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>oracle integration
>staking eoy
>wtf partnership out of nowhere
>3 years

>still doesn't buy chainlink

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>wtf partnership out of nowhere

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>wtf partnership out of nowhere
what did OP mean by this? was he just being a faggot?

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Don’t be a retard
It’s not for another few months

We have one more dip below 4 incoming

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This! What partnership?

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Delete this

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There will be another google tier partnership before the eoy. You just watch
What part of 3 years do you not understand?

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ok OP, i'll take your word for it.

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I have 17k link
Shut the fuck up lol

Stop trying to force us to 5, it’s not happening

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>1/3 of the supply circulating
>have to pay a 3x premium for chainlink

yeah no thanks. its like a 6b marketcap now there's no serious gains left unless a 2-3x in a year is what you're after

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Exactly, if even that.

Most of these delusional fucks actually think this time is different and we’re going past 5, here’s a hint, it’s not happening

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fuck off kikelstein. You're not getting any of my shekels

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See you at 3.8

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seething kike.

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but why would you buy into KYC oracles that can be easily emulated

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Bigger stack than you
Just more realistic and not a delusional linklet

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I got in at ICO tranny kike. I'm sorry your parents want to gas you because you're a degenerate kike.

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Lmfao seething
You really are praying to see 5 huh?

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