. I'm not sure why but I feel really safe in them, like all my worries melt away. I hope you find your peace with enjoying them for non-degenerate reasons like I did.

>> No.19505102

the more i think about it the more it sounds like laundering cash to militant leftwing groups to help fund the globalist communist revolution

>> No.19505103

>the big iraqi war on terror
I vaguely remember we did eventually find the WMD? or something similar a few years later. but nobody cared at that point.

>> No.19505105

Could be that, too.

>> No.19505116


Buncha cucks.

>> No.19505120

They're just going to donate to an organization that's in their pocket and 99% of the money will come back to them while also giving them a tax break

>> No.19505121

kek, or just not bother with college at all and save your ass from a shitload of debt.

>> No.19505145

Basado y chekado

>> No.19505147

they claim they'll be investing it in black businesses rather than donating it to a grifter scam

>> No.19505155
File: 1.77 MB, 1920x1080, cat flip.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WRONG. Since the date I invested SPY is only up 10%. and I didn't put all of my 11k in on april 27, it was spread across a few weeks after april 27

>> No.19505171

That cat is badass.

>> No.19505173

kek, that was a fucking joke. We went, we blew up the iraqi country, hung saddam (yes they actually hung him; look on youtube), split the country into divisions, helped seed all the terrorist bullshit since (before Saddam was kicked out there was no isis or a lot of shit), and we ended up blowing billions to rebuild the place. No WMD though.

>> No.19505195

Oof! Good luck to you and your gf on sorting that out. Some of that should be insured, like the bank and venmo monies.

>> No.19505205
File: 5 KB, 248x250, 1591235008949s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>futures red as blood

>> No.19505207

my parents had their bank account hacked like three fuckin times, I have no idea how that even happens.

>> No.19505210

You can save a lot if you are smart about it.
You can do two years of community college then transfer to a state school. And preferably a local school so you could live at home. 20k tops.

> No WMD though
well shit

>> No.19505216

Nope, just old chemical weapons stockpiles that fell into the paws of CIA proxy fighters because we took out the stabilizing authoritarian power that had been sitting on the stockpiles under old agreements. The entire thing was just a lie from the start to get people cheering for regime change to further the globalist agenda.

>> No.19505224

yesterday futures were down 0.5% around this time, its blackrock/fed manipulation

>> No.19505227

key loggers? if they do online banking.

>> No.19505242

kek, to late for me, I'm 11 years away from retirement. No college degree. Nor is one needed. My job is secure. Why blow 20k now when I'm close to pulling the pin?

>> No.19505256

The biggest takeaway is the port scam where they steal your number. .ake she to call your carrier ASAP and request a port pin be setup so no one can take your number without it.

>> No.19505258
File: 69 KB, 780x768, Sad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like I said in my case, I was good at political science and history in my high school and my household didn't really give me a choice of college or trade it was more like college or GTFO. Also my high school didn't have a trade program they assumed that everyone was going to college due to their reputation.

Thanks for the input anon I hope I get lucky with my picks so far they are looking up but I had measly 4k to invest in this once in a lifetime opportunity and am kicking myself for some picks that I sold to early.

What part of the civil service anon? Federal or local?

Thanks for the advice in regards to the trades I was thinking about doing that but don't know how much credit could transfer over from my degrees and how fast I could get certified. My only concern is getting the equipment and having a rig since I am currently vehicles. But then again hopefully if Hertz goes under I can get a used truck for cheap. Funnily enough Ive thought about working for the rail industries but don't know which company would be worth it whether its Amtrak vs Union vs Kansas.

Also anons do you cal for a fact that I won't do it because basically my parents sunk their hopes and dreams on me and I would have just reset them to square one. It's all so tiresome in the end.

>> No.19505268

I have 7k available after selling my puts tomorrow. Want to put them in calls for October time frame. Was thinking Wells Fargo. Everything else seems to be up too much

>> No.19505269

I have no fuckin idea. they are like turbo boomers. i dont think it was a tech hack, but an insider at the bank doing shadey shit. its weird but it happens like 3 times. apparently they traced that this suspected person bought airline tickets or something and charged it to their account.
what an incompetent fucking bank though. if that happened to me even once id withdraw everything and change banks

>> No.19505274
File: 107 KB, 492x492, Call it a Night.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly though I don't know how I feel about the future because I feel like basically my parents sunk their hopes and dreams on me and if anything goes wrong I would have just reset them to square one. It's all so tiresome in the end.

>> No.19505281

what port? what number?

>> No.19505288

>Also anons do you cal for a fact that I won't do it because basically my parents sunk their hopes and dreams on me and I would have just reset them to square one. It's all so tiresome in the end.
are they chinks?

>> No.19505301

It does. a man on drugs suffering from hypoxia secondary to the knee. You bradycardia down and then go asystole. I work in an emergency department and thats why we are always concerned about 2 main things first. How is the patient breathing (02 sats, blood gas) and what does the heart look like.

>> No.19505315

that's what you get for having an absolute idiot for a gf

>> No.19505320

I'm a local state worker. My job is easy as hell. I'm up moving around most of the day so no desk jockey shit, very little paperwork bullshit, no phone ringing bullshit, no real stress. My boss is cool. My co-workers are all good people so no assholes to deal with. I just go in on time, do whatever, then leave at the end of the day. (well now due to the virus I work from home, go in when they need me. still get paid in full regardless)

>> No.19505326

No my dad is a europoor and my mom is from latin america.

>> No.19505339

lol the man was handcuffed with his hands behind his back. At the point you don't need 3 officers. A 13 year old could probably handle him.

>> No.19505347

>only $30/hr as an operator
That’s poverty tier. Operators in the plants by me are all making at least $45/hr

>> No.19505350

Which company is going to get a 5G product out on the market first?

Also, Abbott going to dump hard.

>> No.19505360
File: 1.17 MB, 2480x3508, 1584550015192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I feel like basically my parents sunk their hopes and dreams on me
It's your life. Not theirs.

>> No.19505365

damn i want to live like this one day. i'm studying mathematics with a minor in computer sci at a state uni right now, going into my senior year this fall. i really want to study statistics and all that data stuff but idk if anyone wants a math major or what to do with it when i graduate. maybe i can type in data for the IRS or something one day

>> No.19505369

Good job buddy. I started the first week of April.

>> No.19505381

They get another phone company to give them your number by pretending to be u switching phone companies or requesting a new sim to replace lost one, once they control your number your phone is locked out while all your security texts and stuff go to them so they can easily gain access to your email, bank account etc, go online to your account and set up a port pin so ppl cant do this without knowing the pin as well.

>> No.19505403

Sometimes it's not who's first, it's who's got the more reliable service. Personally I'm going with good ol T and his fat divvy. Streaming, films, 5G, other things plus the very healthy and fat divvy. Also the price per share is still kinda cheap...

>> No.19505416
File: 10 KB, 698x641, 1586649526453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ever since people only post anime pictures (last like 2-3 weeks) I feel like none of the posts in this threads are worth reading anymore

>> No.19505417
File: 43 KB, 500x475, SEC-Agent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whats going on in this thread

>> No.19505425

Based T poster. I’m going to keep selling $30 Puts till I get assigned or we hit $35

>> No.19505431
File: 42 KB, 177x236, 1575240520216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just paper trading for practice is all.

>> No.19505434

nope, today the market is going down

>> No.19505439
File: 52 KB, 503x519, 1591051345038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its just the same two fags everyday

>> No.19505440

>It's your life. Not theirs.
I know but I wish I wasn't such as dumbass and listened to them. My biggest regret is that I never went through an anti-authoritarian/asserting my independence phase. I saw how much they sacrificed for me and went along with their wishes and by the time I realized it was too late like a lemming my family and I are going off the cliff.

Begone Spook.

>> No.19505447

I play the earnings of the company I work for with information not widely available to the public. Come get me fag.

>> No.19505469

Yeah I can retire in full after 27 years without any reduction in benefits. Pension + 401k. Paid vacation and sick time. Paid state holidays. Hell they even pay me to vote. I get 4 hrs of paid time to vote. Working time is 8 hrs a day. I live very close to the office. So I leave, I vote, I'm sitting on my couch on my own time for the other 3.5 hrs. Still getting paid. I don't gotta college degree. Just 11 years to go till retirement. Be under age 50.

>> No.19505477

Niggy, your job is literally slicing up corpses on a daily basis. Puncturing a bladder is nothing to write home about.

>> No.19505480
File: 2.72 MB, 300x214, cf3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You underestimate the power of drugs anon.

>> No.19505483

Just some outsiders speculating about things out of our control. Have a nice day.

>> No.19505488
File: 40 KB, 640x480, da76f4cc-7090-44e2-a937-4d20de336e16..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19505512
File: 34 KB, 480x360, cab0b404-cfdd-40d5-a92c-e2f97649fd8a..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then you're retarded. Have fun being beat by niggers.

>> No.19505518

How big is your city/town?

>> No.19505527

Forged in Fire is pretty comfy. How lucrative is a career in blacksmithing?

>> No.19505534

then fuck off, yeh ?

>> No.19505540
File: 44 KB, 500x475, SEC-Agent-activated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19505544

VTIQ, bankrupt by 2021.

>> No.19505549

If you aren’t a naturally crafty person, a real deal /diy/ kinda guy, then don’t bother with that kinda thing.

>> No.19505564

I started in 2005. Another nice uh loophole is any sick time upon retirement that you got can be used as credit towards your retirement. I think the max is 22 months of sick time. I'm hardly sick, I've got 15 years in. You get 1 day a month. Needless to say I've got a lot of sick time. Any unused vacation time upon retirement they pay you for. Now there's no limit to how long you can work. You can put in 40 years if you want. But at 32 your pension is maxed so anything past that your paying them.

>> No.19505573
File: 32 KB, 432x648, ATF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With the rise of gun stocks due to recent events. I am surprised that we don't see increase in ATF related dog shootings as gun sales are correlated with dogs being shot.

>> No.19505574

you are probably right. I don't think r/wallstreetbets could be any worse than this. bye guys

>> No.19505575

Despite being handcuffed he was throwing himself at the ground and successfully resisting 3 officers trying to get him in the car.
- He was a threat to himself.
- He was a threat to the officer (legs and heads are a thing, not everyone is a paraplegic like you, he almost headbutt one of the officers before he was handcuffed right after getting out of the car too).
But I know you're not arguing and just shitposting since you say some obvious jokes like "a 13 years old can handle a 6'6'' roided out drugged out of his mind criminal with a history of violence because muh hands".

>> No.19505576

drive-thru window at mcdonalds? and the info is whether you spit in my big mac? please tell me the truth.

>> No.19505579

just skip over the anime-posting pedophiles and it's fine

>> No.19505580

Got a 5 figure portfolio, not even worth your time so you can turn off the red eye beams.

>> No.19505598
File: 10 KB, 298x282, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.19505602

So people are actually afraid that looters are going to come find them in their suburbs? Or is it just irrational panic buying?

>> No.19505609

Why not both?

>> No.19505612
File: 1.26 MB, 1446x1012, 1563935311053.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19505616

I doubt they are pedophiles. I think they are actual children.. like 14 years old

>> No.19505618

I would think it's especially city people and store owners. Definitely panic buying, 'irrational' is very arguable though.

>> No.19505625

when u finna transition, wite boi?

>> No.19505630

It's not a big city, I think just 30,000 call it home. But we get a lot of people from outside during the workweek plus people passing thru for jobs/travel/etc.

>> No.19505646

I'm in it for the fucking lunch


>> No.19505650


That’s not a city.

>> No.19505653

The issue with city folk and store owners is that like in California for example they voted in laws that basically made getting a gun a longer process. So most likely these sales are happening in states that have limited encroachment on firearms rather than blue strongholds due to the ability for gun shops to actually sell their product quickly.

>> No.19505659

Both? Nah. What is the point of raiding residential areas? No stores there. Unless it is an all out civil war kek.

>> No.19505666

Thats the life, Ive thought about trying to find work in the midwest like the dakotas. But obvisouly this degree is useless and forces me to go to LA, NY, or D.C which I don't want to.

>> No.19505678

Good point, but I think the stats so far come from state authority(?) doing background checks(?) for people requesting guns, not actual gun sales, so wouldn't that apply just as well in red and blue states? If the sale volume comes from red states I guess it implies increased awareness/reminder that looters are a thing, but then it's not touching a "new" demographic. Not quite as interesting for the market segment.

>> No.19505679

Lol here it's considered a city. The largest cities are Louisville and Lexington.

>> No.19505686
File: 66 KB, 640x439, fb191854-d279-4b51-b653-5d9630af242f..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work at an airport and can see passenger numbers

>> No.19505687

Well once you loot stores you got to find more products and sometimes your best bet might be the residential areas. I remember seeing an article trending on twitter from the LA times about how the protestors/looters want to go to the rich homes of whites in South LA but can't because since the 1995 riot and that they should because "thats a good thing".

>> No.19505705
File: 181 KB, 455x508, 1587836057570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depending on your location, any major natural gas distribution company or contractor will definetly pay the Bill's escpially if they are union.

>> No.19505707
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, 49919183001_6011747277001_6011747871001-vs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any futures here

>> No.19505708

It probably depends on the red state or region? I'd imagine the states that have a significant A-A population are used to race riots, ferguson comes to mind, so when they see another ferguson wave of riots they are going to make sure that they are duly armed compared to blue states like Illinois.

>> No.19505715

Well, they did burn a house with a kid inside and then get in the way of the fire services who were trying to save the dying kid.
They also threatened several times to go to suburbs, but haven't actually done so yet.
I don't think the concept is the main driver of sales, until they actually do go murder people in their suburbian homes, I think other factors will be the main drivers.

>> No.19505718
File: 213 KB, 663x485, bobo1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought spy puts near the top today lads. God I hope this shit keeps going down.

>> No.19505726

We're currently full btw

>> No.19505763

I unronically bought the top of the multiweek rally goddamnit.

>> No.19505773

so do i dump TVIX and just eat the ~15% loses from monday or do I just hold and hope it bounces back

>> No.19505779

One of the most poignant memories of race riots brutality I saw was that looters were actively shooting at firefighters extinguishing fires during the 1995 Rodney King riot. I was watching some archival footage of the riots and remember that it got so bad that one firefighter had to bring a side by side with him from home and stand guard while his crew was extinguishing the flames.

Also do you guys think the fact that the Dems released a shit ton of convinced felons to prevent "overcrowding" in prisons is contributing to the violence? Are we going to see something like the 1968 riots or 1995 riots ever again?

Horses don't count. Plus I hate my state's policies with a passion. All I want is land, my right to an unneutered 2A, make money, and no one to be near me.

>> No.19505787

>most likely welding due to its ubiquity
Ooh! If you do this, learn tig and the more specialty applications (aluminum, other difficulty metals, underwater if you're ballsy). Better pay and plenty of demand.

>> No.19505788
File: 1.83 MB, 200x148, 1474862498077.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sold the majority of my shares the other day at $13.68.

>> No.19505796


>broad street
thats close to downtown, right
thats the area where you can expect huge crowds

>> No.19505799

True. Sparkies have a much safer gig in that regard.

>> No.19505814

We are not there yet. That was absolutely the worst. Hopefully it is not happening again.

>> No.19505833

Try Montana, they have trees!

>> No.19505855

Still, what happens when you hit 40-50 and your body starts breaking up and thats not the easiest job to do and you sill like 20-30 years to go before you retire. And the insurance is probably crappy so you will have to pay a lot of out pocket to treat your arthritis and what not.

>> No.19505858

Thanks anon I confused it for the watts riot in 1965. Do you think that we will ever get to that point again though, especially if trump wins reelection in November and if Minnesota fails to convict these officers because the AG decided to go for a second degree murder charge which is going to be extremely hard to stick without rigging the jury pool, which is as probably tainted as Washington D.C.

>> No.19505859
File: 367 KB, 1691x2048, Screenshot_20200603-225609.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How am I doing?

Leaving AAL tomorrow, going into SOLO, SAVE, and AMD

>> No.19505885

It feels like a lot of political entities are basically trying to burn down the country but forgetting that once this flame is lit everyone is going to suffer which scares me because I want to be out of my city before they light a powder keg.

>> No.19505919

knew it Ruger was going to dump today
All you idiots buying Ruger when it was already at all time highs get rekt

>> No.19505920

yeah, and add the coronovirus on top of that. a lot of frustration, high unemployment .etc. the only positive factor, it is too cold to riot in minnesota in november lol these riots seem to be a seasonal thing.

>> No.19505932

Bro you can't just post your futures here.
Someone else is going to save your contract to their computer and steal it.

>> No.19505958

>Calls well into second wave / third quarter earnings realizations that the recovery didn't happen

>> No.19505959







>> No.19505969

Thanks anon, don't know if I can do underwater welding, I am 23 and not the most fit (a bit overweight), but hopefully it is not too late for trade development and a possible course correction.

I wonder what welding metal specializations are in demand for pipelines. I would like to work for natural gas since they mostly seem to be growing as everyone is switching to them.

>> No.19505988

Thats what I feel like also contributed to the intensity of the protests and riots in all 50 states. Everyone has cabin fever anger from being locked up half of the year almost and then they all are unemployed meaning that they have no work responsibilities to prevent them from going out and protesting and looting.

>> No.19506052

Why do we turn into pol around 8am Russian time?

>> No.19506159

>russian time
dude russia spans like 12 time zones
do you mean kremlin time?

>> No.19506175

Putin is that you?