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Just threw $400 at this for keks what am I in for?

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Another 1 -2 x

And a collapsed once people
Realize there is no use case

It was released from a developer who fucked it up twice and ripped people off not giving 1:1 ratio for original sta...

It initially looked like a pump and dump and when it pumped no one could dump so everyone hung around

There is no use case other than the token burn

In 2 weeks you’ll see the type fade just like ghost...

This is the next ghost train and it’s almost at its end

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>There is no use case other than the token burn
Repeat after me : index fund

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did thanos fuck your ass?

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Excellent post. The pnd is over ; sell what you can before getting ruined. Thanos is a meme

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>reddit spacing

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the same guy posting the same thing in every statera thread lol

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please kill yourself. not joking. you have serious mental issues

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>There is no use case other than the token burn
Oh look who it is
It's the no use case anon!
Hello no use case fudder
That's the last fud you guys have left in the tank
And I'll be happy when it gets BTFO too
Because this is an index fund
The use case is it makes you money
Now kindly neck yourself

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You didn't get your McDonald's paycheck when it was half a penny did you? Buy in now. Still a steal.

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Bearish as fuck. Glad I didn't put any money in this. Do not get fooled gents, STA is a scam and is running out of steam. Nobody would be retarded enough to put their trust in a Nigerian scammer and his gay autistic partner, complete no names in the industry. The shills have been offered 300k tokens worth of STA and are doing their best to raise the value before dumping. You'll see when this thing reaches 5 cents. It'll be bloody savage... I warned you.

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Proof? Baseless FUD.

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You're not getting my STA faggot
Keep fudding, you can't stop Thanos
He's too fucking powerful

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t. Chris

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I have to say keeping track of the fuds on this project is hilarious. It gets better every fucking time

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Day 2: "STA is running out of Steam" .003>.01
Day 3: "STA is running out of Steam" .006>.025
Day 4: "STA is running out of Steam" .017>.3
Day ?: "STA is running out of Steam" 1$>Rope

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30x from here if its follows hex

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>autistic partner
Autistic you say? That sounds pretty bullish to me. I might put an Eth or two in.

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Oh fuck my ass, I didn't realize a solid 10x on my investment was a net negative. Why did I ever invest my money in this? What an idiot move, I only made 8k off of this with no end in sight. I also don't give a shit what happens to this thing but it seems solid. Absolutely kill yourself when 70% of biz is rolling in cash a month from now.

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$36.77 if you hold to long

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man, I respect a fudder who tries to prove his points with facts or at least is genuinelly convinced he's helping others get out of a scam. But this? If you don't like a project just GTFO, find one you do like, make an effort and try to make some money! your time is valuable!

When you go to the cinema and don't like the movie, do you leave or do you stay and yell "this movie sucks" for 2 hours and ruin it for everybody?
You do not want to succeed, you just want everyone else to live as miserably as you do (and I'm not talking in terms of money). I feel sorry for you.

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Holy crap I haven’t seen a crypto more hated by bitter little people since I don’t know when.
OP you made a wise decision to buy. This is going to be massive.

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sorry, my last comment wasn't meant for OP but this silly fudder

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How does $400,000 sound

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Stahp, I am already diamonds

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you doxxed yourself with your screenshots Chris. Aren't you a father, neglecting your family to fud on biz 24/7 over 5 bucks? go away

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