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there is no portal to another dimension
there is no ancient technology buried in cave systems below the surface of mars
there is no magic
there might be alien spaceships but they will wait until you die and reveal themselves the day after
there is no secret spooky ghost war in a different plane of reality
there is no cthulhu creature lurking down in the ocean

the most exciting thing you could theoretically do is go to antarctica and see penguins or something
even with all the money in the world this is all you could do

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>there is no portal to another dimension

bruh LSD has been around for thousands of years wym

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imagine being this pessimistic

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>he doesn't know about the hidden entrance 700 meters west from the apex of the middle pyramid on the Giza plateu

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kek. This

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read some von daniken. theres totally hidden magic cities in the rainforests and shit. the fuck you think theyre burning it all down for?

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Based recovering schizo