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Five words.


Are you finally starting to understand, NoLinkers?

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3 words


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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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why not?

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WE’RE all together in This. The numbers mason, what do they mean. Link will hit $130,000 per Token in our lifetime.

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that's 6 words you retard

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Sirgay betrayed us all. we were supposed to be in this together.

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no he didnt

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Fuck link. You can get passive income from ETFs and not trust your equity to some reddit faggot who might be planning an exit scam.

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Intel SGX is a central point of attack. LINK ISN’T DECENTRALIZED.

Critical exploits have already been found in Intel SGX: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_Guard_Extensions

What the FUCK do you think would happen if banks and fortune 500s employed LINK? Spoiler: hackers would undoubtedly exploit the LINK network, intercept and alter data, profit and/or destroy.

They haven’t “solved the oracle problem” they’ve probably just created new problems.

/biz/ holds and shills LINK to feel like elite hackers, but you guys are actually fucking retarded. Wasn’t their whitepaper plagiarized too?

Stay poor if you hodl this long term. It’s a piece of garbage with an ERC20 token associated with Ethereum which can’t scale to meet enterprise needs and maybe never will.

Linkies are *actually* retarded. Your bags are Pajeet-tier and going nowhere. No important project will ever use LINK because it’s WAY too easy to program *MORE SECURE* internal oracles / oracle nodes.

Oracles are not difficult to program like blockchains. You’ve all been sold techie buzz words and think you’re smart/hackers/etc.

Unfortunately, you gentlemen are shilled bag holding retards trying to swim in waters you don’t understand.

Sell now because LINK isn’t secure, nor will it be adopted by actually important projects.

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You had three years, if you still have to fud now you’ll never make it

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The way I see it I can buy LINK at like 5 dollars a piece or I can buy ORN by orion protocol for 10 cents. I don't know the % of stakes LINK offers but ORN gives me 15% in a USD backed stablecoin.

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I have 30,010 total. Once I reached 30,000 I bought 10 more to compensate for any future fees so I never dip below 30,000. I bought at .16 cents and I'm never selling. My family is poor - middle class and when it hit 120,000 my heart raced but then a new realization kicked in. I realized money isn't worth anything to me. And it didnt make me happy and still really doesn't. It's a comfort blanket in a way but still feel detached and don't even know itmf it's real because I never withdrew a single cent since I started buying crypto. I also have a full bitcoin. I had 1.5 HTC but lost .30 on Esh and I didnt even store it properly to get the ghost tokens. I stored on mercatox by mistake and misunderstood to ghost drop. So post like 3500 in 24 hours and didnt even phase me. I am a sub teacher and make 100 bucks a day. Nothing in my life has changed. I have kids and everything. Anyway, I'm never selling. I might sell 100,000 harmony once the price goes up. I still have 7000 esh currently worthless.

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not your blog, retard.

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l’ve endured 3 years of sybil fud, toiIet fud, JSON parser memes, fake google pnd, 700k dumps, literal dump to zero, fake partnerships (looking at you MOAB), the same slides over and over, stiff competition arriving (BAND, Tellor, UMAprotocol). I’ve endured it all, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. The Link dream is dead friends. We will go down in history as one of the most epic meme campaigns, but unfortunately reality has caught up with us. It was nice knowing you all, l wish you all good luck.