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And watching the stock price double everyday

And he didn’t buy

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Someone make me understand
Is this legit or do pajeets really have this type of buying power to create a pump and dump on this magnitude?

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Anons from biz are chasers.
They buy the high and sell the low.

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Google it.
They are getting a lot of positive press from legit sites like Market Watch.

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how high do you think it's gonna go?

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netflix already has a kids section.

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They have made a cartoon with Warren Buffet, bro.

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cope more. we told you to buy @0.3 and @1

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Too late now.

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I have no idea but the target price is $15 and there'll be big news on June 15. Also they are getting featured on Amazon Prime already. Chart's looking might bullish, insane volume... I wouldn't buy right now because for the price to keep going up the stock needs to cool down a little bit. It has been overbought on RSI for days an today might be considered overextended because of the big pump, but after the healthy pullback this shit will moon.