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Windows didn't win the OS war because it was the best product. It won because it was what gained the most adoption. This is why everyone who is "in it for the tech" will remain poor. Get in ETH or get left behind.

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Ramblings of an insane person. ETH will rocket but your reasoning is completely wrong.

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Get in at 252$ and get REKT. See you at 60$

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Care to elaborate?

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lol people say this every thread and it just keeps going up. should have bought at $90 in march when you had the chance.

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Except it got the most adoption because it was the system you could be the most productive on. Not because it's just some shitcoin for hosting other shitcoin scams on.

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is the only thing that matters right now. Everything revolves around it. if you cant see that youre blind

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I said its going to 252$, please read.

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i remember being like you. missed out on sub-$10 eth because of my shit attitude. you'll learn eventually

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you just said it's going back to $60 dude, i don't care if you said it goes up 13 dollars before it plummets.

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legit price predictions in 1 year? 5 years? is 5K possible at some point?

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ETH will be 10k at the height of the next bull run.

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Dev here (mid tire but still)
You reasoning is retarded.
Winows won because they had monopol on market.
Also idea there is better "tech" in fucking open source space where everyone build on 30y old foundations of cryptography (or 20y old if we talk about zk cryptography) is dumb.
Eth is near finish line because of 5 years of tools (devs love tools) and standards (when shit can talk to each other like rc20 standard, 2017 bubble happend because of rc20 standard for example)
You are right but you are one cluless dumb mofo.

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$360 soon, eth2 will be an explosive fomobubble -dont sleep on it /biz/

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adoption can be from developers i.e. the infamous steve balmer talk

Heres the truth, Ethereum is good at security. Their audits and track record will prove the greatest asset to adoption. Nobody wants to be the first person to invest into risky new tech if there arent counter parties sharing that risk. Proven smart contracts that are secure is the holy trinity in blockchain technology.

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You dont know that.
Eth can turn out to be dumb pipe valued 700 bucks forever while some projects on eth do 1000x.
You are just wishful bagholding wich is fine I think eth go up to.
Also "betetr tech" is literally narrative to peddle shitoins and it will last few more years before all integration and tooling cross point of no return for eth.

If you really want to educate yourself read this https://blog.synthetix.io/cross-chain-infrastructure-revisited/
Its blog why syntetix went from eth to eos and back to eth all from devs perspective
You are wellcome anon.

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While I agree heres also the truth:
Noone the fuck knows
What we do know is eth is turing complete blockchain, first of its kind and honeypot for devs.
So they buidl shit, shit gets adpotpion, shit burns down when it meets non agnostic real world
2015 dao hype price moons dao hack 2015 price crashes
2017 ico hype price moons ico rekt by scamms and law price crashes
2020 dafi hype price moons defi exploits or some shit and you know what happens

It literally dosent matter longterm maybe we are in third of 20 more bubbles what matters is there is nothing else out there shitting usecases and growing dev community as eth

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IOTA coming through.

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>2017 coordinator is just training wheels for 1y
>2019 new plan called cordicide how to get rid of training wheels in next few years
>2017 we will do tryinary despite everyone and they mother saying its dumb
>2020 we binnary now 3 years of development into trash
>2017 we will do our own homemade cryptography algos despite whole cryptogarpyh community sayng its dumb
>2020 we will use standard ones everyone uses 3 years of development into trash

3 years of circlejearking= the future of IOT

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Still more use than Ethereum.

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Well that's just a lie.

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LOL ok bro

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What about Cardano? Looks like it's going to beat ETH to staking and seems way more future proof

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Actually it's not. Ethereum network doesn't scale in the slightest. Their SC platform is shit and is pretty much niche, not made for everyday life.
Their fees and transaction speed is utter garbage. The list goes on and on.
Oh yeah, don't forget all those fucking shitty "ERC20" tokens who run on the ethereum network. What a fucking joke. Meanwhile IOTA reaches over 1,5k Confirmed transactions per second. Something ethereum can only dream about.
Stay poor, lmao.

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Will this piece of shit finally go into the thousands like all the faggots keep telling me it will?

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it already hit 1400 once, and was at 1000 for several weeks
i can see $10k happening one day. not anyday soon, but one day eventually

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>not anyday soon, but one day eventually
Take it back.

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give it a few years and we'll all be rich mETH heads

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What is your perspective of tezos from a developers pov?

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Compared to what?
Dont see "next eth" ever happening so that anwers that.
Its not scam as 90% of shit out there and it does have some improvements over eth so I have no idea how will market value that beyond hype.
Baking is pretty dpo-ish no matter how they spin it and claim "real pos not dpos" so that I dont like.
Question I would allways is "is anyone building anything intresting on it" (dont know much about tezos to answer that desu)

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>what is Linux

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nice bait

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i dont know a single project on cardano. can name you 30 right now on eth. thats the difference.

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Nice cope

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Remember when this was $80 not that long ago and people were still fudding/shorting/selling?

top kek

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Pretty much, most people don't understand the tech anyway so they'll just use what has the best marketing and what other people around them are using.

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And btw this is also why crypto will never be a mainstream thing

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Windows 2000 is the best product. Prove me otherwise.

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It's actually because Gates made the right phone call at the right time. He was looking for buyers/investors and and had been calling places for months to invest. He ended up calling a firm that he would never normally have a chance with, but two guys from Silicon Valley who were supposed to meet with the investment firm that day didn't show up, so on a lim they told him to come in if he could be there within an hour.

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algorand is the only real working pos platform

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