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I sold all my BTC and bought ADA instead, I'm holding only ADA now. 23k!!!!!

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I'm holding poopie

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congrats, stay poor

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shilling intensifies

to the moon

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I'm pretty sure that ada reach 1dolar than btc 10500

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Cool so you sold 0.17 btc for ada?

Pump fomoing poorfags and plebit baghodlers coin comfirmed

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This is a smart anon.

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BTC is a 1.0 cripto with high fees, and high consume of electricity, and has no smart contracts and finally has incredible slow transactions. ADA instead is a 3.0 cripto with smart contracts, lower fees, fast transactions and it has scalability, ada is the real future crypto so fuck you

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too early. it wont have smart contracts for 2 years.. it will come back down to 4 cents before mooning in a year

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why is ADA pumping though? Seems like a good time to get out to be honest.

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nobody uses this shit anon

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yeah whatever you say nostradamus <-< I think that you are jealous, btc will die in 10 years like the first aeroplane did.

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see.. no smart contracts anywhere. this will never be anything but a PoS shitcoin without them

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i could buy 2.5 million ada for all my btc

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Can’t wait to see another delay and watch this coin plummet

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next year moron, im not poor i can wait 1 2 or 3 years i dont need that money right now, can you understand that? im not thinking make money in one fucking month.

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I would not do that with all that btc that you have, i did it cos i only had .175 btc, and i can make more money with ada than btc

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kek should've bought when it was less than 600 sats but the price will still get to 1,500-2000 sats when shelley and coinbase listing happen, so hold until then(at least)

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Im thinking holding it forever

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this shit is so cringy
literally designed to impress and placate retards who confuse knowledge of factoids for intelligence
sure enough op can't even spell, dollars to shitcoin he's the type who spazzes out when you call him stupid too

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but man in 5 years they will have the functionality other projects have now! ADA to the moon

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Smart Contracts already work, they have finished them before shelley, but first they wanted a secure running POS chain including a accounting layer before hardforking the SmartContracts into the main chain.

The smart contract testnets are running 1year now, and you can develop on them as we speak.

To best thing about the cardano Computation Layer is, that you can just take or Ether Contracts and Deploy them on cardano without any change needed and the advantage of scalability with instant no fee execution.

Ether is too late it will never scale in the way of cardano

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>BTC is a 1.0 cripto with high fees, and high consume of electricity, and has no smart contracts and finally has incredible slow transactions. ADA instead is a 3.0 cripto with smart contracts, lower fees, fast transactions and it has scalability, ada is the real future crypto so fuck you
Ask me how I know you are newfag and poor?

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There is no running working [POS] chain out now.

I guess you are confusing it with dPOS, lPOS, zPOS, hPOD, all of the current so called POS chains, are running on this fake pos protocols, that are insecure slow and not decentralized.

There wasnt even a proof of concept that POS alone is possible to deploy, but it looks like that it is possible.

Ethereum is working 5years now and still has no working real POS protocol.

This is the reason why it is hyped now, because they have finally figured it out now, but no one thought that it ever will happen

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Kek this is a complete newfag move. It's really starting to feel like 2017 again where all the retards just chase pumps and then get absolutely rekt in a single dump. If you've been here longer than a year you'd know that "muh tech" means nothing in terms of price. Nobody is going to adopt ADA over Ethereum. If you chase shit coin pumps because biz retards shilled it to you, youre going to get your shit pushed in. Charles thanks you though, somebody has to pay for all of his world traveling, cigars, and cheeseburgers.

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You dont need to „adopt“ ADA, bc. It is full feature complete to Ethereum in terms of its computation layer.

Lets say you compiled a windows executable and it is running bad, slowly and expensive on one machine.
You simple change the hardware or machine to have more power so that your executable is running fine.

Dont you?

The same thing is Cardano to Etherum, a better working machine where you can execute everything in near instant execution times bc. of its scalability and better computation.

The only thing to adopt cardano is to change a Rust command port to your command layer.

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tech means a lot in term of price, eventually SOME of the good tech will rise to be used by many. there's no place for everyone at the top. Cardano is better by 20x at least than Ethereum, therefore it will replace it with near 100% likelihood.

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> literally never read about cardano
Kek you're retarded, can't be bothered to explain to biz retards nowadays. The easiest moonshot thats above chainlink and tezos, next eos, and you'd rather buy p&d scams. Ngmi

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But seriously, inb4 chainlink x ADA

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sergay's team is too low iq to learn and implement haskell.

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LOL You're even a bigger retard if you think some programming language is going to stop sir gay from expanding his crusade on a whole other FASTER AND BETTER blockchain that allows it. Exactly what the other anon said. Eth smart contracts migration over to ADA.

Inb4 DAO x ADA

Both these fucking coins are going to be running side by side on both blockchains mother fucker, EASIEST MOONSHOT, WAKE UP.


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Sorry anon mind my rudeness

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I just love how normies get into crypto, watch a top 100 coin do something, "research" it (or more accurately, read well disguised advertisements) and just shill it, shill it, and shill it. They're so sure in their heads that they got the one, they're so smart, they literally can't go wrong. They go into the coin's telegram, they're finally, part of a community. Cult member status, achieved, herd mentality, activated. It's us or them. Their coin can't do wrong. It's a top tier dev team. Mainnet soon. Partnerships. THE TECH.

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Butthurt spergies. Go cry me a river.

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Just bought 100k.

Coinbase listing WILL happen, and staking is coming. Way bigger than Tezos. The FOMO will be retardedly epic.

If eth2 gets delayed, Mars. If eth2 shits the bed, trans-Neptunian hyperspace.

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I used to hate Hoskinson (basedboy!) and fell for the enbie fud (remember that?) well there’s a fuckton of money about to be made and I can still hate Charles and enbies, but he’s about to pay for my villa in Switzerland.

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tf. bagholding since 1$ only 98% down
Or it will pull every other next eth pump till mainet than dump after because its fucking ghostown?

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If eth (my biggest holding btw) performs as promised, it will win, no question. And ADA will find a place in distant second, still some staking rewards to be had. People love their XTZ rewards.

if eth2 does not deliver, the hedge is ADA.

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wait... a smart guy on biz, I must be dreaming!
I got tired of explaining to newbies why ADA is just marketing disguised as science, it should be so easy to spot for anyone who has ever read a serious scientific paper.
It is tiring, every time I have to start a long conversation with someone who is not going to believe me and which will get angry at me for attacking his favourite coin with facts, this just hoping to save one or 2 readers with my long and boring explanation... then the next day another idiot repeats the same bullshit read in the cardano website or on reddit and I should restart the whole argument from the beginning.
After a few times I decided to ignore them, if they want to buy into this moronic project that's fine, not my problem; I'll just have a laugh when they find out what they bought the hard way and I'll remember them that it was extremely easy to foresee.

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please enlighten us with your "facts"

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As I said I got tired.
Anyway that message wasn't for you so you'd better just ignore it or assume that I was trolling or that I'm a bagholder of something else or whatever you prefer to think, I genuinely could not care less.

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>hurdur i got tired
>"i don't care"
>still replies

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I am an active biz user who replied to another user and now if someone replies to me I get a notification on my smartphone... incredible isn't it?

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Read up on ADA years ago and ended up putting like 3k US into it when it was .10 cents. been following it through IOHK updates and what people (including BIZbros are saying) I'm going to hang on to this coin. I legit see $1-$5 in the next few years even more if the US continues to melt down and the dollar's value goes down.

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Lol 23k... Ngmi.

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congrats pajeet how many rupies in BTC was that. stay poor

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Wow you really gobbled up the technical nonsense, the shitcoin promoters sure love you

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based anon, ypu done good

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Fucking this. Get a grip

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mainnet and coinbase listing in less than 2 months. cap this.

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THis. and that is why people who research will get the lambo's.
Here review of smart contract language. More than year old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvaFFSqyVwM

Anyway Goguen Q3 this year.

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testnet confirms the hype. smart money is trying to jump in before this shit rockets to the moon. idiots jumping out trying to flip a few thousand bucks instead of waiting for coinbase listing and making a killing.

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lower my friend. 3 cents is the support but we're gonna wick below 2 cents many times before the moon like you're talking about.

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desperation doesn't look good even in text

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idgaf about ada. i'm gonna play that shit on mex at 20x when next alt season comes around which is summer of next year. it'll come back down. zoom out man and don't be fooled by this little run

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ada is setting up to break ATH again. first it's testnet, then they hype it up and start doing promotions for mainnet and then coinbase picks them up and starts offerings staking rewards like they did with tezos.

this is all happening now. this year, not next summer.

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Moon boys selling buying more at $0.05 gg niggers you literally could never lose money if you bought when I shilled at $0.03

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Haha, Cardano....wow, you made an already rich vaporware maker even more rich! I bet you don't even hold any AAVE.

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stay mad and poor