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House always wins

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I'm glad I don't gamble on this scam

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Cleanest bart I've ever seen

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What the fuck is that candle

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are you new?

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this will persist for the rest of the week imo

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when you see an up or downbart and it fucking moves sideways THIS CLEAN with such tiny candles you know 100% another bart into the oposite direction is coming

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remember when we we're barting down then up
now we're barting up then down

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Almost like ripping a band-aid, we knew too many shrimps were over leveraged longs, they simply couldn't come with us-someone has to be eaten.

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lmao bitcoin is a pump and dump to make the rich richer

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bitmex candle even went down to 8600 kek

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meme photoshop when?

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For the NewFaqs

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If it isn't our old friend Barthomley

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You mean to rape retail when they fomo?

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this market is shit

btc mooned alts didn’t move.
on low overall volume. you already know it’s a manipulated pump

is everything controlled in this market

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How retarded one must be NOT to sell at 10k? Seriously guys, every freaking halving you do the same mistake...

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yes, the most manipulated marked in history with the highest concentration of greedy idiots, is somehow gonna set humanity free. That will show the bankers lmao

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>The reason for these sudden pumps and dumps is likely to burncrypto margin traders, whether short or long, by manipulating the market.
This is why investing in crypto is retarded.

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relax its just whales selling to pay for the broken glass caused by vandalism

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until margin gamblers catch on to that and it won't

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Oh no I only had a 60% gain in the last 24 hours after getting stopped out above 10k

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>This is why investing in crypto is retarded.
This is why (Margin) Trading is retarded.
Basically has zero effect on Mid Term - Long Term Investing. Which is the comfy approach to crypto. Instead of the sleepless nights health wreaking, finance RekTing approach to crypto.

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yeah i dont know why people post any other charts than bitmex

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I think it only looks clean in retrospect to the bart magnitude

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lol how many halvings you have been to

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i dont understand why people gamble on bitmex
sure if you got a shitload of money and can affrod to lose it sure why not
but i see many people that literally lose all they got on there
its so obvious that these barts are made by bitmex themself

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imagine still using bitmex after seeing this obvious scamwick

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I made a few bucks shorting ADA with 20x lol

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What the fuck do we do to get rich then?

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Guys what the hell why don't you just put a trigger to long here and short here for 125x? What's so hard?

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I did. Buying LINK from gains as we speak

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Can someone murder Arthur and all those involved in Bitmex, please?


Bitmex and leverage trading was not there in late 2017. Now whales and rich shitty gamblers are spending all their firepower making money and losing it, going up and going down equally!! In this case, there is ZERO REASON for any of these traders who control Bitcoin's price to ever NEED BITCOIN TO 10X TO 100K when they can just 10x leverage and sell when btc doubles in price.

How the FUCK can no one else see this? BARTs only existed once Bitmex became prevalent. BARTs are now the reason Bitcoin will never 10x.

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About a week ago some anon posted about this, said the whales would pump BTC but of course he never mentioned anything about the inevitable Barting kek.

The whales do this shit for a reason

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Rigged why do ppl hold BTC.

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Imagine the seething. That wick is 600+ lower than Binance.

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i cant stop laughing at this meme, good job

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>BTC Holdin' $10k Like a Boss


>> No.19476235

Fpbp. Can someone please explain to me how this isn’t the scammiest shit ever?

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btc is literally dogshit

>> No.19476258

Maybe start by not literally giving your money to scam artists. Just a thought

>> No.19476282

and people have the audacity to suggest it isn't a rigged casino of whales dumping the bitcoins they mined for pennies on you for thousands of dollars

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All crypto coins are a pump and dump.
But that’s not a bad thing. I’ve made considerable gains just swing trading. It’s the leverage game that’s rigged beyond redemption.

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>margin trading
People still do this? How have they not learned?

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People get attracted to crypto for gains. Exactly because there is huge volatility. You can have more action in a day, than stocks in a weeks/years.

Is you look at fundamentals under good cryptos. Than you buy and hold. These people have made excellent gains last years. Example Zoom out of same chart. 1D view. nothing is going on.

There is a whole industry that then adds 100x leverage on a already extremely volatile game. Some people get a kick out of that. Attracts gamblers. And maybe 1-5% of people that know what they are doing. You play that game, you know what you are getting into.

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I fucking hate this rigged market.

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>Volume higher on rise than fall


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You do not understand what the word scam means

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I love it you can reliably make money

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Oh no no no
I think most of the leverage platforms were saved, but BitMex traders got liquidated hard. Just look at it: https://datamish.com/btcusd/24h
Both longs and shorts liquidated equally. What a scam

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i love bitmex

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people start shorting
exchange bots start buying
here we start the up line of the bart
people start longing
exchange bots start selling
here we draw the down line of the bart

your odds is better in a cassino than against bots

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weak hands and cascading stops and also liqidations m8

>> No.19476488

bet against the crowd with low leverage
win 70 to 80% of the time

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How about just don't be a degenerate gambler and not short or long if you are going to whine about manipulation?

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>he can't read the market

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Don’t give good advice to these cucks. A steady stream of degens posting their leveraged trades is the only thing keeping biz alive

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Bitmex has been around since 2014, new fag.

>> No.19477099

Did, lmao
Only moonboys think that green dildo was legit halving hype

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>low leverage

>> No.19477140

"I'm only using 20% of my capital, im good"

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Why bitmex though? And not any other exchange? FTX is better

>> No.19477192

my brain wasn't thinking straight and my peanuts were liquidated on prime xbt. used lower leverage on bitmex though

>> No.19477221

funding rates are fair if you take a big position
absolute most liquidity
i used primexbt and it's more of a scam than mex. the candles aren't as big but they'll catch you elsewhere

>> No.19477227

Is that an indicator or you drew those?

>> No.19477247

Ok thanks
Yeah I stopped using Prime-XBT too, love that it offers some indexes, but btc is sometimes $200 off it's Binance or Bitfinex spot price

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Dumb retarded scum. NOWHERE did I say Bitmex didn't exist in 2017, only that it literally had zero significance. It had little volume and held ZERO, let me repeat for your new fucking ass who clearly wasnt trading in 2017, ZERO effect on Bitcoin. Go look at the volume Bitmex held in 2017, it was literally minuscule. Fucking faggot. For all intents and purposes, it wasn't there.

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whats this one called?

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the top

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short squeeze

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>not riding the big squeeze up
>not riding the big dump down

never gonna make it

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the Bedfordshire Shilly-Shally

>> No.19478386

can you please say our show how low it went?

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Many people don’t know what they’re getting into though. Some genuinely still believe that bitcoin or something like it will supplant the existing system. Shame really, it had such potential.

>> No.19479048

it only has that potential in theory. never had it until the old financial system works

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8600$ on bitmex

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the normans are never coming back

>> No.19479855

sure bro. definitely so differnt from btc

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Or is the retard the moron who thinks BitMex runs bartertown, and not the exchanges, and Tether. (Because Bitmex is just an internet back alley craps game, the real game is on the exchanges.)

Because, retards and coinfart huffers like to throw temper tantrums when the rigged game moves against them, instead of figuring out HOW the game is rigged, and by WHOM. Because crying and sniveling about Bitmex does anything?

I mean, you can see it, plain as day. Tether printer go brrrrrrr, hahahahaha today for the next bart. Ride the wave or die, moron.

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Crypto is very important technology. Its very early. It is exactly because of what we see in the world that its so important for people to understand what crypto could bring to humanity.

>> No.19480492

some biz brainlet buying into the next golden bullrun

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Imagine sitting all day in front of your pc and look at some green and red candles and betting on them to go up or down and in most cases the candles are working against you.

I rather buy once a month a good dividend paying etf / stock which produces goods in real life , are consooomed by plebs and bringing me yield like a crop field.

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Classic Bart formation...Its never been that hilarious though almost a straight line across

>> No.19481185

yes i got rekt again, first time since october

>> No.19481217

Fuck off boomer

>> No.19481373

>literal gay as id

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It's backed by nothing, it's online gambling. Zooms are the bingo ladies with the troll dolls and a "system" today. At best, the value is that by existing, crypto provides a way to transfer power that would otherwise be blocked by Jews, like what happened when wikileaks exposed the tax shelters of banks and the banks responded by illegally cutting off the ability to donate conveniently via credit card processing. But convenience in crypto creates third party power brokers anyway so it might be a wash.

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Elbow grease

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