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Shill me your best ultra low cap gems that biz doesn´t talk about

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Look into Orchid OTX.

It was just listed on Kraken. 14 Million USD Marketcap and all other Coins on Kraken are at least 150 Million USD MC.

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Haircomb token. 10 000 usd market cap, project literally just started last year. You can have whole fraction of the supply for peanuts. Provides important use cases like quantum secure privacy, scalability but also comb trade contracts without relying on trust.

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Nerva (XNV) CPU mineable cryptonight coin. Very low price sirs.

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Darkpay token has 120k Marketcap and is marketed as a privacy token but people aren't buying it now because it's only listed on exchanges that require kyc.

If you don't care about kyc it would be smart to hodl until it's listed on a non kyc exchange because that's when people will start pumping this shit.

You can stake it on their wallet while you wait

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you mean actual projects or just total shitcoins?

actual: handshake
total shitcoin: otx

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Look into XBL billionairetoken.. Risen from the ashes :)
They will soon be on Newdex. They r busy to implement bancor relay. Deflationary token burn model.

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Looks interesting. Where can I Iearn more? Is it in any exchange?

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He said low cap you mong

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I will be shilling it tomorrow fair warning

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Mco & snt, nexo has been good to me & also gets a dividend if you hold it on nexo

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H3X. Next bomb!

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Take a look at 0xMonero (0xMR) on Saturn.Network. It's fairly mineable with no pre-mine so there is no centralized DEV wallet to dump on you. They recently implemented zk-SNARKs and are developing a mixer.

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>this one guy shilling his token for weeks, on every thread
Kinda based, I can say.

PnD by Elvis & the Discord Trannies.

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